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Ever rising fuel prices, catastrophic consequences of global warming resulting from excessive fuel consumption the world over has caught every person’s imagination. Researchers all over the globe are looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption or other alternative fuels for driving vehicles. This raging issue together with our work principle guided us to take up a project that addresses the problem in some way.

SAE SUPERMILEAGE is organized yearly in MICHIGAN, USA inviting teams from across the world to compete at the same time encouraging international trust, creating a culture for knowledge sharing and understanding. Competing with teams such as MIT, CALIFORNIA TECH, and MICHIGAN TECH etc. in getting maximum run on a litre of fuel is an exhilarating experience. For more information about the competition and participating teams please visit:

REVANTA is the brainchild of students determined and committed to apply their acquired engineering knowledge and understanding in creating a supermileage vehicle. Our team is driven by the principle of passion for excellence, hard work, mutual cooperation and knowledge sharing to leave a lasting mark of the institute and nation as a whole on the international stage. NIT JAMSHEDPUR has no dearth of students involving themselves in different projects. REVANTA endeavors to take this to next level by increased student industry interaction in such projects in which both students and corporate world as sponsors stand to gain. Any international project requires a lot of hard work and determination. Being high on application of engineering principles to design a complete vehicle without any external help, managerial skills to manage time and fund constraints ensuring at the same time that the team is successful on the international stage, patience and persistence to overcome several hurdles encountered in the vehicle completion process. Our team believes that it can nurture such talents in every member which has driven us further to take part in SAE SUPERMILEAGE 2011.

Our team has completed its first super mileage vehicle obtaining a mileage of 130kmpl.The freedom from SAE to modify a low power (used in lawnmowers BRIGGS AND STRATTON) engine to one having superior mileage and capability to drive a vehicle has been achieved perfectly. Modifications ranging from replacement of head with the one of PULSAR, conversion from OVERHEAD VALVE to SIDE VALVE, installing of BAJAJ starter motor, use of LML piston, CENTRIFUGAL CLUTCH, changing piston rings all have been done to get a better gas mileage. Greater mileage demands lighter chassis and keeping this in mind we have used aluminum t6-6063 tubes for chassis making. Aerodynamic shape given to the vehicle has greatly reduced air drag acting on it while running increasing further the mileage .Our team had started out with a target of achieving 250 kmpl given ECU (electronic fuel injection) for engine and high pressure stelvio wheel set incorporated in to our design. Revanta has the required technicality for installing these equipments provided it has sufficient funds. The team will be in a much better position to compete internationally once it installs these into its design.

NIT JAMSHEDPUR has never lagged behind in giving us moments of inspiration and glory during project completion, which constantly drove our team in overcoming hurdles and giving our best. The first moment of glory came when our team got an opportunity to meet MR. B. MUTHURAMAN (THEN MANAGING DIRECTOR TATA STEEL) and explain him our project. Next moment of inspiration came from corporate world with BEBBCO becoming our golden sponsor and the team welcomed to work and complete their project in the industrial environment of BEBBCO.



PROSPECTS FOR COMMERCIALISATION SAE SUPERMILEAGE calls for building a prototype with the main focus on being engine modification and body fabrication. It aims to spread awareness among engineering graduates about fuel efficiency and encouraging them to look for better engineering in vehicles with maximum optimization of fuels. Once successful on this arena the teams usually head towards participating in SHELL ECOMARATHON another international level competition. The difference is here the teams can also build four wheeler vehicles with almost the same engineering modifications as on SAE SUPERMILEAGE model. This model called the URBAN CONCEPT CAR is very close to commercial vehicles and there are already teams who have formed associations with corporate world for large scale production of these cars. SHELL ECOMARATHON allows teams, to build vehicles with alternative fuels which include going for hybrid, electric, hydrogen and solar designing of vehicles. The teams have been recognized world wide for their efforts in these competitions and international leaders in automobile sector such as GENERAL MOTORS, TOYOTA, and HONDA etc. are present onsite witnessing teams fight it out amongst each other. Some extraordinary designs attract these automobile giants and they offer members a golden chance of working at their organization thus taking forward students dedicated efforts towards reducing fuel consumption in vehicles. Thus SAE SUPERMILEAGE may seem a small step towards creating an eco friendly vehicle but when viewed in broader perspective it has far reaching consequences benefiting students, industries and mankind survival as a whole.


N.I.T JAMSHEDPUR is celebrating its golden jubilee year. There could not have been a better way to express our gratitude towards college than by becoming first NIT in the country to complete a supermilege vehicle. N.I.T JAMSHEDPUR has had several golden moments this year. First the two automobile teams of our institute (BAJA SAE, FORMULASAE) having an oppurtunity to showcase and explain their project to MR. RATAN TATA (chairman TATAGROUP) followed by invitation to dine with MR. B. MUTHURAMAN (MANAGING DIRECTOR TATA STEEL). A team on AERODESIGN has participated successfully in USA this march gaining a respectable position worldwide. These events in a span of 2 years have generated a lot of energy and enthusiasm among our team members to participate in SAE supermileage 2011.


Here is the video link of MR RATAN TATA’s meeting with (BAJA and FORMULA team) of N.I.TJAMSHEDPUR:- Our team could not meet MR RATAN TATA as during his visit our vehicle was in the development stage.

CONTACT This is only review of our achievements as a team till date and some unforgetful moments for N.I.T JAMSHEDPUR. For complete details on our design and team details please refer to our sponsorship brochure and our design report or contact the following



Team Revanta Supermileage