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Return to Zero Women’s Healing Retreat After Pregnancy Loss, stillbirth, infant and child death Part of your heart dies with the child that goes. After the deepest sorrow, we keep walking and try to find meaning and live wholeheartedly despite our loss. The intention of this holistic healing retreat is to create a safe place to nurture yourself, connect with the child you have lost, and discover a community of people who have walked the same steps you have and with whom you can find meaning and healing. “How do you find the words to describe 30 women – mostly strangers – coming together for a weekend, all looking for a sense of community and a connection with their child but leaving with so much more. The grounding, the emergence of self, the reminder that we are all beautiful, strong, resilient.” “This has been a turning point in my healing journey – my feelings have been validated, and I’ve learned that I’m worth it all.” “I found the part of myself that died with my babies, and I’m learning to bring her back.” “I was hoping for a life changing experience, and that is exactly what I received.” “I am empowered. I am a better person and am going to make my life better for myself and my daughter.”

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