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D I O C E S E O F T U A M , K I L L A L A A N D A C H O N RY


The Bishop writes . . . vocation, not about filling gaps, and of course they are right. But to deny it has nothing to do with filling gaps is, in our context, disingenuous at best and dishonest at worst. In this Diocese, we will not be able to sustain parish life as we know it, without the support of OLMs.


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WHAT? First, OLM is an ordained Ministry OLMs are deacons and priests in the fullest sense of the word. Their orders are second to none.

In this issue there is news that three of our five OLM candidates are due to be ordained in September. It is a very long time since we have had three people from our united dioceses ordained in the one year, let alone at the same service. Sunday 15th September will be a red letter day for TKA and for Karen Duignan, Maebh O’Herlihy and Carole Reynolds. Significantly, Sunday 15th September has also been designated Vocations Sunday across the Church of Ireland. So why now and what is Ordained Local Ministry?

WHY? Well, you know the problems! Fewer people are attending church, fewer people are signing up as members, fewer people are paying in and fewer people are offering for full-time ministry in the Church. Consequently, in both rural and urban parishes, north and south, traditional models are creaking and in some places are unsustainable and inadequate. There is less money, less people-power, less expertise.The parish system into which I was ordained, with a resident priest living in a nearby rectory has largely gone. Hence the need for a cost neutral, sensitive ministry to work with and alongside the traditional model. The purists will say that OLM is about

Secondly, it is a local ministry - limited to the parish/group of parishes, rural deanery or archdeaconry - however ‘local’ may be defined in that context. Thirdly, it is a self-supporting ministry transfer to any form of stipendiary or what is known as non-stipendary ministry is not possible without attending a Selection Conference and completion of full ministerial training. Fourthly, it is a supervised ministry - an OLM is always supervised by a stipendiary priest. He/she may have pastoral and liturgical oversight of a parish and be the go-to priest but an overseeing rector/rural dean/archdeacon will always be responsible for administration and chairs the Select Vestry. Fifthly, it is a recognised ministry. It is a particular ministry recognised by the Church and for which training has been undertaken and on-going support is required.

Sixthly, it is a collaborative or team or companion ministry. An OLM is always part of a team of clergy and lay people there to facilitate a ‘healthy church’.

Please pray for those training for ordained ministry at this time and if you are interested in exploring such a possibility yourself, have a word with your Rector/Priest in Charge. +Patrick


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Service in Claremorris, 12noon Youth trip to Inverness Church Army Commissioning of Emma Rodrigues, Shellield Service in Claremorris, 12noon Annual Friends’ of St Flannan’s, Errislannan, 7pm Rite of Confirmation, Rathbarron, 11am Rev Trevor Sergent speaking at Knock Novena, 3pm and 7pm Service in Claremorris, 12noon Vocations Sunday Service of Ordination, St Mary’s Cathedral, Tuam, 4pm RB Week, Dublin Diocesan Synod, St Mary’s Cathedral, Tuam, 10.30am St Nicholas’ Galway, Preacher Rt Rev Gaddiel Lenini, 11am Clergy Bookclub, Gurteen Farm, Ballinatrillick, Co Sligo, 11am Kilmoremoy & Killala United Worship in Ballina Arts Centre

Hub Chaplaincy at Queen’s University 400 Miles 4 Uganda Cycle. A team from the Hub Chaplaincy at Queen’s University, Belfast, engaged in mega cycle from the very south of Ireland to its very northernmost point. 400 Miles 4 Uganda' was organised to raise funds for Abaana and Waakisa, charities working with children and young women in Uganda. The Rev Barry Forde, Church of Ireland Chaplain at Queen’s, and his team pedalled from Mizen Head in Cork to Malin Head in Donegal from May 3–7. Along the way they stopped at three venues in TKA, St. Nicholas' Church Galway where they arrived late on Sunday afternoon and a special collection was given to the cause, St. Mary's Cathedral Tuam on the Monday where parishioners provided coffee and pastries and a donation and Knock Shrine where they had lunch with Bishop Patrick and a tour of the Basilica.



Appointments The Bishop has made the following appointments….

The Reverend Elaine Dunne to be Interim Priest of the Omey Union – Christchurch, Clifden; St Thomas’, Ballinakill Parish, Moyard and Holy Trinity, Errislannan – from 1st June. Karen Duignan to be Ordained Local Minister of Kilglass Parish and St Anne’s, Easkey Parish from 15th September.

Maebh O’Herlihy to be Ordained Local Minister of St Thomas’, Dugort Parish, Achill from 15th September.

Carol Reynolds to be Ordained Local Minister of St Mary’s, Moyrus Parish, Roundstone from 15th September.

Commissioning Emma Rodrigues will be admitted into the Office of Evangelist by the Bishop of Dorking, Dr Jo Bailey Wells and commissioned into Church Army by Deputy CEO Des Scott – Tuesday 16th July in Sheffield.

A thankful reflection from Eddie Pierik,Turlough

This refection by Eddie shows his deep thanksgiving for God's love felt in the love of neighbours when times are hard, as they have been for his family in his dear wife Ellen’s illness and death. For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them. (Mt 18:20)

In Church we look for God in the services, the sermons, the sacred music and the altar, which is all good and indeed we often find Him there.

But sometimes, due to overfamiliarity, routine or whatever, we can struggle to find Him in these ‘big’ elements. When this happens maybe we have to consider that God may be there in more obvious ways than we think. Perhaps He manifests Himself in the very act of people coming together in fellowship. It is something we take for granted until we experience sorrow or pain when our eyes are truly opened to the very presence of God in the support and care of all the community.

It came, in more than a whisper, for our family when our dear Ellen passed away.We were deeply touched by the outpouring of love and support from the many people who journeyed with us in the days and weeks and months before Ellen’s passing. Our family was greatly moved by the way our neighbours and community rallied around. They remarked about the welcoming warmth of people, the refined and thoughtful simplicity of the service and its inclusiveness, the care and attention to every detail up to and including the preparation of the earth for Ellen’s committal – all carried out with quiet dignity which belied the great effort involved. When we are so close to something, we can often take it for granted and miss its real significance. Maybe we just need to pull back every now and then and see how the living God shows Himself in the very act of coming together and in the support and loving care that is always there in the community.

Our recent experience has taught us that a community is where individuals are cared for and where gifts are shared and generously distributed. We have felt blessed and encouraged during this difficult time.


General Synod

Amalgamation Bill passed at General Synod Amalgamation Bill passed at General Synod

A bill seeking to unite the dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry (TKA) and Limerick and Killaloe (L&K) was presented and passed at General Synod in Derry/Londonderry.

Proposing the bill, Dean Alistair Grimason said that the conversations between the two dioceses had reached a significant point where they had come before General Synod seeking approval to enact a bill to allow for the creation of a new diocese. He said the process had been ongoing for a number of years with a steering group made up of representatives of both diocesan synods talking, discussing and debating in a spirit of cooperation, respect and unity of purpose. However, pointed out that it had not been an easy task and thanked all who had worked hard to get to this point. In relation to TKA, Dean Grimmason said it was with a heavy heart that they marked the fact that in the event of the new diocese coming into effect, the parish of Ballisodare would move from Tuam to Kilmore. But he said they understood and respected their wishes. He also spoke of the geography and identity of the new diocese. “It’s a long way from the but–end of Kerry to South Sligo. A huge track of land for one bishop to cover. Similarly, in a purely territorial sense, Tuam will not have a resident bishop post– amalgamation. This caused concern that Tuam might lose its feeling of distinctive identity. However, both of these anxieties have been overcome by the undertaking of the RCB to provide accommodation and meeting facilities in the north end of Tuam diocese for the bishop of TLK.This will match accommodation Limerick currently has in Tralee for the use of the Bishop in the southern end of the new United Diocese,” he commented. Seconding the Bill, Jock Sanders (L&K) focussed on the processes followed in the discussions which led to an 4

