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JAN/FEB 2018

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by Alana Fairchild and artwork by Lisa Ferrante Published by Blue Angel Publishing

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Features 10 | NEW AGE A re-interpretation of the most famous movement of all time

16 | ECOMMERCE Beat the odds and turn your challenge into an opportunity


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28 | WHOLESALER DIRECTORY An annual guide to wholesalers offering you unique and meaningful products for body-mind-spirit

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The books you need for the life you want...

MY FRIEND FEAR $18.00 • ISBN 978-0-14-313157-1

THRIVING THROUGH UNCERTAINTY $16.00 • ISBN 978-0-14-310953-2

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A beautiful and inspiring guide to making peace with fear, from the creator of the bestselling Start Where You Are (Over 250,000 copies sold!).

A galvanizing book that will help readers navigate through life’s uncertain times and discover the blessings within difficulties.

Clear out your physical and psychological clutter and “be more with less” using this practical guide to minimalism.

THE KYBALION CENTENARY $18.00 • ISBN 978-0-14-313168-7

EXPECT GREAT THINGS $18.00 • ISBN 978-0-399-18467-3

The most popular occult work of the twentieth century, now available in a deluxe centenary edition perfect for gift giving.

The acclaimed, epic biography of Henry David Thoreau. “A refreshing new perspective on an American icon.”—Booklist, starred review

5 TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO CAN RUIN YOUR LIFE $16.00 • ISBN 978-0-14-313136-6 An essential guide to escape negative relationships, build healthy connections, and safeguard your reputation against high-conflict people.

Over 2 million copies sold!

FIVE LESSONS $14.00 • ISBN 978-0-14-313213-4

FEAR LESS $16.00 • ISBN 978-0-14-313027-7

ARTIST’S WAY 25TH ANNIVERSARY ED. $17.00 • ISBN 978-0-14-312925-7

An essential volume that recreates Neville’s master class on using your mind to create the life you want.

The guide to simple and easy meditation techniques you can do anywhere to release fear and find joy.

A 25th anniversary edition of the revolutionary program for artistic and spiritual renewal!

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Welcome to 2018 Resources! New year, new team… folks! Let me start by introducing myself. I am Retailing Insight’s new Editor. With the first issue of the year completely redesigned and fresh now, it was quite challenging since the magazine had a great staff working behind the scenes for years. However, I have been blessed to be doing something that I love for many years, and now I get the chance to work with a magazine. I come from the book publishing industry, publishing trade publications for the body-mind category for several years, and after that I started working with worldwide researchers publishing environmental sciences publications and managing scientific journals. My expertise and passion is always to look for compelling and remarkable content for my readers. To understand whom I need to talk to? What they would like to hear? What is important for them to know? A publication is a publication despite its demographic or region, the topics can vary from a book publication to a magazine issue, but at the end of the day our job, as editors, is to help readers fall in love with the content or somehow relate to what has been published. What thrills me the most are the untold stories that we get the chance to share, the work that people don’t get to see, and the army of people that it takes sometimes to build a single issue or a book. Just so you know, you are part of these process too. You have helped us build this issue! You were the inspiration behind the ideas we brought into this edition, and the challenges that I stated earlier are now just stepping stones to help lead us further into the journey of the best body, mind, and spirit retail community. I’ve learned something from working with a magazine, it is all context – how ideas and images are presented in relation with one another expressing a larger point of view, especially when technology is involved. Everything is connected. I hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as I have enjoyed building it. We have the latest trade shows listed, the trend watch to bring you the hottest topics people and market are talking about, and the wholesaler directory to help you start building your resources for the year. Furthermore, we have a piece written by Jackie about the retail sales cycle, and an interview about ecommerce which is worth reading. Don’t forget to read Royce’s feature about the New Age movement – arguably the most famous one of all time, and Anna’s oracle decks full of inspiration and enlightenment. Last but not least, there are two new columns added to the issue that focus on easy solutions to help your business grow, and insightful stories to inspire your everyday life.

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6 January/February 2018 |

We’ve scoured the globe to bring you the topics people are buzzing about in 2018. Here are some we’re keeping an eye on!

2018 Trend Watch Two-day shipping is now an expectation smart businesses are exploring alternative shipping systems to keep costs low and customers happy

IOT (Edge Computing, Analytics, and Blockchain)

Expectation of mobile pay option whatever the popular payment app of the moment is, customers are starting to expect to be able to use it in your store

Expansion of Live Streaming brands have started using live streaming to capture the attention of followers

Personalized customer service lots of opportunities for small businesses to interact with customers and create a personalized experience

3D Sensor for Smartphones

Continued buzz around omnichannel retailing smaller businesses will start tapping into classic omnichannel themes, largely in conjunction with shipping changes Real-time, in-store inventory management Customer and product analytics

Global and Local Major trend in everything from food to politics Millennials their unique experiences will change the way we buy and sell. The generation that lives online, buys online Kinship evolution of connectivity, both real and virtual which focuses on a growing sense of community, cultural sharing and breaking boundaries Hygge A Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cozy, charming or special

8 January/February 2018 |

Happiness materialism is still in full swing but for many people it’s starting to lose its appeal Psychotropical evolution of the experience economy, focused on how nature will branch out to include virtual reality wonderlands. As digital increasingly incorporates the physical, expect ‘phygital’ design: making design more lifelike and emotionally compelling Youth Tonic defined by a strong sense of individuality and creativity, youth culture is influencing every area of the market. Youth itself will become a state of mind; while the growth of virtual reality and data will allow for new means of creative expression and self-identity • Sterling Silver Jewelry • Order Online at • Over 7000 Designs • Wholesale Only Fashion Colors lime punch, arcadia and ultra violet, softer harbor mist, pink lavender Interior Design reasonably frugal, practical, ecofriendly and comfortable creating functional, and pleasant design Spice and floral colors Range of warn & Luminous tones Earthly dense & Colorful tones Geometric shapes the geometric designs that will pop out the most will be ones that are combined with other popular design elements and something that is unique Low Poly Design dominated the design environment over the past year. The low poly designs are being combined with bright colors, hand drawn shapes, and duotones, to really stand out while giving a much more modern look to graphics

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Ecommerce is not killing retail competition has increased as access to the consumer has evolved, driven by advancements in technology Continued investment in influencer marketing over 90% of marketer who employ an influencer Increasing brand participation in messaging platforms brands are expected to invest more time and money in connecting with consumers on messaging platforms Increasing popularity of Instagram Stories 200 + million people use Instagram each month. Marketing strategy believes it is successful Compiled by the Retailing Insight Team. 503-701-1073

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10 January/February 2018 |


ack in the ‘60’s, there was no term to brand the immense counterculture movement emerging worldwide. Millions began questioning most everything the “establishment” held sacred. They refuted accepted social norms, argued political ideology, protested inequality and countered religious dogma. Flowers in hair and love beads dangling, they marched in droves to oppose war. They explored alternative sexuality and free love while burning bras. Never trusting anyone over thirty, they molded their life to be opposite from their parents in every single way. Those who fell into the “generation gap” resisted on every count. They accused them of being irresponsible, out of control, longhaired, draft-dodging druggies, yet they forged ahead. A prevalent mantra was don’t hang a label on me, so attempting to give title to this diverse crusade would’ve produced vehement rebellion. Their goal was to form and reform society, without official organization, structure or membership required. Seriously, they simply wanted to change the world. Brimming with wide-eyed optimism, they had no doubts that they’d accomplish these lofty goals. Poised fearlessly, full of youthful energy, they were ready and willing to do whatever it took. Their lack of experience enabled them to jump in without the limiting concerns of protocol, unaware of the bureaucracy it would actually take to attain these envisioned ideals. Although naive, their actions came from a pure-hearted, not-for-profit motivated place. They persisted – through devastation of an endless foreign war, assassinations of cherished leaders, as well as the movement’s most profound inspiration, John Lennon. Eventually, age, along with internal battle scars, overtook their optimism, shattering it into disappointment and hopelessness. Mournfully, they watched as the world did transform, but not at all how they imagined it would or should. No one ever gave peace a chance. It was politics as usual. The AIDS epidemic soured free love. The world divided into even more armed camps with a no lives matter attitude. Peaceful defiance on knees was demonized. Dreams died like faded flowers, some still secured firmly in now graying hair.

Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation The next generation arrived with new perspectives, new imperatives, new directions. The radical social “experiment,” once vital and unstoppable, vanished like dust in the wind, still minus an official title. Seems futility can thwart a movement, but once a hippie always a hippie. As decades passed, this grass roots effort gradually morphed into more spiritual and esoteric directions. The philosophies and intentions were compatible, so many former activists jumped into the mix, glad to have a new “cause” to embrace. It was baptized informally as “New Age,” an innocuous, catch-all term that was peaceful sounding and encompassed higher consciousness motives. Eventually, as more came into the fold, the title, as well as the attitudes, became somewhat mainstream. New Age ideas became an accepted and acceptable way of life for many. New Age Now Time has seen the New Age movement go from fringy and somewhat cult-like, to a

group embracing a vast spectrum of principles and values. It’s commonplace that the general public at least superficially understands the basics of astrology, may’ve tried meditation, know several yoga poses and might’ve heard a thing or two about chakras. They’ve probably witnessed athletes being taught to use creative visualization, and they have perhaps even dabbled in holistic healing. This spiritual movement, sometimes referred to as Western Esotericism, has caused phenomenal, ideological, and sociological shifts in the world. Historically, it sources from synthesizing Eastern religions with ancient mystical and occultism, adapted to and influenced by our Western, materialistic culture. However, it’s never become a unified system of beliefs and practices, has no official leader, headquarters or membership list. Instead, it’s a network of eclectic groups working toward some very specific, yet oft-times diverse, goals. Even with such an assortment, it’s estimated that there are millions of worldwide followers of various New Age practices and/ or holders of one or more of its dominant

Phone: 800.215.8705 Fax: 800.713.0634 Item#89543

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views. There’s hardly any area in our culture that doesn’t have people exploring it from a New Age point of view. It’s gained significant influence in sociology, psychology, medicine, government, ecology, science, arts, education, the business community, the media, entertainment, sports, and even some elements of the church. There are thousands of organizations, centers, cooperatives, groups, communities, and networks in fields ranging from health care, personal growth, politics, economics and ecology. It even sneaks in to educational and psychotherapy techniques, communication and intercultural relations. New Age encompasses a wide array of notions, including some occult topics such as astrology, paganism, the powers of crystals and pyramids; to the more spiritual/metaphysically based, like channeling, reincarnation, meditation and energy healing. Some commonly used terms are: Guided imagery, positive thinking, human potential, holistic, transformation, creative visualization, awakening, globalism, cosmic consciousness; etc. The movement expresses itself in widely divergent forms, from subtle to blatant. However, there are several accepted universal philosophies of New Age thinking, ultimately intending to bring peace and connectivity to the world: We are all interconnected; We are all connected to God; God is within; Religions are basically all saying the same thing; There are huge shifts in consciousness going on; Thought has power; Life is cyclical including reincarnation; Man is evolving into God Consciousness; We are able to communicate with spirits, angels and master teachers; There is the need for meditation (or other consciousness-changing techniques); (11) Various occult practices (astrology, etc.); Vegetarianism, organic food and holistic health; Pacifism (or anti-war) activities The New Age Movement professes a broadminded openness to all religions and attracts people of all faiths. Nevertheless, most Christian-based convictions still resist its philosophy, using Biblically referenced interpretations to justify their cold-shouldered position.

