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Hottest Male Actors in 2013

What Attracts a Man?

Summer Beauty Tricks & Tips Seagram's Promo Model 2014

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10 Signs of Cheating!


Donnie Rayee

Table of Contents Summer Beauty Tips……………………………………………………………………………….Page 1 Looks V.S Personality …...….…..…..…...…..…..…..…...……..…..…….……………………….Page 4 Model Erica Dargin…...…..…...…...…...…...…...………….……………………..………………Page 6 What a Man Wants……...…………………………………..……………………..……………….Page 9 Controlling your Dreams………………………………..…………………………………………Page 10 5 Hottest Actors in 2013……………………………………….….……………………………….Page 11 10 Signs of Cheating………………………………………..……………………………..………Page 12 Envy Unleashed ………………………………………………………..…………………………Page 14 Texting Do’s & Don’ts.….…….….…….….….…….….….…….….…….…….…….………….Page 16 Tonisha Davenport…….…….…..….……..….…….….…….…….….….…….…….….….…….Page 17 Beautiful Swimsuits……………………………………………………………………………….Page 20 Nubian Summer Jam…….…….…….………….…….….….…..….……….….…….….….…….Page 22 Mixed Dating………………………………………………………………………………………Page 23 Behind the Video Varrie V………………………………….………….…………………………Page 25 Model Donnie Rayee………………………………………………………………………………Page 28 Who’s Hot in Music…………………………………………………….…………….…………...Page 31 Reveal Magazine Credits.….…….…….….……….…….…….…….…….….….……………….Page 34

Summer Beauty Tips Summer is finally here and with the summer heat beating down on us; it’s hard to keep up our hot looks! Not only can the heat be miserable at times, but we sweat, stink, and don’t always look too hot after hitting the waves. Here are some tips and secrets to look hot all summer.



Admit it. We all make a vow to get in shape before summer, give a boost here, and a nip and tuck there, and of course…that episode of Gossip Girl came up. If you want to display the effect of big boobs, tight abs, or even long legs, dust on some bronzer in the contours of all these areas. You will for sure look like a goddess.



If you forget anything this summer, do not forget your SPF. Use sun block and 1. Conditioner reapply throughout If you are a beach girl, conditioner should be your best the day because the friend all summer. Put conditioner in your hair before sun seems to be hitting the waves to keep hair water repellant so that roasting the planet you won’t have sticky, hard, gross beach hair more and more afterwards. Also put conditioner in your hair if you are every year. Also, use going to the pool because this trick will protect your a chap stick or lip gloss with a good SPF in it as well. hair from the effects of chlorine. If you are worried about sun block streaking off in the water, use Neutrogena Sport Sun block. Goes on clear, has an SPF of 100, smells like perfume, and works wonders.

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lemon juice on skin is proven to lighten up bad tans. Yogurt has the same effects.

Nothing is more annoying than seeing a chick on the beach with full face makeup. Do not be that girl. If you 6. Hair Removal

must wear makeup, and of course we all must, use , mix in powder or liquid foundation with your sun block to seal it in, and throw on some lip gloss. This look will say you are not a slob kabob, but you don’t try too hard either. 5.

If you have a summer vacation planned, make life easier by getting all your hair waxed off your body instead of using a razor. You won’t have to worry about pricklies, or any kinds of shadows. Plus with waxing, hair grows back thinner and less. Maybe make a habit out of it.

Uh-oh Sunburns and Tans

Let’s face it, at some point this summer, we will either 7. Footsies be Dry, cracked heels are the worst thing to have to worry about during the summer. Avoid this issue by lathering on a rich lotion or foot cream after taking a shower or by exfloliating your feet, putting Vaseline on your heels, burnt or darker than we would like to be. Aloe Vera and wearing socks over it while you sleep. But this is Gel helps a lot but if you want to take things a step only for severe cases. Or if you just want crazy soft further, try a few of these home remedies. Soaking in water and milk will help take away a tan…if you own feet. a cow by chance. A more reasonable thing to do would be to make a paste of baking soda and water and rub that gently onto skin and leave it there. And even using

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braids are too much, just do what I did last summer. Rock the natural locks, or throw it up in a messy bun, and pick the prettiest flower you can find. This impromptu trick actually scores many compliments.



8. Piercing and Tattoos If you currently have any piercing or tattoos that are relatively new or you are planning to get a few this summer, after care routines are very important. More important in the summer than in the winter. This is because the heat can cause infections in piercing's, or even fade tattoos. So clean you sparkly jewelry, and wear sun block on those tattoos. 9. Hairstyles

If you are out of accessories, and feel like you don’t have much to offer, just remember one thing: SMILE!!! This is every chick’s best accessory. A smile can brighten up anyone’s day, and you will even feel happy. It’s summer, lighten up!