agreed Bill. He said that the Bill introduced in 2016 would have forced a decision on TKA and L&K without taking the views of the stakeholders fully into account. Following the withdrawal of the Bill, the two Bishops set up a working group to explore avenues the two dioceses might agree together. During the discussions it became clear that the two dioceses faced similar issues, Mr Sanders said. The working group was able to work effectively by consensus. The dioceses held joint events to build trust and respect. The working group reported regularly to the two diocesan councils. They addressed the geographic size of a united dioceses; the two dioceses financial schemes are substantially different so it was decided to retain them until the dioceses decide otherwise; it was decided that the Bishop should reside in or near Limerick but that there should be residential and meeting accommodation in Tuam; they looked at a second part time bishop but decided this was unsustainable, he reported. Both synods passed identical resolutions affirming their desire to unite under a single bishop. They then, with the help of Eithne Harkness, drafted a bill. Mr Sanders said the Bill would require the consent of both diocesan synods. Archdeacon Simon J Lumby (Ardfert and Aghadoe) commended the bill. He said that the process had been a spectacular experience of generosity, community, compassion and of placing ourselves in the other’s shoes. He said the area covered in the dioceses was large but that a motorway had been provided all the way up to Tuam. Because this proposal had come from the ground up and was energised by the Holy Spirit and the church has engaged with that, there was the feeling this is the work of the spirit, he concluded. The Bishop of Tuam, Killala and Achonry, Bishop Patrick Rooke, said that the Bill that you have before you represented eight years of deliberations and debates across the whole of the Church of Ireland and particularly in the dioceses of TKA and L&K.

General Synod

The work of Eithne Harkness paved the way for this bottom up approach, the Bishop said. He paid tribute to all who have assisted in this process but not least to Bishop Kenneth and the clergy of the west and south west. Thanks to the joint working group there was a solution that few would have dreamed possible three years ago, he added. More importantly there is the spirit of good will that we have discovered, he said. The distances have not gone away, he said so there would be a degree of autonomy. Bishop Kenneth Kearon of L&K also asked synod to support the Bill. The Dioceses of TKA had lived with the process longer than anyone and particular Bishop Rooke, he said. He said the discussions had been framed in the context of commitment to find what is best for the church in the west and south west.While congregations might be small and remote they were otherwise strong and vibrant, Bishop Kearon said but by trusting the people they had found a way forward that they believed was for the good of the church. Lady Brenda Shiel said the Bill was a positive step forward but asked that the old names of the dioceses be retained. Eithne Harkness (Armagh) shared Lady Shiel’s affection for the beautiful names of the dioceses and said the full names would be retained in the Constitution. Peter White (L&K) said he had experienced the generosity in the discussions. He said he believed that the people who initiated the sense of generosity were the members of Synod. It was Synod that withdrew the motion in 2016 and gave the dioceses the freedom to go away in search of a solution, he recalled. The Bill will now be referred back to the two diocesan synods. The union will come into effect when there is an episcopal vacancy in either diocese. The remaining bishop will assume responsibility for the new United Dioceses of Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe. During the debate at General Synod on the Bill to amalgamate the united dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry with Limerick and Killaloe as the united dioceses of Tuam, Limerick and Killaloe, the request was made that the names of the other eight ancient dioceses within the new united dioceses would not be lost. It was explained that all eleven names were part of the Bill and will be retained in the Constitution. When the Bill was passed, as a followon to this, the Bishop of Down and Dromore read the

verse he had composed… There’s a diocese out in the West whose names are the oldest and best. There’s ‘Achonry’, ‘Aghadoe’, ‘Kilfenora’, ‘Killaloe’, ‘Killala’, ‘Kilmacduagh’ and the rest. To remember them all is a trick, to speak them all off very quick, ‘Tuam’, ‘Emily’, ’Clonfert’; ‘Limerick’ and ‘Ardfert’, Just say ‘Diocese of TUAMERICK’! +Harold Down and Dromore: The following Resolution must now be passed at the diocesan synods of the three united dioceses affected… Resolution to be put to the Diocesan Synods of Limerick and Killaloe (June),Tuam, Killala and Achonry (September), and Kilmore, Elphin and Ardagh (October). WHEREAS a statute (2019, Cap iii) (“the Statute”) was enacted in General Synod in the city of Londonderry on 18th May 2019 providing, inter alia, for (a) the transfer of a portion of the Diocese of Achonry within the United Dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry to the Diocese of Elphin within the United Dioceses of Kilmore, Elphin and Armagh; (b) an alteration of the territorial boundaries of the Provinces of Armagh and Dublin by transferring the United Dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry from the Province of Armagh to the Province of Dublin; (c) the uniting under one bishop of the two United Dioceses of Tuam, Killala and Achonry and Limerick, Ardfert, Aghadoe, Killaloe, Clonfert, Kilmacduagh and Emly And WHEREAS under section 31(I) of Chapter1 of the Constitution of the Church of Ireland and under section 2(I)(a) of the Statute the provisions of the Statute will not take effect, inter alia, until the consent of this Diocesan Synod has been received. It is hereby resolved by this Diocesan Synod to consent to the provisions of the Statute taking effect.


Mothers’ Union Diocesan News The Diocesan Festival Service The festival service was drawn up by our chaplain Canon Andrea Wills was held in St. Paul’s Church, Collooney on Sunday 12th May. Mrs Alison Rooke (past Diocesan President) presented Mrs Myrtle Nairn to be commissioned, as Diocesan President, by Bishop Patrick. The rector, Canon Andrew Ison gave the address.The service was followed by refreshments in the newly refurbished Parish/Reading Room adjoining the church. Mrs Nairn thanked Mrs Rooke for her leadership and


encouraged all members to be a part of MULOA – Mothers’ Union Listening Observing and Acting.

New Chaplain The new All Ireland chaplain is Canon Robert Deane of Dublin & Glendalough. He follows Dean Raymond Ferguson who gave faithful, good humoured support to this organisation for many years. At the time of writing, the process to appoint a new All Ireland Honorary Treasurer is ongoing.

UN Commission on the Status of Women Our President June Butler attended the UNCSW March meeting in New York. She has reported that widowhood was a topic that dominated at many of the sessions.Topics covered included:Widows – their role worldwide varied greatly; theft of property and belongings by widows’ in-laws; discrimination in general terms; burial customs; sexual rituals in certain countries to “cleanse” young widows; sexual exploitation by the husband’s extended family - then HIV Aids) ; prejudice against children of young widows forcing them into prostitution; the situation of “half widows” in war-torn countries who do not know if their husbands are alive; the need for vocational and agricultural schemes to help widows to make a living for themselves and not be dependent on others; but above all for us in Ireland, to address loneliness, isolation and often economic deprivation. June has asked us to consider issues in our dioceses and communities in order to try to lead the field and help our widows – young or old, whether from our heritage or from others which do not treat widows as we do in our culture.We are awaiting what insights June and Iris Suitor will bring to us from the Worldwide meeting recently held at Rwanda!

Mothers Union

Notices All Ireland Triennial Elections – Nominations close 5th June. Those who are elected will take up office 1st January 2020 Diocesan Elections – Nominations will be invited for a number of positions, to take up office on 1st January 2020, further details to follow. 5th September: Closing date for booking the “Getaway Weekend” in Armagh City Hotel “Words of Wisdom” with Guest Speakers Bishop Ken & Helen Clarke. Contact your branch leader for booking forms and return them to All Ireland Young Members’ Rep Mary Bourke. 17th, 18th, 19th September: The Ploughing Championships, Ballintrane, Fenagh, Carlow. If attending this event please say hello from TKA to the hardworking members at the MU Baby Changing facility, even if you haven’t got a baby. 17th, 18th September: The 2019 Mothers' Union General Meeting will be held at Portsmouth Guildhall on Wednesday 18th September. Celebration Services will be in the afternoon and evening of the 17th September at Portsmouth Cathedral. Both of these events will be ticketed. See

www.mothersunion.org 23rd November – 16 Days of Activism Event (against Domestic Violence). It will be held at a venue in Castlebar, 10am -1pm.This event will also incorporate outreach for the work of Mothers’ Union Worldwide. (to be developed & more details later) 27th -28th March, 2020: Triennial Conference at An Grianán with Worldwide President Sheran Harper. More details later. 29th March: Service in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin with Sheran Harper. More details later. Wishing all our members and friends sunny days, time to reflect and time to rest, in hope. God of hope, shine the rays of your love on all in need across the world, that this may be a summer of hope for those we seek to serve. Help us to reflect your hope through kindness and generosity, that lives may flourish and grow in the warmth of your love. Amen (Mothers’ Union Summer of Hope Prayer Resource)