12 January/February 2018 |

Crossing Over New Age With all that in mind, it’s no surprise that New Age themed stores are as popular as they are. Anyone walking the aisles of the annual International New Age Trade Show in Denver will discover the ever-expanding plethora of products and books articulating the philosophy. Lately, there are many traditionally themed shops adding items into their product mix that express positive thinking, spirituality and wellness. Some refer to themselves as “lifestyle stores,” not wanting to be pigeonholed by a New Age label. Doing this enables them to be more broadly appealing, avoiding the assumptions and misinterpretations that New Age stores can imply. As a former owner of a “crossover shop” with a strong spiritual theme, yet no New Age products, let me explain. Customers would come in daily who never would’ve considered setting foot in a metaphysical shop. They readily accepted and appreciated what I brought in, even though some of it had thinly camouflaged, fairly “out-there” messages. Why was there no hesitation? Two primary reasons: We made sure to display our merchandise aesthetically, and we never carried products that screamed that typical “New Age Look.” Being Inclusive Admittedly, New Age still implies weird to many. Their shops often carry products that cross the line from a banal, uplifting sentiment, to bordering on unsettling. The messages I chose for my products were more subtle, holding strict to the notion that New Age literally means “alternative thought.” This allowed my shop to be much more inclusive, never offending any who may have religious or philosophical differences, readily enlightening those who were open. Most New Age specialty shops limit their products to metaphysical accoutrements such as crystals, angels, oils, candles, aromatherapy, statues and books. Their customers attach great importance to artifacts, relics, and sacred objects, all of which can be profitably offered for sale. However, merchandising a shop with those limited items may deter someone from walking in. Without compromising a New Age shop’s important mission, more all-encompassing items can be introduced

easily. This will ultimately help spread the word to even more.

mainstream audiences can widen your reach. As well as your bottom line.

That New Agey Look Even though there’s a myriad of choices that fit into the New Age merchandise genre, many shops carry items that have a distinctive New Agey appearance. For example, candles that have an esoteric look or a conspicuous metaphysical theme. It’s possible to carry candles that are beautiful, use earth-friendly wax and also serve the purpose a New Age customer would be buying them for. Doing this can simultaneously fulfill the need a more traditional customer may have, thus broadening a shop’s customer base. During these times of political turmoil and recurrent natural disasters, people crave products representing hope, joy and empowerment. Baby Boomers with discretionary income seek stress relief and relaxation to support longevity and well-being. Expanding your choice of products to these

Practicing New Age Preaching The most successful stores in any market are the ones that feel good when you walk in. Even if a customer doesn’t buy something, they enjoy being in that energy and may not even know why. The personal touch and vast product knowledge that indie retailers provide is what ultimately helps them thrive. Of course, personalized customer service not available in Big Box stores or malls will keep customers loyal and may even override their inclination to utilize online shopping. Along with good vibes is the appealing use of visual displays. As a rule, New Age themed stores use unimaginative and downright unattractive product presentation: Slat walls, standard book shelves, typical store-bought fixtures, merchandise piled haphazardly. Typically, there’s not much creative thought as to how things are displayed.

If your shop fits that description, spend some time planning an upgrade, facelift or remodel. It doesn’t need to be a major expense if you utilize recycled or creatively repurposed items. It’s time-consuming, but worth every minute. Shift Complicity The term “New Age” actually derived from the study of astrology. It explains that earth is in a slow, evolutionary transition from the Piscean Age (rational thought) to the Aquarian Age that focuses on spirituality, intuition, and harmony of all things. Although it may appear that, lately, the direction society is headed is in a serious and dangerous decline, “backwards” doesn’t exist in spiritual growth. These detours are varying degrees of wake-up calls, provided to help us become more authentic or admit our denied shadow side. However, in order to get real in a Higher Consciousness journey, now more than ever we need to actively live what New Age

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expounds. This means: Not just reading books about self-development; not just taking a weekly yoga class or meditating once in a while; and not just burning sage to clear the negative energy we’re inundated with on newsfeeds. It does mean: Doing the inner work to make it real. It does mean: Taking action with our truth; being of service; taking a loving stand. Another world is possible, and shop owners have vital roles to play. Your job might be to encourage customers to live from integrity, provide classes to support authenticity, organize community action groups, learn ways to speak knowledgably about current issues, be active in your community or in bigger ways politically. Do whatever pulls at your heart, knowing your role is to support important Real World actions now. Now more than ever, the planet desperately needs “old hippies” and New Agers

to BE the change. As a shop owner, be as concerned about standing together as about competition; care as much about taking a f ierce loving stand as about profit margins; be as much of an example of speaking truth to power as about sell, sell, selling. Perhaps it’s finally time for the New Age movement to organize in some way. Maybe start with a new moniker, a hashtag befitting where we’ve evolved to (suggestions welcome). It could happen as easily as posting a social media announcement telling the world about this new revolution; connecting like-minded groups; inspiring individuals; shifting the conversation. If nothing else, start practicing what our retail genre stands for: Refuse to sell things that don’t support a deep commitment to the environment; only sell products that support Fair Trade practices; provide beautiful representations of love, things that bring customers hope and the inevitability of peace.

Shop owners have the power to help open minds and hearts, influencing and educating vast amounts of people. It’s time to re-energize those still grieving from the ‘60’s. It’s time to revitalize New Agers, inspiring them to take action of some kind. Yes, it’s powerful and important to meditate, hold good thoughts, speak positive affirmations and visualize world peace. But never as an excuse to be complicit. The challenges we face during this time of upheaval reminds us that it’s equally important to DO as well as BE. Not from a place of hate, anger or resistance, but rather from love, tolerance and compassion. If we’ve learned nothing else from the ‘60’s, love is the only thing that every truly changes the world. Love is the answer, as always and in all ways. Royce Amy Morales is the director of Perfect Life Awakening coaching. She has also published the book Know: A Spiritual Wake-up Call. Morales is the former owner of Harmony Works, a soulnurturing shop in Redondo Beach, CA.

14 January/February 2018 |

business&marketing 10 Easy Ways To Build Your Email Subscriber List by Megy Karydes

Uploading photos to Instagram or Pinterest can help customers see your store’s personality, but if you’re building up fans at the expense of building your email list, it’s a costly mistake. Unlike social media platforms, retailers own their email lists. At any given time, those platforms may choose to make your fan base available to you at a cost, or they might shut down. The likelihood of either of those things happening may be slim, but it reminds us that they’re owned and managed by other companies. Email clutter is an issue, but most customers look forward to receiving email updates from retailers when they’ve opted to receive them. Yet for all the benefits email marketing affords us when it comes to communicating with our customers, the challenge remains getting those email addresses in the first place and then giving recipients a reason to open your emails. Here are 10 ways to build your email list today: Get an accountability buddy. It’s the new year so start it right and find someone for whom you can be accountable to build your list. Make it a competition and invite a fellow retailer from another part of town. At the end of each week, check in and see how much you’ve grown your list and what you’ve done. You’ll grow your list faster if someone is encouraging you along the way. Use social media. Include a link on all of your social media to your subscription page so your fans can opt in. Provide an incentive for them to share their emails. Some platforms (like Facebook) allow you to add this option through a third-party app. Reconnect with inactive subscribers. Some email service providers can generate a list of recipients who haven’t opened your emails. Reach out to them to see if it’s your material that’s not appealing or if it’s hitting their Spam box. You want a clean list and by reaching out to them, you’re more likely to impress them by showing your care and they’ll be on the lookout for your emails. To care is to share. Ask current recipients to share your email with one person who might find the information useful. Remember, your e-newsletter shouldn’t just be about product or about your shop. Can you include a “things to do this month in {insert your town here}” so customers have a reason to hit the “forward” button to friends? Aim to make one e-newsletter a month “share-worthy” and test its impact.

Blog. Piggybacking off #4, there is no reason to write a blog and create new content for an email newsletter. Use your blog post as your email. Not only will your email newsletter be packed with richer content, but the blog post can be one of those “share-worthy” emails. Do an email list exchange. While you never want to sell your list to another business, offer to send an email from another business to your list (and encourage your customers to sign up for their emails) in exchange for the same courtesy by the other business. Test this with a few businesses that complement yours and see if your list bump is worth exploring more of these opportunities. Business cards. This lowly printed piece has been all but forsaken by many retailers and I’m not sure why. Create one with your store’s information and include a call to action on the card asking them to subscribe to your emails. Pitch yourself to a podcast. Podcast hosts are always looking for great people to interview. Remind listeners they can sign up for your emails. The information is often added to the show notes online so customers can find you long after the podcast airs. Grab emails at every corner. Ask for emails from attendees who come to special events, at check-out, on your blog, guest blog posts, table tents throughout your store, you get the point. Consider every opportunity to engage with customers as an opportunity to ask for their email address. Finally,  welcome new subscribers  with an email and use the opportunity to ask them if they have any friends who might appreciate the email as well. Offer to give both the initial subscriber and every new email subscriber a percentage off their next purchase from your shop. Have any great tips on how to grow your email list or how to get customers to open them? Email me at so I can include the best tips in upcoming issues. Megy Karydes is a marketing and communications consultant. She’s also an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and working on a book about how businesses can better market themselves. Sign up to get her marketing tips every monthly at

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ow to beat the ecommerce odds these days as small business owner. How to find a true connection between your beliefs and what you had envisioned for your business when you first started. You might be from a generation that didn’t use connectivity as the way to do business, but the resources you have available for you are incredibly many these days. There are different ways to improve your business, and e-commerce can be the most effective way to do so, especially when it comes about generating more revenue. You don’t have to change your ideas to consider new possibilities. What you need is to look for efficient ways to produce more. You need to connect your business to smart solutions where the process for shipping, delivering, selling or buying inventory works not only for you but mostly for your customer anywhere worldwide. You can be in CA selling your products online to a consumer who is in Europe, for instance.