The way a girl’s hair looks on the beach or at the pool bar is every girl’s main concern. Avoid a rough style by wearing hairstyles that will look cute wet or dry. For example, braids are really cute. Not like Pocahontas braids, but like French braiding your bangs, or doing and upside down French braid and turning it into a ponytail. These styles look cool if you have highlights. If you are a simple chick like me and Written by Marissa Persaud

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V.S Personality

When it comes to finding a partner and dating, everyone is faced with one simple question. Do they prefer looks or personality? This is kind of like the angel on your right shoulder and the devil on your left. Everyone knows that going for personality is the right thing to do, but what fun is that? We are all human and we have eyes. You aren’t just going to date someone’s personality, you will be dating their looks as well. Here are some interesting facts and truths that support both the personality and the looks side of this debate. Be the judge on where you stand afterwards.

walks by, don’t be ashamed if you can’t get over how good looking they are! Just don’t forget that they are a human being and not a piece of meat…or cake for you ladies. 2.


Why is it that every time you meet someone gorgeous in 1. You Lookin’ Hot Honey! every way possible, Let’s face they seem it…yes that shallow person to have the most that everyone would judge is issues? Pretty people ironically have deep down the most issues and most of it has to do with their inside us all. For the people confidence. They tend to be the most insecure people out there. They get their drive and confidence from who say that other people. People who don’t boost their ego can personality is basically ruin their day. Remember in the movie White the key in Chicks when all the girls go shopping, and the one dating, you don’t chick that everyone would assume would be confident see someone’s personality when you first meet them! A first meeting is usually based off of attraction. After completely lost her mind in the dressing room? There attraction, comes interest, and so on. So if someone hot is much truth to that one scene. Pg 4


At the end of the day

You will know where you stand with this debate when you figure out what your mind is on at the end of the day. If you are thinking about the last gorgeous honey you saw, then so be it. But if you are thinking about that friend or person that make you laugh all the time, and about how amazing they are, then personality is your forte. 4.

There is nothing completely wrong with supporting one side of this debate or the other. But to just play it safe, maybe find a happy medium. This way you won’t be stuck with the psychotic superstar model, or the sweetheart that will warm your heart, but not satisfy your eyes.

In the Long Run

Written by Marissa Persaud

People’s looks will change, and in the long run, you will want someone who can satisfy your emotional needs as well. Just a rule of thumb to help out in the future though, if you want to know how your guy or girl will look in the future, check out their parents and grandparents. Chances are, they will age at that same rate.

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Seagram’s Promo Model Erica Dargin Most people can only dream about becoming a model and others may fall a bit short in this tough head-butting profession but Erica Dargin has got what it takes to come out on top of the Seagrams Houston Promotion for Models contest. So we shine the spotlight on Ms. Erica Dargin to see where this lovely lady has been and where she's headed. * I know this is not your first accomplishment that has helped to get you where you are today. Who else has had the opportunity to sit down with you and acknowledge your hard work? • "Texas Bikers which was the last interview I took part in and 411 magazine. An online magazine which highlights ordinary people making great achievements and contributions within the community that rarely get recognized." When did you begin modeling and what was your first gig? • "I began three years ago professionally but I have always had a passion for modeling. My first gig was with Redline Sports Drink, they had conventions where I passed out their shots and spoke with lots of people. It was a fun experience and was something I figured how to make money from it so it became my job." * What was the biggest setback or disappointment you've faced? • I had a bad experience with Wrangler. I do ride horses and I ride often and they had like a Wrangler cowgirl next door contest. Out of the nation, I was the number one girl out of 400 contestants, it was like a Facebook voting thing. From the top ten, Wrangler was suppose to go back and pick the top girl. I was not selected so you know, it was a huge blow and a huge disappointment. I just wanted to win!"

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* What pushes you to keep going even on hard and tiring days? • I enjoy doing my job! I like to get people interested in the drinks I promote. I already enjoy talking to people plus I like alcohol, so, I get paid to stand there and enjoy myself, it's always great." * Did anyone inspire you to do modeling? • No, not really. I didn't really have a model idol. I always looked up at Tyra Banks but I never had a specific person." * What's the most fun you've had while working? • Being a ring girl for a local boxing match in Galveston. It was a random job I took on. I was the girl in the ring holding the numbers to the next round!" What are other activities you like to stay active in? • "I trail ride about every weekend. I love horses and dogs but not much of an animal lover and I have a horse named Candy." * What work are you most proud of? Why? • "Seagrams! It's the biggest contract that I've ever received. I'm really excited, soon I will have cut out billboards and posters out! *How was it to participate in the contest and come out on top? • "I had a lot of supporters there so it was cool to hear my name being chanted and to see my entire family and friends, they basically took over! I think if they had not chose me it would of been a riot! What humbled me is how many people came out to see me, seeing people who believed in me and I actually won! It was awesome." * Do you have any unusual talents? • " I am a senior accountant. It's not really a talent but I am an accountant for a logistics company. It's probably the most shocking thing people hear about me." * How do you feel about RevealMagz and how it will effect Houston modeling and the fashion industry? • "Reveal Magazine is real interesting, I like the articles it has, it's interesting because its directly Houston and you can find out what the night life is, how to style your hair, how to get a boyfriend and what the latest fashion is and much more. I think it will be very successful because there's nothing else quite like it!" Erica has plenty of new adventures to attend to so, keep an eye out for this spectacular lady. You can see more of Erica on Twitter @281cognacbeauty on FB @EricaDargin Instagram @EricaDargin or visit her page at Written by Ashley Lee

