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Healthy Options

Healthy profits Consumers increasingly want food that is healthy without compromising on taste. WHILE there was a growing health and wellness trend in Ireland prior to the pandemic, Covid-19 accelerated this trend and made consumers even more mindful of their consumption. According to the latest report into the sector by Euromonitor International, the pandemic has been a boon for health and wellness, with lockdowns in particular leading to increasing value and volume sales across all segments. The outlook is positive for health and wellness over the coming years, according to Euromonitor, as the legacy of the pandemic continues to make consumers much more conscious of health and wellness. Many consumers will continue to avoid high levels of consumption of sugar, fat, salt and caffeine going forward, with manufacturers responding by offering products with either zero or reduced contents of these ingredients. The soft drinks sector has been one area that has seen a lot of change in recent years, according to Euromonitor. Since the roll-out of the sugar tax in 2018, companies have been investing resources to transfer consumption from less profitable regular soft drinks to low calorie soft drinks and it is paying dividends. Naturally healthy is the second largest product area in terms of value sales within health and wellness packaged food, reveal Euromonitor, and has benefited from the impact of Covid-19,

as consumers focus more on eating healthily. This includes products like high fibre bread and healthy breakfast cereals like porridge oats. Consumers will continue to avoid overly processed foods to the benefit of naturally healthy products in the coming years, predict Euromonitor, who also note that the naturally healthy category is generally more affordable than many other health and wellness products. Better for you (BFY) is a more mature product area than other health and wellness packaged food product areas and while still in growth, it has been more moderate than other areas. Reduced fat options account for most value sales, according to Euromonitor, and the products which registered the highest growth were reduced fat butter and spreads and reduced fat sauces, dressings and condiments. While BFY reduced fat will remain the largest product area, BFY reduced salt will register the highest growth in the coming years, followed by BFY reduced sugar, predict Euromonitor. As consumers look to reduce blood pressure, which is a prevalent health condition in Ireland, consumers will look to BTY reduced salt products. Euromonitor argue that the fact that there is not a required system for front of pack labelling has led to confusion amongst shoppers when it comes to choosing healthier options in-store. However, there are plans to introduce

a uniform system and there was an invitation from the Food Safety Authority of Ireland in 2021 for interested parties to submit their views on what a uniform system should look like. Tayto Lentil Chips Tayto, Ireland’s favourite crisps and snacks brand (Source: Nielsen Value Sales, January 2022), is delighted to introduce its latest product offering; Tayto Lentil Chips.

Tayto Lentil Chips are delicious, light and crispy and are packed full of flavour.