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Motoring MISHAPS

But heY...

Buying a car is like choosing a computer everyone’s got some ‘helpful advice’ that can land you in a whole load of trouble... After checking out the ads in the paper André is ready to go. And we sent our panel of experts with him just to see how he got on when he went to look for his first car...

a car is g n i v i r d t cides tha e d h s e s u for b to go wit r g a n i c t i e a h t w f of he rest o ré tired t d d n n hould he A s a , y s i h s h l t w e e e h l ell it’s lik . After al s some w o d g e e o t , n ’ e n i h wheelin’ e’s rar him e h e r r f o d f n e e a b f i t l s the he could ed his te n s e s h a he time p w t t l 6 l s a 8 u j r m e ’s i b e h the num them. H will give r s o i f h g T n i ? t i e lways be a v a i w r d d e n y a m g i t s d s o le n busine Mum’s d s valuab o i i s t h i c h d u a n p e u e p t i s reversing llar webs o n e d v n e o i d l l n i a cr uisin’ multi - m n w o s i psons... h m n i u S r e o h t t h he needs e to catc g e l l o c time from n i e m o h


How’s the lad doing? Well he’s looking good Brian - but some of these kids when they go out to buy a car - they have not got A CLUE! - it’s not all beer and skittles you know, and if I do have one criticism it’s that he’s gone in underprepared - he’s had a quick look at the paper and now this guy is going to try and sell him a real nail, a total rustbucket - and you know Brian - I have a feeling that the lad might just fall for it...

This fella’s as cunning as a barrel full of monkeys and I expect to see some real argy bargy... So without further ado let’s get to the action...

Bemused, our hero has a look at the car...

Now take a look here at this scorchin', blingin' mean machine - it’s tidy, neat and sweet. Just imagine cruisin' along in this baby. It’s simply phat and awesome, awesome and phat. Take it from me its a MONSTER!!! A real, genuine scorcher if ever I saw one!

Oh dear, he looks well dodgy to me Brian - he’s set his stall out and made a really strong start... Yes a real old pro - a veteran con merchant - I think our lad’s in BIG trouble here ...

...Now this is a dead giveaway Brian - the guy’s well into middle age and he’s trying to baffle the lad with a load of youthspeak...

Sure thing - if there’s one thing that makes me sick as a parrot it’s jargon...

Nice touch - he’s got the log book out - he’s trying to blind André with science...

Now here’s the paperwork kid - got to have that - why without it some unscrupulous lowdown conman could end sell you any old nail - and we wouldn’t want that now would we? Eh Eh Eh???

How’s he coping Brian? Well he started well, really came out of the blocks, well committed to the cause and took some shaking off. But then - well disaster struck - the salesman moved in on his inside and he’s telling him some right ole codswallop.

You’re so right Brian - you don’t let an old pro like that get too close...

He’s giving him the old one two - some of the oldest tricks in the book and he’s buying it hook, line and sinker - a real schoolboy error he should have told the guy straight - told him he wasn’t going to take that type of hogwash and walked away.

These cars This is a real test of the kid’s temperament, he’s held are MASSIVE on the inside and somehow small on firm until now but he’s really under the spotlight now the outside - so you can park ‘em this guy’s anywhere... It’s WIN, WIN all really the way!!! pressing hard and trying to close the deal...

Now this is interesting - just take another look at this - he’s moving in for the kill but STOP - just a minute!!!!! André’s just thought about what his girlfriend might say. If he buys this car she’ll probably go absolutely mental - I know I wouldn’t want to upset her... Hee Hee Hee the lad’s UNQUESTIONABLY discombobulated totally polaxed he just doesn’t know what to do!...

What will André do? find out overleaf....

The next few minutes are critical, can our boy hang on?....

He’s looking to close the deal...

YES!! YES!!! YES!!!! It’s all over! ANDRÉ’S WALKED AWAY he’s shown him a clean pair of heels - What a triumph - GOOD LAD GOOOD LAAAD... I can tell you I’m OVER THE MOON!!!! The Salesman - he’s absolutely shattered, frantic, madder than a wet hen and sick as a parrot. I couldn’t be happier for the lad - he lives to fight another day - but hey - it won’t be long before some sap turns up to buy that old rust bucket...


...this is the moment of truth, André’s still hanging on... he’s thinking...



Ten key pointS...


1 7 2 8 3

Listen out for some of these all-time classics when you go looking for a car...

■ All engines are covered with oil. ■ You soon get used to that graunching sound.

4 9

■ There’s a bit of an art to getting it started. ■ Small details like a broken windscreen, 4 bald tyres and an exhaust that’s dropping off would bother a lesser man - but you’re a man of the world like me - and you know when you’re on to a good thing.



■ This car’s a real individual (it doesn’t work at all). for more tips on buying a car visit and go to ‘car buyers guide’ also try

10 tips FOR when you buy a car

The salesman’s looking at his watch....

THREE’S A CROWD Young Drivers are twice as likely to die when carrying passengers their own age

Monday 9.30am The 25 year-old sole survivor of a motorway accident that killed her sister and two cousins prior to a birthday celebration said “We were inviting family and friends and had booked a hall and a DJ. Now we will be gathering for a funeral instead.”

It’s a fact that young drivers are involved in the most accidents. Here’s what happened in just a few short days. They were fairly typical nothing unusual - the truth is that young drivers are being killed in their thousands across the world. We’re not saying who, if anyone, was to blame in each case. We’re simply recording the facts as the press reported them. Those involved probably thought that it could never happen to them...

Tuesday 12.00am A 21 year old woman whose car had collided with and killed a two year old child when he ran out into a road to retrieve a ball cried as she explained to the Coroner’s court: "All I remember was driving down the road, I saw something dart out from the side of the road, but I only knew it was a child after I had hit him. I ran over and picked him up. I think he was already dead." She had been driving at only 26 mph. A verdict of accidental death was recorded. Wednesday 10 .00am An inquest heard how a 24-year-old woman died from multiple injuries after her car catapulted in the air following an accident. The driver who was unconscious, had to be cut from the wreckage by firefighters. She was taken to the Hospital, where she later died.

Wednesday 3.00pm On the same day another inquest was told about a woman who was killed after her car left the road in icy conditions and hit a tree. She was thrown from the vehicle and died at the scene. Thursday 11.0am A police sergeant in Australia spoke out after another fatality: "The car was basically shattered after colliding with several trees. We found the exhaust of the car more than 100 metres away from where the vehicle came to rest. Both of the deceased were thrown clear of the vehicle in the accident. Too often we are attending these kinds of accident and dead young men. They seem to think that they are invincible in these kinds of cars," he Friday 10.00pm A 20-year-old man finding said. "When you get the call to attend these things you just think 'what a waste'." died after the car he was driving collided with a tree and then smashed into a lamp post. Emergency services were called to the scene and he was taken to hospital Saturday 11.10am The passenger killed in a head on crash with suspected neck injuries where he later died. died just hours before he was due to fly off on holiday. He had got engaged to his girlfriend only a few weeks previously and police have described his death as “tragic.” A spokesman at the University he attended said “He was a very hardworking student and we expected him to do very well on his course. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.”