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What a Man Wants

never left the light that I see and feel from her spirit or aura. Every female, no matter which one has a special unique feature that makes her, her special stamp and if she embraces it and rocks it well it makes her so sexy. How a woman speaks and maneuvers her words is a big turn on, the frequency combined.He continues that, "The physical is vain and fades and how most people operate in the world, that it is all well and fine for the person to be attractive but beauty is not in the face, the ass or breasts, beauty is the light in the soul and that magnetism is what truly attracts a man."

I was surprised to have received such a response, which let me further know that real men aren't attracted to what can be seen from the outside first but what comes from within and other aspects that she gives off that cannot be seen by the eyes. Men want something more than just the physical. Deep down, a So many different aspects of living have changed woman must fully love throughout our lives starting from the beginning of the herself to show new millennium. More women are taking on more she is con responsibilities as are men who provide for their families, but more so women, are becoming the dominate money makers in the family even as single parents. The roles of women have significantly risen, allowing females to be of higher paying positions at work with better benefits and bigger bonuses. It further helps the family when planning events to be more fun while making sure bills are paid on time which makes it more easy on the man. So in order to snatch up a fident good job as well as a good husband, in this case, enough to women must obtain strong skills in communication, as attract a man of well as being well driven in her life and focusing on honor. Men don't like to be told what's most important to her. Having the ongoing what to do but they love a woman with guidance and a ambition to do better than before, and a soaring level vision not just for herself but for him as well. They of confidence. All of which I believe to be some of the want a queen and a woman that show 'mom' qualities. assets that would track down the right husband. A lady who he can call his partner and to be there to count on to further push him and become his backbone I got the chance to speak with a few males on this matter to get a real male perspective and it seems that and support line. The special lady he can one day call his wife. She should always be on her P's & Q's and be men are attracted to alot more than we think. I was interested in knowing an actual response from a man I willing to assist her man in any situation. Men love previously dated, so when I questioned him about the women who can also obtain good hygiene. Even though the physical is not as important as the mental or beauty of a woman and what should a woman posses psychological aspects, they are still important to find a good husband he responded that, "The attributes men look for in the physical manner. So its dynamics of the room when she walks in, her smile, just as inviting to dress proper and look welcoming to her confidence her conversation, mind and ambition. your man as it is to keep him where he is. Her scent even after she leaves she still exists like she Written by Ashley Lee

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Controlling Your Dreams The best part about sleeping is simple: Dreams. It’s like a free movie every night that can tell you a little bit about yourself, open up new ideas, or even be an awakening to a life change. What one dreams about is said to be in their sub-conscious. Your guilt, your desires, your secrets, it can all come out in your dreams. Now obviously, your dreams aren’t always going to be straight forward. Everyone has had those dreams that can keep them thinking for days. Sometimes you even have those dreams over and over again. These dreams just hide hidden truths about you. Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to control your dreams though? Luckily, there is a way to do this, so if you’ve been wanting to dream about that special someone, try these simple steps! 1.

someone before you sleep can also cause you to dream of them. 2.

The Dreadful Part

This is probably the most annoying part of this process, but set your alarm about an hour earlier than usual. People usually start having dreams that they remember in the later stages of their sleep, which is called REM sleep. If you wake up during this stage, you will be more likely to remember our dream, and don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your dream has to come to an end. When you try to fall back asleep, replay your dream in your mind. This will help your mind sink back into REM sleep.

