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The Strategic Marketing Plan 21st Century Marketing Strategies That Gets Others Marketing For You

Belina Wimbish-Haile, M.Div

What is marketing? ◦ Getting the word out about your brand, product and or services ◦ It’s about attracting a consumer to make a purchase or tell someone about you and/or your business ◦ It’s about creating a customer base

What is sales? ◦ Once someone or company has been converted to a customer, you want one-to-one interaction to quickly get a sale ◦ End result of good marketing

Marketing vs sales

Brian Tracy’s 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy: 





BeYOUtyful Solutions groups this into “Your Story” and “Their Story” 

The Goal is to make their story your story

4 Principle of marketing strategy

Define who you are and your business. Keep narrowing until it is a unique – to the eye, to the ear, to the feel. ◦ What is the vision? ◦ What is the mission? ◦ What are the objectives and goals to reach the mission?

COMPETITION: Who else is doing what your doing and where are they doing it? They are not necessarily your enemy but could be your ally. Regardless you want to differentiate yourself from them.

What differs you from your competition? Add to your story.

So, What’s your story?


What is your excitement level about you and your business?

What is your caring factor for others?

How much time do you have to devote to marketing on a monthly, weekly, daily basis? ◦ This determines how much help you may need in implementing your plan. ◦ Be SMART in determining our goals.

Is your product or service fulfilling a need in the marketplace?

Who is your ideal customer? Describe them without mentioning your product or service.

Where is your ideal customer?

How do you find your ideal customer?

Do you have what people are looking for?

Can you help people understand that you have what they need?

What’s there story

Once you develop your “Our Story”, you need to tell it

Direct marketing

Guerilla marketing ◦ Flyers ◦ Posters ◦ post cards ◦ Referral network ◦ Network Marketing ◦ Social Networking

How to Tell the Story

Don’t be boring ◦ Be funny ◦ Be surprising ◦ Be attracting

Market differently from competition

Be personal – make friends with customers and clients

Be moral and ethical

Have clarity

Have focus

How to Tell the Story

Redefine your role ◦ You’re a Marketer ◦ You need personality ◦ You are an entertainer ◦ Direct Marketer and Network Marketer

◦ Subject Matter Expert (SME) 

If you’re by yourself (physically) ◦ Writer and Graphics Artist ◦ Time Manager ◦ Find some advocates

Who are you in the Story

Set an honest editorial schedule

Simplify your message

Major in stats

Get advocate

Focus, focus, focus

The Message

Write concisely. Short and to the point. We are all skimmers!!!!

Plan to tell Our Story

Who are your advocates?

Know what your advocates like in social media

What makes for a good status, tweet, blog, youtube video, pin, etc.?

Focus on one social media for a specific time then do your stats and make decisions about your method, time, messages

Move to the next social media, while maintaining a basic presence on the other sites

Plan for others to tell Our Story

Effective SM marketing

Ask questions

Post Photos

Share Quotes or make your own

Give them a call to action

Plan for others to tell Our Story

Belina Wimbish-Haile

BeYOUtyful Solutions

strategically creating solutions with YOU in mind


My plan is for you to call me to make your plan happen successfully!!!

The Strategic Marketing Plan  

21 Century Marketing Strategies that gets others marketing for you.

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