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Items 1-4 all have motorized zoom, film advance and rewind; sensor/auto flash, red-eyt reduction, flash ready ligh~ OX coding and batteries.

1 Olym:rus Superzoom 10S Compact Camera. o 38·10Smm f4.5-8.9 motorized zoom lens. o Dioptric correction on viewfinder. o Fill·in flash. o Active auto focus. o focus lock. o Auto macro fadlity. o Auto eKposure. o Programmed shutter. o Shutter lock. o Self timer. o LCDpanel. oLEO mdicator. o Auto·battery shut-off. • Low battery indicator. o Lens(over. oTri~socket. o MId-roil rewind facility. • Size (H)6.5. (W)12. (D)4.5cm. o Weight 2459. Ccjt.No.561/5971


2 Samsung Fino 14SS Zoom Compact Camera Outfit. o 38·14Smm motorized zoom lens. 0 Dioptric correction on viewfinder. o Fill-in flash. 0 Infra·red auto focus. 0 focus lock. o Infinity mode. o Continuous drivt'. o Auto exposure, o Multiple exposure. • Programmed shutter. o Backlight compensation. 0 Shutte' lock. 0 Self timer. 0 LCD panel. 0 LED indicator. o Auto battery shut·off. o low battery indicator. o Lenscover. 0 Tripod socket 0 Mid·roll rewind facility. 0 Size (H)7.5. (W)13. (D)6.5cm. o Weight 350g C'lt;.~o. 56116341


3 Olympus Super· zoom 130 Compact Camera. 0 38·130mm f4-fl1 motorized zoom lens. 0 Dioptric correction on viewfinder. 0 Fill-in flash. 0 Passive3 beam auto focus. 0 focus lock. o Auto exposure. o Programmed shutter. o Shutter lock. 0 3 zone and spot metering options. 0 Self timer. o LCDpanel. 0 LEO indicator. • Auto battery shut-off.> low battery indicator. • Lens cover, o Tr''p?d socket. o Mld·roll rewind facility. • Size (H)6.5. (W)12. (O)4.5cm.• Weight 255g. Ca~No. 561/6004

£1:19.00 4 Pentax ESPIO 160 Quattro Compact Zoom Kit. 0 38·160mm motorized zoom lens. o Panorama facility switchable mid ron. • Fill·in flash. 0 Slow synch flash. 0 Night time bulb mode and liulb with flash .• Passive 5 . point wide area auto focus. o Focus lock. 0 Spot auto focus. 0 Auto macro facility •• Landscape mode. 0 Auto eKposure with 6 segment multi· pattern metering. o lV,ultiple exposure. • Programmed shutter. o Auto backlight compensation. 0 Self· timer .• lCD panel. 0 LED ind,cator. 0 Auto-bat~ry shut-oft.• Low battery ind'cator. • Lens cover. .TJi~so'ket. • Mld·roll rewind facility. o Size (H)7. (W)12. (D)7cm. 0 Weight 330g. ~t. ~o.56114264




Minolta 35mm Auto Focus SlR Camera Witt! Interchangeable 3570mm Zoom lens. • Auto/sensor flash. o Red eye reduction. • fill in flash. o Programmed auto eKposure with portrait. close·up, landscape. sports aaion and night portrait modes. • Predictive auto focus with focus lock. • Shutter speeds from 112000 second to 30 seconds. • Sell timer. • 8 segment multip'le area metenng .• OX coiling. o Automatic film loacf, advance and rewmd. o Size (H)10'jW)15. (D)7cm (plus ens 6x7cm) , • Weight 3209 (plus lens


Cat. No. 561/3557

£189.99 6 Praktica PD-100 Digital Camera. 0 Up to 64 ,mages can be stored in camera's memory. • Image storage· flash memory embedded in camera. o Interline transfer '/, inch CCD. 0 280 x 220 resolution •• Data compression IPEG. o 3 way flash•• Self timer. o Macro facility. 0 Movie like image (4 image/sec). o Comes with AC adaptor. RS232 connector. COwith imalle transfer software for PC. batteries and case. • Minimum s~tem requirements: PC486 running windows 3.1 or later With 8MB RAM and CD-ROM driver. o Size (H)6.5. (W)13.5. (D)4.5cm. 0 Weight 21Og. C;t.NO.561/6217 £ 79.99

7 Sany:o VPCG250 Compact "Digicam· Still Camera Wrth Smart Media. 0 Instant photo_graphy for your PC.TV and VIOeO.0 Full VGA for superior picture quality. • Progressivt' scan CCO with RGBfilter giving 350.000 pixel quality. o 2.0" Polvsilicon m lCO screen. 0 4 MB removable memory on smart media card.• Smart media card enables user to process images via the normal chemical developing and pnnllng process. 0 Burst CaptureMdeo Clip function enable approximately 5 seconds 01 moving picture to be stored. • 6 second audio annotation for retording sound bytes. • 3 mode built in autoflash. 0 Multi shot and picture facility. • Self timer. • Slide show function, • Digital zoom. • On screen andWindows function. • Upload capaCity. 0 Macro function. 0 AV output to VCRITV. 0 IBM and MAC compatible, requires CO·ROM driver. • Comprehensive Photosuite software induded on CO-ROM. • Retharger and Nicad rechargeable batteries. o SIze (H)6. (W)10.S. (D)3.5cm. 0 Weight 200g. Cil.t..~o. 56115098


8 Sony MVC-FD11 Digital Still Camera. • floppy disk recording format (3.5· 2HO disk). • Zoom lens lOx optical. o Up to 20 p'ictures can be saved on a floppy disk in fine mode and up to 40 p,aures in standard mode. • Progressivt' scan CCO. • Intelligent flash lighl • 640 x 480 (VGA). • 2 x quick access floppy drives. • Programme AE 6 modes•• BITMAP mode (non-compressionl. • Auto macro function/ manual focus ring .• Picture effects 4 mode. • 2.5 Inch colour lCO display (TFT). • Picture indexlRg. • Menu control button to control picture quality. exposure. self·timer. search lor photos. protect or delete. • Supplied with i photo Express software. NP·F330 battery and AC adaptor. • Size (Hll0.5.1Wl14. (D)6cm.o Weighl·S90g. Cit. No. 56116224



Argos Superstore 1999 Spring/Summer  

Argos catalogue from 1999 filled with lots of retro goodies. From

Argos Superstore 1999 Spring/Summer  

Argos catalogue from 1999 filled with lots of retro goodies. From