Journal Time

First things first, you have got to buy a journal. As lame as this may sound, it is the initial step to making your dreams come true…in a sense. In this journal, you should write down dreams that you can remember and write down dreams you want to have. For the dreams you want to have, read over them a couple times before you sleep. Doing this will help program your mind and trap this dream into your subconscious. So if you want to dream about that special someone, or about a dream career, look at pictures of things that remind you of them. Talking to


The Sky is the Limit

Open up your imagination! Don’t be a pessimisticPatty. If you put limit on reality, your limit your dreams. For example, humans can’t fly. But if you imagine yourself flying, and you get rid of the realistic block, you can open up a whole world of dreams for yourself. Dream big and you shall achieve big! Written by Marissa Persaud

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5 Hottest Male Actors In

today's movies, stars are doing their best to be the starlight of it all. There are so many hot bods, handsome looks and gorgeous smiles flying around our televisions sets. But who has the most striking body that gets even a straight man to look twice? Here are my top five one of a kind. Dwayne Johnson- Born May 2, 1972, WIth his rock hard abs and arms that could spit bullets, he always brings the goods to any movie he may appear in. The success of Johnsons wrestling career allowed him to cross over into mainstream movies making him a highly sought after actor. Johnson aka The Rock steals the spotlight along with his charming smile. Mr. Johnson has made a name for himself while also working with a few artist such as Slick Rick and Wyclef Jean and starring in over 10 movies and shows. Chris Hemsworth- Born August 11, 1983 in Melborne, Australia. This 29 year old eye candy gets two thumbs up His amazing performance in "The Avengers" "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Thor" got us hooked but it's his handsome looks and sexy body that's got us wanting to see more.His first Hollywood appearance was in "Star Trek".

Michael Jai White- BornNovember 10,1967 in Brooklyn. He is a great American actor also a martial artist. He was the first African American to portray a major comic book superhero. His hard work and dedication also brought him a smoking hot body and an eye catching smile. He has appeared in numerous music videos such as "I Know What You Want" by Busta Rhymes and Mariah Carey, "Your Love" by Nicki Minaj, "Hands Tied" by Toni Braxton and "Lets Go" by Calvin Harris ft. Ne-Yo. Adam Rodriguez- Born April 2, 1975 to Puerto Rican parents, it's no wonder as to where he gets his good looks from. Prior to his full-time film making he was a stockbroker as his first film appearance was in the X-Files. CSI Miami is a 2002 Tv series which he is known for playing the role of Eric Delko but also is a writer and director for the show. He was then featured in a Tyler Perry film "I Can Do Bad All By Myself". Chris Pine- Born August 26, 1980 in Los Angeles, he come from a family of actors in show business. He became an international star when he was cast as Jame T. Kirk in the very successful franchise robot, "Star Trek". He continued to act in "Star Trek into Darkness""Rise of the Guardians" and "This Means War". He has also starred in 15 other great films. He is a charming actor with soft blue eyes and a welcoming smile.

Written by Ashley Lee

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10 Signs of Cheating Have you ever had a curious feeling that your man was cheating on you? Turning to that state of mind of thinking you need to turn into that top notch investigator to find out what's really going on with him. I'm sure we all, at some point, have had a gut feeling of dishonesty or unloyalty from a partner before. A gut feeling is mostly our kick start to alerting us something might be wrong but it doesn't prove anything. So after having a stomach full of butterflies, what other clues can you look for to help you to decide whether he may be sneaking around. I have been exposed to all of these ways of men who cheat and have something to hide from the other. It's a mans way of staying in the clear till the truth comes to light. After awhile the clues can come together to be a hug red flag signaling to you that maybe you should check your man. 1)Reverse psychology- Some men are good at distracting their partner to get themselves out of trouble. A good technique they use to flip the situation from their issue is to use reverse psychology. Flipping the attention and all the questions from them to the other is a way for them to take control of the argument and add confusion about what the real issue is. It's a useful attack to ease worry from their part but adds tension to the problem. Reverse psychology used the right

way can lead you into another conversation completely off topic to sway the mind from the real deal. 2)Speaking around the question- A close relation to reverse psychology is speaking around the question, by answering the question with unrelated information that don't necessarily tell you anything you want to know. I remember being in an argument over the phone with an ex after being very curious to know where he had been because I had a feeling I was being lied to. I proceeded to questions him, "So, I thought you were coming to pick me up at noon babe, what happened?" His response back was, "I got busy, you know how I have a million things to take care of before I can move around like I want to. I'm still busy but I should be done soon and I can pick you up afterwards." Most guys like to use the term 'busy' for their unknown activity. It tells you nothing at all but quickly answers your worried mind which gives him time to think about what he could of been busy doing. Being busy allows him to throw various acts at random of what he could of done while leaving out the important factor of, what were you doing that your not telling me. 3)No eye lie. real

contact- The eyes don't Because real eyes, ize, real lies. No eye contact or shuffling of the eyes more than the normal could mean he is hiding someth ing from coming about. It gives him a second to think of an answer or to cover any sign of uncertainty. Don't trust anyone who can't look you in the eyes. They may not know what to say at the moment or are not going to be completely honest with you. 4) Doesn't answer/long response time- I hate having to wait hours for a response from anyone who I know stays glued to their phone. Most people will always have their

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phone nearby, where they can be easily reached. So when I receive a text back or a phone call so far along that I don't even remember what I wanted, I tend to worry and look for an explanation. There are times when we really can't get to our phones but when your around your mate and you notice that on average it takes them less than five minutes to respond in return, I get the drift that after a certain time frame that I'm being ignored and they are probably doing something I wouldn't approve of.

