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Retirement Sur vival Club “”Empowering You To SURVIVE And Thrive In Your Golden Years”

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Vol 1, Issue 4

July 2013

A Note From Tripp Dear Friends,

Here are a couple of pictures from

Can I just say, “I love what I do”!

the one at Shad’s Landing.

There’s not a more fulfilling career than to be able to meet nice folks and help calm their fears about running out of money. There’s usually a simple little tweak that can be done to their

Dear Diary - pg 19

plan that makes their savings stretch a

What’s Cookin’ With Wendy - pg 20

lot farther. It’s such a great feeling

Breaking Retirement News - pg 22

from worry and hopelessness to relief

Father’s Day Tribute pg 23

position, and I thank God every day.

seeing their faces immediately turn and peace. I’m so blessed to be in this

My wife Wendy has been a busy bee

Feature Stories: Don’t Ever Give Up On Love


Twilight Wish Donation Story


scheduling me more and more Summer Workshops around town!

The prize wheel and Polaroid pho-

The BIG Lesson Of 8 The Month

tos with Porky the Piggy Bank

Chicken Soup For The Golden Soul


tuned to find out where I’ll be next

Corner of Amazing Grace


Top 10 Retirement Activities


Enjoy Old Faves In A 29 New Healthy Way

(A.K.A. my son) is always a hit! Stay and I’ll meet you at our Banana Split Station where Wendy will scoop us a sweet treat!

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A b o u t T h e Fo u n de rs Tripp & Wendy

Tripp Jordan, founder and President of "Retirement Survival", is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on safe investment alternatives and is often referred to as the "Safe Money Specialist". He has been helping consumers with tax advantage investment alternatives for years and loves nothing more than teaching people how to protect and hold onto their hard-earned money, in simple easy-to-understand ways. His expertise is free of charge (creating a very high demand) and geared to help retirees two-fold: 1) To not run out of money, 2) To safely pass their money to their loved ones the smartest, easiest way possible...and most importantly tax-free. Tripp services consumers nationwide via his popular online seminar "What You Don't Know About Annuities, CD's, and IRA's That Could Hurt Your Kids...And Grandkids", live teleseminars, virtual workshops, strategy sessions, custom money maps, video conferencing, articles, interactive quizzes, monthly newsletters, client appreciation contests, and more. Tripp and his wife Wendy host a popular online TV Talk Show called “Retirement Survival TV”, where they take complicated financial issues that retirees face and explain them in simple casual conversation over coffee (broadcasts air on Tuesdays and Thursdays - see pg 16 for the schedule). In addition, via his news website “Breaking Retirement News with Tripp”, he keeps you up to the minute with special reports, consumer alerts, and the latest stories. Along with reporting breaking news alerts featured on CBS News, Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, etc., he highlights the articles with relevant commentary and industry insights specific to Carolina retirees. His wife Wendy also shares his vision of helping you make the most of your retirement years. She is the club’s vice president, the monthly herald’s editor, and is well known and loved by all of Tripp’s clients by simply doing things most advisors neglect to do. Dropping a “Thinking of You” note in the mail and by leaving surprise homebaked goods on their doorstep. “It’s the little things that show you care”, she says. “Welcome to our

Tripp & Wendy reside in Lake Norman, NC with their 2 children and dog named "Dexter". In their spare time they raise awareness for and are strong supporters of the "Twilight Wish Foundation", a non-profit charitable organization that's mission is to honor and enrich the lives of deserving seniors through wish granting celebrations. ■ ■ ■

club. We’re glad you’re here!”


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V o lu me 1 , Is su e 4

This Month In History - July

Happy 4th of July!

1 U.S. postage stamps went on sale for the first time. (1847) 4 After being displayed or over a century, the torch on the Statue of Liberty is removed so it ca be replaced. (1984) 5 Baseball great Joe DiMAggio hits his first grand slam. (1937) 5 The bikini makes it's debut at a Paris fashion show. (1946) 6 In the very first All Star Baseball game, the American League wins 5-2. (1933) 8 The U.S. State Department issues the first passport. (1796) 12 Etch-a-Sketch goes on sale. (1960) 13 The radio is patented by Guglielmo Marconi. (1898) 14 Alfred Nobel demonstrates dynamite. (1867) 16 John F. Kennedy Jr. dies in a plane crash off Martha's Vineyard. (1999) 17 The air conditioner was invented. (1902) 17 Walt Disney's Disneyland opens in Anaheim, Ca. (1955) 19 Samuel Colt, invented the revolver (1814) 20 Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the moon. (1969) 21 Jesse James and his gang rob their first train (1873) 23 The ice cream cone is invented.(1904) 26 Benjamin Franklin became the first Postmaster General. (1775) 26 Mickey Mantle hits his first "Grand Slam". (1952) 28 World War I began. (1914) 30 President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Medicare bill. (1965)

From Dexter Dog

Every Day’s A Holiday! Sun



1 Interna- 2 World tional UFO Day Joke Day 7 Straw8 Video berry Sun- Games dae Day Day




3 Stay out of the Sun Day

4 Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

5 Work-a- 6 National holics Day Fried

11 Cheer up the Lonely Day

12 Pecan Pie Day

9 National 10 Teddy Sugar Bear PicCookie nic Day Day


Chicken Day

13 Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

14 15 Tapioca 16 Cow 17 Peach 18 Na- 19 Na20 Ugly National Pudding Apprecia- Ice Cream tional Cav- tional Truck Day iar Day Raspberry Nude Day Day tion Day Day Cake Day 21 22 23 Na24 AmeNational Hammock tional Hot lia Junk Food Day Dog Day Earhart Day 28 National Milk Chocolate Day

25 Thread- 26 Aunt 27 Take ing the and Uncle Your Needle Day Day Pants for a Walk Day

29 Na30 Father 31 Mutt's tional La- -in-Law Day sagna Day Day

Bizarre and unique holidays that are actually true!

