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Winners Spring 2012

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Tamsin Matthews, Red Cross Upper Hutt

Second to none with Retail Qualifications Red Cross are seeing huge benefits after implementing Retail Institute qualifications across their business.


volunteers a nationally recognised qualification in retail.

Red Cross is a charitable organisation that has been a part of New Zealand communities for over 80 years. Currently New Zealand Red Cross has over 44 shops nationwide, with over 1100 volunteers operating them on a daily basis. Until recently they could only offer staff work experience and practical skills, however, with the implementation of Retail Institute qualifications, they can now offer their

While Red Cross shops are run professionally with a strong focus on profit and sales, second-hand good stores are faced with operating on limited resources. The organisation sees Retail Institute qualifications as a way for them to give back and recognise their volunteers in a way that can benefit their future. ‘By having retail qualifications, many of our volunteers have moved onto paid employment, as they now have the qualification to confirm the skills and knowledge learned in our

s a result of the training, staff have shown improved customer service skills and increased knowledge of the organisation’s procedures and processes.

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Inside this Issue  Bidvest invests in staff development Retail Manager sees differences in those that complete qualifications Retail Modern Apprentice of the Year 2012 finalists announced


No surprises in draft Due diligence report In March this year, three Industry Training Organisations – the Aviation, Tourism and Travel Training Organisation (ATTTO), the Hospitality Standards Institute (HSI) and Retail Institute – formally entered into a due diligence process for a potential merger.


DO were engaged to undertake a due diligence process on financial and some non-financial matters during the period April to July 2012 in connection with the proposed merger of three Industry Training Organisations. The due diligence process identified no substantive issues that would be an obstacle to a merger proceeding if the boards and their respective industries decided to proceed.

customer satisfaction survey T

he Retail Institute exists to facilitate the best possible, quality assured, training and education systems in order to improve productivity in the industries we work with. Our vision is for skilled, qualified individuals, robust organisations and a strong industry. We work with organisations like yours in pursuit of this vision. There may be aspects of our service we can improve on and/or change which will make it easier for workplaces to achieve their staff training goals. We therefore invite you to provide feedback on Retail Institute’s service to you over the past twelve months. The Customer Satisfaction Survey will be released in September via email and post.


HSI Chief Executive Ken Harris says ‘the report shows no impediments to merge the organisations and all three ITOs intend to continue on the merger process.’

and apprenticeships, and has made several proposals for improvement. A consultation process on the Ministry proposals is to be completed on 12 September.

A Review of Industry Training conducted by the Ministry of Education over the last 12 months has confirmed support for the role of ITOs in developing skill standards and qualifications, and for continuing the role of arranging and supporting on-job training

Following that review, ATTTO, HSI and Retail Institute are now preparing to sign A Deed of Merger to form a new Industry Training Organisation. However, a vital step in that process is gaining acceptance of the proposed merger, and a full consultation process will start very soon. Each party must obtain the necessary support for the merger from their respective industry training sectors, recognition and extension of coverage from the Tertiary Education Commission, and approval as the standard setting body from New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

provider directory Retail Institute would like to engage with other learning organisations and promote retail training offered around New Zealand.


e believe it is important that retailers understand what training opportunities are available to them and how to access these. We know that there are a number of training providers that offer specialist training in the retail industry and support what we do. We want to let our retailers know who you are. Retail Institute has launched a Training Provider Directory where retailers can search for the training they require all in one place. The directory will be available in both a printed and online format.

Our online Training Provider Directory offers retailers the chance to search for providers based on region and specialist area, and rate the training based on their experience with the provider. To obtain an annual subscription to list your business on our Training Provider Directory, please visit our website and complete the registration form:

Register your business now!

Bidvest Invests in Staff Development Bidvest is one of New Zealand’s leading food service and hospitality distributors with distribution centres nationwide. Bidvest trainees and providing guidance to trainees throughout their programme. She explains that the training content of the qualifications is ‘very relevant to our everyday business functions and it is also a practical learning tool that the trainees can easily follow and adapt to’.


idvest have a large focus on developing and promoting staff within the company, and creating a dynamic workplace environment where employees are engaged and empowered.

