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404 EDITION | JUNE/2019

Festa Junina is in Retiro Rational

See how the June festivities brought together students of Rational Culture from all over the country, and the “Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance) performances [pages 6-7] EDITORIAL | page 3

Rational Culture is not a new religion. It is a knowledge that contains information that contributes to the improvement of knowledge and the restoration of the harmony and stability of life


The ruling period of thought is over, so it no longer transmits positivity, which is why humanity is unbalanced

“Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square dance) performs at São Cristóvão Fair

TRIBUTE| page 5

The importance of concluding knowledge of Rational Culture: the work of peace and universal concord DISCLOSURE| page 10

Disclosure in Saquarema City with the Retiro Rational Band and Rational Band of Niterói City



WEB RADIO A Voz do Raciocínio Disclosure of Rational Culture in Saquarema City, State of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

INDEX Editorial................................................................


Awakening Reasoning............................................




Festa Junina Racional is in Retiro Racional See how were the June festivities, which brought together students of Rational Culture from all over the country, and the presentations of the “Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance)..............


June 5th, World Environment Day............................


By invitation, Rational Culture Band of Juiz de Fora City (Minas Gerais - MG) performs at the Catholic Church.....


Disclosure in Saquarema City with the Retiro Rational Band and Rational Band of Niterói City.......................


Speaking Rationally | by atna j. coelho.......................


OFFICE HOUR Founder Manoel Jacintho Coelho (1903-1991) President Atna Jacintho Coelho

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Rational Culture is not a new religion. It is a knowledge that contains information that contributes to the improvement of knowledge and the restoration of the harmony and stability of life


ach phase of human evolution brings new perspectives and approaches around the world and ourselves; finally a new way of living. Scientific and technological knowledge has reached extraordinary development, but the difficulties in human relations are many, the sustainable society model cannot be implemented, the environmental problems only increase and many issues are still unresolved. All these problems show that only scientific and technological knowledge are not sufficient for the harmony and balance of human life and the planet. Why all this? To answer this question it is necessary to explain the action of nature upon its deeds and upon the world. It is her competence to direct the evolutionary phases of humanity, for despite all the harmful actions of the human being, she still continues to provide living conditions and sustenance for all species on the planet. Through cultural development and knowledge, which was governed until 1935, which is the responsibility of the thought phase, it prepared humanity for a new evolutionary phase, the Rational Phase, the stage at which reasoning will be developed and will bring a new future to the world, humanity and to planet Earth. We know that values, habits, and

ways of governing life are valid for a particular time. Therefore, it is necessary to continue the improvement of knowledge to integrate with this new phase that is presented, the rational phase, because the phase of thought has already concluded its function with humanity, so it is no longer providing stability, causing several impacts in human life and all the weather we see in the news and experienced in everyday life. The work of Rational Culture provides information about the world, nature, the universe and human existence, providing important clarifications on subjects of interest to all, contributing to the improvement of knowledge, peace, harmony and the balance of life. Seek to know and study. Knowing never hurts. In this 404 Jornal Racional Edition, the Third Milennium Newspaper, offers its readers a new edition, which rescues the work developed by the founder of Rational Culture, the author of Universe in Disenchantment books, Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho. We present a new graphic design for the newspaper, with a more harmonic and simple design.

In the column “Awakening Reasoning”, we bring reflections that show that the period of thought conduction has already ended, so it no longer transmits positivity, reason for the imbalance of humanity. In “Tribute”, we remember the date of June 4th, 1988, when Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho completed the bookkeeping of the 1000 books of Rational Culture, the greatest Work of humanity. Also follow a summary of the spreading that happened in Brazil during this period and events of the Retiro Rational. We wish you all a good reading and see you in the next edition! __ The publishers.