16 January/February 2018 |

More people are looking for practical ways to buy and sell their products, explore alternative shipping systems to keep costs low, and byers happier by creating opportunities to interact with their customer and create a more personalized experience. It’s all about the “service experience” folks! So, is your business e-commerce oriented? The number for online shoppers is growing so are their expectations for faster and better services. Are you missing any keys elements from your checklist that is making your business spend more than generate more? That said, to help you beat the odds and find a solution for your business to grow we got the chance to interview Lisa Snyder, EVP and President of Global Ecommerce at Pitney Bowes – who recently launched its 2017 Global Ecommerce Study. The first study to comprehensively analyze the global ecommerce landscape from both retailer and consumer perspective. We asked Snyder to share her thoughts and comments about ecommerce, and how she foresees the future for the small retailers, ecommerce relationship.

Beat the odds and turn your challenge into an opportunity By Roberta Gazzarolle

Retailing Insight – Can you tell us a little bit about Pitney Bowes and its mission? Lisa Snyder – At Pitney Bowes, we like to think of ourselves as a 100-year old “start-up.” We’re a global technology company powering both physical and digital transactions in the world of commerce. We support clients of all sizes – including 90% of the Fortune 500 and more than one million small and medium-sized businesses. While we are primarily known for our legacy mail and shipping business, we are in the process of a major digital transformation. Today, nearly half our revenues come from digital solutions and ecommerce services. RI – How do you see the future for small business in America? Do you think that is room for small retailers to grow and expand their business online while big retailers are attending to overshadow of them?

LS – In the U.S. alone, more than two-thirds of new jobs are created by small businesses, making their success critical to the economy. I think the future of small businesses is bright, because technology is making it easier than ever before for small companies to do big things without making significant capital investments, or adding overhead. In October 2017, we joined Google, Facebook, eBay, USPS and the US Department of Commerce to launch the “Getting to Global” initiative. Our goal is to provide training, tools and resources to US-based small businesses to help them expand into global markets. Expanding globally is more accessible than ever before for small businesses. Pitney Bowes also helps power eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP) to connect eBay sellers in the U.S. and UK to more than 70 million buyers around the globe. Initiatives like these help break down barriers and borders to expand opportunities for SMBs, entrepreneurs and online shoppers alike.

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18 January/February 2018 |

RI – Can you tell us a little bit more about your Small Business Partner Program, and why the program was created? Do you think that the program could help retailers to grow? LS – THE Small Business Partner Program is the next generation of the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud introduced last year. Through our open platform, clients can access partner applications such as Google G Suite, Yext, Acquisio, DocuSign and Nimble CRM. We created this partner ecosystem to offer our more than one million small and medium businesses and ecommerce clients a digital platform using technologies often only available to enterprise-size businesses. These cloud and mobile enabled business applications will help small businesses manage their operations more effectively and ultimately grow their businesses. For example, a small business owner using our new SendPro C Series, a digital multi-carrier platform, receives a broad range of new web and android applications directly and

rapidly, along with discounted shipping rates all on one device. RI – What do we need to take into consideration when considering ecommerce? LS – For any retailers – small, medium or large – one way to grow your business is through ecommerce. This is evidenced by our 2017 Global Ecommerce Study, which found more than 94% of consumers globally are shopping online. That said, the process for retailers looking to take their business online and grow an ecommerce presence can be very complex. They need to consider everything from demand generation to website localization, landed costs and compliance, payments and risk management, logistics and inventory management, shipping and returns, and customer support. The good news for retailers is that if they are able to find the right technology partners, there are a range of solutions available to simplify this process.

RI – I read in one of your interviews that you said, “Online shoppers have an entire global marketplace at their fingertips. They expect that there is always a way to get the product they want, shipped where they want, when they want it. This creates both opportunities and challenges for retailers.” What are the opportunities and challenges that you see with ecommerce for small businesses? How it is possible to overcome those challenges without sinking? LS – More than two-thirds of consumers currently shopping cross-border (70%), so there is tremendous opportunity for retailers to grow topline revenue and vastly expand their customer base by going global. But, as consumers gain experience and shop online more frequently, they expect more. The have become more demanding and far less forgiving. Retailers have to get the customer experience right. Unfortunately, during the last holiday season – a critical time for online retailers – nearly half (47%) of online shoppers globally reported frustration with everything

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from shipping, to returns, to lost products and miscalculated duties and taxes. Moreover, the trend is moving in the wrong direction. In fact, the number of unhappy online shoppers rose six percentage points over the previous year. RI – Any projections for the future? LS – Looking ahead, there are no signs that ecommerce will slow down any time soon. Our 2017 Parcel Shipping Index found that parcel volume grew 48 percent over the last two years and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 17-28 percent YOY between now and 2021. The rapid growth means increasing pressure on retailers to meet rising consumer expectations. Consumers are increasingly looking to online shopping for convenience, price and availability of products from around the world. We’re also expecting to see an increase in cross-border shopping experiences. Sixtytwo percent of domestic and global retailers already engage in cross-border ecommerce with another 31 percent planning to launch cross-border ecommerce capabilities in the next year. If all goes as predicted, over 50 percent of retailers will be engaging in cross border ecommerce by next year. As consumer expectations and cross-border shopping experiences continue to rise, shipping technology and service providers will need to help retailers and marketplaces meet those demands. RI - Any tips or advice to share with our retailers? LS – 1. Take a cue (or two) from marketplaces.

> Learn to love shipping. Low cost, fast, flexible and accurate shipping is key to attracting and retaining customers. >> Personalize to convert: Implement customer information management solutions that aggregate a single view of the customer. >>> Expand your product assortment, offer timely promotions, and simplify checkout. 2. Go cross-border, but don’t rely on brand alone. > Localized marketing is essential because marketing channel preferences among consumers vary significantly by country. >> Operational prowess separates the winners from the losers. This is particularly true in neighboring countries. The expectation is low cost and high visibility of delivery, localized customer care, and minimized duties and taxes. 3. Have the courage to go where the customers are. > When retailers implement cross-border strategies, they tend to start where the transition is easiest – neighboring countries with similar regulatory environments where people speak the same language. But, more often than not, the greatest opportunity for cross-border growth and success is further from home. Pitney Bowes’ analysis has found that the prioritization of near-border markets has come at the expense of underserving consumers in countries more apt to shop cross-border. Entering new markets with different cultures, languages and laws is

complex, but the rewards can far outweigh the investment and challenges. RI – Lisa, thank you for taking the time to educate us about ecommerce, sharing important tips, and giving us great advice on the subject. It was very helpful! Roberta Gazzarolle – Editor at Retailing Insight Magazine.

Lila Snyder – Executive Vice President and President, Global Ecommerce and Presor t Services is responsible for the cross-border ecommerce and shipping businesses, as well as the network of Presort Services operating centers. She is also responsible for the integration of Newgistics, Inc., acquired in October 2017. Focusing on the growth of these businesses, Lila is helping clients advance their ecommerce businesses and reach consumers around the world. Prior to this role, Lila was the president of the company’s global production mail business. This includes the design, manufacture, installation and service of print and mail equipment as well as driving client insight through data and analytics. Before joining Pitney Bowes in November 2013, Lila was a partner at McKinsey & Company, Inc. In this role, she was the leader of McKinsey’s Stamford office and focused on serving clients in the technology, media and communications sectors. Her work spanned strategy, operations, marketing and sales, working with clients to drive sustainable performance and build capabilities. Lila holds S.M. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Miami.



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Cold Cast Bronze Antique Ivory Hand Painted

Incense, Perfume Oils, Henna

Buddha Ganesha Laxmi

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Boxes, Soaps, Candles, Gifts

Raiders of the Lost Art 4651 NW 6th Street Suite C Gainesville, FL. 32609

Answers Cards THE



A roundtrip of enchanting oracle decks that are chock-full of inspiration, insight, and enlightenment. By Anna Jedrziewski

Nature-Based NOW! Innovative Imagery for Familiar Wisdom


ome of us old-timers pride ourselves on having created a solid metaphysical foundation by seriously studying the likes of Alice Bailey, C. W. Leadbeater, and A. E. Waite. We are dismayed when we see quick interpretations of the ancient traditions applied superficially and without insight. Fortunately, I have, in recent years, become aware of a new generation of metaphysical practitioners who start with a thorough understanding of the naturebased wisdom of the past but who are creating new ways of presenting it. I am delighted that this trend has make its way into the world of oracle/inspiration decks. I have selected some of the decks that I think are particularly creative, without losing sight of the power of the teachings that they are communicating.

Ostara Tarot Molly Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, Julia Iredale $24.99, ISBN 978-0-7643-5282-9 REDFeather, This 78-card deck and 112-page full-color Guidebook pays homage to a time when nature was revered and feminine spirituality was front and center. Four women came together to create this deck. Their four distinct styles merge seamlessly, and the final work transcends its traditional foundations, rebirthing powerful teachings with creativity, humor, and dynamic energy. There is a powerful sense of animation running through the cards which sometimes reminded me of graphic novels.