Retail Institute to integrate the workplace qualifications, National Certificate in Distribution Level 2 and Level 3, into their business. These programmes are proving to be a success, and the results are showing.

To achieve their goals of workplace training and development, Bidvest have worked with

Human Resource Assistant, Renita Reddy, is responsible for tracking the progress of

Renita is an advocate of training and believes that the qualifications provide many benefits for the business, ‘I strongly believe that we will see an increased level of job satisfaction and employee morale, through a sense of achievement’. It is expected that this will have a follow-on effect resulting in reduced absenteeism and workplace accidents, as the training has increased employees’ awareness of health and safety practices and the importance of keeping themselves safe in the workplace. Renita believes that celebrating staff achievements on completion of a training programme is important to acknowledge staff and encourage a culture of training and development in their business.

Retail Manager sees differences in those that complete qualifications M

itre 10 Mega Retail Manager Mehran Ahmadi has a wealth of experience after spending 18 years in the retail industry, with his last six years spent working for Mitre 10 Mega Glenfield. He says that the retail industry ‘poses different challenges every day’ and that he ‘loves to work face-to-face with customers and helping customers find solutions, it gives him much joy’.

Mehran’s view on training is that it is imperative to invest in developing staff in order to benefit the company, outlining that ‘from a company perspective, if we support staff training we will benefit in the long-term’. Mehran says that staff who have engaged with Retail Institute qualifications have

‘a better understanding of their responsibilities and are able to deal with issues and carry out their job in the most efficient way’. He also says that he has seen staff perspectives of retail change once they engage with Retail Institute training, ‘they learn more about retail, they see that they can do more and this motivates them. It’s important to keep the momentum going’.

Mehran immigrated to New Zealand in 1996, working in hospitality when he first arrived. Mehran had completed a Business Management Degree in his home country, but it took him time to ‘learn New Zealand culture and business values’ which he felt he had to build before stepping into a management position where he would be required to make decisions and support staff. Soon after starting with Mitre 10 Mega, Mehran quickly moved through the ranks and after a short time he was managing two departments and 15 staff within the store. The team at Mitre 10 Mega Glenfield

retail modern apprentice of the year 2012 finalists announced The Retail Modern Apprentice Awards aim to recognise the hard work retail apprentices put into developing a career in retail. Meet our finalists! Upper North Island

Kirsty’s employer, Christine van Gisbergen, does not hesitate to express how valuable Kirsty is to her business, ‘She is enthusiastic, reliable, teachable, and a pleasure to have as a team player’ she says. Christine is also very impressed with the way Kirsty is able to build strong relationships with both customers and suppliers.

the retail qualifications; ‘watching her grow has been rewarding for me both professionally and personally’ she says. Louise June, 2IC at the store, agrees saying that ‘Michelle has come so far in her training. She is always helpful and tries to find a solution for everyone that walks in the door’.

Natasha Humphries, Measure & Quote Coordinator at Harvey Furnishings, Whangarei

Zara Curran, Sales Assistant at Topgear Surf & Streetwear, Morrinsville

Christopher Divitt, Sales Assistant at Bakers Delight, Birkenhead For Christopher, working in retail is all about his customers; ‘I have many regular customers who come in a couple of times a week for their bread and a chat’ he says. Christopher’s employer, Ann Emmerson, describes how he is able to ‘handle everything from customer service to the daily banking, merchandising, marketing of product and monitoring packaging levels’. Retail Institute Training Adviser, Helen Farnsworth, is particularly impressed with Christopher’s product knowledge and awareness of health options for customers; ‘his interest in health options encourages his team to interact with customers on a personal level, giving product features, benefits and recommendations’ she says.