JULY 2013 • National Blueberry Month • National Anti-Boredom Month • National Cell Phone Courtesy Month • National Hot Dog Month • National Ice Cream Month


Panel of Experts Tripp Jordan, Founder and President of "Retirement Survival", is recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on safe investment alternatives and is appropriately coined the "Safe Money Specialist". Trusted advisor, consultant, speaker, and budding author, he has been helping consumers with tax advantage investment alternatives for years and loves nothing more than teaching people how to protect and hold onto their hard-earned money, in simple easy-to-understand ways. Influencing thousands of retirees annually through his program, he simply teaches you how to make your life easier , money work harder, and legacy stretch further.. Wendy Jordan, wife of Tripp, is the Retirement Survival Club’s vice president and editor of it’s Monthly Herald. She put her professional modeling career on hold to join forces with her husband and follow a more fulfilling path helping retirees and baby boomers survive and thrive in their golden years. She co-hosts their popular online TV Talk Show called “Retirement Survival TV”, where she and Tripp take complicated financial issues that retirees face and explain them in simple, casual, (and even funny) conversation over coffee. She also manages his Retirement Survival Institute curriculum and graduates and is the go-to person for clients to get answers they need.

David Sandoval is an internationally-renowned lecturer and authority on whole-food nutrition and disease prevention. Founder, Owner, Chief Science and "Human Guinea Pig" for Purium Health Products, his formulations are used by over a hundred organizations, including cancer treatment centers and leading health food companies, and by the leading personalities in the nutrition industry. Ernie J. Zelinski is an international best-selling author, professional speaker, and prosperity life coach specializing in creating inspirational life-changing books, websites, e-books, and seminars. Ernie is the author of the international bestsellers “The Joy of Not Working” (over 250,000 copies sold) and “How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free” (over 150,000 copies sold), two lifechanging books that have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world achieve a more wholesome life.

International best-selling author Timothy Carroll shares real-life stories about love, happiness and dating again after 50 in his new book, Don't Ever Give Up on Love. Intertwined with practical insight, the book provides hope, inspiration and support to single seniors...ready to start a new chapter of their romantic lives. He has since become tagged as “The Voice of Senior Romantics”. 4

Page 5

Fe a t u re d Fe e l G o o d S t o r i e s Don’t Ever Give Up On Love: True Senior Romances (story continued from June issue) In her teaching career, following her natural inclination, she had encouraged pupils to put on stage shows at her school. It was not long before she and Bill were organizing their own cabaret, which included their talented friends. Both Lou and Ernestine were already members of a singles club for people over the age of fifty. Bill had been single for thirty-five years, so Lou invited him to join so that they could both enjoy its many activities. After her own retirement and with more time on

her hands, Lou was able to recruit a number of its female members to form a dance troop, which regularly rehearsed and later performed at local nursing homes and hospitals. Retirement became every bit as busy as their working lives, while their popularity as a couple expanded on every front. Following a divorce, Lou’s daughter had moved in to her mother’s home with her before Lou met Bill. It had worked quite well for mother and daughter alone. Lou bought the groceries; her daughter cooked wonderfully; and Lou cleaned up after they ate.

Twilight Wish Foundation: Wish To Dine With Family

-Mother Teresa

...Continued on Page 26

Senior Paws ~ A Tribute To Paws With

by Marie Nesmith

"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everyone. I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty, than the person who has nothing to eat."

However, there was friction after Bill joined the household. The new romantic relationship did not sit comfortably with Lou’s daughter at all, as is often the case with adult offspring, even allowing for a period of adjustment. It came to the point where the daughter told Lou that she would have to choose between her and Bill. One of the two would have to leave. Faced with this unfair choice, in the kindest way possible, Lou said that while she would always love her daughter, she could not give up Bill. The daughter moved out.

This past February, Joan Brown became the belle of the ball as she donned her Valentine's dress and dined with family. A resident of Cartersville Heights Care and Rehabilitation Center for more than 10 years, Brown's fulfilled request was made possible through the internal Wish Upon a Twilight Star program. "Karen was nice enough to put my makeup on me and do my hair," Brown said, referring to Karen Tate, director of activities at Cartersville Heights. "Then at the last minute I put my dress on. I went to LongHorn Steakhouse with my son. His wife came too and my brother and nephew were there too. It meant a lot to me. The food also was great. I had a New York strip steak and a shrimp appetizer." ...Continued on Page 28 5

A Lot Of Miles On Them

NAME: Ralph -11 years young BREED: Lab Mix OWNER: Randy Burnette WILL BE MOST REMEMBERED FOR: Loving to Eat Watermelon!

