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ABOUT US At the core of Rethink Magazine is a belief that it is mind over matter when you absolutely want to get that business / project started and working right regardless of resources controlled. Rethink is published by ThinkNovation Media, and our vision is to “Build Lives and Transform businesses”. Rethink magazine is an action figure (ThinkNovation) publication designed to drive bootstrapping, inspire, assist and encourage aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and any one who really wants to go make something happen! The Goal is to simplify the entrepreneurial journey / venture and inspire action regardless of resources available or controlled. It is envisioned to inspire and connect (potential) change makers ….entrepreneurs, aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs. The focus of our magazine is on Business Start-up and Development regardless of resources controlled. The features are informative, educative and entertaining; but most importantly, it’s an action guide that will get its readers on the move because the underlying dialogues are inspiring, unconventional, thought provoking and transforming. Rethink Magazine is a FREE life and business transforming publication to be published bimonthly (every 2 months) and circulated in Lagos, Ogun, Delta and Port Harcourt with the maiden edition out in October, 2013.

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