Saturday 3.50pm A 23-year-old man was charged with failing to stop after a road accident and driving while disqualified. A 14 year-old passenger suffered multiple injuries after the car careered off the road and spun over four times after hitting a kerb. A police spokesman said: “One of the passengers described the speed they were going as 'ridiculously fast'”.

Saturday 11.40pm A white hatchback overturned in the early hours just three weeks after a pregnant 21- year - old was killed when a car mounted the pavement at almost the same spot. Sunday 2.10am Four men were taken to hospital following an incident when their car was involved in a multiple road accident. None were suffering from life threatening injuries. The 17-year-old driver was charged with driving with excess alcohol. Sunday 4.30pm In another accident, a 32-year-old man was killed after he stepped out of his own parked car into the path of a Vauxhall Corsa driven by a 17-year -old driver. The driver was shocked but unhurt.

Saturday 3.20am An 18-year-old man died when his car veered off the road and smashed into two brick gateposts.

Sunday 6.30pm Marked the laying of dozens of floral tributes at the scene of a tragic road smash. A 21 year old driver, died when his VW Golf hit two trees and burst into flames. Following the accident his family said: “He was a special young man, full of life. That such a promising future should have been snatched away so tragically and unexpectedly just a few weeks after his 21st birthday is very hard for our family to come to terms with.”


By law everyone who uses a vehicle on UK roads is required to have a motor insurance policy.

So, after looking at that dodgy car André decides it would be a good idea to sort out some insurance first. Don’t read on if you are easily shocked......

Getting insurance for your dream car can be far from easy. Start by contacting a broker or insurance company who specialise in young/inexperienced drivers as you are not everyone's flavour of the month.

This can be done via recommendations, from adverts or from the internet. Be sure to discuss your circumstances and requirements and have everything explained fully.

Whenever possible it’s best to get everything in writing. It’s vital to get the info right at this stage so that you don’t have any problems if you have to claim.


As a young and inexperienced driver you will pay loads more lolly to insure your motor than your average punter - but don’t despair, by following a few rules and acting responsibly you can soon reduce your premium.

Ok, so you’ve just passed your test and you’ve got the piece of paper to prove it. But hold on there, just because you’ve passed doesn’t mean you are the perfect driver. In fact you are 9 times more likely to have an accident than someone twice your age.

It may be possible to get insurance on your mum or dad’s policy. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as the insurance company have been given the full facts.

Cheapest is not always the best but there are legit ways of keeping your costs down: ■ Restrict driving to yourself or at worst you and your parents.

You must be insured for any car that you drive. If you are the main user of the car but not the owner, make sure that the insurance company are aware of this and it’s stated on the proposal form. Remember if you mislead an insurance company to obtain cheaper insurance it’s not only a criminal offence but will also wipe out any claim you might make later.

■ If you have a cheap car consider the advantages of a Third party, fire and theft policy - this means that you are covered for any damage you cause to another vehicle but not for any to your own car. Fully Comprehensive means that your own vehicle is also covered. ■ Have your advisor look at larger excesses (this is the amount you pay/contribute in the event of a claim).

■ Consider carefully your choice of car as all vehicles have a group rating between 1 and 20 with the higher groups attracting the higher premiums. ■ Young/inexperienced drivers should limit themselves to group 1 to 6 wherever possible and never, ever part with any money for a car without checking the group first. ■ Finally, insurance companies look favourably on drivers who have completed the Pass Plus course. At the end of the six driving modules you will receive a Pass Plus certificate which is great but not half

LOOKING FOR INSURANCE? Learning to drive? Just passed your driving test? Looking for the best possible insurance for you and your car? 17-2-24 insurance provide the friendliest service around for the under-25's. Just call and we'll talk to you! For more info check out our website at: or call

08 0800 17 2 24

Why ‘P’ Plates?

P The first 2 years after passing the driving test are lethal! Over a thousand young lives are lost each year on UK roads. Novice drivers form only 7% of the driving population but have 12% of the injury accidents. Research also shows that accident liability is reduced by nearly half after 2 years' driving experience.

WHY display 'P' PLATES? They show other road users you’re new on the road and most people will give you a bit more time and consideration.

b. Must remember to brake gently... Must remember to brake gently...sigh...




As you are driving merrily along you become aware of someone who is trying to keep pace with you. As he pulls up at the lights he catches your eye, raises one eyebrow and revs his engine. He obviously fancies his chances, Do you... a. Smile quizzically and completely ignore him, allowing him to make a prat of himself by zooming off at the lights b. Act like a brainless wonder and risk killing yourself by racing him c. Get out of the car before he has time to set off and exclaim ”What’s your game mate??!!” a. Yes you’ve already won the mind games with him made him look small - the inadequate loser he really is - shown his utter worthlessness in the horrible cold light of day b. Well if you really would do that - and some would, then you’re off your rocker and simply not fit to drive a car c. Ooooh - shouldn’t do that - don’t want to be giving the nice police lady a description of the nasty man who demolished half your teeth now do we?

b. Ah music to my ears - remembering good advice is a must for any half - decent driver c. Well you for a start! - no-one is born a good driver you have to come on and get with the programme!


c. Hot ziggety!!! Well said - I hail your considerable genius, good taste and stupendous intellect!