22 January/February 2018 |

The Lunar Nomad Oracle Shaheen Miro Foreword by Theresa Reed $26.95, ISBN 978-1-57863-363-1-0 Weiser Books, Shaheen Miro set out, like a nomad, on a global mission to reestablish the power of the Lunar-intuitive Self and bring it back into balance with the Solar-logical Self. His 43 groundbreaking card images are based on the Lenormand tradition (and I think the Madame would be proud). Expressive, lyrical, creative – and carrying layers and layers of archetypal, general, and personal symbolism – this is a timely deck and the fact that it was created by a man makes it all the more powerful. The deck comes with a 160-page Guidebook.

Spiritsong Tarot Paulina Cassidy $23.95, ISBN 978-1-57281-823-1 U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Combining shamanic symbolism with the traditional 78-card tarot format, the creatures illustrated on each of these cards represent energy portals which offer humans guidance, healing, and inspiration. Paulina Cassidy manages to capture those energies and portray the power of them, in her famous light-handed style. Each card is like a shimmering spider’s web which draws us in until we connect with the message it is offering us. The deck comes with a 108-page Guidebook.

Shamanic Power Animal Oracle Cards Kim Roberts Illustrations by Lucy Byatt $17.99, ISBN 978-1-84409-731-9 Findhorn Press, The 44 animal spirit guides represented on these cards offer users the ancient wisdom of their individual species. Beaver teaches teamwork. Monkey tells us to remember to play. Fox helps us see things clearly. The modern, bold design of the cards, coupled with the 48-page full-color Guidebook, makes it easy to connect with each animal’s special medicine and message. There are even instructions for using the cards to help your customers determine their personal power animal.

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Love Your Inner Goddess Alana Fairchild Artwork by Lisa Ferrante $23.95, ISBN 978-1-925538-24-3 Blue Angel Publishing,   Away with flimsy images of women floating around in diaphanous gowns! The feminine spirit (both internal and other-worldly) has broken out of its box and let loose. Fairchild’s famous intuitive gifts were right on point again. As the sex-abuse wave blanketed the world, she had this deck ready and waiting. Ferrante’s mix of collage, graffiti, and doe-eyed dolls perfectly captures the idea of women reclaiming their power in the world. The deck has 44 cards with a 96-page Guidebook.

Panda Tarot Severino Baraldi, Lo Scarabeo $22.93, ISBN 978-0-7387-5649-3 Lo Scarabeo, Based on the traditional 78-card tarot deck, Baraldi has turned cuddlylooking pandas into dynamic protagonists leading us through the hero’s journey with animation, wit, and a bit of irony. These creatures, after all, represent the unadulterated connection to Mother Earth. Seeing them participating aggressively in the physical world is a creative, delightful, and sometimes sobering, look in the mirror. This one is “don’t miss” for serious tarot aficionados. A 64-page booklet is enclosed.

Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle Mel Brown $19.95, ISBN 978-1-925429-29-9 Rockpool Publishing, The creator of this 40-card deck is a Ngunnawal woman living in the Northern Rivers Bundjalung Nation. Her bold, graphic interpretation of the native wisdom in this deck belies its ancient history. Brown tells us that these stories, sent to her by the Ancestors, are an ancient bible. She is self-effacing out of respect for the teachings but what she has created is stunning, powerful, and wise. In the 96-page companion Guidebook, she shares the stories and how to use them.

24 January/February 2018 |

Black Moon Astrology Cards Susan Sheppard $23.95, ISBN 978-1-925538-21-2 Blue Angel Publishing, The heavens spoke to humans before we spoke to each other. Over millennia, interpreting the patterns of the night sky has become a science and an art. This 52-card deck incorporates the basics as well as many of the fine points, but you don’t have to understand any of it in order to draw wisdom from this spectacular deck. Explanations are included in the 184-page Guidebook for customers who are interested. Everybody else can just pull a card and read Sheppard’s interpretation.

New Decks to Delight and Inspire

Oracle of Mystical Moments Imaginative images create a sumptuous world of charming surprises. 52 cards and 44-page guidebook. $21.95

Tarot de Maria Celia Blends Marseille-style tarot with modern illustration techniques. 78 cards and booklet in a tin. $18.95

Zillich Tarot Thoth-style tarot deck features intriguing watercolor artwork. 78 cards and booklet in a tin. $18.95 follow us

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The Star Tarot Cathy McClelland $34.99, ISBN 978-0-7643-5299-7 REDFeather, Stars bespeak magic and McClelland has employed them to supercharge these 78 symbolic collages. Brilliantly-colored, each card is a little work of art full of universal wisdom. She combined her study of the tarot, with lessons learned from nature during long walks in the woods, then she used meditation to help her pull the universal wisdom she was gathering into cohesive imagery for each card. She verbally shares what she learned in the 216-page Guidebook.

Sante Muerte Tarot Fabio Listrani $26.95, ISBN 978-0-7387-5438-3 Lo Scarobeo, This highly imaginative 78-card deck (it includes a butterfly with feet) not only pays homage to this globally-recognized folk saint, but is also designed to be provocative. Listrani points out that death, the great equalizer, is not the opposite of life but a natural part of the life cycle. He explains it al in the 128-page, full-color, multi-lingual Guidebook. Each card interpretation ends with concise and practical “advice from the Dead”.

World Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards Scott Alexander King Illustrations by Karen Branchflower $21.95, ISBN 978-1-921878-78-7 Rockpool Publishing, King is Australia’s leading authority on animal symbology. Partnering with Branchflower, who gains her wisdom from the forests of the Upper Yarra valley, he has created a deck of 45 cards which capture the psychic energy of animals from around the globe. In the 134-page Guidebook, he admits to being more comfortable with animals than with people, and animals seem to be equally fond of him. These beautiful illustrations will speak to those who are able to hear them.

The Native Heart Healing Oracle Melanie Ware, Jane Marin $23.95, ISBN 978-1-925538-22-9 Blue Angel Publishing, These 42 intense, almost electrically-charged mandala-based cards are intended to be an aide for spiritual healing and ascension. Your customers can connect with each mandala visually in order to align with its sacred energy. The 96-page Guidebook will help them to interpret what they discover. These teachings were recovered at a Native American sacred site in America’s Black Hills. The illustrations are infused with the energy that Ware channels into her artwork.

26 January/February 2018 |

Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators Lightstar $34.99, ISBN 978-0-7643-5345-1 REDFeather, This 44-card deck draws on Faeries, Angels, and Galatic forces to create transformation and enlightenment. Lightstar is a High-Frequency Attunement Artist who uses color to infuse her work with sacred rays and light codes. The 72-page full-color Guidebook lists crystals and essential oils to help with connection to the vibrational frequencies of the visual imagery. Whether or not your customers are ready for “activation�, these cards are beautiful tools for standard divination.

Anna Jedrziewski is a new consciousness author and consultant and creator of

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A A.R.E. Press/4th Dimension Press 800-333-4499 I Books, CDs, DVDs, DVD-Rom

B Anju Jewelry 404-221-0707 I Handcrafted, Mixed-Metal Jewelry, Brass, Copper, Stones, Tribal, Bohemian

Bead Bottle 505-986-4900 I Jewelry, Gift, DIY, USA Made, Stocking Stuffer, Tween, Kit, Unique

Abbeywood Records 416-441-9578 I Music, New Age, Relaxation Music, Brainwave Entrainment, Binaural Beats, CD

Applegate Valley Publishing 541-862-7021 I Gratitude Journals, Books, Greeting Cards, Custom Illustrations, Watercolors

Bell Pine Art Farm 541-895-2132 I Small Statuary, Goddesses, Animal Totems, Drummers, Angels, Essential Oil Diffusers

Acacia Creations 717-817-1412 I Fair Trade, Handmade, Eco-Friendly, Jewelry, Home Accents, Recycled, Holiday

Aspiring Artists of the Earth 267-337-1817 I Aromatherapy and Healing Gemstone Jewelry, Jewelry Displays, TZ Glass

AngelStar 800-264-3577 I Figurines, Gifts, Impulse, Stones, Jewelry, Inspiration, DĂŠcor, Journals, Angels, Tokens

AzureGreen 800-326-0804 I Jewelry, Incense, Candles, Giftware, Wicca, Santeria, Statuary, Herbs, Smudge, Tarot

Benjamin International 800-488-4699 I New Age Items, Jewelry, Tapestries, Candles, Inspirational Gifts, Incense, Meditation Pillows , Clothing, Accessories, Genuine Gemstones With over 6,000 products, we have a lot going on here at Benjamin

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International! Some of the products are imported from around the world and some are designed and manufactured right here in the United States of America. In our many travels to exotic places like Nepal, Indonesia, and India, we take great care in selecting the finest and most meaningful products to bring back. Most of the products are handcrafted in emerging markets by artisans and are made with positive intentions, which are then delivered to your doorstep! Each traditional craft or product has its own special nuances and beauty. By carefully selecting who we import from, we are assisting in creating thriving markets in developing countries as well as supplying these unique pieces to our customers. Since we are exposed to so many innovative ideas and design motifs through our travels, we always return with the knowledge and inspiration to then apply to our own pieces. With the global exposure from various artists, we have created several lines of gift and jewelry items and manufacture these goods on American soil, promoting America’s economy and our own artisans.

Boma Jewelry 866-366-2662 I Fashion, Trends, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Whimsical, Vintage, Modern, Natural Style The Bombay Incense Co. 800-705-9995 I Incense, Burners, Singing Bowls, Prayer Beads, Prayer Flags, Om, Healing Bottle Benders Inc. 706-779-5048 I Handcrafted Glass Wind Chimes, Bottle Art, Rainbow, Driftwood, Recycled, Garden Décor Brain Sync 800-984-7962 I Guided and Unguided Meditation and Subliminal

C Calm My Pet 330-266-2500 I Holistic, Calming Pet Products, Natural, Calming Pet Sprays, Therapeutic Music Celtic Art Store 909-273-5285 I Celtic Art Meditation Tools, Celtic Art Prints, Celtic Picture Jewelry Circles of Light Made in USA 248-593-1977 I Tapestry Throw Blankets, Wall Hangings, Pillows, Tote Bags, Chakra Ladders

Cannabis for Seniors by Beverly A. Potter, Ph.D.

