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The Pursuit Of  What Is Difficult The pursuit of what is difficult is right, To pass the spring and curvature of hours. Wake and work the passing of the night. Though others say man ought to take delight In easy pleasure, dancing in the flowers; The pursuit of what is difficult is right. While many think that money reigns, despite Its having, in the coming grave, no power ­ Wake and work the passing of the night. And to strong men, enveloped in sleep's might, I say, rise up and do not shirk the hours. The pursuit of what is difficult is right. And me, who wasted, in my somber plight, The time that trickled through the glass in showers; I wake to work the passing of the night. The pursuit of what is difficult is right, Wake and work the passing of the night, Carl Estrin

The Pursuit Of What Is Difficult  

While many think that money reigns, despite Its having, in the coming grave, no power ­ Wake and work the passing of the night. Though other...

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