You drive up to the McDonald’s drivethrough. Do you:

a. Put your cap on backwards, keep the ole’ engine revvin’ and shout your order b. Order two happy meals and ask for some fascinating Ronald McDonald trivia c. Just get on with it and look where you’re going

c. Get out and push him - as it will probably double his speed

a Return the compliment - with added interest

a. Can I tell you a story? There was once a poor young man and on his 18th birthday his grandad bought him a brand new BMW. He absolutely loved it and drove everywhere in it. Now you can imagine his rage when he was bombing down a country lane when he was held up by an old fogey doing 20 - well when he got the chance he drove him off the road and gave him such a mouthful that would have made Eminem blush - well what a shock when he looked at the old man to see with horror it was his very own grandad who just looked back at him with his eyes full of reproachful tears. Well hey yes the story is a complete load of lies which I just made up but hey just back off the old guy - he’s doing his best.

b Ignore him and stay cool - “he’s not worth it!” (as they say in all the best cheesy American blockbusters)

b. You have chosen the wacky option because you are witty, goofy, frequent charity shops and are into an obscure band from 1972 that none of your mates have heard of. Like your style - but just stay calm with the old driving eh?

b. Back off cos you don’t want to panic him and possibly cause an accident

b. Well that’s what causes many fatal accidents - sometimes a small mistake can lead to tragedy - so don’t let other people stop you concentrating c. Our survey says “DING!” - RIGHT first time you ole’ smoothy

c Get out of the car and teach him a lesson he’ll “never forget”

You are parked up on the street waiting for someone what do you do? a. Whip on your shades and play thumping house music with the window down

c. Look there’s only room for one funny guy round here - Me - so quit with the clever answers and get on with the next question...

b. Give a demonstration of handbrake turns to a group of admiring awestruck 13 year olds


You are driving and you have four mates in your car. Do you...

c. Keep cool and put on an amazing well controlled display of your driving ability a. Well if you do that you are definitely risking all your lives - cars full of young people are dying all the time across the world - don’t be one of them...

a. Mmm - never a good idea to start this sort of thing, firstly it means taking your eyes off the road for a split second and it doesn’t really win you the argument if you total your car mid - gesture. The other thing to realise is that there are some real wackos out there - and we wouldn’t want to give them the satisfaction of removing our rear heated windscreen with their car jack now would we?


b. Well done - smooth answer. I predict great things for you - an international film career, a string of best selling, kickin’ no 1’s and well at least a clean driving licence which can’t be bad...

b. Pump up the tunes and If you are honest with yourself you drive a bit faster and take more chance than you would normally

An old guy is tootling along at 20 in a 40 area, it’s driving you mad, so what do you do?????

a. What’s the big idea uh? Most people get too confident a few months after their test - and that’s when the accidents happen.

b. Y’What?! That just shows no consideration for others and a dodgy way of picking your car. Anyway - car stickers are so last Tuesday morning - and we’ve seen them all - yawn...

You are driving along when you accidentally cut someone up - as you look up they give you a mouthful and HEY! he’s just gesticulated in a most unfriendly manner and he’s pointing straight at YOU! What do you do?

a. Get right up his back and shout “Move it Grandad!” OR WORSE???

a. Go berserk to impress them and race anyone and everyone, risking all of your lives


c. Driving lessons who needs em?

you like them I’m not going to stand in your way especially the way you drive!

c. Just sit there and look cool a. Well you’re not being a danger to anyone - apart from yourself and really you ought to be locked up for your taste in music - look if you must listen to that sort of thing keep it to yourself - don’t make the rest of us suffer. b. That’s rather sad isn’t it sir (or madam) doing anything in a car to impress others is a sure fire way to end up wrecking your car - or worse

b. Hey what’s cooler than being cool? ICE COLD - that’s what you need when you’re driving - it sure is the only way to do it. If you get all excited about it then you’re in for XXXL size trouble... But anyway congrats on your answer - you really are a great guy/gal (delete as applicable) c. It’s people like you that really make me MADD There’s nowt worse than seeing people jump out of their cars they’re just an embarrassment Besides he could be the new light superweight GB all comers Karate/ Kickboxing and granny chucking champion - ughh nasty... Some people have indeed ended up getting run down in these situations - so come on be a man about it and worry about what you’re doing on the road

c. Cha Ching! Give yourself an A✷ in the college of cool smoothness...



a. Ultraswoopy alloys and a kickin’ loud exhaust b. A wickedly funny, semi - obscene sticker in the back window c. Its general appearance and roadworthiness

Your driving instructor always told you not to brake so hard all the time, Do you... a. Forget his “helpful advice” what did he know anyway the dim half-witted loser!

When you buy a new car are you impressed by:

a. Well they might look Ok but not wanting to spoil the fun they are good for nothing and about as much use as a chocolate fireguard on an 18 - 30’s holiday- but hey - if

a. You are a disgrace to the take away fraternity - and if you arrive everywhere in your car like you’ve just landed the lunar space shuttle, then it says something about your approach to driving - sorry simply just not good enough

c. Yowsa! You are to driving what Ronaldo is to the crazy world of international footy


You take your mobile out with you in the car. Do you:

a. Talk on the phone and drive one handed b. Use a hands free kit c. Switch the rotten thing off for once a. For a start that makes you a grade one poseur - let’s face it - no-one wants to speak to you that badly - and we all know you haven’t had any e mails since last Tuesday so switch the thing off. And more importantly It’s illegal to speak on a hand held phone whilst you’re driving b. Ah yes - the old hands free kit - well it’s certainly legal and much safer than hand held - but it’s not totally safe as it’s a major distraction to your driving c. Fantabulosa, amazing, breathtaking and well...exactly right - you’re certainly not as stupid as you look


When you park do you:

a. Slam it over the kerb at an angle and throw the door open b. Park on the double yellows in order to “stick it to the man” c. Well just park it properly I suppose a. Definitely not a great idea - firstly you’ll wreck your tyres and hey - you’re only parking the car not tackling that bald guy out of the highly unlikely trilogy “The Matrix” b. This looks mean until a zealous traffic warden moves in for the kill and decorates your pride and joy with a real scorcheroonie of a £40 parking charge - and yes indeedy they are everywhere - just waiting in the shadows to christen your car. c. “Mirror signal manoeuvre” and yes calmly pull into the space - just perfect, music to my ears - sorted, respect and three rounds of ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow’

>>>>>> Charlotte Heath is seventeen. She helps run a group called BRAG. She’s got more reason to be involved than most...

It’s a shocking fact that three young drivers and their passengers die on our roads every day. That might not mean much to you, but if it happened to someone you know... Charlotte Heath has been involved in BRAG, Bexley Road Safety Action Group, for three years after a tragic accident involving her brother, Adam. Adam, who was 18 at the time, had been driving for just four months. A quick trip down to the pub to pick up some friends resulted in a tragic accident which claimed his life and the lives of his four passengers. Three years later Adam’s sister, Charlotte, explains what happened... “He was basically just a lovely 18 year boy who loved football and cricket. He played football for local teams since he was little and he really enjoyed that. He supported West Ham; that's our family team. He really enjoyed time with his family. He was very close to us all and saw us a lot. He liked going out with his friends and girlfriend. He left school when he was 16 and got an office job. His real ambition was to be a nurse. “Obviously he was interested in his car. He hadn’t been driving very long; only about 4 months. He got a new Metro two weeks before the accident.”