A Cantata of Peace The Music of

Steven Chesne

$18.95 - 978-1-57951-242-2 - 200 pp

Vocalists from spiritual world traditions, singing in counterpoint Come listen at: UPC 783321 001009

Pot is becoming the “pill alternative” for Seniors—the fastest growing group of cannabis users in USA—for pain, inflammation, chemo recovery, and avoiding opioid addiction. Order from: PGW, Ingram Visit

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Conscious Ink 541-480-8949 I Temporary Tattoos, Greeting Cards, Quotes, Affirmations, Healing, Inspirational, Eco-Friendly Coobie Seamless Bras 888-789-1037 I Bra, Comfort, Seamless, Supportive, Inexpensive Cork Nature 206-972-9202 I Handbags, Wallets, Messenger Bags, Backpacks, Accessories, Cross Bodies, Gifts Coventry Creations 800-810-3837 I Candles, Intentional Candles, Magic, Empowerment, Oils, Room Sprays Craftstones 760-789-1620 I Tumbled Stones, Rough and Polished Crystals, Metaphysical Jewelry, Birth Stones Crystal Distributing Inc. 800-833-2328 I Tingsha, Crystal Bowls, Singing Bowls, Singing Pyramids, Quartz, Drums, Pendulums Crystal Fantasies 866-526-4553 I Crystal, Mobiles, Swarovski, Swarovski Crystal, Multi-Strands, House Jewelry The Crystal Garden 877-444-5099 I Essential Oils, Liquid Smudge, Aromatic Mists, Meditation CDs, Chakra Jewelry Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls 801-486-4973 I Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Sound Healing, Chakra, CDs, Books, Gemstones

Culture Spot 201-706-3416 I Buddha Statues, Meditation Mala, Meditation Cushions, Chakra Jewelry, Spiritual Jewelry

D Deep Breath Designs LLC 520-616-0235 I Aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Wellness, Organic, Lavender, Handmade in USA Denali Home Collection 800-588-0081 I Blankets, Throws, Made in the USA, Pillows, Bedding, Wool, Acrylic Designing Fairy Products and Books 928-713-0408 I Card Sets, Fairy Cards, Mugs, Books, Art Prints, and Postcards Destination Oils 319-290-9555 I Essential Oils, Aromatherapy, Wellness, Relaxation, Diffuser Jewelry, Stainless Steel Jewelry Deva Designs 800-799-8308 I Pocket Charms, Jewelry, Gifts, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Pendulums, Handcrafted, American-Made DeVorss & Company 800-843-5743 I New Thought, Metaphysical, Coloring Books, Children’s, Audio, Video, Calendars, Catalog

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Dragonhawk Publishing 731-987-3334 I Books, Mysticism, Magic, Healing, Nature, Ted Andrews, Runes, Animal-Speak, Animal-Wise Dreammala 800-551-2482 I Mala, Prayer Beads, Jewelry, Necklace, Bracelet, Buddhist, Buddha, Buddha Beads Dsenyo 720-432-8479 I Fair Trade, Apparel, Jewelry, Greeting Cards, Home Décor, Baby, Toddler, Toys, Accessories dZi Handmade 800-318-5857 I Handmade, Fair Trade, Felt, Jewelry, Chimes, Tibetan, Meditation, Gifts

E-F Eachanoriginal Design Company 800-490-9445, Magnets, Inspirational Words, Letters, Alphabet, Motivation, Inspiration, Fridge Magnets, Love Earth Rugs Inc. 800-562-1885 I Eco-Chic Rugs, Jute Baskets, Table Accents, Natural Pets, and More! Enter the Earth 828-318-8607 I Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Celestite, Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, Rough

n’s, 67.


ws, p. 71.




Enter the Earth

828-318-8607, Ocean Jasper, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Celestite, Quartz, Moonstone, Selenite, Rough Esprit Creations Esprit Creations 352-316-6130, 352-316-6130 I Chakra Designs, Exclusive Designer Jewelry, Chakra Designs, Exclusive Designer Jewelry, Moonstone, Moonstone, Moldavite, Diamonds, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamonds,Herkimer Opals, Exceptional Quality Opals, Exceptional Quality Gemstones Gemstones We by Weare aresteadily steadilygrowing growing staying in vogue whatwith sells by staying inwith vogue and keeping in touch with the what sells and keeping in pulse of the changing economy. touch with the pulse of We share our success by always the changing economy. working in your best interest. We ourbusiness success To addshare zest to your and make your sales soar, we by always working in constantly unique,Toclassic, edgy, and your bestcreate interest. add upbeat, zest toelegant, your business empowering designs that express lasting trends rather than and make sales soar, weweconstantly create passing fads. your • In these busy times, create each exclusive unique, upbeat, elegant, and design as a classic, practical piece of wearable art thatedgy, can be worn empowering designs that express lasting atrends either as a feel-good, everyday casual favorite, subtle statement of graceful power in the a charming rather than passing fads. In workplace, these busy times, conversation piece at a party, or a romantic, elegant touch we create each exclusive design as a practical for those special moments. • Our award-winning jewelry piece wearable art that wornand either as attractsoftoday’s consumers, bothcan Babybe Boomers Millenanials, feel-good, everyday casual favorite, a subtle who are conscious of how they spend their money. They statement of graceful power in the workplace, prefer purchasing something personally meaningful yet withconversation lasting value, like our unique, New Age aaffordable charming piece at a party, or metaphysical jewelry or purple labradorite. The fashion trend has been moving toward lots of color, so what better way to have eye-catching color bling than from natural colorful

a romantic, elegant touch for those special moments. Our award-winning jewelry attracts today’s consumers, both Baby Boomers and Millennials, who are conscious of how they spend their money. They prefer purchasing something personally meaningful yet affordable with lasting value, like our unique, New Age metaphysical jewelry or purple labradorite. The fashion trend has been moving toward lots of color, so what better way to have eye-catching color bling than from natural gemstones that encapsulate an inspiring mystical story, with sterling silver that holds its worth forever? Let’s continue to move forward together!

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The Fairies Pyjamas Women’s Clothing, Dress, Tops, Pants, Onesie, Fanny Packs, Legwarmers, Armwarmers Findhorn Press 800-343-4499 I Books, Card Sets, Meditation Audio CDs Flipside Hats 503-272-1359 I Hats, Men, Women, Kids, Fleece, Wool, Organic, Recycled, Scarves Flying Wish Paper 503-626-8784 I Party, Birthday, Christmas, Holiday, Wish, Christian, Inspiration, Game, DIY, Cards

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Gaia’s Healing Gifts 239-253-3303 I Organic Essential Oil Blends, Body Blends, Room and Body Sprays, Massage Oils Gaia’s World Ceremonial Herbs® 866-605-1191/ 678-918-8403 I orders@ Wildcrafted, Organic Herbs, Resins, Sage, Smudging Herbs and Supplies, Shells, Salts, Candles, Incense Blends, Tumbled Stone, and Pocket Full of Stones Gaia’s World Ceremonial Herbs® offers quality products that are retailready in convenient sized, attractive, informative packaging, and are easy to display. Pair that with our excellent, friendly customer service and quick turn-around time, and you have found YOUR SOURCE for ceremonial herb products. It’s easy to get started with our products. Don’t know what to order? Be sure to ask about our Starter Packs and Free Shipping details. We have no minimum order requirement, so small re-orders are no problem. To get started, simply go to our web site and complete the New Account Information Form. We look forward to hearing from you! Ganesh Himal Trading LLC 509-448-6561 I Fair Trade, Jewelry, Clothing, Bags, Cards, Home Décor, Meditation Gifts Global Crafts 866-468-3438 I Wall Art, Jewelry, Gifts, Handmade, Fair Trade, Home Décor, Candles Gongs Unlimited 402-474-4664 I Gongs, Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Gong Stand, Chimes, Sound Healing

The Great Cosmic Happy Ass Card Co. 828-645-0188 I Cards, and Magnets Hand in Hand Soap 267-714-4168 I Bar Soap, Hand Soap, Lotion, Candle, Lip Balm, Bath Salt Hawkeye Publishers Publishing Made Easy, Editing, Design, Layout, Distribution Heart and Lotus 604-378-2100 I Handcrafted, Sterling Silver, Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry, Inspirational, Affirmations, Symbolic, Rings Heartfelt Expressions 800-255-9737 I Heart, Home Décor, Inspirational, Mothers, Sisters, Fathers, Love, Friends, Heroes Hearts for Love 760-632-1999 I Sacred Geometry Jewelry, Ornaments, Cards, Static Clings, Wallet Cards, Stickers Highest Self Elixirs 845-217-7751 I Chakra, Dream, Empath, Love, Heart, Crystal, Herb, Intuition, Fairy, Magic Hugger Mugger Yoga Products 800-473-4888 I Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Straps, Bolsters, Meditation Cushions, Mat Bags

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I & E Organics Apothecary 866-577-7574 I Chakra, Gem Essences, Soap, Herbal Tea, Bath Salts, Flower Essences Ibis Press & Nicolas Hays 800-423-7087 I Books IndieMe Inc. 888-427-2381 I Handmade, American, Wholesale, Artists, Jewelry, Gifts, Home, Fiber, Pottery, Glass INE Imports & Exports Inc. 206-783-2775 I Eco-Friendly Balinese Handicrafts, Buddhas, Batiks, Shells, Lamps, Chimes, Candleholders, Accents Inner Traditions/Bear & Company 802-767-3174 I Books, Decks, CDs Inner Waves Organic Yoga Clothing 866-573-9283 I Cotton Yoga Pants, Organic Yoga Pants, Cotton Sports Bra

J-K JadeYoga 888-784-7237, Yoga Mat, Natural Rubber, Eco-Friendly, Made in USA Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds 303-443-8181 I Sound Healing, Sound Therapy, Healing Music, Meditation, Relaxation, Jonathan Goldman







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Karma Gifts 855-776-3306 I Mugs, Headbands, Socks, Ceramics, Totes, Coin Purses, Zip IDs Kate’s Magik Aromatherapy 520-743-1486, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Chakra Oils, Perfumes, Lotions, Teas, Reiki, Intention Kheops International 800-215-8705 I Singing Bowl, Incense, Sage, Salt Lamp, Candle, Pendulum, New Age Kitras Art Glass 800-439-6393 I Decorative Glass, Ornaments, Garden, Greeting Cards



