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News Musgrave MarketPlace Reports Massive Growth in Ecofriendly Products MUSGRAVE MarketPlace has announced that sales of its eco-friendly packaging and disposables range saw a dramatic increase in sales of 131% in 2018. The support for eco-friendly products has continued into 2019, as sales for the first nine weeks of 2019 are up 198% compared to the same time last year. Eco-friendly packaging currently accounts for 4.6% of total packaging products sold at Musgrave MarketPlace and is the fastest growing product group within the organisation. It is predicted that eco-friendly packaging will account for 6.9% of total packaging sold by the end of 2019. The biggest areas of product growth within the Musgrave

MarketPlace eco-friendly range are sales in coffee cups and lids (up 465% in 2019), takeaway containers (up 187% in 2019) and cutlery and straws (up 96% in 2019). Other eco-friendly products supplied by Musgrave MarketPlace include bowls, plates, cutlery, and trays. Sales from contract caterers (up 123%), offices and workplace (up 57.1%), and restaurants (up 63%) are the biggest sector growers for the range in 2019. “The dramatic rise in demand for eco-friendly products across our customer base is a sign that a new era of environmentally conscious business activity is upon us, and Musgrave MarketPlace is proud to be to the fore of this movement,” noted Sheena Forde, Trading Director, Musgrave MarketPlace. “Eco-friendly packaging and disposables are areas of huge growth potential for us and the wider industry. We’re working with our fantastic suppliers to expand our range in order to ensure we are providing our customers with the best sustainable eco-friendly alternatives on the market. At present, we have dedicated spaces within all our branches for eco-friendly packaging and disposables, with over 100 different types of eco-friendly product in each section.”

Ireland’s FSAI Hosts Heads of European Food Safety Agencies MORE than 30 regulatory experts from 21 European countries met recently at Dublin’s Spencer Hotel to collaborate and share information to protect consumer health of some 512 million citizens in Europe in relation to food. Dr Pamela Byrne, CEO of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland opened the Heads of European Food Safety Agencies (HoA) meeting. The HoA fosters co-operation across the agencies which promote food safety, animal health and welfare, plant health and consumer protection within the EU.

Pictured are Dr Pamela Byrne, CEO, FSAI, and Dr Georg Schreiber, Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, Germany.

Spar Retailers Make Significant Contribution to Charity Partner AHEAD of this year’s annual fundraiser, 65 Roses Day, in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, Spar retailers recently handed over a whopping €564,547 donation to the charity for monies raised over the term of its two-year official partnership. Spar is likely to make another sizeable contribution to the charity in the coming months, as participating Spar stores right around Ireland supported Cystic Fibrosis Ireland’s annual Flag Day again this year by selling the iconic Purple Roses in store on Friday April 12. As well as supporting the annual flag day, Spar retailers will also be proffering support to Bevin Murphy on her quest to raise awareness for the disease and the 65 Roses campaign. Bevin, who has Cystic Fibrosis, is taking on a challenge of walking or running for 65 minutes in a different county around Ireland each day during the month of April. Each day, Bevin will begin or end her walk/run at a Spar store and people can follow her journey on Spar’s social media platforms. According to Colin Donnelly, Spar Sales Director, “Spar is proud to support Cystic Fibrosis Ireland’s annual Flag Day by selling the iconic purple roses across our estate and we hope that our support will continue to help improve the quality of the lives of those living with cystic fibrosis in Ireland. Over the lifetime of our support of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, aside from supporting the annual flag day, we have charity boxes in stores, make regular donations from the sale of our Spar own brand products and have been involved in a number of fundraising events to raise as much funds as possible for CFI.”

Pictured at the cheque handover to CFI Ireland on behalf of Spar retailers are: Patricia Duffy Barber, Chairperson, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland; Barry Jones; Helen Somerville, Spar Marketing Manager; Philip Watt, CEO, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland; Aisling Jones; Ger Farrelly, Spar Retailer; Fergal Smyth, Fundraising Manager, Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.

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Retail News April 2019  

Retail News, is Ireland’s longest established FMCG B2B magazine. It has been around for over 60 years, from the birth of the supermarket, th...

Retail News April 2019  

Retail News, is Ireland’s longest established FMCG B2B magazine. It has been around for over 60 years, from the birth of the supermarket, th...