Ballina Churches Together

Ballina Centre of Mission bctballina@gmail.com Tel: Emma Rodrigues 087 4347612

3rd Anniversary Easter 2016 marked the beginning of the ‘Ballina Churches Together Project’ and TKA’s partnership with Church Army. It is hard to believe I (Emma) and my family have been here for 3 years. This was celebrated on the 1st of April last. Marian will have been here for a year on the 15th of June!

weekly basis. Recently, we received a “thank you” card from a youth, thanking us for spending time with them in Greenhills estate and they said how they love the bus.Another group of youths who visit during the ‘drop in’ times at the weekends, say the bus is the highlight of their week! This is an encouragement for us. During the ‘drop in’ times at Penney’s car park we have listened, supported, helped and prayed with/for individuals who have been depressed or suicidal. One of the roles is to bring hope and we are doing this through word and action.

We had a theological student, Matthew Topley from the Church of Ireland Theological institute for 3 weeks over the Easter period. He was a great help to us and in our work within the community. We have used the bus at schools in Ballina and on Friday 31st May the bus visited St. Michael’s school where Marian held the school assembly on the bus!

Church Army Emma will be commissioned into the office of Evangelist in the Church of England on the 16th July in Sheffield by the Bishop of Dorking Jo Bailey Wells. Marian will continue with her studies for two more The Blue Bus years. She is halfway through her degree course in The bus outreach is going from strength to strength. “Theology and Mission”. During Easter week, we went to Greenhills Estate and Millview Crescent, then on Easter Saturday we parked Other work beside the Jackie Clarke Museum in the town of Marian will attend a meeting of the “Irish Council of Ballina and helped run an event there. Churches” in Belfast on the 27th June in Belfast. The The bus visits Greenhills and Millview on a weekly/two theme of the day being “Christians Together”: a 8

Ballina Churches Together

and encouraging them to integrate into the locality. Vox magazine visited us on the 2nd of May while we running activities on the bus. This will be in the July edition of the magazine. I hold a regular bible study in our home each Tuesday. This has been running over the past two years. There is also a weekly prayer group that meets to pray for the project and local concerns.

conference on local inter-church engagement. The conference is to share local programmes and activities, with experiences of what has and hasn’t worked, so all can gain some knowledge from each other’s expertise and experiences and gain ideas for possible joint activities. A lot of our work in Ballina is visiting and supporting individuals who are in crisis or need help. Marian helps at the Food Bank and the shop of St. Vincent de Paul along with pastoral care visits to homes. Our work with Syrian refugees has developed into helping them

Alpha Course On the 19th June we will have a presentation in the Methodist church in Ballina by two coordinators of Alpha Ireland. We plan to hold Alpha in Ballina in the Pastoral Centre beside the Cathedral beginning on the 26th September next at 7:30pm. Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, typically run over ten weeks. Each evening looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation.

Big Thank you We had a “thank you” meal for all the Ballina Churches Team” on Friday 7th June. It was great to see everybody together - the volunteers, committee members and bus drivers. We hope to do this on a regular basis. Another Thank You, is to all those who have donated money to our “Small White Box for the Big Blue Bus “appeal. If you haven’t given in your box, please do so as soon as possible please.

Editor’s request ... If you enjoy TIDINGS then we would be most grateful if you would consider making a modest contribution towards our production costs. I am pleased to say that our advertising revenue goes a long way to covering these overheads but if you feel you could help then please send a cheque payable to TIDINGS MAGAZINE to me c/o The Rectory, Ballisodare, Co. Sligo, F91 K525 or make an online donation to: TIDINGS MAGAZINE IBAN: IE97 BOFI 9037 7962 3565 04 Many thanks – Revd Dr. Andrew Ison - Editor


TKA Youth

Easter Sunday Our annual Easter Sunday dawn service was held on Dunmoran Strand at 7.30am on Sunday 21st April, followed by breakfast in Skreen Schoolhouse. We had about 100 people of all ages in attendance and apart from the incoming tide giving our poor Bishop wet feet it was a wonderful morning. Thank you to everyone who helped with the service and especially to all who provided, prepared and served the breakfast and everyone who helped set up the hall and clean up afterwards. The photos of this service in Tidings were taken by Tim Birdsall, who sadly passed away only a few weeks later. Tim was a great

supporter of diocesan events and well known by many and our thoughts are with Barbara and his family at this time.


TKA Youth

Confirmation day The confirmation day at Croagh Patrick this year held for all confirmation candidates on Saturday 11th May. The bulk of the young people, together with assorted family members, left at 9.30am and aimed for the top. All who left at that stage reached their goal! A much smaller group of us left at 10.30am, aiming for part way up. Once all were safely down we had sandwiches and buns, kindly provided by the ladies of Westport parish, and a talk by Steve Grasham from CIYD. It was a great day, and such an achievement for the young people. Thank you to all who helped with this day, beach at Dugort. We all met back at Dugort for a providing refreshments and moral support! short closing service to end the day. Thanks to all who helped make the day run so smoothly, everyone had a Fun day great time! The Diocesan Fun Day was held on Achill Island on Saturday 15th June. 18 people of all ages came to Keel to help with the beach clean - we filled 10 bags of Inverness trip rubbish! We then moved to Dugort and had a BBQ The group is continuing preparations for our trip to lunch, following which we went on a tour of the old Inverness in July. I would appreciate your prayers for Achill Mission and up to the graveyard and then most safe travel and will have a report in the next issue of headed to see the sandcastle competition on the Tidings.



St Mary’s Cathedral, Tuam Sunday 15th September at 4pm

St Mary’s Cathedral, Tuam Saturday 21st September 10.30am

Preacher: Rev Canon Dr Maurice Elliott,

Guest Speaker: Rt Rev Gaddiel Lenini, Bishop of Kajiado Diocese, Kenya

Director of Church of Ireland Institute

Music led by St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church Choir

Parish Room Dedicated

Parish Room dedicated Sunday 5th May was a particular day for the people of the parish of Saint Mary, Cong. To begin with Bishop Patrick confirmed two young ladies, Millie Clesham and Ella Ormsby, in the presence of their families, their godparents and a large congregation which included lots and lots of children.The children and parishioners were there not alone to support and pray for Millie and Ella but also for what followed the confirmation service.

After the service, as tea and goodies were served outside in bright, beautiful sunshine, the bishop dedicated the new Parish Room (aka by some as 'The Cabin'). Bishop Rooke made the sign of the cross with the tip of his crozier in the ground at the four corners of the

room.Then he sought God's blessing on the venture and the work and activities which will happen there in the years to come. Assisted by Jim Stafford and Rob Ormsby, the bishop then planted an apple tree next to the room. And now it was time for the children to set to work.

A special flower bed had been laid out and prepared beside the entrance to the room. All the children (and there were many present) had been invited to bring along a flower or small plant to put in the bed. Again they were assisted by Jim who ensured the soil didn't get flung too far and wide in the enthusiasm of planting. Each flower and plant is now, and going forward, the responsibility of the one of who planted it along with their parents and Cong parishioners who will, we hope, help them in this task. It represents in a small but visible way the planting of the love of God in each child which happened at their baptism and the ongoing care and nurturing of the plants reminds us all of the care and nurturing of God's love that each child needs as they grow towards confirmation and beyond.

Thanks were expressed by The Dean to all those who had worked so hard to bring the project to fruition. Not least he thanked all those who had contributed funds to ensure 'The Cabin' got built and fully paid for.Â

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Achonry Boys

Achonry Boys Brigade Activities

As Canon Swann was retiring from the parish his time as Chaplain had also come to an end.This was the first parish in his ministry to have a BB company and his term with us was a mutual pleasure. As a youth he attained every rank in the BB. It was wonderful to have him a part of 1st Achonry coming along each week and mucking into whatever we were up to. Our best wishes to him at this time.