Date Night Delight This month’s special date night was spent exploring the quaint little town of Davidson. After exiting, we took a left, searching for the famous North Harbor Club (voted “Best Waterfront Restaurant on Lake Norman). Straight ahead I spotted a glimpse of water so we pulled into a cluster of Mediterranean style townhomes and meandered to the shore to see this picture-perfect view up close. On the beach we met a local named Colin, who gave us the lay of the land. While he and Tripp chatted about boat clubs and community parties, I couldn’t help myself and jumped into the water right amongst several 5 year old boys! (I had my swimsuit on under my clothes from earlier). I simply couldn’t resist…the beautiful lake was beckoning me! After drying off we walked up the hill to the restaurant and shared the most delightful meal together out on the patio as we watched boats drift in and out. I had my all time favorite, Carolina Lump Crabcakes, and Tripp ordered his tried and true pick Herb Roasted Salmon. We had heard through the grapevine that there was a special and intimate movie theatre called “Our Town Cinemas” that we just had to check out. It had quite the hometown feel with oversized comfy leather chairs in pairs, each flanking a bistro table ready to hold whatever food from the menu your heart desires. Of course we were stuffed to the gills already, so a little hand-holding, dim lights, and random giggles was enough to make us feel like teenagers all over again. I have no doubt that night I had the most handsome date in town! 6

~ Jordan Family Fun Day ~ Ahhhh…you sure can’t beat the sun warming your body, toes in the sand, and a nice juicy slice of cold watermelon. And that’s exactly what we experienced today. For the month of July we decided to spend our Jordan Family Fun Day at the Lake Norman State Park in Troutman. Growing up in the small town of Bassett, VA, the state park was the main (and only) place to go for fun, so it was nice to relive those days. Cooler in hand full of turkey sandwiches, grapes, and iced oatmeal cookies

Getting warmed up and ready to jump in the water!

(our fave go-to summer cookie), we carved out a place in the sand for us Jordans to cram as many memories as possible into one day! Later that evening, we topped off the JFFD with a fiesta of homemade tacos, a little background beach music, and a rousing board game of “Moods”. Even though Robbie beat us all, it was the most hilarious, side-splitting Tripp attempting a “belly flop” to splash the kids!

game ever…and delivered enough belly laughs to qualify it as a true day of family fun!

A beautiful view of the beach from above. “Look Mom...No Hands!” 7

The BIG Lesson Of The Month From The School Of “Hard Knocks� Case Study: Art and Betty (excerpt from pages 148-150 ...) A quick story we will share regarding diversification is about a couple named Art and Betty. They were very modest people, both blue-collar workers in their mid-60's retiring on small pensions and Social Security. They owned a small house almost paid for, and they inherited quite a bit of money from Art's Aunt Carol.

tance, that $250,000 was their tax basis. If they were to sell it all for $250,000, they would pay no income or capital gains tax. Nevertheless, for all kinds of reasons, they did not want to sell it. (Mostly because they felt bad selling Aunt Carol's stock in the company she believed in so strongly.)

Art and Betty had very little money and could have really used the money from the inheritance. The stock certificate was sitting in their safe deposit box Aunt Carol worked for a Fortune 500 company her providing a very low dividend of only 2% that didn't entire career, never married, didn't spend much help them as much financially as it could have, or money, lived in the same apartment her entire life, and left over $500,000 to her two nephews when she should have. Yet, they were very reluctant to sell the stock because they felt they would be betraying the passed away. trust and memory of Aunt Carol. Art received $250,000 from her inheritance, all in the form of stock Aunt Carol had purchased through After they came in for planning, it was recomher stock purchase plan at her company. She used all mended they diversify some of that stock over a pethe money from her salary she didn't need to live on, riod of time and put it into other investments that would generate a much higher cash flow than 2%. to buy more stock in the company. Her retirement They would have protection of principal, tax beneplan at work was 100% invested in the stock of the fits, etc. and a much more diversified portfolio. They company as well. She was a real company person. resisted and felt they couldn't betray Aunt Carol. The problem for Art and Betty was that they inherYou know what happened next? You guessed it. ited the stock and just sat on it for a while before they decided to do some planning. We won't go into the issues of estate taxes and capital gains taxes here One day, a year and a half later, Betty was hysterical. in this chapter, but Art and Betty had a major benefit She just read the newspaper, and there was an article that said the company had just announced financial in that Aunt Carol had left the stock to them in her will as opposed to giving it to them while still living. and accounting irregularities. This caused the value Their tax basis was the value of the stock on the day of the stock to plummet. Over a two-week period, the value of their stock dropped from $250,000 to of Aunt Carol's death. (The value that has to be under $150,000. They lost more than $100,000 in used for tax purposes when the stock is sold.) two weeks! Aunt Carol had literally paid only $30-40,000 (depending on whose figures you trusted because the Betty wanted to know about the idea of selling some records were so obscure) for all the stock. If she had of the stock at that point. When asked how this decision fit into their feelings of betraying Aunt Carol, sold it, she would have had to pay capital gains on over $220,000 of profit, which would have cost her Betty said it didn't matter anymore and they needed to protect their assets. as much as $44,000 in taxes! Art and Betty didn't have that problem because when They were advised to think about it before taking Carol died, their share of the stock was worth about any drastic action. But, this situation, which is all too common, is really a matter of closing the barn door $250,000, and since they received it in an inheri8

after the horse has long since run away. Again, we're illustrating this most important point. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket! There are many good reasons for keeping or buying or selling investments. Emotional ties don't fall into this category. Investment decisions shouldn't be made on an emotional basis. That's another risk most people don't tell you about -- the risk of letting your emotions dictate your actions. When it comes to investments, you have to understand they are nothing more than pieces of paper or assets; they're just things. You shouldn't become any more attached to an investment than you might become attached to a piece of paper or a paperclip. It's just a thing. ■■■

This is an excerpt from pages 148-150 of “Secrets Of A Stress Free Retirement...How to Make Sure You Don’t Outlive Your Nest Egg”. To get your copy of this free ebook,

Your investment decisions should be made from a sound planning approach based on sensible diversification and investment principles, not on emotion.

simply go to:


“I’ll see you in class!”