From lowering the volume, leaving the room, names in his phone that aren't recognizable, and heir talking tone. You can't jump to conclusions yet but you could use these questions to your defense to dig up more hidden info.

8)Dresses up to go nowhere important- It always feels good to dress up and look your best. A well put together outfit can help uplift anyone during a bad day. But, is this their normal wardrobe? Do they have an event or meeting to attend, are you both going on a date? Or is he looking and 5)Lock on his phone- Now smelling good just to go to why would anyone with wal-mart, a bar, or a friends nothing to hide have to house? When people maintain a lock or dress up it's for 1 of 2 password on their phone? reasons: either they are Do you have going to work or have inappropriate pictures or something of texts, which we may importance to do or sometimes receive or they are looking for take. The fact that you attention from other feel you must have a people or they may code to access your already have found just phone is a definite sign to that. Seldom do we me that something has to be pamper up for no hidden. I can understand that kids can invade privacy and reason at all. want to play games and go through your phone at any time. It goes a step further when you clutch your phone every 9)Starts argument to time your lover comes close or you change the angle of leave- Men are good for what can be seen when they walk by or that you quickly get leaving when they are involved off of your phone when you are approached. in an argument. So what better idea to create one so he can excuse himself from being in 6)Hangs with 'boys' a lot- Its an easy escape to get out the house to do other things. Are they really chillin' with the your presence. When your annoyed with someone you find boys is the question? Friends are usually quick to take your it easier to cope with that person not around and being in the presence of another person who can make you feel side in a fight and will cover for you. If he's looking to bail better. Normally someone of the opposite sex. So if a out he may even invite his friends over to make it seem random and pointless altercation arises from his end which more believable. You must have good trust in your partner has him stomping out the door it could be a technique just but when hanging with the fellas becomes excessive with to be with another woman. no meaning behind them, they may be using their buds as an escape route away from you, to go do other things. 10)Stays out later a lot more than usual- So he storms Every once in awhile, invite yourself. Does he ever offer for out on you while your heated but returns shortly after... I you to join? If your always getting declined then you may would say your still okay because a little space is needed want to inquire about his activities out. when harsh words are exchanged. Clearing your mind is always good so a short walk or drive around the block isn't 7)Secretly takes calls- We know sometimes it can get noisy around us and a quiet environment is always better to so obvious. If he feels the need to go hang with his boys take a phone call. Make sure you listen to his way of saying and make it an all nighter, I would begin to suspect strange activity. "Hello" when answering and his tone before he leaves the room. That could be all the clue you need! How long did the Actions out if his normal habit could be a flag to watch over. Nobody wants a man in the prowl call last for? More than likely, if it's another woman the call or with wandering eyes. Men will be a few aren't actual dogs but you got minutes or less to keep a short leash on your until he can get man if you plan on keeping him away. They also around! Question him on his like to lower the where about's every now and volume on the call then just to get a natural so the other voice reaction but be aware that he can't be heard. is doing the same with you! Watch your partners habits on the phone to notice any slight changes.

Written by Ashley Lee

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Texting Do’s & Don’ts the workplace with a supervisor or any kind of management. When carrying out a fight with someone, who is not in your presence, I can tell you that texting your argument can become long and exhausting but more so interpreted incorrectly by the other person. Anything written after the argument has started, gets took as a threat. We don't exactly know how that person might have meant it or if even they were just joking with you. Once they feel threatened they are less likely to answer your call to resolve the issue and if they do answer, it will be a lot harder to get them to Texting: It's the new way of communicating without understand. You can only back up your written words having to physically open your mouth to relate a message. It's so convenient to type in a few words than so much. People are more likely to send words through texts to call and leave a voicemail. It also gives you the option to go back and read information that may had slipped your mind vs. trying to remember a phone call conversation. Now-a-days we would rather send a quick text to say we are outside before we get out to ring the doorbell! As fast and convenient texting can be, it has its upside and bad effects for misinterpreting a simple conversation. There are so many different ways to say a word or sentence to change the meaning of what you could be trying to say. So when speaking with someone from a job or resolving and issue, a telephone call should be the solution to get the best and fastest answer. Texting can save you and hurt you at the same time. that they would probably never say to that persons Know when and who to use them with. If your running face. It's so much more easy to write things you don't late back to have to say. It seems that the younger generation of work from your people prefer to text each other back and forth all day lunch break, long. Depending on your targeted age group, older make that call. citizens would like to receive a call because they do Even if your not have the time not patience to read it nor to respond supervisor or back by text message. Calling the person is more manager personal and direct which older individuals appreciate suggests a more. quick text is The younger crowd stays on their electronic devices okay, it shows a majority of the time which makes it just as direct and higher level of respect and responsibility. as fast as a phone call. With social media at an all time Speaking with your receiever always ensures your high and rising with new technology, texting is the message has been related to the proper person while a new way to communicate with friends and family. simple text could go overlooked. Texting should be your alternate choice of communicating when used in Written by Ashley Lee