In this edition, the highlight is the June festivities at the Retiro Rational, which brought together students from north to south of Brazil.


awakening reasoning

The ruling period of thought is over, so it no longer transmits positivity, which is why humanity is unbalanced. To regain the stability and harmony of life one must integrate into the Rational Phase, the substitute for the thought phase. Hunger, unemployment, violence, environmental disasters and weather. There are many problems experienced by humanity on planet Earth. Man has built progress and lives a duality of his deeds, trying to understand why so much suffering in the midst of progress. In Rational Culture is possible to understand the essence of life, the movements of nature and why so many problems that have impacted the planet and threatened human life. Throughout the books Universe in Disenchantment, that is the knowledge that reveals to us that the world is going through difficult times, due to the end of the Rational Animal phase and the beginning of the Rational Phase, the development of reasoning. “This is why the world is going through difficult hours of survival and understanding. The thought phase has ended and the Rational Phase has entered in nature. The phase of the Rational Animal that was in effect was shaken and all misfits, because they were out of the phase that entered, the Rational Phase, since 1935. The phase of the Rational Animal that was in effect was shaken and


all misfit because they were out of the phase that entered, the Rational Phase.

getting that I still had a machine to develop, which is the machine of reasoning.

If they were aware of nature’s natural changes, they would all be within the Rational Phase and everything would go from good to better. The Rational Animal Phase has ended and its achievements have become unbalanced worldwide. Nature no longer nourished its deeds, and because they were no longer nourished by nature, they became unbalanced.

The phase of the development of reasoning, the Rational Phase, is the ultimate solution of the Rational Animal, by all knowing the true world of its race. All are of Rational race and the true world of all is the Rational World.

Because thought is limited, life has no solution for the thinker. And so I thought life was the same, for-

____ Source: Universe in Disenchantment books of Rational Culture, 128th Volume (HistĂłrico), pages 5-8, 10 and 12-13.


“Everything comes the day and the time, everything is done and ready. And so, in RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is the cure of all evils. A treasure no one ever dreamed existed and would possess. So that is where peace is born all over the world�. Manoel Jacintho Coelho

5th Volume (Obra) of Universe in Disenchantment books, page 128

________________ June 4th, 1988: End of the bookkeeping of the 1000 books Universe in Disenchantment

Rational Culture is not a new religion. It is a knowledge of peace, love and brotherhood. It is for everyone and everything. Therefore, it uses simple language, which is intended for everyone regardless of intellectuality and social condition. The simpler the better, so that everyone can access their information and thus benefit from the knowledge that does not take up space.

person. A very special human being, dear to everyone: children, youngs and adults of different social classes, beliefs and ideologies.

The clarifications contained in this work have logical basis and unquestionable arguments. His constant study contributes to the perfection of knowledge and the restoration of peace, harmony and stability of life.

In concluding the bookkepping of the books of Rational Culture, a fact that happened on June 4th, 1988, Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho left humanity access to information about its origin and the oppor tunity to restore the harmony of life, as the frequent study of this This work contributes to the perfection of knowledge and the development of reasoning that provides a teaching of peace, fraternity and universal concord.

The author of this treasure for all people was Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho. The Brazilian citizen, born in Rio de Janeiro City, who dedicated his life to the elaboration of the books of Rational Culture, had full wisdom, but was a simple

Our eternal gratitude to the Lord MJC – Manoel Jacintho Coelho, who with his determination made it possible for human beings to have access to information about their origin, to develop their reasoning and to enjoy a balanced and harmonious life.

THE RATIONAL PORTUGUESE* The Rational Portuguese is a Portuguese for the people. And learned Portuguese, scientific Portuguese, philosophical Portuguese, is a minority-specific Portuguese. Natural speaking is one thing and speaking with privilege and superiority is another thing. So there is the Portuguese of the prose, the difficult Portuguese, the learned Portuguese and the natural Portuguese, simple, of the people, without vanity. It is this that communicates with the people, because it is said in their language, so that everyone understands and not a learned Portuguese, that to understand it one needs to be part of an academy and not everyone has the resources for it. Those who think they know better, because they think they are more enlightened, have gone through an academic background, must conjecture that language is simple because it is for everyone. So you have to do like the prospector: take all the gravel, to find the essence that is involved in it, the brilliant. Gravel are the dull and necessary repetitions, in a naive and simple language. And sifting through, you will find wrapped in this gravel, the wonder of wonders, the brilliant precision that is at the core of Rational Culture and not in this surrounding gravel, that this work is made for the language of the people and for the people. Read with persistence, affection and attention, for the sake of yourself, do not take into account the form that is written, but try to see its content, try to feel the content and do not care about the naive way that this composition is made, which is in the language of the people, that the people may understand. Do not care about the form of writing, read and reread to understand and feel better, that your satisfaction will be very great, once you know what is Rational Culture. It is different from the literary molds, because it is a postulate from another sphere - the RATIONAL WORLD.


