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The importance of location while buying a new house ‘It’s easy to change things inside your house, but it’s difficult to make changes outside.’ Location is the most important point to take care of before you decide to build a house or to buy a new one. It really matters that how lavish is your house, but what matters more is the township or society you will live in. A buyer always prefers a calm and quiet location, but is it all you should look for? Let’s check the basic points which you must consider.

1. Far-far away It doesn’t mean that you have to buy a house far away from the city. It’s a good thing to buy a house far from the rush and noise, but it doesn’t mean that you go very far. Today you get houses which are constructed at a tranquil place within a metropolis. You just have to explore that part.

2. Connectivity with the city How far is the nearest Airport from your new home? Which is the nearest park? What is the distance of the nearest railway station from your home? These points are equally importantas the first one. If a person chooses to live a little far from the city he/she will prefer that all the visiting places should be well connected to their new home.

3. Proper research & Analysis It means to do your stats and research as much as you can.Imagine you are confused while selecting something, what is the foremost thing to do?It’s obvious you ask someone so that you can make a better decision. So before you go to the house, please take some information from the people already living there. Ask them about the electricity flow, water availability, security and other important information. 4. Availability of facilities A housing society is incomplete without few things i.e. schools, hospitals and community centres. All the buyers interested in buying a house should check the availability of nearest schools and hospitals. It can happen that your office is near to your new home, but your child’s school could be far.The fourth dimension of travel from home to school may hamper studies& take more time. So the house should be at a place near to a school.

Revanta housing society has a vast experience in the field of making good house with all the facilities. The houses made by Revanta are a proof of fine architecture. Recently DDA has given the ‘Master plan 2021’ for Delhi. In this plan they are going to develop the part of northern Delhi i.e. areas of Narela and most part of G.T. Karnal road. Revanta housing society has the direct access to the UER II, which DDA will build to connect NH1, 2 & 8. The residents here can have the facility to connect with the national highways within a short span of time. The project going in the Zone P2 will give them the connectivity to the Ring road. It's also easily linked to the best schools of north Delhi, University, ISBT and C.P.

The Apartments made by Revanta have the finest home appliances fitted. They also have the latest complex facilities like gymnasium, swimming pools, party rooms, billiard pool and last but not the least an open air theatre. The flats will also be fully provided with the installations of safety. There will be CCTV Camera fixed on every floor with Video phone doors as well.

Revanta provides apartments at an Affordable price in Delhi, which are far more affordable than the land prices in Noida and Greater Noida. Revanta has always executed the aspiration of those who like to own a house in Delhi at a reasonablerate.

The importance of location while buying a new house  

Location is the most important point to take care of before you decide to build a house or to buy a new one. It really matters that how lavi...

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