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REVEALED Tonisha Davenport my mom thought a new child had entered her home! This was art, my art, My masterpiece. I was my own canvas. My first modeling gig was close to downtown Seattle with a local designer. I was the youngest model at 16 and she appointed me to teach all the other models how to walk down the runway. My walk came natural to me. My mom and siblings would sit, watch and direct me for hours in our 3 bedroom home in Tukwila Washington, a small suburb of Seattle. Needless to say, that local designer neglected to pay me and took all of my pictures. I can sit back and chuckle at it now, but back then I began to second guess whether or not I should become a part of this industry. Two years later my mom moved us to Houston very own lyrics. where I I know that some of the greatest models emerged from continued with hardships. It’s evident that if you come from a place my studies and in life where advantages are slim and can break received my through that very low hanging ceiling, there’s nothing cosmetology you can’t accomplish! license during I was born January 11, 1994, the third child of five. my senior year Born to Toni Rodgers and to a father that was very of high school much absent, I was determined to reach my goals and and began fulfill my biggest dream of becoming a model. Not making extra just any model….but a money to help Super one!!!! out my family. I was born in Houston, My mother TX but was raised in always said “If Seattle, Washington, one it’s God’s will, of the most beautiful of it will all the United States. happen”. I Growing up I was can remember trying to save up a few dollars to buy a always arranging and disposable camera for my pictures. Those days were rearranging outfits for not only myself but my pretty tough on us. My mom at one point had three jobs, I was doing hair, my older sister Jasmin worked friends and family. I at a local grocery store. We saved and supported each changed my hairstyle and color so many times For as long as I can remember, modeling and the fashion industry as a whole has been my passion. It has given me a chance to escape into a world I create. The clothing becomes my confidant; the direction from my photographer becomes my music, the click of the camera, the bass line and my walk – my

Pg 18

other through the tough times and I’m so very thankful for my support system. I’ve learned a lot about this industry. It’s more like a relationship. The more you put in the more you’ll receive. Of course, it has its disadvantages as well. If you don’t know the legalities you can find yourself in a 5 year contract with no work and no way out. Your friends become your secret enemies and you can quickly find yourself in a mental battle, if you don’t have tough enough skin! Again, my mother is a praying woman and has a very strong relationship with God, which is what bred my longing for a relationship with the Father as well. I stayed prayed up and all of the disadvantages have become open doors! This is the MOST exhilarating time of my LIFE! Music in my head, camera’s flashing, but most of all I have met some of the most awesome people. Building relationships is yet another one of my passions. I have built and yet am still building relationships that I pray last a lifetime. The adversities I’ve endured have shaped me and have given me a new appreciation for the blessings I have today. I’ve come to realize that the primary focus shouldn’t be on where you’ve been but where you’re going. I would also like to thank Reveal Magazine for this opportunity to be Revealed in their July issue. I think this magazine will have a long lasting positive effect in Houston and will serve as a great platform for upcoming models, musicians and entertainers.

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Summer is coming up and bathing suit season is in! It’s time to whip out those abs, tight tush, and long lean legs and show them off right. 2013 is the summer to rock some sexy swim wear and awesome beach trends! 1. Graphics Have you ever found an optical illusion that you couldn’t get enough of? Be that chick on the beach that people can’t get their eyes off of with a graphic bathing suit. Stripes, swirls, floral print, anything that is intriguing will guarantee to create an invisible spotlight on you! 2. Monokinis A monokini is a sexier version of a one piece bikini. This bathing suit has cut-outs, hardware, crazy prints, bright colors, and maybe even a plunging neckline. This is a conservative yet not so conservative way to showoff that beach bod you have been working so hard for!

3. Mismatched Bikinis Who said that your bikini has to be the same color or print on the top and bottom? Mix and match different bikinis and create your own bathing suit. You will not only be one of a kind, but you will be the only chick out there with your kind of bathing suit!

