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Leila Von Lindsey Bird Ray barron S t y l i s t S t y l i s t D ennaya Famous Domonique McKeever Michael Gaines M o d e l s

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Sarah Pine Courtney Hart Ashley Quiocho Danielle Wyszomirski Carla Marquez Ashley LIberty Liane Mayor

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All Photography and Design by Retro Williams

7 things you should know about the New beginning. 1. KNEWVO: means New Beginning 2. KNEWVO: Was created by Zackery Williams AKA Retro Williams 3. KNEWVO: is a freelance photography and graphic design company and magazine 4: KNEWVO: blogs about My life style, Fashion, Photography, Music and Everything artistic 5 KNEWVO: is based out Las Vegas NV 6: KNEWVO: Is a Empire and the making 7: KNEWVO: Started as a class project

W i l l i a m s R e t r o

My name is Zackery Williams aka Retro Im a 20 year old Graphic Designer and Photographer based out of Las Vegas NV. Im motivated by music the TV shows and movies of the past hence the name Retro, I have been shooting landscape and, street photography for two years, and fashion and glamour for a year. Shooting both film and digital. as far as design goes i have been designing for 5 years starting with architectural design’s and ending at graphic.

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Being the first born and a girl my mom and aunts would dress me up and take hundreds of photos

of me when I was young. I guess you could say that is when I first started doing photoshoots, and where my love for being in front of the camera stems from. About a year ago an experienced model by the name of JESSICA SILVA approached me and asked if I would like to join her agency. At the time I didn’t have a portfolio or the money to build one. That didn’t stop her from still helping me out. About a week after our first encounter she invited me to participate in a beauty pageant she was hosting. I was one of the ten finalists, but didn’t win. That didn’t shake me in any way, it only motivated me to want more. After that pageant I started to take classes on modeling that Jessica was teaching. With her I learned how to walk the runway and other useful tricks of modeling. I participated in another pageant she had, a bikini pageant. Again I made the final ten, but didn’t win. That pageant allowed me to network with magazine editors, photographers, and designers. Now I have had the opportunity to work with amazing local talent, and have a portfolio too. I’m hoping that I will continue to be blessed and make beautiful photos I can be proud of and that others can appreciate as well.


Model:Carla Marquez Styled:Nayanique Mua and Hair: Leila

Jedi Model:Ashley Quiocho Styled:Nayanique Mua and Hair: Lindsay

Ashley Quiocho, originally born to a large family in Hawaii, has spent a lot of years growing up in the fun, crazy, and sexy Sin City. She is a current student at UNLV pursuing a degree in Business Management, and at the same time, she is pursuing her career modeling. She enjoys music, snowboarding, animals, traveling, family, friends and has a love for outdoor activity. With a great amusement of life, Ashley really enjoys learning anything she could grasp. She has an enjoyable, easy-going personality and is a very professional model to work with.

Model:Domonique McKeever Styled:Nayanique Mua and Hair: Lindsay


Biography Scottie Spits, also know as Fresco, was born Scott Vera II January 18, in upstate New York. Raised in the Central part of Las Vegas, odds were against the single child from the beginning. His mother, whos upbringing as a child was difficult, held down a 9 to 5, but also hustled and gambled in order to provide for her son. His father, the alcoholic, drug addict, and criminal, failed his family by choosing the streets. Activity like this began in the family when his great grandparents dropped down in Spanish Harlem from the island of Puerto Rico. His great grandfather did anything illegal in order to survive. These ways were passed down to the future generations of the Vera family, and has destroyed many futures, but not little Scotts. Witnessing the violent nature of his blood relatives has helped him more than it has effected him. Being broke was getting old, the physical and mental abuse his mother took from his father was getting harder to watch, and family members dieing or getting sentenced to life in prison gave Scottie a dream to one day be free of the hardship, and become successful. Thank God for Hip Hop, because it was there for him since the beginning. Following in the footsteps of his older cousins, Scottie began B-Boying at the age of 4. Years passed, problems in the family got worse, and at the age of 11, he started writting ryhmes. As he became comfortable with his new found passion, he started displaying his skills at house parties, the school cafeteria, and local talent shows. Then eventually, his certification as a MC came from his first battle in the 9th grade, against a senior who at the time held the crown as number one MC. The battle went no longer than 16 bars a piece, and Scottie took the title. From that point on, the battles continued, recognition from his peers was immense, and Scottie finally had an outlet. CONTINUE AT MYSPACE.COM/ VERAHOUSE


Model:Liane Mayor Styled:Nayanique Mua and Hair: Leila

I was born in the Philippines and came to

the States when I was 6 years old. I always wanted to be an actress as a child. I started modeing career at age 10 when I was scouted at a local mall. I began taking classes with modeing agency Aleese Marshall, in Torrence, CA. To expand my career I took classes in acting, ettiqutte, broadcasting, theatre and dance. I have worked in runway shows, hair shows, films, infomercials, and numerous trade shows. I am currently pursuing my degree in Communications and Film. I will be interning at a news station and hopefully that may open doors to many more opportunities. I hope one day to become successful and famous through acting and modeling. I want to travel the world and help people. I want to be the face of many charities and companies that help people in need. I want to make a difference in the world and have my name become an impact in many peoples lives. I believe fame is such a powerful thing, and with such a privellege you should help others.


Model:Courtney Hart Styled:Nayanique Mua: Leila Hair:Ray Barron (hair)

Photoshoot Inspired by Edward Scissorhands


ASHLEY .L Born on May 11, 1991, Ashley Liberty was born into fame. Being the daughter of the then NBA star, Marcus Liberty, Ashley found it tough to make a dream for herself without everyone making fun of her body-developing or people expecting her to go down the same path as her father. Now at age 18, standing 5'10'', Ashley has been chasing her dream for four years. She is hoping to make a name for herself in the fashion world as a model.


Model:Ashley Liberty Styled:Nayanique Mua and Hair: Leila

SAFARI Model: Danielle Wyszomirski Styled:Nayanique Mua and Hair: Leila



People around the world know Joanna Hernandez for popular shows like VH1’s For the Love of Ray J, the crazy Oxygen series Bad Girls Club and the wild and funny I Love Money competition series also on VH1. More so she is known for being a classy yet sexy television personality and model. She has been said to be “A great influence to the younger Latin community who need sexy, strong and positive women as role models” – Sylvia DeMarco. Joanna is currently modeling and continuing to train in dance and theatre while working on her own projects such as her weekly one hour show “Hangin’ w/ JoJo” (currently in the Top 10 online) that streams live from her website every Wed from 7PM PST to 8PM PST. Recently joining, Joanna hopes to continue her love for journalism and inspire young men and women to be positive and successful. Originally from Sacramento, Joanna now lives in Las Vegas and is often times working on projects in Los Angeles. She believes it is important to maintain a healthy balance of work, play, and spirituality. Joanna is a rising star and continues to better herself and one day be a Latina Icon.


Model:Joanna Hernandez Styled:Anmlhouse tshirts Mua and Hair: Self done


POP Models: Sarah Pine (left) Ashley Quiocho (right) Styled:Nayanique Mua and Hair: Leila Vons Lindsay Ray Barron




Models: Sarah Pine Styled:Nayanique Mua and Hair: Leila Vons Ray Barron(hair)



a fashion photography book by Retro Williams

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