This season we had a few great outings to Carrick Bowl, Collooney to meet the Taoiseach, RNLI in Rosses Point, Ballymote Gardai Station and our big outing to Strandhill surfing and the now legendary BBQ. Our speakers included Michael Bell from Birdwatch and a CPR training night. To further our Birdwatch theme each boy got a chance to make a birdfeeder this was a really enjoyable craft working with wood and wire using tools not normally used by 8 year olds! Themed crafts and cooking were tied into Christmas, Mother’s day and Shrove Tuesday. In January we were shown how to set a table and eat with manners. All this with games activities and badge work make up a great year at 1st Achonry. None of this would be possible without the commitment of the leaders Vanessa, Alison, Gillian and Robert.

We are delighted to welcome Rev. Andrew Ison as our Diocese Chaplain and Rev. Peter Norman as our local chaplain. Jacob Craig stepped up to the mark as junior leader, he gave the boys a Suduko activity with a talk on the history of how it came about also he acted as film critic for our movie night, a big thanks to him.

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Parish News


St Crumnathy’s Cathedral, Achonry St George’s, Tubbercurry Rathbarron Priest in charge: Revd. Peter Norman

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I write this on the feast of Pentecost when we give thanks for the gift of the Holy Spirit who inspires us in all that we do, and hoping that I shall be inspired to write something of interest! St. Cyril of Jerusalem in the fourth century gives us the image of the Spirit as being like water falling on different plants, the same water but producing different outcomes depending on where it falls just as the Spirit falls on different people and inspires or brings out different gifts in them. It’s a simple but very useful image which has stood the test of time.

The past few months have of course seen us work our way through Lent and Eastertide; from a season of penitence to one of joyful celebration. During that period we have had our Easter Vestry Meetings and now have four new Churchwardens. I would therefore like to thank the outgoing wardens for all their hard work in the parish and for their support and help to me in my first few months getting to know how things work.

We have also had a Cake Sale in Tubbercurry to raise funds for the Church. There was a very varied and delicious range of cakes on the day and although trade was slow due to the weather on that day we managed to sell most of what was on display. This was due to the hard work of those involved and their willingness to keep the stall open longer than expected in order to sell the cakes. The next fundraising event will be a BBQ lunch in the Church grounds on August 18th.

We had our customary Father’s Day lunch in Rathbarron which is always enjoyed by a large number of people from around the area and is the result of a lot of hard work and impressive organisation by all involved. On August 11th we will be holding a service

of Confirmation in Rathbarron Church at 11.00 am when four of our young people will be confirmed.This will be an important day for them and we wish them well as they prepare for that special occasion. (Please note that there will be no service at Tubbercurry that Sunday.) Mother’s Union Notes (Achonry Branch) The Women's World Day of Prayer was held in Tubbercurry on March 1st conducted by Canon Doris and Rev. Peter.

Later in March Rev. Peter gave us a talk entitled ‘The Shepherd's Tale’ about his time in Devon and move to Banada near Tubbercurry. He showed some excellent slides of the work they did in and around their house and smallholding with his wife Helen including a polytunnel, a vegetable garden, pigs and sheep. It was much enjoyed.

Four members attended a MULOA meeting in Castlebar conducted by Myrtle Nairn. Listen, Observe, Act. She spoke to us in a very thought provoking fashion encouraging us to discuss various subjects such as Outreach to the disabled and elderly among us and to have more open meetings

In May an open meeting was held in the coach house in Rathbarron. Canon Doris described the speaker, Gerry Farrell, as a volunteer psychiatrist specializing in Dementia and Altzeimer’s. There were 45 people present, some from a long way off. It was a first class evening presenting the subject in a most interesting way. Questions followed and then supper. Generous donations were collected at the end of the evening. An enjoyable meeting was held in June with a "Treasure Hunt" around St. George's Church, the graveyard and Tubbercurry town! Finally we send best wishes to Canon Doris after her spell in hospital.


Parish News


Holy Trinity, Westport Christ Church, Castlebar Turlough St Thomas’, Dugort Rector: Canon Val Rogers Tel: 098 25127

well-settled Holy Trinity regular. You'll all meet him by and by, and Ro too, as their timetables permit.

Heartfelt thanks and praise for each of our Parish Readers and Diocesan Readers; our NSM, retired and holidaying clergy; and the many, many parish volunteers who serve our people's prayer with loyal and quiet love. Bishop Patrick has agreed that Barbara Sheppard may join Westport's parish readers once I I prepare these notes in the week of Pentecost, and have taught her enough bad habits - liturgical ones, ask again that the fruit of the Spirit be always with us, that is. and visible in us - love, joy, peace, and all the rest of Already there is a baptism and a couple of weddings those precious gifts too. booked for September, and the ordinations, of course. There are four Harvest Thanksgiving Services to be Dugort's summer regime of weekly 11.30am services celebrated then also. This time I'll speak at all of the for June, July and August has begun. Maebh will latter as they'll be my last chance before I retire. normally lead them, with occasional priest visitors to lead Holy Communion.

Three concerts arranged by John Dexter and Steve Brickenden over the past 18 months for Holy Trinity's Dugort’s purchase of the Cyril Gray Hall is now complete. It will be called St Thomas's Hall and will Organ Restoration have already raised two-thirds of be a venue for parish events, a source of rental the estimated cost. The most recent was their magical income, and a base for the Sacred Path - the Diocesan affair of May 5th. Then last weekend's Folk and spirituality and retreat ministry which Maebh leads. Bluegrass concert and the Gospel Music Service on The first Sacred Path retreat in Dugort has just Sunday raised almost 1,500euros towards HT's ended, and was rich and rare for all involved. The planned vestry improvements, including the church’s very first toilet. How about that! eleven participants came from Ireland and the USA. We can’t but be fascinated at the prices for building in times past. Tom Rowland quoted recently in the Connaught Telegraph from Robert Fair’s and Violet Potter’s article in a 1911-2011 centenary publication about Parke and Turlough – telling us how the site for

Be sure to have 4pm Sept 15th in Tuam Cathedral in your diaries, when Maebh and her fellow students are to be ordained Deacon as our first Ordained Local Ministers [OLMs], and be praying for them. Bishop Patrick recently licenced Revd Richard Marsh to serve occasionally within our Diocese, as parishes have need and as Richard has opportunity. Mind you, Richard has kindly agreed that Aughaval will have first dibs on him! He is a retired Church of England priest who settled near Louisburgh with his beloved Ro [Rose Hallam] a couple of years ago and is already a 18

At Turlough's 1982 rededication - Robert Fair,Violet Potter, planner John Hamrock, Rev. G.R.Vaughan, Olive Fair and Willy Bennet

Parish News

Turlough C of I was given to the parish by Thomas George Fitzgerald in 1816 for ten shillings. The main section was then built for 830 pounds, 15 shillings and 4 pence, and consecrated in 1821. It was extended in 1884 to its present form for 369 pounds, 4 shillings and 7-pence ha’penny! Don’t you love that ha’penny at the end? And finally, the Aughaval Group and the whole Diocese were grieved at the tragic death on June 14th of Valerie Kilroy, nee French, of Kilbree, outside Westport. Since coming to West Mayo Valerie and James were beloved parishioners of Christ Church Castlebar and Holy Trinity Westport.Their three little boys were so precious to them and to us all. Both family groups are devastated. Please pray for them all, and for their friends and neighbours. Please include in your prayers the clergy and people of Rosscarbery Co Cork and Oldcastle Co Meath, the home places of the French and Kilroy families. Valerie's funeral and burial were in Rosscarbery.


