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Simutowe, M. - Kobese, Watu

squared bishop. 16. ♘f3 f6 17. ♗f4 ♗f7

Capablanca Prestige A, Pretoria RSA 2012.04.30, 0-1, Opening: B31

Clearing the square for the knight. 18. exf6

At this stage,I was aware that all this had been

exf6 19. ♕d2 ♘a5 20. ♖ad1 ♘e6 21. ♗h6 ♘c4 22. ♗xc4 ♖xc4 23. ♗xg7 ♘xg7 I am happy to exchange

played before.I did not remember any games

white's dark squared bishop as it could defend

or bright ideas ,since I had not looked at the

his d4 pawn.Black is now better. 24. b3?

position for a while. I thus decided to start playing simple positional chess.I thus decided

♖c6 25. ♘a4 ♕d6 26. ♕b2 ♖fc8 Rooks belong on open files. 27. ♖c1 Black is

to trade on d4 and have a positional target on

obviously better.The question is how to

d4. 8. cxd4 d5 9. e5 ♘e8 Ok,the structure

continue?Here my knowledge of the Eingorn

has changed.I was pleased as I now have a

game allows me to see a strong enough plan.I

very easy plan to follow. Having a clear plan is

should place my knight on f4,defending

very powerful during the game as you do not

d5.The bishop could then be even activated

have to be too creative and even more

starting with...g5. 27... ♘e6!

1. e4 c5 2. ♘f3 ♘c6 3. ♗b5 g6 4. O-O ♗g7 5. ♖e1 ♘f6 6. c3 O-O 7. d4 cxd4

28. ♖xc6 ♕xc6 29. ♖e3 ♕c1+ 30. ♖e1 ♕xb2 31. ♘xb2 ♖c2 32. ♖b1 ♘f4 33. ♘e1 ♖c6 threatening...Ne2+ 34. ♔f1 g5! 35. ♘d1 ♘e6 36. ♘f3 ♗h5 37. ♘e3 ♗xf3 38. gxf3 ♘f4 The game is over. 39. ♘f5 ♔f7 40. h4 ♖e6 41. hxg5 fxg5 42. ♖c1 ♔g6 43. ♘e3 ♖c6 44. ♖xc6+ bxc6 45. ♘g4 ♔f5 46. ♘h6+ ♔e6 47. b4 ♔d7 48. ♔e1 ♘e6 49. ♘f5 h5 50. a4 h4 51. ♔f1 ♘f4 52. ♘e3 a6 53. a5 ♔e6 54. ♘c2 ♘d3 55. ♔g2 ♘f4+ 56. ♔h2 ♘d3 57. ♔g2 ♔f6 58. ♔f1 ♔f5 59. ♘e3+ ♔f4 60. ♘xd5+ cxd5 61. b5 ♘b4 62. b6 ♘c6 63. b7 ♔xf3 64. ♔g1 g4 65. ♔f1 ♔e4 [0-1]

importantly,you know that your ideas are based on sound positional principles.Here I plan to attack the pawn on d4 as it cannot be protected by another pawn.This will keep my opponent busy.Busy opponents are less likely to checkmate you! 10. h3 See,he is already preventing ...Bg4. 10... ♘c7 11. ♗f1 ♗f5

12. a3? This could and should have been avoided.Pawns cannot move backwards and he creates a few weaknesses on the queenside.I was obviously happy to see this. [12. ♘c3 Should be played,not fearing 12... ♘b4? as 13. ♘h4 is good for white]

12... ♖c8 13. ♘c3 ♘a5 Due to a3?my attention has now shifted to the c-file.Now a move like14...Na8 is not that dumb as more pressure can be exerted on the queenside.

14. ♘h4 ♗e6 15. ♗d3 ♘c6 My bishop is now on a better square for the original plan of attacking d4.It is clear that black will have to play ...f6 at some stage,weakening the d5 pawn which can now be defended by the light


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