Enroll in the RS Institute where Tripp will be teaching a series of 5 online classes covering “The Big 5 Concerns”

Course Curriculum: Class 1: Income Replacement, Class 2: Estate Recovery, Class 3: Wealth Transfer, Class 4: Catastrophic Illness, Class 5: Final Expense

Homework and learning assessment quizzes included

Graduating students will receive a Certificate of Completion and an autographed copy of Tripp’s new book

9 Enroll at

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(with your nest egg)

Interactive seminar Worksheet with action Steps

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OPTIONAL: Attend Tripp’s “Retirement Survival Institute” - a series of 5 classes addressing “The 5 Areas of Concern Retirees Face”

t.) (con

$5 donated to the Twilight Wish Foundation on behalf of every new client

FREE New Client Kit with fun goodies

Full of heartwarming articles, games, jokes, recipes,

“Tripp’S Tips” – A weekly video emailed with a useful tip “Client of the Month” recognition


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“I’ll teach you what you don’t know about CD’s & Annuities that could hurt you… and the exact 3 steps to take to protect yourself.”

1. Here’s How I’ll Make Your Life Easy I will be teaching you: •

How To Avoid Running Out Of Money Before You Die

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How To Avoid Needlessly Losing Thousands Of Dollars

How To Eliminate Sleepless Nights And A Sick Stomach Amidst The Stock Market Roller Coaster

The Amazing Alternative To Low Paying CD’s & The Risky Stock Market

2. Here’s How I’ll Save You T ime I will be teaching you:

How The “Trial & Error” Method Of Handling Your Finances May

Cost You 12

The 9 Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make And How To Avoid Them

Questions To Ask A Financial Professional Before You Make Any Moves

How To Create And Follow A “Safe Money Map” Customized To YOUR Family

How A Financial Diagnosis From An Expert Can Clear The Fog And Help You See The Light

The 3 Questions Everyone Wants To Know About Their Money

3. Here Is Solid Proof And Guarantees In all my years as an advisor, I have never lost any of my clients ONE RED CENT and saved their heirs hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes! I don’t believe in gambling if you can’t afford to lose. If you’re not into safety, then my services are NOT for you.

A Snapshot of Tripp’s Typical Client: •

They’re not wooed by the “hot new investment”

They opt to build their financial house on solid ground, not quicksand ready to suck up their lifelong accumulation

They value personal service over random sales reps hiding behind an 800#, regurgitating canned company jargon

They’re sold out to one mission: keeping their savings under lock and key… and passing their money to their loved ones tax free.

They’ve worked through blood, sweat and tears to save a substantial nest egg and are darn proud of it

They’re savvy retirees eager to try new activities and believe their lives are just getting started

They rest in the fact that they’ve got the money thing taken care of, and are focused on leaving a legacy (tax free)

While others are scrambling for answers, they’re full of peace and contentment knowing they aren’t losing a penny

If these are things you believe in and stand for, and are ready to become a client too, call 1-866-512-4446. 13

July Pop Quiz

“Porky The Piggy Bank” Says...

Q. What's the most important first step to take “ Don’t fret over how big or small your

towards achieving your financial goals?

‘retirement piggy bank’ may be. You

A. Contribute regularly to an IRA or 401(k).

did the best you could over the years,

B. Work hard so you'll get promoted to a better job.

so no regrets! Instead, focus on being

C. Figure out which goals are achievable and worth

smart with the money you DO have and make sure none of it is wasted on

striving for.

unnecessary fees and taxes.”

D. Put yourself on a tight budget to get spending under control. (Answer revealed in next month’s issue!)

Tripp’s Safe Money Quiz Don’t forget to test just how safe your savings REALLY IS by taking the Safe Money Quiz at...

Bonus Insider Reports by Tripp YES! I’d like more FREE information on the following: □ “The 9 Biggest Mistakes Retirees Make and How To Avoid Them” □ “How to Avoid Overpaying for Your Life Insurance – Dirty Secrets The Big Companies Hope You Never Learn” □ “The Secret Alternatives to CD’s…What The Big Banks Don’t Want You To Know!” □ “What Your Accountant and Attorney Won’t Tell You About Living Trusts Can Cost You A Fortune!” □ “10 Questions You Must Ask A Financial Advisor BEFORE You Hire Them!”

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TV ...with Tripp and Wendy

Tripp and Wendy host a popular online TV Talk Show called “Retirement Survival TV”, where they take complicated financial issues that retirees face and explain them in simple casual conversation over coffee.

July Episodes Will Cover Topics Such As: •

What you think is “safe” is not really “safe”… • •

• •

How to Inflation-proof your IRA

#1 Mistake Retirees Make with Investments

Why 87% of Boomers are Happier with Lower Returns •

Variable Annuities: The Truth

Transforming your 401k into steady income

A Financial Concept That Has Been Known to Hit Retirees Hard… (BROADCASTS AIR ON TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS)


Go To To Watch!