Holy Trinity, Ballisodare St Paul’s, Collooney Emlaghfad, Ballymote Rector: Canon Dr Andrew Ison Tel: 071 9133217 Mob: 089 2221483 rev.andrew.ison@gmail.com www.ballisodare.achonry.anglican.org

Rector’s Annual Sponsored Cycle Ride Following on from the success of the previous year’s Andrew again dusted off his bicycle to raise money for the three churches.This year the aim was to cycle from the Rectory to Andrew’s own house just outside Lisacul in Co. Roscommon a return distance of some 100km. There were three of us, Andrew, Rosaleen Sherlock and Jacob Craig, who set of on Saturday May 25th at just after 8.00am in the rain cycling via Collooney (where the rain stopped) and on to Ballymote where we picked up Mary Vesey who had done the first cycle with Andrew. We continued on to Gorteen (enjoyed a well-deserved coffee break) and Ballaghedreen and arriving at the house at 11.15 for more tea and coffee. After a bite of lunch, we


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Our stonework expertise and extensive history of restoration has earned us many conservation accolades.

Dublin Office: Balheary Road, Swords, Dublin, Ireland. Tel. +353 (1) 840 1515 Fax +353 (1) 840 2919 Email: info@jrainey.com Belfast Office: 3A Upper Dunmurry Lane, Belfast, N. Ireland. Tel: +44 2890 351515 Fax +44 2890 351991 Email: jrainey1@btconnect.com

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began the return journey at around 1.00pm. While pausing in Gorteen Andrew’s phone rang and it was the wonderful Gladys Hannon inviting us to call for tea in Ballymote which we duly accepted. Gladys and her glamourous assistant Lydia Hillis provided us with tea and warm scones both of which were most welcome. Sadly, we couldn’t stay too long as we still had 17km to go. Mary decided to join with us on the last stretch back to the Rectory where we arrived safely but tired at 4.15pm having covered (according to the bike computer) 98.2km in a cycling time of 4 hours 50 minutes. Mary then had to cycle alone back to Ballymote. Sponsorship money is still coming in but nearly €2500 has been raised for the three churches and we are all very grateful for everyone’s support.

Group Celebration and BBQ In order to celebrate the end of the year for our Sunday Clubs we held a joint service at Holy Trinity, Ballisodare on Sunday June 23rd where all the children were presented with certificates. In addition, we took the opportunity to celebrate our diocese by watching the Diocesan DVD ‘Within and Without’ and following the service we all gathered outside, in the marquee and in the hall for a family BBQ organised by Derek Sherlock and many other helpers.


Ballisodare Branch Mothers’ Union Report Tidings June 2019 Mrs Edith Thorpe was surprised, when during the sumptuous repast after the Lady Day Service in Emlaghfad Church, Ballymote; she was presented by the branch, with a long service certificate in recognition of her 50 year membership of MU and a basket of flowers. Some happy reminiscing of times past was enjoyed.

In St Paul’s meeting room Mary McKeon of North West Simon Community informed the branch about the conditions that lead to homelessness and measures that may be taken to help prevent this happening.

The Diocesan Festival Service was held in St Paul’s church. It was great to be in the company of our members and friends from other places. Before taking a break for the summer, members and friends had a “get together” including an enjoyable healthy walk along the river at Ballisodare and its environs.

Parish News

notice (thanks to Johnnie Banks). A great day was had. We raised our flag indoors serenaded by past pupil Cuan Durkin. Unfortunately our Fun day was postponed until September due to the inclement weather.

Diary Dates: 26th September: 24th October: 21st November:

MULOA Bible Study, Ballisodare “Listening”, Ballymote Crafts, Collooney

Announcements We are pleased to have baptised four children over recent weeks at St Paul’s. Firstly, Emily Craig on Easter Sunday, Alfie Sheanon, the following week and then Jake Williams, the week after that. This was all topped off with Mason McCann on Father’s day, June 16th. Congratulations to all parents and godparents of these delightful additions to our church family.

On a sadder note we had two funerals in one week in the group graciously taken by Canon Doris Clements. Firstly, that of Andrew Ellis in Holy Trinity Ballisodare, on Monday June 10th. Andrew was originally from England but had been living in the area for a long time. The second was Elizabeth Dowd from Gorteen on Friday, June 14th. The service was held in Emlaghfad Church. Ballymote. Elizabeth was also English having retired here 15 or so years ago with her husband James who was originally from Gorteen. James passed away five years ago and Elizabeth was buried with him in Gorteen Cemetery. Our sincerest sympathies go to their families and all who will miss them. In addition, we extend our sympathies to Mary Bourke, principal of St Paul’s School, on the death of her mother whose funeral was held in Clogh Parish Church, on Saturday June 8th. St Paul’s School

Sports day was planned for May 31st but concerned teachers watched the weather for many days there was only one answer, Sports Day went on tour to the local community centre which gave us the go-ahead and short

Our first ever Active week in June culminated in two tours with the young ones enjoying fun at Castle Adventure Open Farm in Ballyshannon and the seniors to Lough Key Forest Park.


Collegiate Church of St Nicholas Kilcummin Church, Oughterard Rector: The Very Rev Lynda Peilow Tel: 091 521914 Email: rector@stnicholas.ie

Summer Wishes We send the readers of Tidings our good wishes for a wonderful summer. Happy holidays to all our students, and we hope you will have an opportunity for some rest and relaxation through the summer period. Kilcummin News On Sunday 28th April the Rector, and those parishioners who could make it, enjoyed lunch at Power’s and an opportunity to thank Kay Dunne for her services as organist for the past 16 years.

On Thursday 23rd May a small group of nine friends and neighbours joined Phyl Furness at her home as she celebrated her milestone 104th birthday by sharing the customary cake and proudly showing us


Parish News

the fourth silver medal which she has received from the President. She continues to regale people with many stories from her past and is well looked after by carers and kind neighbours.

On Sunday 2nd June, Carole Reynolds conducted our Morning Prayer service for the last time as she prepares to take up duty as an Ordained Local Minister (OLM) with particular responsibility for St. Mary’s Church in Roundstone. All are most grateful to Carole who has looked after services in Oughterard on one Sunday in the month for the past three or four years.We assure her of her love and prayerful support at this time of preparation.

Pingel, who celebrated their wedding on 30th May, to Glenda Taylor and Brian McLoughlin who were married on 31st May; and also to Tom Bye and Lisa Finn, who were married on 25th April.

Florrie Geraghty The funeral of Florrie Geraghty took place on Friday 14th June. Florrie was an active member of St Nicholas’ for many years. We extend our heartfelt sympathy to her son Mike, her grandchildren and the wider family circle and circle of friends.

Garden Fete

We look forward to the baptism of Zara Lily Wolfe, daughter of Richard William Wolfe and Angela Corbet on Sunday 16th June. And best wishes for a speedy recovery to Roger Thomas who is in hospital at the time of writing.

St Nicholas’ Collegiate Church News Holy Baptism Henry David Larkin, son of Holly and Eoin was baptized on Sunday 10th March. May he shine as a light in the world to the glory of God the Father.

Wedding Bells Congratulations to Lynne Andrews and Henning


On Saturday 8th June the annual garden fete celebrated its 37th anniversary in the rectory gardens. Once again, there was great support and an amazing

Parish News

team who worked hard to ensure all went to plan.This is such an important fundraiser in our calendar.Thank you to everyone who supported our Garden Fete. While the weather wasn’t great it didn’t stop our staunch supporters who drank tea under umbrellas, shopped all the stalls and our friends St. Patrick’s Brass Band Galway played their hearts out for two hours. Mother’s Union The MU ladies gathered on 3rd April for lady day service and also to pack toilet bags for the women’s refuge.


