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by Will McCain


Beat n’ Track

This Halloween, you should visit Twin Peaks. This early ‘90s TV series features Kyle MacLachlan as the stalwart FBI Agent Dale Cooper investigating the murder of high school beauty queen Laura Palmer. Sounds like a simple enough plot, right? But nothing is as it seems in Twin Peaks. This surreal, supernatural soap opera co-created by David Lynch also features elements of noir mystery. It’s truly a genre-buster. The story’s strong points are its stylistic elements and interesting world. The characters are truly amazing, as well. The show had wide-ranging and phenomenal cast playing some of the most eclectic characters, such as the Log Lady who passed on cryptic remarks she gleaned from the log she constantly carries and be-

lieves houses the soul of her dead logger husband. Eerie enough for you? Unfortunately, the only thing lacking in Twin Peaks is a consistent plot. And that’s why the series was canned after its second season, ending on a cliffhanger. Why would I recommend a show without a proper conclusion? Because the main storyline gets resolved. And it’s worth watching for just the sheer creepiness of the final episode. I’m getting shudders just thinking about it.

Book Review

Ebon Moon by Dennis McDonald

You don’t have to read more than three pages in to get some werewolves in Ebon Moon. Jessica Lobato is on the run from her abusive husband with her daughter, Megan. She settles in the small town of Hope Springs, Oklahoma, getting a job waitressing at a local roadhouse. Little does she know, everything isn’t swell in Hope Springs. Turns out, Hope Springs houses one of the last settlements of werewolves, and the Pack grows anxious to feed… The novel oozes with werewolf lore and I can speak, coming from a small town myself, that it convincingly captures the atmosphere of a tight knit, southern community. It’s clear that a lot of research went into the story. While the novel sometimes wears on during the slower, conversation-heavy parts in the story, the gory scenes are quite good. Blood and guts are well-represented here. The story starts off predictable, but takes sudden shifts I didn’t see coming initially. Jessica and Megan’s story kept me reading. They outshine all the secondary characters. Jessica is facing two monsters: werewolves and her ex-husband, Blake. He has a haunting presence in the story, ever-present in Jessica’s mind and behaviors. For the most part, her greater fear is of him than the wolves. The story isn’t just a physical journey, it’s an emotional one. For an interesting and engrossing horror read this October, you should check out Ebon Moon by Dennis McDonald.

Review by William McCain

Will McCain

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Will McCain Review by William McCain Page 4 | Revel@Conway | October 2011 strong points are its stylis- tic elements and interest- ing world...