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TARGET AUDIENCE Our primary targets are Graduates and Undergraduates. Our secondary targets are the Working Class (employed) who are also aspiring to become entrepreneurs and change agents in the society. Demographic summary: Age group: 18 – 39 Region: Urban and Semi-Urban region Employment status: Working and Non Working Class Lifestyle: Aspirational Publication Reach: Although we already have a core audience of over 30,000 potential readers who also fits into your customers profile, it is worthy of note that this pilot (maiden) edition print is just 3,000 copies (circulated within Lagos only) with an estimated readership of about 5,000. However, in the next edition we shall be increasing the print to 5,000 and by the fifth edition it would have been doubled to 10,000. Added to these will be our Free Download copies with an active link to your web page also. Frequency: Publication Format: Paper size: Paper Type: Pagination:

Bi-monthly Full Colour Print A3 (newspaper size) magazine Bond 8 - 12

Circulation summary: Print Run (Est. copies). 1. 3,000 (Maiden print) 2. 5,000 3. 6,000 4. 8,000 5. 10,000

Estimated Readership (Approx.) 5,000 7,000 9,000 12,000 15,000

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