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Prepared by: ThinkNovation Media Suit 229, Atara Shopping Plaza, Aguda – Surulere, Lagos. E-mail: Magazine

ABOUT US At the core of Rethink Magazine is a belief that it is mind over matter when you absolutely want to get that business / project started and working right regardless of resources controlled. Rethink is published by ThinkNovation Media, and our vision is to “Build Lives and Transform businesses”. Rethink magazine is an action figure (ThinkNovation) publication designed to drive bootstrapping, inspire, assist and encourage aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and any one who really wants to go make something happen! The Goal is to simplify the entrepreneurial journey / venture and inspire action regardless of resources available or controlled. It is envisioned to inspire and connect (potential) change makers ….entrepreneurs, aspiring and early stage entrepreneurs. The focus of our magazine is on Business Start-up and Development regardless of resources controlled. The features are informative, educative and entertaining; but most importantly, it’s an action guide that will get its readers on the move because the underlying dialogues are inspiring, unconventional, thought provoking and transforming. Rethink Magazine is a FREE life and business transforming publication to be published bimonthly (every 2 months) and circulated in Lagos, Ogun, Delta and Port Harcourt with the maiden edition out in October, 2013.


1. It is a budding platform to tell your brand story as it impacts your customers aspirations. 2. Your advertising / PR campaigns will get to your target audience with impact, and will not get lost amidst many messages/advertorials/offers etc and we have various advert subscription platforms for you to build with; making it a viable ROI media for your marketing and advertising campaign. 3. We will help build a home for your brand in the heart of your customers and target customers because our beliefs, platforms, offerings and push will go a long way to reenforce what they (your customers) are benefiting / stand to benefit from your brand. 4. Our Advert rates / offerings are cheaper and spans over 2 months of brand / product advertising campaign with an added promotional service from our end. 5. Added to these, Rethink magazine is FREE. Therefore: • Your customers and potential customers do not need to pay for our publication to see your adverts. • Our publication will be reaching them from all possible points of contacts (POC), from eateries to supermarkets, banks to bookshops, churches to filling stations etc everywhere (online; offline) and everyway our target readers (your potential customers & customers) can/will be reached. 6. Our platform will assist you in building a positive customer perception of your company. 7. Beyond perception, it will also help in your company’s quest to grow happy, successful, satisfied and devoted customers across board. 8. It is also an avenue to show your commitment to Nation building via people capacity and resource development. 9. Rethink will elicit and build the humane touch between your company/brand and customers for long term relationship and satisfaction because now they know you care about them, their business and the fulfillment of their dreams and aspirations.

TARGET AUDIENCE Our primary targets are Graduates and Undergraduates. Our secondary targets are the Working Class (employed) who are also aspiring to become entrepreneurs and change agents in the society. Demographic summary: Age group: 18 – 39 Region: Urban and Semi-Urban region Employment status: Working and Non Working Class Lifestyle: Aspirational Publication Reach: Although we already have a core audience of over 30,000 potential readers who also fits into your customers profile, it is worthy of note that this pilot (maiden) edition print is just 3,000 copies (circulated within Lagos only) with an estimated readership of about 5,000. However, in the next edition we shall be increasing the print to 5,000 and by the fifth edition it would have been doubled to 10,000. Added to these will be our Free Download copies with an active link to your web page also. Frequency: Publication Format: Paper size: Paper Type: Pagination:

Bi-monthly Full Colour Print A3 (newspaper size) magazine Bond 8 - 12

Circulation summary: Print Run (Est. copies). 1. 3,000 (Maiden print) 2. 5,000 3. 6,000 4. 8,000 5. 10,000

Estimated Readership (Approx.) 5,000 7,000 9,000 12,000 15,000

HERE ARE MORE BENEFITS TO BE DERIVED FROM ADVERTISING IN RETHINK. 1. Your Company / business will be heralded as one of the principal sponsors of the Newsletter, (Platinum subscription). 2. Your message / advert gets to the people you need the most. 3. You get to win customers and potential customers vote in the market place because of your role in energizing the rethink brand for their benefit, and getting in touch with them regularly for the better. 4. It is an avenue and platform to re-position your company, business, product or service (Perception) with your brand story. 5. You will earn customers loyalty because you’ve aligned with a vision and project that challenges their core beliefs and aid their financial well being. 6. Rethink magazine stands as a transformational marketing tool for your company too.

OUR PROPOSITION We are not just offering you (an) advertising spot, but a platform to further drive home your message to our (target) readers….your customers and potential customers alike. We may not be offering your maximum reach now, what we’re offering is another platform to get up-close and personal with you brand story, a fertile ground to share your brand ideals and also to enrich lives even more, because we are working to help them (your customers and potential customers) find more veritable ways to reach for the richer life. OUR MAIDEN OFFERING: For this maiden edition, with as little as #50,000 you can advertise on a quarter of a page, with #80,000 you can drive home your message with half a page and with #150,000 you can tell an even greater story with our full page platform. (Note: These prices represent about 50% discount on actual ad prices and are also VAT exclusive) QUICK RESPONSE DISCOUNT (QRD) The QRD Depends on your response time to our proposal once received. Below is the additional discount (on the maiden offering prices) that will be earned by your company when you advertise (in a full or half page) in this maiden edition. Response Time (working days) 1. Three (3) days 2. Five (5) days

Discount Percentage 10% 5%


Below are the advert subscription plans available in our life and business transforming magazine. 1. Silver: (To be Negotiated) It is a support and sponsorship platform that earns you: a. A full page advert anywhere b. The coveted sponsorship / partnership tag on the cover page c. Additionally, a bottom strip advertisement position. 2. Regular (see ad price list) ADVERTISING RATES OUR AD RATES










Quarter Page

5.827 in x 8.268 in.





Half Page

11.693 in x 8.268 in.






Full page

11.693 in x 16.535 in.



Header / Footer

11.693 x 3.5 in


Special Positions


inner page


100,000 Front page

inner page

back page

For Advert Placement and Enquiries Contact: ThinkNovation Media Suit 229, Atara Shopping Plaza, Aguda – Surulere, Lagos. E-mail: Facebook page: Rethink Magazine Call: Stephen Ovie: 07081584940; James Ejekwu: 08093735653

CONCLUSION: Just like nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care, “nobody cares about your Business until they know how much your business cares for and about them”. This is an avenue to re-enforce that.

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