4. Fringe For those bohemian beauties out there, fringe will be your summer 2013 obsession. Fringe on the tops or bottom add a hippie feel without being over the top. It’s also a good and sneaky way to make your girls or tush look bigger. Pge 20

8. New Twist: No Sunglasses 5. Shiny This kind of bathing suit is meant for the divas out there. If you like a little glitz and glam, pick up a glittery or shiny bathing suit with some metallic tones in it. If mermaids are allowed to have shiny sea shells, why can’t we rock the trend too? 6. Brights

So ladies have a habit of wearing sunglasses that either cover half of their face, or that is just wild and out there. Instead, ditch the sunglasses! Show those pretty eyes. After all, eyes are the gateway to the soul! 9. Underwire

There are a ton of out there for a reason…It’s HOT! It gives you an extra boost and keeps you secure. If you don’t want the complete boost but you still want security, try Bright colors look amazing on any skin tone so just strapless find a flattering color! Rule of thumb: If your goal is to underwire tops. They will stay up for sure. attract any men on the beach or at the pool, wear bright 10. Crochet pink or bright red. Science proves that these are the most attractive colors to Cover-ups at the beach men. Typical huh? are supposed to be something just to 7. Fedoras throw over your You need something to bathing suit to look accessorize your bathing more presentable. But suit so buy a straw who said that coverfedora! This hat will ups have to cover up give you a breezy laidyour awesome bathing back feel. This hat will suit? Get a crocheted give people the vibe that throw over to still look you are chill to be hot without showing around, and that you too much and still don’t take yourself too being covered up! seriously. Written by Marissa Persaud

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Nubian Soul Summer Jam

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Mixed Dating The world has changed into a more open and accepting place. Society has began to accept people for their differences, and as a whole, we have become more open minded. However, there is one thing that is very common in today’s society that is actually a really interesting and intriguing thing: People of different race and cultures dating. Along with some reasons that this kind of dating is great, Houston couple, Joanna and Justin Brown gave us some insight on their relationship.

“Being a white woman, I’m not really exposed to much of the African American culture. But when I met Justin, I learned so much and it changed who I was. “ Joanna said. “ I’ve noticed that people are quick to judge my husband and jump to conclusions just because he is black. Ever since we have been together, I’ve noticed myself getting more defensive as if I were black.”



A Whole New World

Dating people from different cultures can open up a whole new world…not like Aladdin, but it can still be awesome. When people date someone from a different background, it gives you an opportunity to see the different rituals and traditions of another race or culture. It may be a little bit out of one’s comfort zone but how else are we going to grow if we aren’t pushed out of our boundaries every now and then?

Open Mindedness

Mixed couples tend to be the most open minded people out there. They look at people with their hearts, not their eyes…U nless they’re just one of those people who search for some exotic honeys. Then that’s just a different story. But in reality, people who are willing to date someone based off of how they feel and not what society may judge, are the most kind-hearted and accepting people out there.

Pg 23

Justin said it was love at first sight for him. “ I’ve always pictured myself marrying someone of the same race, so of course, that is what I would look for. I first saw Joanna in college and it was very confusing for me because here I was, being intrigued by a woman I usually would not look twice at. After meeting her, bringing her into the family gave me the same nervousness. They of course were accepting, but interracial couples can also be an adjustment for it breaks my heart to see her being put through that families too.” Justin said. “My mother judged wrong every time.” 4.

The Product

Mixed Couples have one incredible product. Not only do they make gorgeous babies, but they offer the public with an interest and bring something new to the table. They make a point that backgrounds are of little value in the game of love. “We do have two children, a son and a daughter,” Joanna shared. “I love my children to death, but when we are out in public, having had a mixed child is sometimes tough. My children look more like Justin than they do me. When I am in public and out with my and thought that Joanna couldn’t cook. Boy was she wrong.” 3.

The Struggles

Mixed couples face a lot of adversity and judgment from society. When they are apart, these people have nothing to worry about. But once they are seen with their boyfriend or girlfriend, these poor love birds are susceptible to people staring and judging them. Ladies and gents: This is racism and judgment at its finest. It’s the sad truth. Mixed relationships should not face any criticism whatsoever. Instead, it shouldn’t be of any concern at all. A relationship should be based on what’s inside and the person. “We do tend to attract a lot of attention when we are together,” Joanna said. “I’ve had people look at me like they are scared for me and feel that I’m in danger. People are completely crossing lines when they make comments.” “I’ve noticed that my fellow black friends give me props for dating a white women, but other women tend to find her less than and inferior. She’s had to deal with confrontations with other women in the club and

kids, people have assumed that I am the nanny or babysitter, and it hurts. But it doesn’t make me love them any less. “

If you are against mixed couples and people from different backgrounds dating, maybe try to be a little bit more open minded. Think of it this way, if you aren’t exposed to anything new in life, how do you expect to grow as a person?