Lakhays Collection Inc. Lakhays Collection Inc. 424-263-2477, 424-263-2477 I Jewelry, Tapestries, Yoga, Rasta, Sarongs, Hats, Jewelry, Tapestries, Yoga, Rasta, Sarongs, Hats, Belts, Bags, Belts, Bags, Headbands, Scarves Headbands, Scarves LifeforceGlass GlassInc. Inc. Lifeforce 800-828-3870 800-828-3870 I GlassStones, Stones, Replica Sea Glass, Pebbles, Glass Replica Sea Glass, BambooBamboo Pebbles, Inspirational Inspirational Gifts, Seabeans, Recovery Gifts, Seabeans, Recovery Lifeforce imprints Lifeforce GlassGlass imprints meaningful words, phrases, m e anin g f ulandwpictures o rd s , on glass stones, shapes, phrases, andbamboo pictures on seabeans, and other environmenglass stones, bamboo tally friendly items. For 26 years we shapes, have servedseabeans, many marketand niches, from general gift to esoteric reliother environmentally gions. Weitems. provideForc ustom friendly 27 imprinting no extraserved charge, and our minimums very low. years weat have many market are niches, We strive to source our materials from environmentally sustainfrom general gift to esoteric religions. Weour able sources and compensate our employees fairly. We love provide custom imprinting at no extra charge, customers and strive to treat you fairly, too. When you pay with aand creditour card,minimums you pay only half shipping U.S. orders $100 arethe very low.onWe striveofto and up. Volume applyfrom starting at 500 pieces. source our discounts materials environmentally sustainable sources and compensate our employees fairly. We love our customers and



strive to treat you fairly, too. When you pay with a credit card, you pay only half the shipLlewellyn Worldwide ping on U.S. orders of $100 and up. Volume 800-843-6666 discounts apply starting at 500 pieces. Paganism, Self-Help, Books, Tarot, Astrology, Magic, Life is Grand™ Paranormal, Calendars, Datebooks, Almanacs As the world’s largest independent 214-924-4609 I publisher of books and resources, Power Penny, HandmadeLlewellyn in USA,Worldwide Jewelry, Gifts, has been Affirmations, Inspirational, Copper de dic ate d to br inging it s customers the very best since Llewellyn Worldwide 1901. Llewellyn produces a full line of products, including books, calendars, tarot and oracle decks, 800-843-6666 I sidelines. Topics range from meditation and crystals and other and yoga to earth-based spirituality, paranormal experiences, astrology, modern magic, and much more. Built on aMagic, foundation Paganism, Self-Help, Books, Tarot, Astrology, of expertise, creativity, customer satisfaction, and marketing Paranormal, Calendars, Datebooks, Almanacs innovation, Llewellyn continues to provide its customers with insightful approaches to holistic wellness and personal growth. Love With Lingo a strong presence in e-books, phone apps, and social media, Llewellyn continues to be a market leader in the body, mind, and spirit digital space. In addition to publishing an 608-935-5936 I impressive catalog of products, Llewellynapparel is also the exclusive Positive and North American distributor for Lo Scarabeo, an Italian publisher accessories of tarot decks and metaphysical products. In 2014, Llewellyn Making theforworld a an became a major North American distributor Blue Angel, Australian publisher of mind, body,more spiritloving oracle decks better placeand books. • See our ad on p. 70. is my mission. 3 + years ago I learned of a scientific study done on water


3” wide by 1 3/4 high

Share a little love Pendants, Pins, Earrings, Ornaments Sales guaranteed • Free displays Order Today! Touchstone Pottery (800) 255-9737

Over 40 different expressions! Hand Painted Composite Granite Not just for Valentine’s Day Order Today! • (800) 255-9737

34 January/February 2018 | 44 January/February 2017 |


818-9 www Jewelr Charm See ou


575-7 www Wood Wall P




for and req

and words. It took photos of water under a microscope to show the affect that words have on the molecular structure of water. Positive words, positive effects on the structure, creating beautiful photos. Negative not beautiful! The human body consists of 60% water, since words effect water we need positive words on us! Having personally witnessed the positive effects over the last 3yrs. I am now sharing the greatness with the world with Love Lingo Positive Apparel and Accessories. In 6 short months Love Lingo has become a movement in SW Wisconsin area and not just a business or product! Teachers are wearing them to school to make a positive influence on their students. Others wear to Yoga, meditation, work or even sleep. Become part of the movement like, share, wear and Sell Love lingo! Shirts are printed front and back so surrounded by goodness! All products are energetically cleansed with sea salt and Reiki enhanced. Lucky Feather 818-947-0496 I Jewelry, Gift, Inspirational, Friendship, Girlpower, Charms, Journals, Pets, States, Inspirational Trinkets

35 Years of Music with Vision


DRUM MEDICINE “The Gordons have simply outdone themselves! While keeping with the spirit of their earlier drum-based Shamanic music, they have crafted a more melodic, accessible album featuring a global-fusion sound. Will likely prove to be their most popular work to date.” – Retailing Insight



Lynn Garlick Retablos 575-758-3033 I Wooden Icons, Saints, Angels, Ornaments, Altar Pieces, Wall Pieces, Book

M-N Magickal Needs 603-465-9091 I Jewelry, Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Pagan, Talismans, Pentacles, Goddess, Necklaces, Planetaries Malimba Records 800-334-1179 I Music for Wellness, Healing Arts, Yoga, Massage, Spa, Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep Mandala Arts 800-344-8072 I Wall Hangings/Banners, Stickers, Tattoos, Affirmation, Mandala, Meditation, Peace, Chakra, Om

MEDITATION DRUM “The #1 selling artists in our store, David & Steve Gordon, have created a new kind of slow and gentle drumming title that will uplift your spirit.”

GARDEN OF SERENITY The favorite healing music used by massage therapists worldwide.

– Turquoise Eagle, Port Aransas TX

“Our #1 selling label is the Gordons’ Sequoia Records.” – New Leaf Distributing “David & Steve Gordon create the music customers want and their CDs are top sellers at White Swan.” – Selena, Sales Manager, White Swan

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Mixture 913-944-2441 I Soy Candles, Hand-Poured, Bath and Body, Made in the USA Moldavite/T.W. Designs 800-962-4015 I Moldavite-TWDesigns-102836839790683 Moldavite Specimens, Jewelry, Incense, and Pendulums, Tektites, Meteorites, Lithium Quartz, Phenacite Moonlight Mysteries Wholesale 616-275-1176 I Sterling Silver Jewelry, Pagan, Wiccan, Goddess, Norse, Celtic, Statues, Plaques

New World Library 800-972-6657, ext. 20 Books, Decks, Gift, Spirituality, Health, Meditation, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Personal Growth Nicole Denise Designs 877-768-4843 I Prints, Artwork, Posters, Drawings, Home Décor, Paper Decorations, Wall Art



Peter Stone Jewelry 800-397-8787 I Sterling Silver, Just Like Silver, New Age, Celtic, Metaphysical Jewelry Pretty Peacock 888-829-9530 I Handmade in the USA, Personalized, Latitude Longitude, Inspirational, Motivational, Chakra, Mandala, Spiritual