Natasha enjoys her role in retail because she ‘loves meeting all sorts of different people and helping them find the right solutions’. Since starting the Retail Modern Apprenticeship, she has found that it ‘has hugely helped me with my time management and organisational skills’. Natasha’s Manager, Heather Cunningham, explains how Natasha excels in her role; ‘Natasha has excellent customer service skills. She makes her customer relax and enjoy the experience of buying new drapes. She aims for perfection in her job... I honestly believe she will one day be management’.

Middle North Island Kirsty Barrow, Senior Sales Assistant at Onehunga Jewellers Kirsty has been employed as a Senior Sales Assistant with Onehunga Jewellers for just over one year. She expresses that working with jewellery is her passion; ‘I love helping my customers find the perfect solution for their needs, whether it be repairs, gifts or something for themselves. I get great satisfaction from problem solving and thinking outside the box to fulfil unexpected requests’. Kirsty describes how the Retail Modern Apprenticeship has helped her progress her knowledge and understanding of working in a retail environment; ‘this year I implemented a stock inventory system and also took on the accounts within the business’ she says.


Zara enjoys working in retail because she loves ‘helping customers and the feeling of putting sales through’. Store Manager, Tracy Curran, is impressed with Zara’s drive and energy for her job, ‘she always arrives at work ready for a busy day ahead. She finds things that need doing and starts putting things in place to complete tasks’. Tracy believes that Zara has what it takes to have a successful career in the retail industry; ‘customers really love her and appreciate her honest advice. She has a great future ahead in the retail industry and the more experience she gets, the more her confidence and knowledge grows’. Retail Institute Training Adviser, Angela Spice-Ridley agrees, ‘Zara is a self-motivated young lady with a clear vision of what she wishes to achieve out of life. Zara can work unsupervised and always gives whatever she is doing her full attention’.

Michelle van Gelder, Sales Assistant at Rodd & Gunn, Napier Michelle really enjoys her job in retail; ‘during my time at Rodd & Gunn I’ve made friendships with some customers, knowing them by name allows for a little catch up and loyal service. I value my customers and do the best of my ability to make sure they walk out satisfied’. Annie Halligan, Central North Island Regional Manager, expresses how rewarding it has been to see Michelle grow while completing

Erin Booth, Internet Sales Manager at The Scullery, Hamilton Erin has been working in retail for six years. She started out working at her family’s store, The Scullery, where she is now Internet Sales Manager. Erin enjoys ‘the whole selling process from opening to closing and the sense of achievement I feel when a customer leaves the store satisfied’.

She has found that the advanced customer service module of the Retail Modern Apprenticeship programme has been particularly helpful to her over the past year as the store has hired more staff; ‘often when you work in customer service for a period of time you find yourself doing things automatically. Being able to step back and actually break down everything you do so you can teach someone else has been very useful’ she says. Erin was the overall winner of Retail Modern Apprentice of the Year in 2011. This year she is in it to win it again.

she has had a lot to juggle; ‘Rangipai has worked really hard to produce thorough and well researched assessments. She has managed to stay on track with her assessments as well being a young mum and working full time’. Maxine also outlines how Rangipai has flourished in her job while working through her training; ‘Rangipai is great with customers and has built a great reputation and customer base due to her excellent customer service. She has vast product knowledge and shares this information with her fellow team and customers’.

Lower North Island Chloe McLeay, Assistant Manager at Harvey Furnishings, Palmerston North Andrew Dick from Mitre10 Mega, Petone Andrew began his retail career with Mitre 10 Mega Petone in 2009. Andrew says that he has discovered a real passion for working in retail; ‘for me, the most important part of working in the retail industry is the personal satisfaction I get from providing the best possible service that I am capable of’. Store Manager, Cliff Lockyer, is impressed with Andrew’s dedication to his work and training; ‘Andrew has proven himself as a future leader of our company on numerous occasions. He has risen to the challenge of not only the academic work required for his apprenticeship but also what he has completed as part of our own Cadet Programme. It is very rare to find a young person with as much potential and drive as Andrew. He is a role model for other team members, young and old, within our business, and an example of what can be achieved if one applies themselves.’