“Adam was at home one evening with his girlfriend, when his friends rang to see if he could pick them up. He went to collect them in the Metro at about 10 o'clock from a pub in Bexley Heath. Adam approached a mini roundabout too quickly and collided with a bus that was travelling in the opposite direction.” Charlotte adds; “I know for sure that on the night of the accident he wasn't being careless with his friends in the car and it was proven that he hadn't being drinking. “Four of the boys, including my brother, were pronounced dead on the scene and one boy was pronounced dead a day later having been on a life support machine. “I was at home asleep, and I woke up in the morning about 3 o'clock. Me and my other brother, Patrick, had both woken up and we both heard crying downstairs. It seemed a bit strange but I just said to my brother to go back to bed and we will see what happens in the morning. “My dad came and woke us up at half past six and I thought he was waking me up to go to school. He took me downstairs where my mum was sitting and just sat us down and told us what had happened. “The four boys that were with him were Adam's friends so we also knew them. The next day friends and family were coming round, and a lot of Press were outside the door. It was quite a surreal day. I felt like a bit of a zombie, too much was going on, it's hard to remember. “I was 13 at the time so it was very hard to carry on, just doing normal things, even going out the house or watching telly. “I didn't want to be in the house I was born in because it’s where I grew up with Adam. And the memories were always there to upset me. So my way of coping was to go back to school 5 days afterwards. I just needed a bit of normality as it was very hard. But all I could do was try my best. Obviously it was hitting Mum, Dad and my brother, Patrick as well, I tried my best to stay as strong as possible for them and for everyone, of course. Although it wasn’t easy to do.

“The funeral was about 10 days after the accident and that was really a special day. As his little sister, I never realised the amount of people that he knew and people he'd affected. An amazing amount of people came, like friends, people from his primary school. He worked for a parcel company, answering phones, and one card said that his voice would be missed around the world. “That really hit me because it was true. He was talking to people around the world. It was mind-blowing to see how many people my brother knew or had affected in some way. The sad thing was it wasn’t just him, but four other

how to say to someone "slow down" or "put your seat belt on." You will be the stronger person to do that. “Even if you don’t think about yourself - What if your friend was in the car or your girlfriend, or a child ran out into the road? It’s never just your own life you’re putting at risk when you are driving unsafely. You're putting people you care about and everyone around you in danger as well.”

>>>>>> One card said that his voice would be missed around the world boys as well, each with their own separate life. It just shows the amount of impact just one accident can have on so many people.” It wasn’t long before Charlotte realised that the type of accident that had claimed her brother’s life was all too common.

if only...

She decided to do something about it and joined BRAG Bexley Road Action Group - a bunch of young people who were committed to cutting the appalling number of accidents in which young drivers are involved. “First of all, it was a bit nerve-racking as the other people had been before so they knew what was going on. Then I went to a few meetings and I learnt more of what BRAG was all about. I became more and more involved in everything they did and last year I became Co-Chair Person. “We want to promote the idea of safer driving and want to change the attitudes of young people with cars. Show them there is no need for them to be driving too fast. “We've been looking at peer pressure for the past couple of years and how to deal with it; when you get into a car,

one of us had said slow down you’re too young to die wise up and speak up while you can

Topic: Most accidents involving young drivers have remarkably similar causes ie. a young man with a car full, driving too fast and not considering the consequences of his actions. Young men are definitely the worst drivers on the road and the consequences of their actions are all too often catastrophic... Look. Not all 17 yr old males are boy racers! I passed my test first time, got a pass-plus first time and DO NOT drive above the speed limit because I see no point.

I believe that the roads would be safer without the young 'boy racers'. The government should raise the minimum age of driving on a provisional licence to 20 and raise the test age to 21. As a 'young person', I think the issue of raising the legal driving age up to 21 is a bit of an extreme action. Whether you are 17, or 57..... anyone who has recently acquired their licence will tell you that it is a HARD enough process ALREADY! With large licence fee's, 2 difficult tests, and ridiculous insurance premiums.... Raising the legal driving age will achieve nothing constructive.

Topic: It would be better if young drivers under 25 or for the first 5 years after passing test were restricted to driving only cars of 1000cc or less. Also, modifications or tuning to improve performance should be restricted... Why should we have to put up with that? Young drivers are not necessarily bad drivers. Why should the majority have to suffer the stupidity of the minority? I find it frightening that some parents who have high performance powerful cars let their sons drive them - it's an accident waiting to happen. These kids should only be allowed to drive nissan micras for the first two years - that should calm them down a bit... I'm learning to drive in a HUGE 1.4(!) injection SMALL car. Some say that having a car that can go fast when you're just 17 is not a good idea, and I agree, but... I don't drive like a loon! I know that premiums for young drivers are high (I have first hand experience!), but as extortionate as they are, you can still get them down.

Prove you are not a bad driver by getting a Pass Plus, it's only 6 more lessons and it saves you AT LEAST 20 - 30% on premiums!

Topic: Have just read the following comments from an American Doctor: "Almost all high school and college students do not get enough sleep. They are at risk of a number of serious consequences, including poor performance at school, increased incidence of automobile accidents, increased moodiness and increased use of stimulants and alcohol"...

Topic: It's great to love cars and music but in my book someone becomes a “Boy racer� when they go tearing round housing estates with no concern for others, push one finger up at anyone who makes a mistake, race to beat the lights etc - in other words they are completely selfish and only care about themselves. Ultimately it could be someone else who pays with their life for their actions. . .

I find this offensive and extremely stereotypical. I am 19 and have been driving for nearly 2 years.

Boy Racers are the people who become a menace to society. They have no respect for others and it will be an innocent person who pays for the stupidity, not the boy racers themselves.

I go to bed at 9.30 every night so that I am up for work at 6.30 the next morning. I only drink water and the only stimulants I know of are tea and coffee which give me a head-ache.

Please stop generalising "Young People" as good-fornothing slobs who stay out late and consume alcohol and take drugs. This is not always the case. I must confess - I'm 22 and would never drink and drive. Don't see much point.. however I do have a few friends who do. Many of them will 'just have a few' and then drive home. They would be over the limit if stopped but perhaps not too drunk to be incapable of walking in a straight line. Obviously we all know that just a bit of alcohol effects your driving and therefore they are being extremely irresposible. Once again its the childish mentality of "it will never happen to me....!"

I know a few people who will go out on an all night bender. Get a taxi back and then DRIVE to work at 8 the next morning. I regularly have to drive home late at night because of my job. Some of the driving I see is shocking - speeding, driving through red lights - the lot. I'm also fed up of driving past drunk pedestrians who look like they're about to fall into the middle of the road.

It's such a shame that other drivers suffer as a result ie - High Insurance premiums, dangerous roads etc. I consider a boy racer as a 'yob' with a set of wheels. They drive the way they are as a person: Intimidating, Have NO respect, Break rules ALL THE TIME, Constantly showing off, Probably wears a baseball cap at a uniform angle.