R.Expo USA / Song of India Serene Hous Rainbow Ridge Books LLC Oh My Gosh 877-900-2665, 800-231-2201 I 856-673-4117, s Oh My Gosh I www.sereneho Incense, Singing Bowl, Buddha, Ganesh, Henna, 866-646-9467 866-646-9467, Essential Oils, Aro Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Self-Help Books Oils, Soap, Perfume, Burners Crystal Chakra, Angels, Hummingbirds, Personal Compac flies, Nashville Wraps Raku Potteryworks CrystalDragonflies, Chakra, Angels,Suncatchers Hummingbirds, Butterflies, of the Lost Art Shaman’s Da 619-478-1218, Dragonflies, Suncatchers 855-229-7928, in 800-547-9727 I Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing Ohm Therapeutics Sound Healing Handmade Raku Art, Spirit Angels, Dream Jars, Cross, Eco Friendly Retail Packaging, Food Packaging, 800-527-4367 I www.shamansd 505-455-7556, Sage Spray, NonDreamcatcher, Coasters • See our ad on p. 64. Gift Basket Supplies Quartz Crystals, Mineral Specimens, Tumbled 505-455-7556 I Aromatherapy • Ohm Tuning Om,Healing Sound Music Crystal Jewelry, Shiva Lingams Ohm Tuning Forks,Forks, Om, Sound CDs,Healing Book, CDs,RealStones, Book, DVD, Bowls New Earth Records Shanti Bouti 800-398-7325, DVD, Bowls Ohm Therapeutics™ offers 406-322-3190, in Ohm Therapeutics™ Rainbow Ridge Books LLC quality tools and instrucwww.shantibou Music CDs, Relaxation, Meditation, Health, Yoga, Sleep, offers quality tools and 541-488-6410 I tion for individuals and Massage, Comfort, Rejuvenation Sterling Silver Jew instruction for individuals Ambient Music, Music for Spa, Massage, Reiki, 877-900-2665 I healthcare professionals Fair Trade and healthcare profes-Red Metaphysical, Yoga, Meditation Spiritual, and Self-Help Books to explore the healing Wheel/Weiser sionals to explore For more than t wo power of sound. Featuring the800-423-7087, Silver Sky Im beautiful, retail-ready 800-494-1369, s healing power of decades, New Earth Raku Potteryworks Sound Healing packages, www.silverskyi Books, Decks, Journals, Metaphysical, Health, MeditaFeaturing beautiful, retailRecords has produced Ohm Therapeutics is known at home and abroad as a tion, Tarot, Spirituality, Nonfiction ready Sound Healing packages, Ohm Therapeutics v isi o n a r y n e w a g e 619-478-1218 I Singing Bowls, In leading producer of quality sound-healing tools since Tingshas is known at home and abroad as aa full leading music to enhance the Handmade Raku Art, Spirit Angels, Dream Jars, 2003. • Ohm Therapeutics produces line ofproducer Ohm Ronin Publishing of quality since 2003. healing and wellbeing Cross, Dreamcatcher, Coasters Tuning Fork sound-healing products for hometools and professional use.Ohm510-420-3669, With packaging that includesadetailed for Therapeutics produces full lineinstructions of Ohm Tuning of audiences world Browse use, Ohm Therapeutics offers sound-healing tools Sixties,Music Spirituality, Entheogens, Mushrooms, Fork products for home and professional use.forWithBooks,Real wide. Committed to spiritual enrichment, a WHOLES the physical and body, for nourishing the Qi and forCannabis, Ghosts, Healing, Self-Help, Political Activism packaging thatsubtle includes detailed instructions healthy lifestyle and an eco-conscious future, Chakra Balancing, and to balance and attune the vital • See our ad on p. 70. at www.Re use, Ohm Therapeutics sound-healing we feature a number of albums designed 800-398-7325, energy flowing through theoffers body. Bestsellers includetools for company for physical subtle body,Set, forMid nourishing specially to accompany relaxation, meditation, Music CDs, Relaxation, Meditation, Health, the the Ultimate Intro and to Sound Healing Ohm the QiFork andKit, Chakra Balancing, to balance yoga and the healing arts. Yoga, Sleep, Massage, Comfort, Rejuvenationand to reque Tuning and Ohm Octave Set.and Practitioners will and find the Instructional Manual and DVD on Tuning Fork attune the vital energy flowing through the body. Application fullinclude of practical and retailers Bestsellers theinformation, Ultimate Intro to Sound New Life Foundation Red Wheel/Weiser will find the Ohm Therapeutics Catalog offers an Smart Ash H Healing Set, Mid Ohm Tuning Fork Kit, and Ohm exciting range of tools for the holistic marketplace. • Scents of Success 972-351-1952, sm Octave will find the Instructional800-580-5579, 800-293-3377 I 800-423-7087 I www.smartash See our adSet. on Practitioners p. 15. Manual and DVD on Tuning Fork Application Books, Booklets, CDs, MP3 CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Books, Decks, Journals, Metaphysical, Health, Incense Holders, C Om Galleryinformation, and retailers will findAromatherapy, Essential/Carrier Oils, Tinctures, Rose, Handmade • See of practical ePubs, eTalks Meditation, Tarot, Spirituality, Nonfiction 831-425-1184, • See our ad on Melissa, Helichrysum, Chakra Blends the Ohm Therapeutics Catalog offers an exciting p. 39. Solmate Soc range of tools for the holistic marketplace. New Page Books Ronin Publishing 802-765-4177, w Paper Star Lanterns, Capiz Lotus TLights, Chimes, Schiffer Publishing www.socklady. Butterfly Garlands 800-227-3371 I 510-420-3669 I Socks, Mismatche Om Gallery 610-593-1777 Peter Stone Jewelry Men, Tween, Baby Books, Coloring, Adult, Nonfiction, Chakras, Books, Sixties, Spirituality, Entheogens, 800-397-8787, Health, UFOs, Self-help, Motivation, Transform rooms, Cannabis, Ghosts, Healing, Self-Help, 831-425-1184 I Tarot, Oracle, Metaphysics, Astrology, NumerActivism Paper Star Lanterns, Capiz Lotus TLights,Books,Political Sterling Silver, Just Like Silver, New Age, Celtic, ology, Palmistry, Self-Discovery, Conscious Living Chimes, Butterfly See our ad on p. 30. Metaphysical Jewelry •Garlands Seeds of Happiness 877-764-4157, 36 January/February 2018 | Handmade, Ceramic, Smile, Happiness, Mugs, Holiday,


S Sacred 310-836-8145 I Semi-Precious Jewelry, Sacred Geometry, Functional Healing Jewelry, Pendants, Amulets, Medallions Scents of Success 800-580-5579 I Aromatherapy, Essential/Carrier Oils, Tinctures, Rose, Melissa, Helichrysum, Chakra Blends

Self-Realization Fellowship Publishers 888-773-8680 I Yogananda, Books, Inner Reflections Calendar, Chants, Recordings, Awake, Meditation, Affirmations Sequoia Records 800-778-8777 I Healing and Meditation Music, Yoga Music, Native American Flute/ Drumming Music

Schiffer Publishing 610-593-1777 I Books, Tarot, Oracle, Metaphysics, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Self-Discovery, Conscious Living Seeds of Happiness http:/ 877-764-4157 I Handmade, Ceramic, Smile, Happiness, Mugs, Holiday, USA, Seeds, Seasonal, Happy

W e

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a n n o u n c e

New Leaf Distributing has acquired Circles of Light Tree of Consciousness Tapestry Throw

Lord of Success Ganesha Wall Hanging

Flower Tree of Life Tapestry Throw

Bright Lotus/Joy Pillow

Kundalini Chakra Ladder

Sriyantra Goddess Pillow

Chakraman – Blue/Namaste Tote Bag Garden Buddha Tapestry Throw

Mandala World Tapestry Throw

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Serene House USA 856-673-4117 I Essential Oils, Aromatherapy Diffusers, Wax Warmers, WaxPods, Personal Compact Shaman’s Dawn 855-229-7928 I Sage Spray, Non-GMO Soy Candles, Energy Spray, Spiritual Baths, Aromatherapy Shanti Boutique 406-322-3190 I Sterling Silver Jewelry, Chakras, Yoga, Mantras, Recycled Jewelry, Fair Trade Silver Sky Imports wholesale.html 800-494-1369 I Singing Bowls, Incense, Chimes, Bells, Prayer Flags, Tongue Drums, Tingshas Smart Ash Holders 972-351-1952 I Incense Holders, Crystal Grid, Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life, Handmade Solmate Socks 802-765-4177 I Socks, mismatched, recycled, USA, women, men, tween, babies, kids, cotton For over seventeen years Solmate Socks has been designing and knitting stunning mismatch e d so ck s , h at s , s c ar ve s , an d mittens. Recognized for their ingenuity, Solmate Socks is a highly sought-after brand, known for its multipatterned and colorful mismatched socks. These socks are a unique, top-quality, USAmade, and eco-friendly product – the kind of product that keeps customers happy and coming back for more. In addition to being made in America, the socks are environmentally friendly and knit from recycled materials. The cotton yarn used comes from recovering scraps from the production of cotton products (mainly t-shirts). The recycled yarns are certi-

fied by Made in Green and Oeko-Tex; these certifications require that Solmate Socks’ materials are free from harmful substances, made with respect for the environment, and with respect for human rights. Solmate Socks are an affordable, and easy to give gift for women, men, kids and babies.

Sounds True 888-303-9185 I Books, Audio Programs, Music, Video, Kits, Retail Displays Sounds True is an independent publisher with a mission to inspire, suppor t, and ser ve personal transformation and spiritual awakening. From bestselling authors to new voices in spiritual wisdom, our books, audio, music, and video products represent a variety of popular topics—including meditation, mindfulness, yoga, health and healing, shamanism, selfhelp, and psychology. With a new line of children’s books, we’re planting the seeds of mindfulness, compassion, kindness, self-care, and other personal growth skills that will benefit our little ones for a lifetime. BOOKS AUDIO

Soul Flower 952-679-7758 I Organic Clothing, Eco-Friendly, Organic, Cotton, Hemp, Recycled Fibers, Yoga Wear The Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles 800-276-8634 I CDs, DVDs, Books, Laminated Texts, SoundHealing Products and Services Soundings of the Planet 800-937-3223 I Award-Winning, Meditation, Healing Music, Dean Evenson, Chakra, Affirmations, World, Chant Since founding their label Soundings of the Planet in 1979, sound healing pioneers Dudley and Dean Evenson, have produced award-winning music and videos that are extremely popular for massage, yoga, meditation, relaxation, and all healing arts. Over the years, they have collaborated with outstanding musicians such as Scott Huckabay, Li Xiangting, Tom Barabas, d’Rachael, and Beth Quist in support of the Peace Through Music mission. Now, Dudley and Dean are pleased to offer their first book Quieting the Monkey Mind: How to Meditate with Music bringing together what they have learned in over four decades of practicing and teaching meditation and how music and sound can support the process. This beautiful guidebook is filled with practical tips, exercises, photos, and illustrations to support advanced or beginning meditators on an empowering journey of finding peace within. They address sound tools and techniques using chanting, toning, mantra, affirmations, kirtan, singing bowls, and listening to recorded music in this very accessible and user-friendly book. Testimonials include Jack Canfield, Jonathan Goldman, Naomi Judd, Joan Borysenko, Larry Dossey, Iyanla Vanzant, Cyndi Dale, and Madisyn Taylor.

38 January/February 2018 |


Spirit Voyage 888-735-4800 I Music, Books, Clothing, Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Pants, Blouse, Meditation, Mantra Spirit Whisperings 503-701-1073 I Sacred Stone Grids, Books, Little Grid Kits, Chakra Activation Sprays Stacie Anthony Collection 608-637-7700 I Sterling Silver Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Toe Rings, Pendants, Nature Jewelry Starlinks Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts 800-867-4344 I Jewelry, Gift, Cards, Pendulums, Celtic, Pagan, Wicca, Magic, Metaphysical, Fantasy Stars of Creation 541-941-0515 I Rainbow Stars, Sacred Geometry, Window Art, Clings, Decals, Magnets, Kits








we of fer t excepnusual greeting ue gifts market. • ction of , Norse, and SpiriAmulets Age and Charms; ndulums; more. • otto. Sign ons, and rop-ship tions. We