Written by Marissa Persaud

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Behind the Video Varrie V Featuring Hoodstar Chantz In “WhipMeUp”……

Pg 25

Pg 26

Pg 27

Pg 28 21 Pg

Donnie Rayee “Donnie Rayee” is an All-American, small town, country girl next door, who has eager aspirations of becoming successful in the business of modeling and multimedia branding. With humble roots sown deeply, and being watered and nurtured by the ambitions of glitz and glamour, she is perfectly poised to make a noteworthy name for herself, as she builds a lasting legacy. Because of her upbringing, she is the epitome of what you would call a “people’s person,” down to earth, strong-willed, hardworking, determined, and always willing to put in the necessary work to impress anyone willing to give her a shot at proving herself worthy of such fame and fortune. Easily dissatisfied with complacency, and born to soar beyond mediocrity, Donnie is destined to rise to the top and be appreciated soon by the world at large.

She is focused, grounded by her faith and lives daily by a driven mantra, “Let’s go to work!

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Pg 29 24 Pg

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Who’s Hot in Music!

Summer is coming up and the heat is starting to get hotter, just like a few men in music. These men have made a name for themselves through their catchy songs, great sense of style, sexy accents, or just out of the box lyrics.

1. Justin Timberlake Speaking for all the ladies in the world, all of us would love to have JT’s suit and tie on our floors tonight. His hit singles “Suit and Tie,” and “Mirrors,” have blown up the radio and music charts for the past few months. What better way to start out the summer than at the top? He’s got a great sense of style and has been featured in Bud Light’s most recent commercial promoting his song, “Suit and Tie.” 2.

So remember how thrift shops were just kind of….there? And then about six months ago thrift shops became a sudden craze and were considered cool? You can thank Macklemore for that. His catchy hit, “Thrift Shop,” has consistently been one of the top songs in the music charts for the past six months. Check out his latest single, “Can’t Hold Us.” This song is currently holding the number one spot on Billboard Music Charts.


Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has won the hearts of many women across the globe because of his heartfelt lyrics, and has proba bly


gotten a lot of men in trouble. After his single, “If I Was Your Man,” came out, there is no doubt that many women had a little ego boost and thought they should be treated like princesses all the time…not that there is anything wrong with that. Bruno Mars’ raspy voice, and great style can only go up from here. Pg 31



A party is not a real party unless you have Pitbull blasting in the air! He is known for his tailored suits, sexy accent, and not to mention, he is Cuban! Cubans are definitely sexy. Mr. 305, Pit, Armando, whatever you feel most fitting to call him, always has high energy in his songs, and features many great artists like Enrique Iglesias and Christina Aguilera. His latest hit, “Feel This Moment,” with Xtina is a new radio favorite.

definitely made a name for himself in the US. He’s won the hearts of women, related to the dreams and success of men, and has inspired teens to follow their dreams. He is truly an incredible artist. 7.

Justin Bieber

Although half of the world may love to hate him, no one can deny his success. Justin Beiber has great style, and catchy songs that although you may claim you don’t like listening to them, you still sing along to music when it is on the radio. He has grown as an artist and has maintained a top spot in music charts for the past two years. He’s gotten opportunities to work with starts like Usher, Ludacris, and Nicki Minaj.

5. T.I. T.I. is gradually building the reputation for being a family guy because of his reality show, ”T.I. and Tiny.” But along with this, his musical career is going incredible! His latest hit, “Ball,” has been blowing up 97.9 at least once an hour. His songs are great to listen to, fun to sing along to, and are party favorites. 8.



Have you heard anyone say that they started from the bottom now they’re here? Yup that is Drake’s hit song, “Started From the Bottom.” This Canadian has

Former Black Eyed Peas star, has built a great reputation for himself in the music industry for putting on a great performance, having great futuristic style, and for having a house/rap/party music feel. His most recent and radio-favorite is “Scream and Shout” with Britney Spears. This song is a kind of song that will definitely be playing at every party and club this summer.

Pg 32

must live under a rock. If you don’t listen to any other songs in this list, listen to this one! 9.

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 is a great band that has been in the spotlight since their hit single, “Moves Like Jagger” last year. Since then, everyone has craved their style of music, and for the ladies, some Adam Levine. Maroon 5 was so hot, that they were able to play the Victoria Secret Runway Showcase show this past year. Check out their latest single “Daylight”!

Written by Marissa Persaud

10. Ace Hood Ace Hood’s latest and most popular hit, “Buggati”, has been trending like crazy on the internet. All people have been saying is, “I woke up in a new Buggati.” If you haven’t heard this adrenaline pumping song, you

Pg 33

Reveal’s Credits Jewelery by ANOMALI streetwear Hair by KiKi

MUA Juana Mitchell

Clothing by Envy Boutique Pg 34

Model Yuriko Torres

Reveal Magazine July Issue