Sadly, most boy racers fall under the category of 'young and male'. So do I. But I drive safely. Does this make me a boy racer? I rest my case. I feel I must leave a comment. Just to say I think Boys and Cars generally are a bad combination. Seriously I think everyone on the roads just needs to slow down, calm down and chill out just a little. If everyone did this just a tiny bit, the roads would be safer.

The Driving Theory Test The driving test consists of the theory, the hazard perception and practical tests. To get a full driving licence you must pass all parts. Here are some real questions from the theory test - to check out your knowledge and attitudes to driving. You can buy the book “the official theory test for car drivers” if you want to work through all the questions


Mark one answer


Mark two answers

To supervise a learner driver you must... have held a full licence for at least 3 years be at least 21 be an approved driving instructor hold an advanced driving certificate


Mark one answer

You could use the Two-Second Rule... before restarting the engine after it has stalled to keep a safe gap from the vehicle in front before using the 'Mirror-SignalManoeuvre' routine when emerging on wet roads

What is the national speed limit on motorways for cars and motorcycles? 30 mph 50 mph 60 mph 70 mph


You see two elderly pedestrians about to cross the road ahead. You should... expect them to wait for you to pass speed up to get past them quickly stop and wave them across the road be careful, they may misjudge your speed

Mark one answer

Which age group of drivers is most likely to be involved in a road accident? 36 to 45-year-olds 55-year-olds and over 46 to 55-year-olds 17 to 25-year-olds


Mark one answer

You are following a car driven by an elderly driver. You should... expect the driver to drive badly flash your lights and overtake be aware that the drivers reactions may not be as fast as yours stay very close behind but be careful


Mark one answer

What does this sign mean? No parking No road markings No through road No entry


Mark one answer

What does this sign mean? Bend to the right Road on the right closed No traffic from the right No right turn



Mark one answer

Mark one answer

What does this traffic sign mean? No overtaking allowed Give priority to oncoming traffic Two way traffic One-way traffic only


Mark one answer

You are travelling at the legal speed limit. A vehicle comes up quickly behind, flashing its headlights. You should... accelerate to make a gap behind you touch the brakes sharply to show your brake lights maintain your speed to prevent the vehicle from overtaking allow the vehicle to overtake

Answers... 1. To keep a safe gap from the vehicle in front. To measure this, choose a fixed reference point such as a bridge, sign or tree. When the vehicle ahead passes the object, say to yourself 'Only a fool breaks the two-second rule.' If you reach the object before you finish saying this, you're TOO CLOSE.

2. 17 to 25-year-olds. Statistics show that if you're a driver between the ages of 17 and 25 you're more likely to be involved in a road accident than any other age group. There are several reasons contributing to this, but in most cases accidents are due to driver error.

3. Be aware that the driver's reactions may not be as fast as yours.

7. 70 mph. Travelling at the national speed limit doesn't allow you to hog the right-hand lane. Always use the left-hand lane whenever possible. When leaving the motorway, always adjust your speed in good time to deal with ■ bends or curves on the slip road ■ traffic queuing at roundabouts.

8. Be careful, they may misjudge your speed. Elderly people have impaired. ■ hearing ■ vision ■ concentration ■ judgement They may also walk slowly and so could take a long time to cross the road.

You must show consideration to other road users. The reactions of older drivers may be slower and they might need more time to deal with a situation. Be tolerant and don't lose patience or show your annoyance.

9. Give priority to oncoming traffic.

4. No entry.

■ a narrow bridge ■ roadworks ■ a width restriction.

'No entry' signs are used in places such as one-way streets to prevent vehicles driving against the traffic. To ignore one would be dangerous, both for yourself and other road users, as well as being against the law.

Priority signs are normally shown where the road is narrow and there isn't enough room for two vehicles to pass, such as at

Make sure that you know who has priority. Comply with the sign and don't force your way through. Show courtesy and consideration to other road users.

5. No right turn.

10. Allow the vehicle to overtake.

The 'no right turn' sign may be used to warn road users that there is a 'no entry' prohibition on a road to the right ahead.

Don’t enforce the speed limit by blocking another vehicles progress. This will only lead to the other driver becoming more frustrated. Allow the other vehicle to pass when you can do so safely.

6. Have held a full licence for at least 3 years. Be at least 21. Don't just take someone's word that they are qualified to supervise you. The person who sits alongside you while you are learning should be a responsible adult and an experienced driver.

Reproduced with the kind permission of the Driving Standards Agency.

We are all familiar with the dangers of driving after having a few drinks. Alcohol affects your co-ordination, makes you do stupid things - most of us realise now that you shouldn't drive after drinking

But getting behind the wheel after taking street drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy or ketamine could be just as dangerous - and all the indications are that it's becoming more and more common. Research for the motoring organisation the RAC found that young people in the UK are now twice as likely to be driven by someone 'high' on drugs as someone over the limit for alcohol. For some people it's become an everyday activity. Steve, 19, from Cardiff admits to 'drug driving' on a regular basis: "For me and my mates smoking (cannabis) is just what we do. It's like a way of life. When I get into my car stoned I don't ever think 'this might be dangerous'." But the rising number of road deaths caused by 'drug driving' shows just how dangerous it can be. The Police now estimate that the numbers of people driving while on drugs has increased 400% in the last decade, and that a quarter of drivers killed on the roads were under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident. Street drugs like cannabis, speed,

cocaine or heroin can have a serious affect on your driving ability. Cannabis can distort your perception of time and distance between objects, heroin can drastically slow down your reaction times, and even a couple of mushrooms could lead to distorted vision or hallucinations - not really what you want when operating a complicated piece of machinery and trying to guide it through the busy roads of your local town. Sarah, 18, from Birmingham, remembers the first time she drove after taking 'magic' mushrooms and cannabis: "I needed to get back home and didn't really think twice about driving, even though I was pretty much out of it. At one point I realised that I was driving along the white line in the middle of the road just to reassure myself that I wasn't going to go up on to the pavement. I can't believe how stupid I was to drive in that state. It's amazing that I got home in one piece." Over the last twenty years hundreds of thousands of motorists have been convicted of 'drink driving'. With the help of the breathalyser, police officers have been able to easily detect

those who are breaking the law. Concern over the increasing numbers of 'drug drivers' has now led to the police introducing tests to detect those driving under the influence of drugs. Across the UK police officers are being trained on the use of so- called driving 'impairment' tests. The roadside examination includes various checks of a person's co-ordination skills, an examination of the size of the driver's pupils, and an assessment of the driver's perception of time passing. The tests are all designed to indicate whether the driver is under the influence of drugs, to the extent that their driving ability is impaired. In addition to these roadside 'impairment' testing procedures the police have just been given the powers to use a so-called 'drugalyser' device on drivers they suspect of being under the influence of drugs. Police will know immediately of any drugs the driver may have taken. If the test is positive, it is repeated at a police station in the same way as it is for alcohol. This means that anyone driving while under the influence of drugs now stands a far greater chance of getting caught and prosecuted. The penalties for 'drug driving' are exactly the same as those for 'drink driving'. You face a minimum one year driving ban, a fine of up to ÂŁ5,000, and six months jail. The bottom line is that if you drive after taking drugs you may not only be putting yourself and others at danger but you also stand the chance of prosecution, losing your licence and maybe a prison sentence. Is it really worth the risk? If you are concerned about any issues to do with drugs you can ring the 'Frank' helpline at any time on 0800 776600. the helpline offers free, confidential advice and information on drugs 24 hours a day. Or visit:

TWICE AS LIKELY HOW DRUGS CAN AFFECT YOUR DRIVING CANNABIS: Smoking or eating cannabis has the following effects on your driving skills and your ability to drive safely: ■ Slower reaction times and sleepiness ■ Impaired steering control and co-ordination ■ Distorted perception, poor concentration and short term memory loss. Remember that cannabis can be detected in urine for up to four weeks.

OPIATES: Heroin and medicinal opiates such as codeine have different effects and vary in their intensity. Opiates generally have a sedative effect, making users: ■ Drowsy and less alert. ■ Dulled perception. ■ Impaired co-ordination. ■ For heroin users, withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and cramps can be experienced a few hours after use and these severely affect driving ability.

COCAINE: ■ Over confidence and increased risk taking ■ Distorted perception ■ Erractic behaviour and paranoia ■ Falling asleep at the wheel as the stimulant effects wear off.

ECSTASY: ■ Distorted perception and confusion. ■ Blurred vision. ■ Anxiety and paranoia. ■ Nausea ■ Increased risk taking and over confidence ■ Often users experience severe tiredness and fatigue the following day.

Young people are twice as likely to be driven by someone ‘high’ on drugs as someone over the limit for alcohol

Name: Richard Martin known simply as ‘Mr M’

Name: Rachel Occupation: Lazy Student

Occupation: Driving Instructor

Fav Music: Nirvana and Radiohead

Fav Music: Classical esp Borodin & Tchaikovsky

Top films: The Matrix & Back to the Future trilogy

Top film: Trading Places

Supports: Burnley

Supports: Aston Villa

Wants to: DRIVE! - lets see how we go. ■ You will have the ability to drive and it’s really just a case of finding the right coach to nurture you individually, but everyone’s different, no two people learn the same way. Its up to the driving instructor to establish what a



pupil needs before they can write the prescription. To me questions and answers at the beginning are very important to establish where a person’s at and to take it on from there. A lot of pupils will get up to 4th gear on their first lesson when they’ve never driven before.

■ Before my first driving lesson I wasn't too nervous, that is until I realised what I was letting myself in for. The driving teacher was a friend of my Dads. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.

Well this is it readers - we’re putting a first time driver through her paces with Mr M - something of a legendary Driving Instructor around Sutton Coldfield and West Bromwich - and we were there

to see the horrible truth. So if Rachel was going to bounce off the kerb, clip the wing mirror or if either instructor or pupil started blubbing like a schoolgirl then we’d be there to capture it all...

■ People have first got to understand that driving is like studying any subject, you have to learn everything in order, so that when you need that information, it’s there. ■ A good driving instructor won’t shout at pupils. I know I wouldn’t learn by having someone threatening me and shouting. At every lesson there’s always something to praise a pupil for. I always want you to focus on the good part.

■ By the time Mr M arrived I felt like I was on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. It didn’t help that when he came to introduce himself, he was wearing a very, erm, colourful shirt and a bow-tie. I could see now why my Dad was friends with him! ■ The first thing he got me to do was to check the doors and mirrors and make sure everything was safe.

Mr M arrives - Rachel doesn’t know what to say so bursts out laughing...

... followed by the coolest motivational talk you’ll ever hear...

■ You’ve got to be positive, because at the end of the day, if you think negatively, you will be nervous, and if you are nervous on the road you will be dangerous. You should be that confident that you could put your friends and family in that vehicle and drive safely. I want them to be ready to go on the roads.

■ Mr M drove down the road and parked to explain to me about safety checks etc and I explained to him that it may be necessary to take into account that this car would not be road worthy by the time I'd finished with it. He laughed and said "We have never had a crash yet".... "There's a first time for everything I thought.." ■ However as time went on I became a lot less nervous, Mr M explained to me what to do before starting the car and what those funny pedals do. I already sort of knew - probably through watching other people drive. He kept talking about safety and what a big responsibility it is to get behind the wheel of a car. We had a bit of a joke and I was beginning to get quite comfortable, too comfortable. "Start the car then!" he said. I felt like running a mile!

■ There are a lot of myths surrounding the driving test - we’ve all heard the “no-one passes on a Tuesday afternoon” or there are only so many allowed to pass in one day. A lot of their friends might have told them something, so its a case of putting a lot of their fears to rest. But the test is really all down to merit - it’s about what you do on that day. ■ You find the girls are a little bit more receptive because they will sit down and listen to what you have to say, the lads tend to want to get going - it’s all “come on lets turn the key, lets get moving! But I don’t know where the brakes are yet!”



■ However I felt strangely comfortable once we got going and I started getting used to it, I didn’t even stall once! I started putting it into perspective. My DAD can do this, it can't be that hard at all. I don't really know what I was worried about! Look out Mrs!!! she’s driving - don’t panic she’s perfectly safe...MAYBE!

No problemo!

And it’s a triumphant thumbs up from Rachel - Mr M looks on relieved that his car hasn’t been totalled...

■ Now, I actually want to learn how to drive as I found it quite fun in an odd sort of way. It's not half as bad as you'd think it would be!

y on our To b inf lin dr oo e i k o to ab and ving : w ou t ww t th for est .ds e t mo a.g est re ov go .uk

Get the tune.... Learning to drive isn’t simply about getting to grips with the handling of a car but more importantly it’s about developing the right attitude to driving. Driving is a massive responsibility and it means that other people’s lives will literally be in your hands. If that doesn’t make you think then nothing will.

Going to school... It’s important to get yourself to a decent driving school. So shop around - obviously personal recommendation is usually a good idea. Just remember that the cheapest is not necessarily the best and beware of crash courses which claim to get you through the test in a ridiculously fast time. If you don’t like the driving school you are learning with, then try another one out.