St Patrick’s Cathedral, Killala St John’s, Ballycastle (Dunfeeney) St Mary’s, Crossmolina Priest-in-charge: The Revd Jennifer McWhirter Tel: 096 60829 revjkmcwhirter@yahoo.co.uk

As I sit at my desk to write, the sun is making a feeble attempt to shine through the clouds, a far cry from the heat wave we were enjoying last year.The weather notwithstanding we’re entering another summer 2020 season and with the busyness of parish life quieting We are busily preparing behind the scenes for our St for a month or two I’ve been thinking about Nicholas’ 700th anniversary which is a huge reason to milestones recently. Kizzy had her graduation celebrate, the year also coincides with Galway City of ceremony from her wee Montessori yesterday and Culture.A calendar of events will shortly be published. will begin Junior Infants in September, and milestones are a great way for us to keep track of where we are in life.We punctuate life with milestones, big and small, Confirmation joyful and sad, and through it all we are reminded that On Sunday 26th May, the Bishop joined us to confirm God is ever-present through the Spirit. Seasons six precious young people. We hold Frances, Aimee, change and time marches inexorably onward, but our Ingrid, Nessa, Samuel and Edmond in our prayers at faithful God is the one constant that never changes. this time. They have met weekly for classes with the rector and in the midst of all the hard work there was GFS enrolment good fun, not to mention an outdoor class in the sun, The joint Kilmoremoy and Killala branch of the GFS with several treats and copious amounts of ice-cream! held their enrolment service on Sunday 24th March in Killala Cathedral. 3 Junior Candidates and one Candidate were enrolled, along with a Senior Helper Sunday Club As we prepare for summer holidays, we send a special and a Branch Leader. We enjoyed refreshments thank you to all our Sunday Club leaders and helpers, following the service. Congratulations to all those and to our boys and girls for attending. Early in the enrolled. The branch continues to go from strength Autumn there will be a safeguarding trust training to strength and we wish the leaders and girls all the evening and we are urging all parents and those best for the summer. involved with children’s ministry in the parish to attend. It was also good to welcome Robert Dunne from RB, (the New Safeguarding Trust Officer) to the parish last month, to discuss our plans with him for the future.

Schola Cantorum Congratulations to all our choristers who have worked so hard throughout the year. On Sunday 9th June we said farewell to six choristers. A special thank you to Mark Duley, Dottie Knauer, Saoirse Knauer and Christine Canavan for all their efforts and energy throughout the year. Our parish choir will shortly be taking a break too, so happy holidays to all. Exciting plans are currently under way for a new choir – for teenagers.

TKA DVD The Sunday service on the 5th Sunday in March was a little different for the Killala and Kilmoremoy Unions. We met in Ballina Arts Centre and following a short service, led by some of the Parish Readers from the Unions, we watched the ‘long version’ of the TKA diocesan DVD. The DVD was followed by 23

INFORMATION AND TRACING SERVICES CRISIS PREGNANCY SERVICES Helpline: 1850 67 3333 www.here2help.ie (01) 216 6300 l info@here2help.ie Arabella House, 18D Nutgrove Office Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Funded by HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme

Funded by TUSLA Child and Family Agency

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refreshments and altogether it was a very enjoyable morning. The feedback from those who attended was very positive and several commented how good it was to see so many things happening in the diocese. Those who attended left enthused and uplifted, feeling positive about our wee diocese.

Easter Vestry The Killala Union Easter Vestry meeting was held on 8th April in the function room of the Village Inn in Killala, a last minute change of venue due to heating problems!! It was a good evening and a chance to reflect on the past year in the parish. Thank you to all who have agreed to serve on Select Vestry for the coming year.

Confirmation The Confirmation service this year was held in St Michael’s church, Ballina on Sunday 12th May. Congratulations to Nigel Wood from Crossmolina who was confirmed, along with seven candidates from the Kilmoremoy Union. Nigel was presented with a Bible the following week in Crossmolina and we wish him well on his journey of faith.

From the registers Christian Burial Johnny Gardiner, Mullafarry, aged 84. Sunday 17th March at 3.00pm in St Patrick’s, Killala followed by interment in Mullafarry Cemetery.


St Michael’s, Ballina (Kilmoremoy) Killanley Church, Castleconnor Kilglass, St Anne’s, Easkey Rector:Ven. Stephen McWhirter Tel: 096 60829 & 085 875 9921. www.stmichaelsballina.killala.anglican.org www.kilmoremoy.killala. anglican.org

How good it is to see a stretch in the evenings and the days and weather beginning to brighten. As I write this Jen and I have just enjoyed Kizzy's Graduation from preschool and her first performance on stage in the ballet ‘Aladdin’ in the Arts Centre as part of the annual production of the Geraldine Butler School of Dance. Pike family thanksgiving How exciting for us to see Kizzy grow and begin to On Saturday 25th May St Mary’s, Crossmolina, was stretch into her own life and independence. In only a host to the Pike family, who gathered from all over the few weeks she’ll be over the hedge to National School world to join in a thanksgiving service for members and we look forward to this new development in her of their family who have passed away in the last couple life. Life is, of course, a learning experience and brings of years. The service was led by two of the Pike family new challenges for us all; and not least to our own who are priests in the Anglican Church of Canada and ordinands in this Union and from the wider diocese.We saw 60 or so members of the family come together. look forward, indeed, in September, to the first of our Our own Bishop Patrick was in attendance and all in OLM ordinations with the making of deacons for all it was a very special day.


Parish News

Maebh, Carol and Karen. Karen Duignan who is a lifelong parishioner of Rathbarron, and who has served this diocese faithfully as a Lay Reader, is to join our Union in September for her Diaconate year and will serve in the Parishes of Kilglass and Easkey.

solo performances and duets from Fiona and Brian on the piano, violin and guitar.

We were delighted that the choir were able to join us for worship on Sunday for our Confirmation Service. We had eight young people in total, seven from our own Union and one who joined us in classes and preparation from Killala. Congratulations to Jennifer, Darragh, Jack, Natasha, Carla, Kyle, Edwin and Nigel. It was great to have Bishop Patrick with us to confirm our young people and to preside, especially for such a busy service, which was enjoyed by all.

New Service Times From the beginning of September there will be a change in the Service Times for the Kilmoremoy Union.This will ease times at both the beginning and end of the morning and we hope to see more people being able to attend worship more regularly because of this change. This change is only able to happen due to the introduction of the Revd. Karen Duignan as our Deacon and the After a quick break a number of us scooted across to commitment of our own Parish Readers and Ordinands. Collooney Parish for our Mothers’ Union Diocesan Service at which Bishop Patrick enrolled Mrs. Myrtle Nairn as Diocesan President. We would like to wish These new times are as follows: Myrtle congratulations and every blessing as she takes St Anne’s, Easkey 10.00am up this new role. Kilglass Parish 10.00am Killanley, Castleconnor 10.00am Children's Day and Family Worship St Michael’s, Ballina 11.30am On Sunday 16th June we enjoyed a children's day service in St Michael’s at which all the Sunday School children United Worship On Sunday 31st March, Mothering Sunday, the received their prizes. A big thank you to Sinead, Grace Kilmoremoy and Killala Unions joined together for and Stephanie for all their hard work and efforts in worship in the Ballina Arts Centre.As part of this service sharing their faith with our young people.Thank you also we watched the Diocesan DVD,‘Within & Without.’ We to all the young people of Leaffoney National School were delighted with the response of both Unions as a who share in the leading of worship one Sunday of each large crowd joined together to support this service and month and particularly in the preparation of their own we were able to join afterwards for tea or coffee and prayers, this effort is appreciated by the whole many stayed behind to enjoy fellowship and a catchup congregations of Kilglass and Easkey. with old friends. We hope to repeat this experience as we have been invited to the Arts Centre for the Fifth Parish Register Sunday in September, and plan to enjoy worship on the Holy Baptism Bournes, Isabel Carmel, daughter of Walter and Caroline big screen. Bournes on Sunday 14th April 2019, Palm Sunday, in St Anne’s, Easkey. Service conducted by Ven. Stephen Quinquennial Inspections Over the spring all the churches of the Kilmoremoy McWhirter. Union have received their quinquennial inspections from the Diocesan Architect Mr. Colin Bell. Mr. Bell has Dates for the Diary commented at the dedication of the Vestry and Wardens Kilglass BBQ Sunday 14th July 2019, beginning at 1.00pm of all the churches and their obvious improvement since the last inspection. All churches have varying amounts St Michael’s Graveyard Clear Up Saturday 13th July of work to be carried out this season, which are in hand. 2019, clear up beginning at 10.00am all the family are Well done to everyone involved in the upkeep of our welcome, there will be activities for the kids, followed by BBQ. churches. Confirmation and Choir The weekend of the 11th and 12th of May was a busy weekend for us. On the Saturday evening St Michael’s were pleased to present the Queen’s Island Victoria Male Choir, from Belfast.The choir, which were originally two choirs which amalgamated, both its origins in the workers of Harland and Wolff’s shipyard and they are the oldest performing Choir in Northern Ireland. A good crowd gathered to enjoy the event and we enjoyed the organ playing of Mr. George Beattie and also


Sunday 1st September - Service Times Change St Anne’s, Easkey 10.00am Kilglass Parish 10.00am Killanley, Castleconnor 10.00am St Michael’s, Ballina 11.30am

Mid Week Holy Communion Wednesday 11th September St Michael’s, Ballina 11.00am

Parish News

Other Voices in St Michael’s, Ballina, the weekend of 27th & 28th September.