*Adapted text.

The importance of concluding knowledge of Rational Culture: the books of universal peace and concord

happened at the retiro racional

Festa Junina* is in Retiro Rational

See how were the June festivities, which brought together students from all over the country, and the Quadrilha Junina Racional (Rational Square Dance) presentations

Quadrilha Junina is a brazilian typical dance ispired by the 17th Century French Quadrilles. The presentations use brazilian popular songs, with couples dressing typical costumes and dancing in a casual and funny way

Brazilian culture is characterized by a diversity of parties, dances, songs, rhythms and cultural artistic manifestations. Rational Culture is genuinely Brazilian and values aspects of national culture. The June festivities are part of the Retiro Rational’s annual calendar as a way to integrate students of Rational Culture and spread the knowledge of Rational Culture through dance and music. In 2019, the June festivities moved the Retiro Rational on the days 20, 21, 22, 23 and 24. There were five days of activities, bringing together caravans of men and women from all over the country, who were very happy to attend the program with parades. from the Banda Racional Universo em Desencanto (BRUD), candy stalls, delicacies and typical foods, as well as presentations from the “Quadrilha Junina Racio-


nal” (Rational Square Dance). For the student Leandro Bietcoski, from Curitiba City (PR), the celebration was in double dose. “Being here, in June, at the Retiro Rational with my family, means a lot to me, because it’s the month of my birthday and I came to celebrate here. Being here, in this place I’ve been since I was a children, collaborating and interacting with people, feeling this vibration, this energy so good, breathing this fresh air, it is very rewarding and priceless, ” said the birthday boy who celebrated the new age on June 22nd. The same feeling of unity is shared by Jamerson Almeida, student of Conselheiro Lafaiete City (MG – Minas Gerais). “I have been a student for twenty years. We are a Rational family, I am fortunate to have my wife and her family as a

student. It’s very nice to be at the Retiro Rational, a point of reference for us. It may remain in the Rational events, to see the “Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance) and all its movement is an honor, because we see the growth of Rational Culture and where it is coming from. A feeling of gratitude and victory that unites us. Next, see how the “Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance) performances were at the São Cristóvão Fair at Rio de Janeiro City, and at the Retiro Rational.

*Festa Junina is a term used to describe the traditional Festivities that happen at beginning of the Brazilian winter, in June. It is a month to commemorate some of the most famous saints for catholics; namely Saint Anthony, Saint John; The Baptist and Saint Peter.

happened at the retiro racional

Students from different states of Brazil were part of the “Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance): Amazonas, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Sao Paulo and Santa Catarina

“QUADRILHA JUNINA RACIONAL” (RATIONAL SQUARE DANCE) IN SÃO CRISTÓVÃO FAIR For several years, the “Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance) has brightened the June Party of the Luiz Gonzaga Municipal Center of Northeastern Traditions, better known as the São Cristóvão Fair. An excellent opportunity to spread the Rational Culture. In 2019, the “Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance) was formed by more than 60 students from different states of Brazil: Amazonas, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Santa Catarina. With a contagious joy and vibrancy, the members performed two beautiful performances at the São Cristóvão Fair on June 22nd, and were warmly applauded by the general public. While per forming, the student Teresinha Garcia disseminated

“Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance) performed on two stages of the São Cristóvão Fair

Rational Culture on stage, bringing clarifications about the Universe in Disenchantment books and the social, cultural and humanitarian work performed nationally and internationally by Retiro Rational and Caravans. Still on the night of the June 22nd, the “Quadrilha Junina Racional” (Rational Square Dance) performed at the Cultural Canvas of Retiro

Rational, once again spreading the gifts with its energy and vibration. And so, this work of Peace and Concord, which unites people of all generations and social segments, is being known by Brazilian society, because scholars from all over the country are tireless in their dissemination, perform in cultural and civic events and in Parades held with the Bands in spontaneous weekend disclosures by the Brazilian states.