Tripp Getz Mail No problem Richard. I have to get my wife Wendy on ea d r p s our pg ke Y ur 2 a o y M I’ll I’ll I like How How s ’ s ’ e e r Is er “He Here ”, “H “ y s a & E e ”, s”. Life u Tim uarantee o Y r &G Save dviso oof a r P n a d out Soli with seen y r s e a v e ne n so I’ve fo r dow t i n ks a k us a h e T r b ” for ng. i n r w o gb s do bein T. thing g n i hard c b i m R “du lks! ar fo l u g re



to “dumb things down” to me so I know exactly how you feel!

e th m w wi o l s g n. I goin essio s for S k y n g a te Th iStra xper g the n i e st e r b e du h , b ut dt isors ’t ha v n d e a v r ha u othe u. Yo with e c st yo u en r t re an e mo wIc ith m w I kno h ina uc -Reg in to p ! e on ke wn s my o n a th

p, Trip


Hey guys! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bit on Senior Paws! Old dogs are often forgotten ( just like people ) and don ’ t get near the attention cute puppies do. I ’ m taking your magazine to my vet to post and create awareness of the tribute! -Crystal

You’re quite welcome Ms. Regina. I know savings and retirement income are sensitive issues. I simply want people to see my heart and allow me to show them a better way. I’m not supposed to have favorite clients, but if I did, you’d be one of them!

Awesome idea Crystal, I should do the same! I have a special place in my heart for older dogs. They deserve better! 17

Jokes ‘n Puzzles

July Wordsearch July






fireworks smoothie beachball popsicle







Tripp Wendy

Dear Diary,

June 29 2013 5:45 PM

Summer is officially here! I remember when I was a little girl June was so exciting because it meant end of school and time for the pool! It’s funny how at that age you never seem to get tired of summer activities, swimming for hours and hours and still begging Mom and Dad for “just a little while longer?”. I even remember playing for so long underwater that at the end of the day I had a purple ring around my face from where my mask was suctioned for so long to my head! Extreme I know, but that was how much fun summer was to me. And now that I’m in my late twenties, I may not be blessed with the same amount of time for fun in the sun, but I still smile on the inside when the first day of summer rolls around. There’s something so freeing and relaxing when your thoughts turn to colorful beachballs, sailboats, vacations, sandy toes, frozen drinks, shagging, sundresses and salty waves. To make it even sweeter, I received a card in the mail from my mom Debbie that said “Happy Birthday Sweet Daughter! It’s Your Year To Shine!”. Thanks Mom for being so thoughtful and thank you God for blessing me with yet another year to “shine” and try to make a difference in people’s lives. Until next time,

Wendy 19

What’s Cookin’?



I woke up at 6am…scrambled downstairs, and started pulling ingredients from the pantry. Tripp had a workshop to host that morning at Shad’s Landing Senior Living Community and I was in charge of the food! I pulled out my two go-to muffin recipes, Paula Deen’s blueberry and her banana nut, and got to baking! Soon the air was filled with the smell of homemade goodness and my kitchen was overflowing with dozens and dozens of cute little muffins. Once I saw the residents coming back for seconds and thirds… I knew they were a hit! I hope your family loves them just as much.

Scrumptious Banana Nut Muffins 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup sugar 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup mashed ripe banana 1/2 cup vegetable oil 2 large eggs 2 tablespoons milk 1 cup chopped pecans Garnish: confectioners' sugar, fresh raspberries


In a large bowl, combine flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, and salt. In a medium bowl, combine banana, oil, eggs, and milk; add to flour mixture, stirring until just combined. Stir in pecans. Spoon batter evenly into prepared muffin cups. Bake for 12 to 15 minutes at 400°., or until golden brown. Let cool on wire racks.

Chicken Soup For The Golden Soul “Time Out” I live high in the hills and my body is getting old. One day I was out in my garden fussing with weeds and grew tired. I decided to lie

on the lawn where I could see you. The sky is such a beautiful thing, and I cannot remember the last time I really looked at it.”

back on the grass and rest like I used to when “In the name of God, stop a moment,

I was a small boy.

cease your work, look around you…”

I woke up some minutes later with a neighbor

-Leo Tolstoy

I had never met leaning over me, all out of breath, asking me if I were okay. He had looked out his window two blocks up the hill and saw me lying on my back on the grass, looking, I am sure, like the victim of a stroke or heart attack, and had run all the way down the hill to check on me. It was embarrassing, but it was also so wonderfully touching. After we had it all sorted out, he let out a deep breath and lay down on the grass beside me. We both stayed there very quietly for a while and then he said, “Thank you for deciding to take your nap out

"Time Out" from "Chicken Soup for the Golden Soul" copyright in 2000 by "Sue Monk Kidd", Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC. All rights reserved.

Sharing Is Caring Tell-A-Friend Program Right now, there are hundreds of retirees just like you who are reading this newsletter. What’s funny is we haven’t paid a dime to advertise it…so this newsletter must be getting spread around by word of mouth. In fact, our community (that you helped start) is growing so fast that I want to make sure your friends and family get a shot at membership…before it gets too big. If you want to make sure they aren’t blindsided by money traps that may be waiting for them in retirement, simply give them our newsletter. They’ll be thankful for the free, valuable info and you’ll feel good for helping someone avoid unnecessary grief.