United Worship, Sunday 29th September 2019, Ballina Arts Centre, for Kilmoremoy and Killala Unions beginning at 11.00am


Priest–in–charge: Canon Andrea Wills Tel: 094 9256403; Mobile 086 261 7572 Foxford: 10.00 a.m. every Sunday Claremorris: 12 noon in McWilliam Park Hotel – 1st Sunday of the month andreajwills@gmail.com

Recording at RTE Members of the congregations in Foxford and Claremorris and friends came together along with the recently formed Foxford ladies’ choir BellaCapella, which has some Church of Ireland members, under the musical direction of Sarah Lawrence, Enid Good’s

Rededication of Bible On 5th March, Bishop Patrick rededicated the 1967 Bible given to the church by the McGreal family in memory of David McGreal. It had been painstakingly repaired by Hanne O’Rourke from Dalkey. James McGreal presented the Bible to the Bishop and all family members who have died were very specially remembered in prayer.


Parish News

daughter, to record a service for RTE television and radio on their Sunday morning worship slot. This was a big undertaking and a lot of hard work and practice for the choir and readers went into it. On 2nd June we had a wonderful day of fun, friendship and fellowship recording the service in Dublin.The service was broadcast on Trinity Sunday 16th June. The opening remarks at the service highlighted the long tradition in Foxford of ecumenism and co-operation going back to the time of Mother Morrough Bernard who sought the help of a Protestant mill own from Caledon in Co. Tyrone to assist her in setting up the now world famous Foxford Woollen Mills. It also drew attention to the lovely church of St. John in Claremorris which closed over 50 years ago and is now the library and to the service that takes place in the hotel and the fact that Claremorris is the fastest growing town in Co. Mayo.

Also an innovative new facility for disabled anglers at Straide was opened in March and blessed by the local clergy. An East Mayo Anglers’ Association project, it consists of a 76 metre long fishing platform, a changing room and carpark making fishing along the Moy more accessible for older anglers and those who have difficulty accessing fishing waters. The casting of a line From all perils protect us. Give us, good Lord, finest days to land our fish, sound and big to fill our wish. Keep our lines from snag and break. For everyone a goodly take. Give us, good Lord, Amen.

Bereavement We stand firm with Philip and all the Scott Family, Claremorris Barnfield House, on the death of Bernard Barclay The service in the McWilliam Hotel on the first Scott (Bernie) who died on 20th April. He died just Sunday of each month continues over the Summer. days short of his 99th birthday and was well known in Residents in the hotel sometimes join us for worship farming and racing circles. His cremation took place and the notices that Mattie Masterson puts up in the in Shannon Crematorium and a memorial service was lifts and around the hotel make the difference. We held in Moate Parish Church, Co.Westmeath following were delighted to have Bishop Patrick preach in March the interment of ashes with his dear wife Moira. and the support of everyone is much appreciated. We also record with sadness the death of Mrs. Eileen Canon Stan Evans McCracken (nee Carson), Glenageary, Co. Dublin and It was great to be able to join Canon Stan and late of Castlebar. Mrs. McCracken who was in her Rosemary for Stan’s introduction as Chaplain to the nineties, was a teacher in Castlebar and Westport Anglican Parish of St. Laurence, Lanzarote on 10th before moving to Dublin.The little school in Castlebar April. Charles and I had a great day. The service was was situated on ground where the library now stands. conducted by the Archdeacon of Gibraltar, the Venerable Geoffrey Johnston. Other robed clergy Engagements included the ministers from the Danish and German Such good news to hear of the announcements of the churches and the Parish Priest in whose church the engagements of Jennifer Ryder to Sean Mitchell of services are shared. Stan has 3 churches on the island Castlebar and Beverley Stafford and Mitch Commane. to minister to and we are all envious of the lovely Congratulations! weather he and Rosemary are enjoying. As the service progressed tourists joined in the worship and when it came to Holy Communion I assisted and was so surprised to see a couple from Swinford who were on holiday, as they were to see me! River Moy The river Moy plays a big part in the life of Foxford and the annual blessing of the river a long tradition; giving thanks for beauty of God’s creation, praying the safety of all who use the river and I suppose for good catches. This year a special bench was dedicated in memory of Paddy Naughton and all deceased members of Foxford Anglers Club.


Parish News

Baptism A joy to welcome Jonathan and Eibhlín MorleyManning back to Co. Mayo from Belfastand to Foxford Church for the baptism of their third child, Roma Alexandra Bríana on 25th May and to see how grown up her big brother and sister Robin and Odhran have become.


Christ Church, Clifden St Thomas’, Ballinakill St Mary’s, Roundstone Interim Priest: Revd Elaine Dunne Tel: 091 21147 elainedunne@oceanfree.net www.omeygroup.ie

Omey Union of Parishes was delighted to welcome Revd Elaine Dunne as the new priest in charge earlier this month. Revd Elaine took her first services at St. Thomas’s Moyard and Christ Church Clifden on Sunday 2nd June. The appointment comes after a relatively short vacancy period, following Canon Stan Evan’s move to Lanzarote in January. Alannah Robins and Stephen O’Callaghan hosted a lunch party in their home after the service on Sunday 9th to give everyone an opportunity to get to know one another in an informal setting.

The newly restored chancel in Christ Church is being enjoyed by parishioners and visitors alike since the partition came down at the end of April. The three windows behind the altar have been revealed in their glory for the first time in many decades, as they had been partially covered by a terrazzo screen which has been removed.

A special thank you from Canon Stan

Omey Union of Parishes was delighted to welcome Revd Elaine Dunne as the new priest in charge earlier this month. Revd Elaine took her first services at St. Thomas’s Moyard and Christ Church Clifden on Sunday 2nd June. The appointment comes after a relatively short vacancy period, following Canon Stan Evan’s move to Lanzarote in January. Alannah Robins and Stephen O’Callaghan hosted a lunch party in their home after the service on Sunday 9th to give everyone an opportunity to get to know one another in an informal setting.

The newly restored chancel in Christ Church is being enjoyed by parishioners and visitors alike since the partition came down at the end of April. The three windows behind the altar have been revealed in their glory for the first time in many decades, as they had been partially covered by a terrazzo screen which has been removed.

All hands are on deck in preparation for a Jumble Sale to be held in the Town Hall, Clifden on Sunday 16th June.The sale will coincide with the marvellous Alcock and Brown Festival, celebrating one hundred years since John Alcock and Arthur Brown made the first non-stop transatlantic flight in June 1919. There are a myriad of events taking place around Clifden including historical talks, jazz performances, guided walks and a 1920’s themed street parade.