June 5th, World Environment Day “Everything has a limit, it has exceeded the limits and hence the disastrous consequences for human life. How far have they come from unconscious imbalance, from progressing to destruction” ____ Source: 5th Volume (Réplica) of the Books Universe In Disenchantment of Rational Culture, page 31

The rampant consumption of natural resources and the lack of concern for the preservation of the environment contribute to aggravate the current environmental crisis. Reflection of a paradox created by incoherent human attitude. Its survival depends on the elements of nature, but man does not move away from the destructive action of natural resources. If humanity is to continue living on the planet and guarantee the survival of future generations, it will have to find new perspectives and priorities of existence, with a new look at life, in order to preserve what is still left on the planet. Forests have been suffering high rates of distribution and the consequences are the worst possible because they are invaluable to human life. Many worry about preserving what remains of the planet. Issues such as bee pollination, pollution of rivers, oceans, the problem of urban


waste and soil pollution are some issues that civil society has been following closely. But this awareness is still shared by a few. Finding solutions to environmental problems is far from easy. But nature, this immeasurable power that holds the planet’s life, can lead a simple and effective solution to the questions that worry many. She chose the cultural path because knowledge is capable of bringing about true change. People committed to improving the living

conditions of the planet need to keep up with the evolution of nature. The means of integrating the evolution of nature is in the perfecting of knowledge. The study of Rational Culture is a good study tip. The work contains subjects of interest to everyone as: the origin of humanity, the transformations of nature, the world, among others. Enjoy World Environment Day to get to know the Rational Culture. Knowing never hurts.


By invitation, Rational Culture Band of Juiz de Fora City (Minas Gerais – MG) performs at Catholic Church Throughout the national territory, young people and adults dedicate part of their time to the solidarity act of spreading Rational Culture, the work in favor of everything and everyone, which contributes to the construction of a better world.

the first volume of the books, invited one of the goals to go to the altar of the Church and represent the love, purity and peace of a child. He also said that the important thing is to help everyone, regardless of religion.

The commitment to spread this work is a gesture of love for one’s neighbor and the exercise of conscious citizenship. It is an insignificant recognition of the physical, mental balance and quality of life that knowledge provides to all who choose to study it.

Rational Culture is a knowledge in favor of everything and everyone. It is a door open to all, regardless of religiosity or social class. Proof of this was this event, with the Rational Band.

RATIONAL CULTURE DAY By contributing to the physical and mental health of those who study, the Rational Culture of the books Universe in Disenchantment has been contributing to the harmony and balance of human relations. Progressively, the culture of the development of reasoning is becoming established in the national territory. In many Brazilian municipalities has already been officialized the Day of Rational Culture. See the celebrations performed in June. june/2019 Rational Culture Day CITY






Bela Vista de Goiás




1st Sunday



1st Sunday

Ribeirão das Neves


2nd Sunday



2nd Sunday



2nd Sunday

Santo Antônio de Pádua


3rd Sunday

Juiz de Fora


3rd Sunday

Rio Claro (dia)


Rio Claro (semana)






On June 16th, the Banda Racional Universo em Desencanto of Juiz de Fora (BRUD – MG – Minas Gerais) held the streets of Jacaraípe City neighborhood. Passing in front of the neighborhood Catholic Church, Priest Vagner invited the Band to enter the Church and play for those who were there. On this occasion, the priest received

Priest Vagner received the first volume of the books Universe in Disenchantment of the Rational Culture and said that what matters is to help everyone, regardless of religion

4th Week After this event, the band and propagators continued the disclosure on the streets of Jacaraípe City