Chloe began her career at Harvey Furnishings as a Sales Assistant. She is now Assistant Manager of the Palmerston North store and loves it; ‘in retail every day is different. Not only do I get to interact with customers, but I get to manage and provide information to a great team of staff’. She explains how the Retail Modern Apprenticeship programme has helped her gain the skills required to succeed in the retail environment; ‘it’s improved my product knowledge and my ability to communicate with staff in other branches. I find it easier interacting with customers and it has given me confidence’ she says. Chloe’s Manager, Brenda Goodreds, has been impressed with Chloe’s ability to pass on the knowledge she has gained from the Modern Apprenticeship Programme; ‘Chloe uses her initiative to train other staff members particularly in areas that she recognises they lack confidence in’.

South Island

Rangipai Kawau, Retail Assistant from Sports Edge, Wanganui Rangipai loves working in retail because she is able to meet new people every day. To her, the most important part about working in retail is ‘keeping a positive attitude and ensuring that you give your customer the best service possible,’ she says. Retail Institute Training Adviser, Maxine Gore, explains how Rangipai has achieved great results from the Retail Modern Apprenticeship programme, even though

Shannon Bunn, Sales Assistant at Abel Tasman Outdoors, Motueka Shannon’s career in retail started around five years ago when he approached Abel Tasman Outdoors for some work experience while he was still at school. Shannon explains that the most important aspect of working in retail is ensuring that customers have a ‘positive experience in our store by getting the right advice and making sure they leave with the right quality product for their adventure’.

Shannon describes how the Retail Modern Apprenticeship programme has helped him develop in his role; ‘It’s helped me gain more confidence with my customer service and the way I approach customers’. Store co-owner and manager, Kendall Riley, believes that Shannon is ‘a very good worker who will go out of his way to make my job easy as an employer. He will go that extra mile’.

Ariana Eady, Store Manager at Hallensteins The Palms, Christchurch Ariana started out her career in the retail industry two years ago when she began working for Hallensteins as a Sales Assistant. She is now Store Manager and loving it; ‘there are so many different aspects of working in retail that many don’t realise. It’s a fast paced industry that keeps you engaged’ she says. Melissa Thomson, 2IC at Hallensteins The Palms, outlines how Ariana excels at her job; ‘Her way of leading the team is fair and efficient. She instils confidence and motivation into the team whilst being an open, honest and fair leader’.

Mathew Feron, Sales Assistant at Central Betta Electrical, Alexandra Mathew began his retail career at Central Betta Electrical shortly after finishing his seventh form year at college. For Mathew, it’s the challenge of thinking on his feet to solve problems and being a part of a team which gives him a sense of satisfaction in his job. He also enjoys the thrill of making sales; ‘I love the buzz from making sales. From day one this has always given me a great feeling and has been a great motivator’. It was this motivation that fuelled Mathew to be the top sales person for a Panasonic TV and audio promotion, winning him a trip to Las Vegas to attend the Consumer Electronics Association (CES) electronics show. Store Manager, Sue Fleury, praises Mathew for his dedication to his work; ‘It is Mat’s attitude and will to succeed in the job that has impressed me the most. He is willing to take on any task given to him and gives his best effort at everything asked of him’.


retailer gains formal recognition of skills After 12 years of working in the retail sector, Denise (De) Pullen-Burry has discovered the world of retail qualifications and is thriving on it.


e has been with OfficeMax Rotorua for almost six years, and over the past three years has completed the National Certificate in Retail (Level 2), the National Certificate in Retail (Level 3), and the Loss Prevention for Frontline Staff programme.