What about Mum?... Some people learn with their parents - but it’s not really a brilliant idea. Firstly a driving instructor has an extra set of brakes on his side of the car which could prove quite handy. A parent usually has little experience of teaching and will pass on their own bad driving habits to you...nasty! Once you’ve had about 20 hours worth of lessons then you can practice with your parents. First get them to sit in on a couple of lessons - lots has changed since they passed!

research When you have lessons make sure that you read up on driving - so get some books out - or next time you’re on the web instead of wasting endless hours talking to your mates in a chatroom why not check out:

The new drivers act... Just thought that you might like to know that if you get 6 points on your licence during the first two years after passing, then you will have to retake your test. You may even be put forward to do an extended driving test. Not very nice at all!! You could collect your three points for speeding, parking on zig-zags or for each illegal tyre!

The test... for a start don’t listen to some of the rumours about the driving test. When it’s time to take it just stay cool and remember that it’s not the end of the world if you fail - many people do and it should spur you on to be a better driver.

Using a seatbelt, as a driver or passenger, so obviously makes sense that you’d think that everyone would do it without question. After all - we’ve all heard the stories of people being thrown out of car windows or smashing into another passenger because they weren’t belted up. If you’re not wearing one, in a crash at 30 you are thrown forward with a force of between 30 and 60 times your own body weight.



But it’s only when you really think about what it’s like or have witnessed the effects first hand, that you ever really understand but by then it could be too late.

1 in 3 road

Sergeant Bob Hartill of West Midlands Police says : ” The injuries we come across at a serious collision are normally bad enough, but when the person has not been wearing a seatbelt, they can be especially horrific. Bear in mind that these would be head injuries which are going to be at least disfiguring and brain injuries causing severe disability or normally death.


Ex World Formula 1 Champion Michael Schumacher

“A lot of young people think that it won’t ever happen to them - which is ironic as it involves them more than anyone else. Most of them think they’ll never die, but the facts prove them tragically wrong”

Michael Schumacher, former world F1 racing champion has thrown his weight behind the push to persuade people to wear seatbelts. He regularly tops speeds of 200 mph on the track and demands the highest safety standards from his car. He is acutely aware of the need to belt up. Michael says: “Please remember to fasten your seatbelt at all times. Accident statistics have shown conclusively that the seatbelt is the most important piece of life saving equipment available within a car. And it only takes one moment to remember."

involve men under the age of 20

Ever looked in here before have we lads??? The engine - the nerve centre - it’s here where all those revs are converted into lovely sparks to ignite the ole piston - which in turn goes up and down like the clappers - ah - music to my ears

Hi Kids My name’s Fixit - can’t tell you too much about myself - just say I’m a kinda travelling troubleshooter - sent out by the ‘corporation’ to sort out the under 20’s and their car maintenance issues. You don’t have to change the engine, grind the cylinder head or even ratchet up the suspension but look here - and listen to me whilst I’m talking to you. Even the thickest motorist should know some basic things about the car... look noone wants to do the walk of shame walking down the road with a petrol can trying to look invisible thinking “Oops I never realised what that red bit meant” Or imagine your surprise when your car blows up just because you forgot to put any coolant in it - mmm shame... It could all be so easily avoided...

Meanwhile - somewhere in suburbia a gang of wild youths are about to set off for another crazy night out...

Oh forgot to tell you that Mr F can transport himself through time and space - those doing Physics ‘A’ level will understand immediately... So he morphs on to the scene and immediately gets to work..


Now look here Madam you can wipe that smile off your face, spit out that gob full of Wrigleys and pay attention. This is the ole dipstick shows you how much oil you’ve got - your car will go for a complete burton without it.. Oh and by the way if you can ditch that guy with the England shirt I’d be honoured to escort you to my local line dancing club later...

Tyres kid - bet you wondered what these were for - well they’re not just there to decorate your alloys. They’ve got to be corrrectly inflated and not worn down. If you brake hard you’ve gotta make sure your car will grip the road - ok!

Take that punk!!! I’m impounding this heap of trash for immediate inspection - and if it don’t pass then you’ll be walking home tonight

...Right let’s have a look under the bonnet - mmm interesting, very interesting...

And you can turn that racket off for a start! *Matt was listening to a particularly repulsive trashy genre of dance music that this magazine can, under no circumstances approve of.

So that’s the end of another mission - they were lucky - I let them off with the sternest of warnings and confiscated all their worst CD’s. But whenever there’s an under-inflated tyre, a worn brakeshoe or a dodgy camshaft - I’ll be back - and hey - next time it might be your car window that I’ll come a knockin’ at...

Oil improves engine performance and extends its working life. Check the engine oil by checking the dipstick. If it is low add some more, but make sure not to overfill. The oil and filter should be changed around every 10,000 miles.

It's a good idea to keep a complete set of spare bulbs for your car. This will save you a lot of trouble when one unexpectedly blows - which it inevitably will! A bulb that doesn't work could cause an accident so make sure you know which ones go where and how!

Brake pads should be checked at least every 3,000 miles and shoes every 6,000 miles. If the brake warning light comes on then it's time to have them checked. If they start to make a grating noise then they are already being damaged. If you carry on regardless you will not only need to replace the brakes but also the disks which will cost you three times as much. Also check brake fluid monthly.

Well kids here’s some of my top motoring tips to keep your car on the road. It's now part of the driving test to know a bit about the basics of car maintenance which is bad news for those of us who think what goes on under the bonnet is about as interesting as a lecture on stamp collecting at the Women's Institute. Most of us aren't experts but if you don't want to see your car explode in a flash of blue smoke or to become seriously dangerous because of a lack of basic maintenance then you'd better read on...

Coloured liquid in a plastic container Check your windscreen wash regularly - if it runs out you can be in big trouble as it soon becomes impossible to see properly out of a dirty windscreen. If you just put water in you can come unstuck in cold weather when it can freeze up completely.

Coloured liquid for the radiator but not to be confused with above. Keep an eye on the coolant/antifreeze in the car - if you start to lose some it can cause the car to seriously overheat which can cause some expensive damage. In winter the right amount of coolant/antifreeze will stop the water freezing and bursting the radiator.

It might sound obvious but when you buy a car make sure you know which type of fuel it takes - it is possible to put the wrong type in and it will wreck your engine if you do. Keep an eye on the fuel gauge too to avoid the embarrassment of walking to a petrol station with a refill can.

LET’S GO GIRLS? Flat type!! You need to have practised changing a wheel with some help before you are forced into doing it at the roadside. If you need to change a wheel make sure you do it somewhere safe - if you don't feel safe then call for help. Try and park somewhere which is level and firm. Make sure the handbrake is on and in first gear if facing uphill and reverse if downhill NEVER crawl under your car when it has been jacked up!