“The Good Old Days magazine brings the nostalgic delight of stories, articles and pictures from bygone times. Filled with smiles and good feelings, it brings the treat of a lifetime in the pages of gentle humor, heartwarming reminiscences and timeless memories.”

To make it fun, we’re throwing in a 1 year subscription to one of my favorite magazines the “Good Old Days” for referring a new client. To get your prize, make sure to have them tell us that you were the one that sent them our way! ~ Together We Can Educate And Empower Retirees ~ 21

This Month’s Top Stories: •

Huffington Post: 5 Ways Retirees Can Save on Vacations

US News: 6 Costs to Cut In Retirement

TODAY News: Robocall Scammers Use ‘Life Alert’ To Swindle Seniors

Huffington Post: 7 Re-


tirement Decisions

For Tripp’s Up To Date Coverage!

That Affect The Rest Of Your Life •

Fox Business: Tips For Moving During Your Retirement Years

CBS News: Retirement Savings $14 Trillion Below Threshold

Forbes: Women, Get Real About Retirement Health Costs 22

A Father’s Day Tribute to My Dad ~ William “Bill” S. Jordan Jr. ~ September 16, 1932 – Dec. 29, 2004 Dad, I just had another Father’s Day without you, and words cannot express how much I miss you. I never realized just how much I needed you in my life until you were gone. I remember the day before you passed away, while lying in that sterile hospital bed, barely able to construct a sentence; you reached over and signed your name “William S. Jordan Jr.” on a napkin for one last time. It wasn’t until later that I realized the significance of that to a man. There are many things that I remember about you that keep your memory alive. Like how you: •

Would laugh out loud all by yourself while watching an

episode of Seinfeld •

Would ever so often drink a martini with 3 olives over-

looking your backyard pool •

Would drink about a pot of Folders coffee every single day (its apparent where I get my addiction from!)

Loved watching the Braves and used to pitch semi-pro baseball in VA (who could forget that you once pitched two full 9-inning games back to back?!)

Were always going on “junkets” to Atlantic City and Biloxi, MS to shoot craps (after studying hundreds of technique books)

Were a hero in the Army as a paratrooper, serving 2 terms in the Korean War and received a bronze medal honor

Wished you could’ve been a lawyer but had a family to support that stopped you from pursuing that dream

Were married for 42 years, and took early retirement to take care of Mom as soon as she was diagnosed with cancer I wish I had of told you more, but you were such an honest man…faithful and full of integrity (it was always black and white with you…no gray area). I am truly honored to be your son, and am proud to carry on the name William S. Jordan III. I look forward to the day we’re reunited and I can tell you “Thank You” face to face. Love You Dad!

Happy Father’s Day!

Your son,

Tripp 23

Corner of Amazing Grace By: Wendy Jordan I will be honest. I first hesitated to add this section to the newsletter, knowing some of our clients may not be Christian. But because God, church, and the Bible is such a huge part of our lives, I was led to share our faith with you, and what we’re learning on our Christian journey together.

“If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.” - President Ronald Reagan

rope. Since there are 31 chapters in all, they suggested we read one every night before we went to bed. So we did just that. Every night in bed, before we drifted to sleep, Tripp and I would take turns reading that day’s chapter to one another. I believe the commitment and accountability really strengthened our marriage...and gave us something peaceThis month’s sermon series at church was ful and wholesome to dream about each entitled “Blueprint”, and was all about night. relying on the book of Proverbs as your Tripp’s Favorite: Proverbs 18:22 blueprint for life. We’ve all heard Proverbs preached in church our whole lives, but it seems the older I get, the more I realize what nuggets of timeless wisdom it really is. No matter what generation you were born in, what part of the country you live in, or what your family life consisted of… there are rock-solid lessons Wendy’s Favorite: Proverbs 3:6 and simple truths in this book that will guide your steps and create a better life for us all. Our church even gave us little copies of the book of Proverbs, wrapped in brown parchment paper and tied with a canvas

Feeling confused about your financial plan? Wondering if you can truly trust your advisor’s recommendations? Do some days you just feel like throwing up your hands and giving up? Don’t! That’s what we’re here for. We devote every day of our lives to the mission of educating and empowering retirees just like yourself to make the best choices possible with their nest egg. But we realize it can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just need someone to look over your shoulder and say “Yes, that was a good choice”...or “I may would reconsider your money being in that investment because of these risks…”. If you like the sound of a second opinion, you’re welcome to call our office at 1-866-512-4446 to chat. We’re here for you and understand what you’re going through!


Photo Of The Month

• Tripp’s favorite home-cooked meal is a hearty bowl of Wendy’s spicy chili • Wendy was a 1st chair flutist all through middle school • Tripp played Jesus two years in a row in a huge church’s Christmas production • Wendy’s childhood nickname was “Wendy Wiggles” because she couldn’t sit still •

Tripp’s parents had him at ages 37 and 38 and sometimes called him a “accident”. He always preferred the phrase “unplanned miracle” instead.

Wendy’s all-time favorite TV show is I Love Lucy. Growing up she got the Lucy collector’s doll, lunchbox, and t-shirt, board game and book of postcards.