Denise Pullen-Burry

Out of the three programmes she has completed, De enjoyed Loss Prevention for Frontline Staff the most. This programme is designed to build knowledge and skills to minimise and prevent losses on the shop floor. De found the section on identifying suspicious behaviour helpful, ‘It taught me how to approach a customer you suspect is stealing and how to deal with the situation’ she says. De also found the other training useful and a great way to obtain formal recognition for her experience in retail, ‘industry experience is not everything. Even the most seasoned retailers would benefit from the qualifications. There is always room to improve and get better at your job.’ When it comes to working in retail, for De it is all about the people. ‘I enjoy interacting with a wide range of customers and going the extra mile for customers’. She also

enjoys the variety from one day to the next. Talking challenges in retail, De feels that the biggest challenge is competition, but she is confident that her store is delivering a good level of customer service. ‘Compared with other stores, I know we have good customer service and we often receive compliments from customers about our level of service’. De is of the opinion that it is beneficial for employees to have the opportunity to participate in Retail Institute qualifications, as it encourages people from all backgrounds to ‘give it a go’. For De, it is onwards and upwards from here as she looks for the opportunity to become a store manager, and hopefully complete the management level qualification, the National Certificate in Retail (Level 4).

From Hospitality to Bathroom Warehouse Deciding what you want to do as a career can be a difficult task and not everyone gets it right the first time, as Curtis Hutchins found out.


fter completing hospitality training and working for a high-end restaurant, Curtis decided this was not for him and he is now relishing a warehousing role. Shortly after beginning work as a Warehouse Assistant with Silverdale based Chesters Plumbing & Bathroom Centre, Curtis was promoted to Dispatch Supervisor and was given the opportunity to complete a Distribution Modern Apprenticeship. With his learning journey well on the way now, Curtis is surprised at how well he is progressing through the material, saying that he ‘finds the training materials easy to follow and use. All the info is there and help is at Supervisor is very supportive and is available whenever I need help’. Curtis has found that the training material has helped him build confidence in his job, and he feels more comfortable executing


and delegating tasks as he needs to. Completing the qualifications has given him ‘a broader idea of what warehousing encompasses and the complexity of the tasks involved’, he says. Curtis’s supervisor, Mike Horgan, has seen him grow over the past eight months. He is impressed with the amount of process knowledge that he has picked up and the initiative he is applying to his work. ‘Before I had to give him instructions to do things, but now he knows what to do, why he is doing it, the processes and reasons behind it’. Mike adds, ‘we know he is improving the business because we don’t have to do things or give instructions all the time. He has assumed more responsibility’. He has also seen Curtis passing on his knowledge to a new employee without even knowing it, saying, ‘this is how we do this and why’, and it’s this flow-on effect of the training that creates a more efficient team.

Curtis Hutchins

Curtis sees the value in completing the qualifications and is confident that the training will benefit his career in the longterm. ‘I know these qualifications will be something that I can always use and will look good on my CV’.

PlaceMakers Staff Embrace Retail Qualifications PlaceMakers Queenstown branch is on a roll with three of their staff recently completing Retail Institute qualifications.


ndritha Sibanda and Pamela Haworth have both recently completed the entrylevel qualification, the National Certificate in Retail (Level 2). This programme is designed to provide floor staff with a broad overview of the retail environment and recognise them for their current skills in retail. Gina Matete has also completed the National Certificate in Retail (Level 2), and has gone on to complete the National Certificate in Retail (Level 3), which is designed to prepare supervisors and assistant managers for senior store management positions. Completing the qualifications has helped them to learn about themselves and how they interact with their team and customers, as well as providing them with an insight into the operations of a branch and other store departments. Now that they have completed the qualifications, Andritha and Pamela would

like to continue with the Level 3 certificate, and Gina is also keen to continue her professional development. PlaceMakers Operations Manager, Rachel Mansfield, says that the qualifications are a great way to engage staff and encourage skills development within the company; ‘they help to increase the staff member’s awareness of themselves and their environment. We know training is the way forward and consider ourselves lucky to be in a company that provides opportunities, support and recognition in this area’. Rachel outlines how Retail Institute qualifications compliment the business; ‘programmes like these make guidance and motivation of staff so much easier and the customer gets a great experience. We are very pleased with our staff’s willingness and passion for improving their skills level and are proud of their achievements’.