More women aged 17-19 die as passengers

Good tyres are vital! They are a car's only point of contact with the road - in total the area of four size eight shoes. Worn or bald tyres are illegal and must be replaced. So make sure that the tread is more then 1.6 mm on each type. type pressure should be kept close to that recommended, otherwise grip and wear will be affected making braking and handling almost impossible. Also look out for any cuts, bulges or tears. Tyres which are worn on the inside or outside could also be caused by wheel alignment problems. Check air pressure, type wear and for any damage at least twice a month - any problems see a specialist (look in the Yellow Pages if need be) and don't forget the spare in the boot!

than as drivers

You have a valid driving licence, You are insured to drive the car, And, the car Tax Disc is valid and displayed clearly For more info about car maintenance go to:

THE FASTEST WAY TO SPEND £60 If you're caught speeding the normal penalty is sixty quid and 3 points on your licence - not to mention the hike in your insurance. Get caught twice within two years of passing your test and you'll lose your licence. Then you'll be slapping those "L" plates back on your car and practising your parallel parking every week.

DON’T PASS UP ON PASS PLUS! More young people than ever - including England football star Wayne Rooney - have taken up the Pass Plus scheme for newly qualified drivers. Despite claims that new drivers feel driving alone is ‘nerve-wracking’ and they feel a danger to other road users, Pass Plus candidates gain new driving experiences, such as going on the motorway, with an instructor by their side. And research shows their confidence and skills are greater after taking Pass Plus. Supported by a number of insurance companies, driving instructor associations and the Driving Standards Agency, the Pass Plus scheme enables newly qualified drivers to get discount on insurance when they get their own cars. For further information tel: 0115 901 2633


One in three drivers who are killed in road accidents had traces of alcohol in their systems

Hit by a vehicle at 40 mph, 9 out of 10 pedestrians are killed.

miles per

30 At 30 mph, 5 out of 10 pedestrians are killed.





Just a few

make the


for more information go to:

Down! hour can




between life and death.

20 At 20 mph, 1 pedestrian is killed but 9 survive.

“For my 18th birthday dad bought me an old X reg Fiesta. It was just a basic 1.1 but it had XR2 kit with pepper-pot alloys. I thought it was the nuttz! Cost me just under a grand to insure which is a fair price when you are a trainee.

Name: Gaz Bin drivin: 5 years First Ride: Fiesta Current drive: Saxo

“I passed my test later that year and was looking forward to my one years no-claims bonus. But just 3 days before I was due to renew - on a cold, wet January afternoon I misinterpreted the driver in front’s signals and ended up with a tidy dent in my passenger door, an angry bloke who also had a tidy dent in his door and the prospect of my no claims bonus slid rapidly down the drain.

“The worse thing is that my girlfriend was in the car at the time and it was her side that got caved in. The other car also had two kids in the back. It shocked me into Gaz is 23, taller than Blackpool Tower, and despite the realising that as a new driver I had to be fact he drives a modded Saxo would rather see the considerate of Albion win the cup than be branded a boy-racer. OK maybe that's pushing it a bit but Gaz, a Wolves season passengers and other road users as well as holder (well someone's gotta be), has had his fair myself.

share of Young Driver hiccups. He has learnt that driving around like a rocket propelled grenade = crash “I drove round with the dent in the side because = insurance no-no = a car with less bling bling than your granny at a tea party.

RY e aching O T S D A er SAM’SSHOPSPING ALL DAoY.tMryyofneemt ywnew

t some I'D BEEN d to rush home and put r a e c t y n nI a m and I w fully whe ped into e r m a c ju I y . ll xt to s e rsing rea up in the car ne e purchas v e r s a .Iw n the e pull tunes on ind dow otty mat t w o p t o t r e y he m d lent ov oot slipped off t n spotted a o ll e ing ved h my f ed over a sicken me. I wa h d c r a a e e r h I I As ard. as so window. d backw wall behind. I w e lt jo I ve d n car to ha I hit the clutch a s is a h f e o is t o gn ot ou lain crunchin p-Totty g o home and exp o T . d e s s d to g embarra and I ha p w a g a good d. to my da the dent sob… Sob sob

DEE’S DISASTER Carl’s I'd just passed my test and my uncle’s mate was selling an old car down the pub. I gave him fifty quid for it and thought I'd got myself a bargain.

I couldn't afford to get it mended that didn't do much for my image. My insurance was sky high and my girlfriend wasn't too happy having just escaped a serious injury.

Little did I know that it was a death trap. Driving down town with my mates one evening I tried to brake at a busy junction and they failed. I overshot the junction and ended up ploughing into another car. I wrote off the death trap, broke both my legs and ended up in hospital for a month.

“I've got four years claim-free driving experience under my belt now and can afford a tidy motor. I don't drive around like a maniac because my car and licence is worth too much to me. For anyone learning to drive now my advice would be to take it easy until your confidence grows, get some experience and that way you'll be able to get that head turner parked up outside your house no problem!”

I've never drove a car since and don't feel I have the confidence to do so again. My advice is to make sure you buy a properly maintained car - it could save your life.

Crazy Capers... I was driving my brand new Citroen Saxo VTR. The windows down and the music up. I was approaching a set of traffic lights and there was a huge HGV in front of me indicating left but in the right hand lane. I thought "this blokes having a laugh" and zoomed up the left hand lane straight into the side of this lorry which was indeed turning left! I had buckled the bonnet up and completely totalled the front end. My prize possession now had as much XFactor as Simon Cowell’s trousers! I'm still paying the price in high insurance premiums 3 years later…. Don't do it kids!

Jaz’s Journey... I was driving along the motorway. All my mates were piled in and we were having a right laugh. To be honest I was a bit nervous cos I'd never driven on the motorway before but we were going down to a club in Cardiff and I was the only one who could drive. It was all going well when I saw blue flashing lights behind. I looked at my speedo and was doing dead on 70. To be honest my old metro wouldn't do more than that when loaded up with four lads! We pulled over and my heart was racing. We'd been done cos the two lads in the back didn't have their seatbelts on. They were slapped with £40 fines each, we were told off and sent on our way. Being students forty smackers is quite a lot!! We had a really miserable time in the club cos those three were skint. The journey home was horrendous cos nobody was in the mood for a laugh and it had totally ruined our weekend. Clunk Click... Those written about here are not necessarily the people in the pix - they’ve done loads of daft things themselves but WHY SHOULD YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ARE - EH???? 1st edition 1st edition  

Well here you have it - the very first edition of - the fab mag for young drivers - as you read on I think you'll agree it's a bit of...