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The Logothetes Arm Up The Logothetes arm up And they will fight The Moorish armies that advance by night. Deus gratia. And though they sweat and struggle Through infernal regions, With mercenary legions Of Swedes and Danes and wild Varangian Guards, They will die and bleed Upon the Cappodocian Theme. Deus gratia. For they know well the wail of minarets, Fanatic call to prayer. The impetus of Islam must be stopped Though Byzantines must blind A thousand and leave but single eye, Against the crescent ocean they will stand. Deus gratia. Alexius Comnenus Put crusading armies off. He knew the Franks were just barbarians Who might loot the city And the Golden Horn to boot. But the colors of the Prophet he did hate And stood against them flashing Grecian fire, Just long enough to save the West. Deus gratia. Carl Estrin

The Logothetes Arm Up  

But the colors of the Prophet he did hate And stood against them flashing Grecian fire, Just long enough to save the West. Deus gratia. The...

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