Clockwise from top left Pamela, Gina and Andritha from Placemakers Queenstown

continued from page 1... retail stores. It is also a fantastic way to continue challenging and developing our staff members who are coordinating and managing the retail stores’ says Renee Ramakers, Regional Retail Manager – Lower North Island. Senior store members were the first to complete the qualifications with the support of regional management. ‘It was a great opportunity for our shop coordinators to understand each person’s skill-set better, with many hidden talents being uncovered!’ says Renee. ‘From there, the training was rolled out to interested volunteers in supervisory positions. The improvements they have seen are not only visible in those who completed the training, but also in the wider team as knowledge is shared, observed and discussed between floor staff.’ This has been demonstrated in the

Upper Hutt store where Shop Coordinator, Tamsin Matthews, has seen a positive shift in staff attitudes; ‘my staff want to familiarise themselves with brands and have a better understanding of what we sell or could sell. I have also noticed that those doing the programme are going that extra mile with regards to their customer service’. Renee believes the retail qualifications have lifted the business as a whole; ‘overall, it has increased the awareness of our own retail procedures, and has highlighted why we strive for best practice, how important it is for us to all work within our policies, and shows our team members how well our shops do operate’. In particular, she has noticed that the staff are more confident when interacting with customers, have a wider knowledge of products, and have improved awareness of consumer legislation.

‘It is a fantastic way to continue challenging and developing our staff members who are coordinating and managing the retail stores.’

Petone Shop Coordinator Coral Williams agrees, saying that there has been more interaction with customers occurring and an increased ‘customer focus and general helpfulness, as participants put the retail skills into practice’.

Congratulations to the following businesses, which have had trainees complete qualifications in quarter 1, 2012: Customer Service Award Kmart Rebel Sport Red Cross Shop Red Rat Clothing Rockshop Trade Aid Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti

National Certificate in Retail (Level 2) 100% Ellery’s Bond+Bond Briscoes Bucklands Beach Wines and Spirits Enhance Body and Soul Fresh Choice Glengarry Hannahs Harvey Norman Ideal Electrical Interislander Kimberleys Fashions Ltd Leading Edge Communications Liquor King Mariposa Mitre 10 Mega New World Noel Leeming OfficeMax Paper Plus Placemakers Pumpkin Patch Rebel Sport Red Cross Shop Red Rat Clothing Resene Paints Rexel Rockshop Top Gear Equestrian Supplies Trade Aid

Noel Leeming OfficeMax Paper Plus Placemakers Postie Plus Pumpkin Patch Repco Resene Paints Richmond Mall Opex Rockshop Telecom The Green Hub Trust Top Gear Equestrian Supplies Toycity Ltd Waikato Hunting & Fishing Ziera

National Certificate in Retail (Level 4) Bendon Lingerie Cable Car Museum Kmart Mitre 10 Mega

Training and Assessment in the Workplace Bendon Lingerie Bond+Bond Gourmet Direct Kmart Resene Paints

Retail Modern Apprenticeship Kamo Pet & Aquatic Centre

Retail Jewellery Diamond Galleria Greymouth Showcase Jewellers Knights the Jewellers Ltd Precious Metals

Loss Prevention for Frontline Staff Enhance Body and Soul Mitre 10 Mega Office Max

Loss Prevention for Supervisors and Managers OfficeMax Trade Aid

Working in Distribution Department of Corrections

National Certificate in Distribution (Level 2) Bible Society New Zealand Bidvest Foodservice Chesters Plumbing & Bathroom Centre Department of Corrections Torpedo7 Limited

National Certificate in Distribution (Level 3) ANZGT Materials

National Certificate in Retail (Level 3) Baby City Beds R Us Bond+Bond Briscoes Cable Car Museum David Lawrence First Mobile Forhomes Furniture Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith Ltd Kmart Liquor King Mama Mias Mitre 10 Mitre 10 Mega

0800 486 738

The team at Datam who have completed the National Certificate in Distribution (Level 2)

Retail Winners Spring 2012  

Retail Winners Spring 2012

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