Last Sunday



Disclosure in Saquarema City with the Retiro Rational Band and Rational Band of Niterói City

On June 9th, the Banda Racional Universo em Desencanto (BRUD) of Retiro Rational and Rational Band of Niterói City performed disclosure of Rational Culture in Saquarema City. Saquarema City is in the Lakes Region, 96 km from the capital of State of Rio de Janeiro. It is known for its beautiful beaches, lagoons, mountains and waterfalls. It holds the title of National Surfing Capital and is also home to the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (CBV). The municipality was founded on 08.05.1841 (178 years), having as its municipal motto: “Fraternity and Concord”. It was precisely for


this purpose that BRUD, caravans of men and women, and residents of Retiro Rational were in the city streets, spreading the Racional Culture. A knowledge of peace, love, brotherhood and universal concord for all humanity. In the morning, the disclosure went through the streets of the city with two stops: in front of the Parish of Nossa Senhora de Nazaré and in Canhão Square. In the afternoon, the disclosure continued in the Bom Sucesso City neighborhood towards the Spazio São José sítio, where the Rational band closed the work and there was a fraternization lunch among the participants.

The disclosure was organized with the support of the Caravan of Niterói City, whose coordinators are the couple Ednor and Celi Barbosa.

Student Maria Helena, with the Brazilian flag

speaking rationally by atna j. coelho

We are seeing an imbalance of contention on all sides, dissatisfaction causing deadly hatred in many, and others seeking to soften the situation with words. And the cause is only one: because they are thinking, within the phase of the development of reasoning.

Now, who is still in the Rational Animal category is very different because he acts as an animal. And animal has no pity on anyone. Especially now that many are already feeling dry because their thoughts have dried up, they no longer feel what they are doing.

Critical point this. “Precious lives, of many who owe nothing to anyone.” To see that the critical point of the great state of unconsciousness that imbalance makes inhumanity and injustice reign.

Those who already have welldeveloped reasoning have a fine feeling and all who have fine feelings love their neighbors as themselves and do good and do not look to whom.

And the discontents disturbing and destroying those who still live more or less contentedly, because they are thinking within the developmental phase of reasoning. And who lives as an animal, being in the Rational Animal class, proceeds as an animal, very different from who is Rational.


To see, they are two very different poles: matter is darkness and reasoning is true light. And who is in darkness is illuminated by darkness, by darkness of darkness; It’s really an overbearing, who is stranded there on that floor. The person lives badly and says that he lives well. The person lives by sowing discord instead of concord. He lives looking like he never was, and he can’t be. He lives by eye on what is not his, and never will be. He lives from threats, slander and defamation. He keeps saying he’s a friend he never was. He lives from his sneaky and evil personality, influencing others of the same category. Still lives because he has a life and nothing more! They learned to speak like a parrot and became talkative. And because they become talkative, they are thought to be all apparently and seeing that they truly are nothing. But by making appearances their truths, appearances became truths. They are thinking. They are victims of the spiritual evils, the artificial

evils, and the natural evils of nature, which are a multitude of them, different from each other. A student and propagator of the Knowledge of Rational Culture has the prevailing education, discipline, respect, morality, possessed of a brilliant character. Everything that divides goes out of harmony with the right, because it is for the stoning of the thinkers. And so in thought is discord, disagreeing with one another, and in reasoning is concord, of peace, love and brotherhood, and universal concord, by the development of reasoning. And the disrespect causing the violence and violence that causes terror. The causative terror of wars and the causative wars of death. Because the thought divides and it already does it to polish everyone there. And the reasoning is different. Reasoning unites all humanity. And with the union of humanity there will be peace, love, fraternity and concord, through the development of reasoning. So desired by all and propagated by students of Rational Culture Salve! Good health and peace to all of us ___ Atna J. Coelho


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Jornal Racional - June/2019 [Inglês]  

Jornal Racional - The third millennium newspaper. 404 edition, june/2019.

Jornal Racional - June/2019 [Inglês]  

Jornal Racional - The third millennium newspaper. 404 edition, june/2019.