All hands are on deck in preparation for a Jumble Sale to be held in the Town Hall, Clifden on Sunday 16th June.The sale will coincide with the marvellous Alcock and Brown Festival, celebrating one hundred years since John Alcock and Arthur Brown made the first non-stop transatlantic flight in June 1919. There are a myriad of events taking place around Clifden including historical talks, jazz performances, guided walks and a 1920’s themed street parade. 29

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Skreen Christ Church, Dromard St Mary’s, Kilmacshalgan, Dromore West Acting Priest in Charge: Canon Noel Regan Phone: 071 9166253 Mobile: 086 8875714 Email: revnoelregan@hotmail.com

The church year moves on so quickly and usually leaves us struggling to keep pace with whatever is around the corner, be that church, community or family. At this stage the events of Easter are but a memory. However it is important to reflect and celebrate the wonderful message of God’s gift to us and the hope of resurrection.That is our teaching and belief and it is a comfort and consolation to all of us as we meet the many challenges that life will bring.

she was well known because of her landscape paintings. She had been a resident for a number of years in Laurel Lodger nursing home in Longford. She was predeceased by her husband Walter and also her son Gordon. We extend sympathy to her daughter Mandy, son-in-law William Moorhead, Longford, daughter-in-law Mary, her grandchildren and extended family. On the 29th April 2019 Willis Cuffe of Kilmacshalgan parish passed away in advance years in the Ard Na Greine nursing home in Enniscrone. Willis was a resident of the nursing home for a number of years but was always cheerful and appreciated the visits he had from family and friends. His funeral service was held in St. Mary’s with a large crown in attendance.We extend sincere sympathy to his daughter Janice, his grandchildren and extended family.

On the evening of the 7th May the entire community was numbed and shocked by the sudden and untimely death of Tim Birdsall. Tim and his wife Barbara had The dawn service at Dunmoran strand saw an taken over Charlsford House the family home only increase in the numbers attending. People came from four years ago. His maternal family’s roots in Dromore across the diocese to be together and it was heart West go back many generations. Tim and Barbara warming to have neighbours from the Roman Catholic were very regular attenders at church and we had community join with us on this occasion.The weather come to rely and expect their presence Sunday by was undoubtedly a factor in the attendance as it was Sunday. A graduate of King’s College Cambridge, Tim clear, dry and fresh. Our thanks to all who provided had been successful in life and on early retirement and served breakfast in Skreen hall afterwards. A came back to live in the area he loved so well. People special thanks to the Bishop and indeed the clergy came from different parts of the world for his funeral present who made an effort to be with us and who service which was conducted by Canon Noel assisted had to rush back to their respective parishes. by the Ven. Stephen McWhirter and Fr. Tony Gillespie. A number of tributes were paid and musical items Rectory renovations reflecting Tim’s interests and love of life. To his wife, A number of meetings were held in the group in Barbara, sons Daniel and Nicholas, brother Ben and connection with improvements to the rectory. sister Deirdre and Uncle Ivan McGee we extend our Decisions had to be made on how best to move the very sincere sympathy. project along. As we go to press the major part of the work is now complete and the painters are at work. Sympathy is also extended to Mrs June Coulter and A debt of gratitude is owed to the glebe wardens, the her family who have been bereaved by the sudden architect and the contractor for their work and co- death of two brothers, Alan Eakins who died on the operation , also the Bishop and diocesan administrator 9th June and George only three weeks earlier. Both who have kept in close contact as decisions and work funerals took place in Sligo Presbyterian Church. We was progressing. hope and pray that all who have been bereaved may have the strength to meet the days to come with Holy Baptism steadfastness and faithfulness not sorrowing as those Sunday 24th Feb. Christ Church Dromard, Jasper without hope. Melvin , son of James and Kate Melvin. Illness Bereavement As we go to print we are delighted to report that Christ Church Dromard was the setting for the Nigel Burrows is recovering very well in the Mater funeral service of Audrey Irwin at the age of 95. She Hospital, Dublin and we send him, Dawn and family was a talented lady whose interests were varied and our prayerful good wishes at this time. 30

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Amateur Drama Group “Holy Orders” a 3 act comedy was staged in the Skreen/Dromard Community Centre on the 12th April. This was most entertaining and removed us from the mobile phones and television screens . Well done to all the cast including Rosaleen Sherlock from our neighbouring parish of Ballisodare , to Rueben Greer who was producer and also to Anne Williams who was the epitome of “Mrs Bucket”. Very entertaining and simple fun.

Easter Vestries Skreen: Rector’s - Bob Brummit, Peoples - Alan Greer, Glebes - Henry Moore & Neville Higgins Dromore West: Rector’s - Ann Shaw, Peoples - Derek Shaw, Glebes - Jackie Harte. Dromard: Rector’s - Audrey Kee, Peoples - Alistair Kee Mr. Stanley Black continues as glebes warden, however Stanley has decided after 40 years to have a rest as sexton/caretaker .This is a role he took very seriously and always had the church heated, the door open, rang the bell and kept the place to a very high standard. It takes getting used to seeing him sitting in the pew prior to the service, we wish him well and thank him most sincerely for his years of service to the church.

Fund raising Skreen Parish lunch takes place on the first Sunday in August in the Community Centre. Services on that Sunday will be as follows: Skreen 9.00 am. H.C. Dromard 10.00 am M.P. Dromore West 11.30 am M.P.

Sir George Gabriel Stokes: 2019 marks the two hundredth anniversary of the

birth in Skreen Rectory of Sir Gabriel Stokes, mathematician and scholar. On Sunday 13th August at 4.00pm. a lecture will be given in Skreen Parish Church by Professor Peter Lynch, School of Mathematics and Statistics , U.C.D. A commemoration stone is located outside the Rectory grounds.

Dates to remember: The combined harvest service will be held in St. Mary’s Kilmacshalgan on the 5th Sunday of Sept at 4pm. Preacher: Bishop Patrick Rooke.


St Mary’s Cathedral, Tuam St Mary’s, Cong St John the Baptist, Aasleagh Rector: The Very Revd Grimason Tel: 094 9546909 Mob.: +353 85 2821073 Email: deantuam@gmail.com


Good Friday in Tuam Once again the folk of St. Mary's Cathedral Tuam joined with our friends in The Cathedral of the Assumption for our Good Friday Walk of the Cross between the two cathedrals in the city.The cross was carried by both Archbishop Neary and The Dean through the streets of Tuam. Parishioners of St Mary's read the scripture verses at the various stations along the way and reflections were led by pupils of the local schools. Final prayers and thanks were offered in St. Mary's Cathedral.


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Easter It was good to welcome so many people to both Tuam and Cong for the Easter Celebrations. The churches were beautifully decorated for the occasion and we thank all those who made the effort to have them looking so magnificent.

Easter Vestries The EGVs for 2019 of both Cong and Tuam were held according to statute.There were no great surprises at either. However, The Dean would like to record his thanks,on behalf of the parishes, for all the hard work done by both select vestries in the past year and welcome those who allowed their names to go forward for election in the year ahead.

Tuam East Widow The beautiful stained glass window which stands above the sanctuary of the cathedral has suffered major damage and degradation to the extent that repair and refurbishment is urgently required. Moves have begun to get started on this. For reasons of health and safety the high altar of St. Mary's will be out of commission. However, it is intend to have the sanctuary back in use by the time of the ordinations in September.

to Ella Ormsby and Millie Clesham at a service in St Mary's Cong on 5th May. It was super to see so many family, friends and parishioners present to support these young folk as they take their next step on the journey of faith. After the service Bishop Rooke dedicated the new Cong Parish Room with further details found elsewhere in Tidings.

Visiting Choir at Tuam St Mary's Cathedral, Tuam hosted the COE College Choir from Iowa on Saturday 18th May. The choir presented a concert of choral classics, Afro-American spirituals and Gospel music to packed house. The retiring collection was in aid of Tuam Cancer Care. Many thanks to all who helped to organise this event.

Welcome We welcome Revd Elaine Dunne to our neighbouring parish of Omey as Temporary Priest. Elaine will take up the position on 1st June and will be in post till the end of November at least. Not least the Dean welcome Elaine as it will take of the pressure off him, Sickness and Death though he will still be in charge of the administration We ask God's blessing and comfort on Paul Johnston and Alex Findlater at this time of their sickness. And in Omey Group. it is with great sadness that we record the death of Confirmation and Dedication of Parish Howard Kilroy. May God's presence surround his Room whole family. Bishop Rooke administered the Rite of Confirmation Aasleagh Saint John the Baptist's, Aasleagh is getting ready to open its’ doors for the summer round of evening services. The first will be a service of Holy Communion at 7pm on Sunday 7th July and there will be a service each Sunday evening at that time throughout July and August.