Tripp used to play the Ukulele at age 7

Wendy’s most embarrassing moment was when she once knocked the huge orange Gatorade tub of water off the bleachers over onto the varsity basketball coach and delayed the whole game for 30 minutes 25

handmade Valentine’s Day cards to her many friends. This charming tradition had (continued from page 5) actually become something of a chore for her, and she saw an opportunity to end it Two years later, when socializing at the by making her handwritten wedding invidance club, Eleanor, who had been compet- tation the final valentine effort of this ing earlier for Bill’s attention, swiveled right kind. After all, what excuse could a around in her chair to question him about “married woman” have for sending out Lou: “Are you still impressed?” valentine cards? What could he say? There was no doubt Valentines—oh, yes, and frogs—were the about it. theme, and needless to say, the occasion was brimming with love, goodwill, and The years flew by in a flurry of dancing, delight. The surprise costumes of the performing, dressing up, and socializing. bridal group caused laughter but did not There seemed no need to formalize their relationship. Their respective offspring had detract from the solemnity of the maradjusted to it, Bill’s rather more readily than riage ceremony, which was performed by a dear friend who is a retired clergyman, Lou’s, and a status quo was established. also recently remarried. It was not only a They were a couple—an item—and the envy of their single contemporaries. In fact, gratifying way to formalize their loving union, but it was also an opportunity to they so enjoyed the single scene together indulge their friends and allow them to and all the friends and activities that they didn’t see any reason to change their status share their joy. Where did it all begin? It began with a catalyst of common interfrom that of simply being lovers. ests. Lou had noticed how much Bill had taken to the small Maltese dog that belonged to a Love and desire for another may overcome all obstacles, but these can be fickle good friend—and how the dog had also taken to Bill. Seven years had elapsed by the emotions that change over time, as the time Lou decided that she would like to buy experienced person already knows. Sussuch a dog for Bill as a surprise present on taining a loving permanent marital relahis eighty-fifth birthday. Her friend found a tionship requires a strong underlying puppy for sale, and together they collected friendship and a degree of self-sacrificing willingness to compromise. it. So who can say when it is too late to Bill was tremendously delighted. The little consider dating, romance, and marriage? If puppy adored him, and he was enthralled your heart is in it—and your health is up with it. They named him Barnabus. As the to it—maybe it is never too late. ■ ■ ■ dog grew closer to them both, Bill awoke one morning with certainty of mind. All earlier doubts about inequalities in their relationship and the potential health burden that he might become to Lou were dispelled. Partly in jest, he turned to Lou in bed and said that since the three of them had become a family, he thought he and Lou should get married. Lou pretended hesitation and said she would have to have time to think about it. In reality, she was in complete and instant agreement, but she assumed that Bill would prefer a simple ceremony. Imagine how thrilled she was when she learned that he wished her to follow her heart and make it a grand occasion. As she was heard to say, “It was a great excuse for a party.” As a member of an elegant local business club, Lou was able to arrange to have both the wedding and reception there. As a surprise, the bridal group was to attend in antebellum costume, and over two hundred guests were invited. It was a truly splendid affair and a testament to the couple’s great popularity. For many years, Lou had adopted the custom of sending out a couple of hundred

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This true story is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of “Don’t Ever Give Up On Love” by Timothy Carroll, International bestselling author and highly regarding inspirational speaker coined “The Voice Of Senior Romantics”. To learn more about him and his books, visit


Top 10 Retirement Activities That Are Never Too Late to Pursue Unless You Are Dead and recorded twenty albums in his nineties. At the age of 96, Stokowski — an eternal optimist no doubt — signed a six-year recording contract. 10. Write a Book: At the prime age of ninety-eight, Jessie Lee Brown Foveaux sold her first book for a small fortune. The great-greatgrandmother, an unschooled and unskilled writer, turned a memoir she wrote in a writing class for senior citizens into a book.

Retirement Tips Stay busy [when you retire]. If you are going to sit on the couch and watch TV, you are going to die. — Bill Chavanne

By: Ernie Zelinski

1. Start a Newspaper: Mary Baker Eddy was 87 when she founded the Christian Science Monitor. 2. Obtain a University Degree. Doris Eaton Travis was 88 when she graduated with a degree in history from the University of Oklahoma. 3. Learn How to Read Better: Franklin Tennessee resident David Eugene Ray was ninety-nine when he started to learn how to read. 4. Run a Marathon. Ed Benham was 84 when he ran a marathon in 4 hours, 17 minutes, and 51 seconds. 5. Go to Jail for a Good Cause: Doctor Benjamin Spock was 83 when he was arrested at Cape Canaveral, Florida for demonstrating for world peace. 6. Operate a Ski Club: Lloyd Lambert, at 87, was an active skier and operating a seventy-plus Ski Club that had 3,286 members including a ninetyseven-year-old. 7. Climb the Highest Mountain That You Can Find: Hulda Crooks was 91 when she climbed Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States. 8. Continue Working in Retirement as an Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright, a pioneer in the modern style and considered one of the greatest figures in twentieth-century architecture, was 89 when he designed his last building. 9. Start a Symphony Orchestra: Leopold Stokowski founded the American Symphony Orchestra at 80

What good is freedom if you've not got the money for it? — Lillian Hellman

One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reaAbout the Author Ernie J. Zelinski is an international best-selling author, professional speaker, and prosperity life coach specializing in creating inspirational life-changing books, websites, ebooks, and seminars. Ernie is the author of the international bestsellers The Joy of Not Working (over 250,000 copies sold) and How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free (over 150,000 copies sold), two lifechanging books that have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world achieve a more wholesome life.

sonable words. — von Goethe

When the majority of people get my age, once they retire and get Social Security they lay on the couch and do nothing. The next thing you know, they're not with us any more.

Ernie's core message — that ordinary people can attain extraordinary results and make a big difference in this world — is at the heart of his work. Ernie deeply believes in the powers of creativity and well-intentioned action as the most important elements for attaining personal prosperity and financial freedom.

Meet Ernie at:

— 77-year-old Retiree August Gonsoulin

I still find each day too short [in retirement] for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want 27

to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. — John Burrough

Page 28

V o lu me 1 , Is su e 4

Care Center Resident Receives Twilight Wish To Dine With Family (continued from page 5) After suffering a stroke at 35, when her son was 17, Brown came to the Cartersville facility for assistance. With her legs and left arm being paralyzed, she relies on a wheelchair for transport. To help Brown, 47, receive her wish, Mary Jaramillo - education and training coordinator for SunBridge Healthcare -- covered the cost of her meal.

Helping to Make the World a Nicer Place to Age…One Wish at a Time

"As a mother of a teenage son myself, I felt that to bring them together was the right thing to do," said Jaramillo in a news release. For Tate, assisting in Brown's evening out was a joyous occasion on Sunday.

Joan Brown gets her hair styled by Karen Tate, activities director at Cartersville Heights Care and Rehabilitation Center, where Brown is a resident and is getting ready to go out with her son for a steak dinner as part of the center’s Wish Upon a Twilight Star program. DAYTON P. STRICKLAND/The Daily Tribune News

"Her son stated that this was the best thing that has happened to Joan since she's been here in 12 years," Tate said, adding LongHorn also contributed to the special outing by setting the table with linens and a floral centerpiece. "So that made me feel really good. This is my dream job. We have fun. There is a lot of paperwork but to see their faces, see their spirits uplifted, you can't explain what it means. ... I've only been here since October of 2010.

Tripp and Wendy fell in love with this cause and are strong supporters of Twilight Wish Foundation. They donate

"So this is all kind of new for me but I love this program and I am so thankful for my job and working with our residents. It's something different every day. You don't know what's going to happen. It's an adventure." ■ ■ ■

$10 on behalf of every new client.


Enjoy Old Faves in a NEW Healthy Way! By: David Sandoval Did you know that you can completely change your diet without changing the foods that you like to eat? At least without changing the type of food you like to eat – the secret is in the ingredients. Growing up, the perfect breakfast to me was bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, and pancakes - which was filled with fat, cholesterol, white flour, high fructose corn syrup, and probably loads of chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives. But when my mother put it on the table, it was pretty much irresistible and a sign of love and comfort. Today, I do my best to recreate that Sunday feast, however I change the ingredients and thus change the impact from being quite negative - and possibly leading to obesity, heart disease, and who knows what else - to a meal that even the most health conscious person would find hard to criticize. How do we do this? Well, I start by using whole grain buckwheat flour mixed with whole grain sourdough flour to make the best banana pancakes in history.

By using orange juice instead of eggs and milk in the batter and by laying sliced bananas on the uncooked side prior to flipping (using coconut oil as the frying medium) you can create a healthy whole wheat pancake with caramelized banana “syrup!” You now have cholesterol-lowering, glucose-stabilizing, nutrient-loaded and fiber-rich pancakes! What about those fried potatoes? Did you know that purple potatoes contain the same valuable compounds as blueberries? When fried in coconut oil with fresh onion, peppers, garlic, and sprinkled with parsley you now have a heart healthy, no cholesterol, 'actually good for you' plate of home fries! What about eggs and bacon? For those non-vegetarians/vegans, I suggest selecting the organic, free range, “omega 3- rich" variety of eggs and searching out nitrate and preservative-free, free-range turkey bacon. I know that making smart choices by choosing healthier ingredients can add years to your life and, of course, life to your years.

~ Member Perk ~ Gift Card & a Movie! For a limited time, David is offering a $50 Gift Card redeemable for his “Power of 10 – Anti-

started tak“Ever since we ucts, I can’t ing Purium prod h more tell you how muc and better energy we have we feel!”

Aging Pack” to all loyal Retirement Survival Club readers. Visit to watch the 6 minute video on how to biologically reverse aging. Just shoot me an email at to request your free gift card.

-Tripp & Wen

*While supplies last. 29



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“When the majority of people get my age, once they retire and get Social Security they lay on

1) If you could live your life over,

the couch and do nothing. The next thing you

what would you change?

know, they're not with us any more.”

2) What advice would you give the

— 77-year-old Retiree August Gonsoulin

younger generation? 3) What are the most important

“I still find each day too short [in retirement]

things in life?

for all the thoughts I want to think, all the

Email your answers to wendy@jointrippcom walks I want to take, all the books I want to to share your wisdom with the next generaread, and all the friends I want to see.”

tion and possibly be featured in Tripp’s book! — John Burrough

10 of Life’s Small Pleasures 1. Butterflies 2. Fresh Whipped Cream 3. Eating with chopsticks

“As in all successful ventures, the foundation of a good retirement is planning.” — Earl Nightingale

4. Smiling at a stranger 5. Staying in your pj’s all day long “It’s better to live rich than to die rich.”

6. Fresh herbs - Henry David Thoreau

7. Happy endings...even if they’re fictional 8. Flying a kite 9. White fluffy towels 10. Sunshine

“You only live once— but if you work it right, once is enough.”


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