releases continue to raise the bar forsoundtracks, which will literally meditate you and provide healing music that sounds so gooda precision meditation experience each time you put on folks listen to his recordings for yearsyour headset. Or, enjoy Master Charles’ essential oil blends. and years. Deep Alpha (Grammy nominee) and Deep Theta (27 weeksMade from all-natural ingredients, our oils and perfumes on Billboard’s Top TenInner New Age chart). Music Brand new: Mindful Piano are designed to support the contemporary meditative Steven Halpern Peace makes it easy for anyone to achieve a mindful meditative state. •lifestyle. Visit us to find many more products including Steven’s Brainwave Entrainment series provides virtually guaran-books, jewelry, and art objects carefully selected for their 800-909-0707 I teed access to precise states of consciousness, combining hispower to help users experience greater balance and fulfillTarcher Perigee — Learn. Create. Grow. proven-effectiveAward-Winning, music with sonic technology. • The CDs, Soundwavement in their daily lives. • See our ad on p. 57. Mindfulness, Meditation, 2000 Subliminal Affirmation series provides targeted outcome Healing, Chakras, Brainwaves, Relaxation. to fill a particular need of the buyer. • The Next-Gen Music for800-847-5515 I Best-Selling Meditation series combines healing music, brainwave and subliminal affirmations for a new level of effectiveness. NewBooks on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help, SpirituStrikehawk Inc. 2.0; Pain Relief at the titles: EffortlesseCommerce Relaxation, Self-Healing Speed of Sound. Manifesting Abundance. • Chakra Suite has beenality, Creativity, Health, Parenting and Psychology voted ‘the most influential New Age album of all time.’ CustomersTarcher Perigee—Learn. Create. Grow. 321-236-0483 I continue to ask for it by name; yearly sales now continue to rise.Tidepool 800-847-5515, This proves your customers still want and value CDs! • See our Web on p. 7.Hosting, Merchant Accounts, SSL CertifiBooks on Self-Empowerment, Self-Help, Spirituality, 800-748-5790 and 619-549-6992 I cates, Dedicated Servers, eCommerce Consulting Creativity, Health, Parenting and Psychology • See our Strikehawk eCommerce Inc. ad on p. 3. Sterling Silver Barrettes, Bracelets, Chains, 321-236-0483, Studio Penny Lane Earrings, TidepoolHair Picks, Necklaces, Pendants Web Hosting, Merchant Accounts, SSL Certificates, Dedicated 800-748-5790, 619-549-6992 858-436-7028 Servers, eCommerceIConsulting Timber Green Woods Gratitude, Glassware, Jewelry, Home Décor, StudioMason PennyJarLane Sterling Silver Barrettes, Bracelets, Chains, Earrings, Hair Cards, Sleeves, Gifts 608-574-3343 I 858-436-7028, • See our ad on p. 12. Picks, Necklaces, Pendants Sun’s Eye Inc. Jewelry, Home Décor, Cards, Mason Jar Gratitude, Glassware, Timber Green Woods Wood Ornaments, Votives, Buttons, Puzzles, Sleeves, Gifts 608-574-3343, Cheese Boards, Coasters, Wine Charms 800-786-7393 I Sun’s Eye Inc. Wood Ornaments, Votives, Buttons, Puzzles, Cheese Timeless Traditions Inc. 800-786-7393, Boards, Coasters, Wine Charms Oils, Sprays, Essential, Fragrance, Chakra, Deity, Mystic, Metaphysical, Lavender, Oils, Sprays, Essential, Fragrance, Chakra,Smudge Deity, Mystic, Timeless Traditions Inc. 406-388-2900 I info@timelesstraditionsMetaphysical, Lavender, Smudge • See our ad on p. 14. 406-388-2900, Synchronicity Foundation Inspirational Sympathy Gifts, Sterling Synchronicity Foundation Inspirational Gifts,Gifts, Sympathy Gifts, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Keepsakes, Pet Memorials 757-644-3400, Keepsakes, Pet Memorials 434-326-5500 I Timeless Traditions is theis Timeless Traditions Spirituality, Meditation, Soundtracks, Essential Spirituality, Meditation, Soundtracks, Essential Oils, Perfume, creator, designer, and leading the creator, designer, Oils, Perfume, Mandala, Books, Music Mandala, Technology, Books,Technology, Music wholesale supplierwholesale of historiand leading Synchronicity Founda- is a Synchronicity Foundation cally inspired tear bottles. supplier historically contemporary meditation center with These small,ofexquisite glass tion is a contemporary inspired tear bottles. ameditation vision to bringcenter balance,with wholeness, bottles are used to symbolize and fulfillment to the lives of particideep emotion are a These small,and exquisite a vision to bring balance, pants through the study and practice unique and personal gift glass bottles are used wholeness, and fulfillof Modern Spirituality. Our storechoice for many meaningful occasions. Tear bottles are used to symbolize deep emotion and are a unique features products ment leading-edge to the lives of care-to express many sentiments. They can represent tears of and personal gift choice for many meaningful fully selected by our Founder participants through the andjoy at a memory; hold tears of heartache upon the loss of a occasions. Tearashes, bottles areofused to express many loved one; or keep a lock hair, dried flowers, earth study and practice of Modern Spirituality. Our from a special place, or some other memento of your sentiments. They can represent tears of loved joy at store features leading-edge products carefully or a specialhold occasion. All our tear bottles areupon made the in aonememory; tears of heartache selected by our Founder and Spiritual Director, the USA lead-free • Weofalso loss of awith loved one; ormetal keepdecorations. ashes, a lock hair, Master Charles Cannon, to support this vision represent high-quality jewelry lines that are hard to find, dried from special place, some expressflowers, feelings ofearth the heart, anda are well priced foror today’s and make it a reality for people living a contemother memento of your loved one or a special discriminating buyer. Check out our beautiful keepsake porary, Western lifestyle who want to enjoy jewelry line designed hold bottles a petite remembrance occasion. All ourtotear are madeofinyour the meditation’s Many benefits with ease. Start by loved one a special place closedecorations. at heart. • We also USA withor lead-free metal Weoffer also trying our High-Tech Meditation soundtracks, Pet Memorialhigh-quality products, including keepsake represent jewelry lines urns thatand aresterhard ling silver ash-holder jewelry. • In business since 2001, we which will literally meditate you and provide a to find, express feelings of the heart, and are well are proud of the value, quality products, and excellent precision meditation experience each time you priced for today’s discriminating buyer. Check out customer service we provide to our customers. put on your headset. Or, enjoy Master Charles’ our beautiful keepsake jewelry line designed to essential oil blends. Made from all-natural ingrehold a petite remembrance of your loved one or dients, our oils and perfumes are designed to a special place close at heart. We also offer Pet support the contemporary meditative lifestyle. Memorial products, including keepsake urns and Visit us to find many more products including sterling silver ash-holder jewelry. In business books, jewelry, and art objects carefully selected since 2001, we are proud of the value, quality for their power to help users experience greater products, and excellent customer service we balance and fulfillment in their daily lives. provide to our customers.




Resources | 39 and catalog Aromatherapy Jewelry, Essential Oils, Candles, Chakra, Aura Vibrational Therapy, Grounding, and Energy Clearing Handmade, Ceramic, Porcelain, Celtic, Wildlife, Jewelry, Gemstones, Essential Oils, Nurtur on p. 51. Ornaments, Made In America Touchstone Pottery VibesUP Tina’s Natural Products Touchstone Pottery Artisanal quality, fresh design, 800-255-9737 530-677-1248, and intrinsic meaning are Vilmain 267-362-5144 I 800-255-9737 I Therapy, vkoffice@yaho Grounding, Energ embodied in each handmade Vibrational 877-243-4494, Aura Cleanse®, Chakra Cleanse®, Energy Cleansing Sprays, Pure Essential Handmade, Handmade, Ceramic, Porcelain, Wildlife, Jewelry, Ornaments, Ceramic, Porcelain, Celtic, Jewelry, Essential Oils, Nurturing, H piece fromWildlife, ourCeltic, DeWitt, Mich., Gemstones, Oil Blends, Floral Waters, Aroma Diffusing Jewelry, Car Diffusers, Personal Ornaments, Made in America p. 51. Made In America studio. • We are the sole onUSA-Made Pewter, Charms, Toke Artisanal fresh design, On-The-Go Misters Artisanal fresh and intrinsic producer ofquality, thisquality, jewelry, and wedesign, Inspirational Paperweights, Phot and intrinsic arein each Our mission is to create natural products infused with meaning are meaning embodied handmade piece use proprietary techniques to Vilmain embodied inDeWitt, each handmade 877-243-4494, purposeful intention using only authentic ingredients fromaour Mich., We are the sole create richness of detail notstudio. VisionWorks piece from our DeWitt, Mich., that have been used in purification rituals and well-found in other media. Our lines producer of this jewelry, and we use proprietary are known to elicit wonder 800-933-7326, dreaming@cha studio. • We are the sole USA-Made Pewter, Charms, Tokens, An being since ancient times. Feel confident offeringand personal meaning in customers techniques to create a richness of detail not Photo Stan whoofoften become repeat producer this jewelry, and we Inspirational Paperweights, yourtechniques product Postcards, Notecards, products created by a therapist and spiritual, energybuyers. Thus, our lines add collectability found intoother media.mix. are known to Bumper Sti use proprietary toOur lines Michigan,” each Buttons, Books, Hundreds of Pub a richness ofTouchstone detail not meaning VisionWorks clearing specialist to purge stale, stagnant, stuck, nega-• With the words “Made in create elicit wonder and personal in customers found otherbecome media. lines arebuyers. known toThus, elicit wonder 800-933-7326, dreaming@changin jewelry displayOurrepeat illustrates our commitment to add tive energy from yourself, dwelling, work, business, orPottery® who in often our lines collectability to and personal meaning in customers who often become repeat produce American-made jewelry that supports our local VitaJuwel USA Inc. even items worn or used by another. Over exposure and your product mix. With the words “Made in Michigan,” each Touchstone buyers. Thus, our lines collectability to yourare product Postcards, Notecards,contact@vitaju Bumper Stickers, employees, andadd retailers. Our lines priced 925-291-7490, accumulation of such negative energies may lead to anartists, Pottery® jewelry display illustrates our commitment to produce • With the words “Made in Michigan,” each Touchstone Buttons, Books, Hundreds of Publisher your margin, while still offering your customers a artists, unhealthy imbalance of emotion, mind, spirit and theprotect American-made jewelry that our supports our local employees, Pottery® jewelry display illustrates commitment to product. •jewelry Seeare ourthat ad on 60.protect Gemwater Bottles, Gemstone Via physical body. Cleansing of the aura and chakras are easy to do, withmade-in-the-USA and retailers. Our lines priced margin, while produce American-made supports our localyourVitaJuwel USAstill Inc. Gemwater Accessories artists, employees, and retailers. Our lines are priced to 925-291-7490, contact@vitajuwel.c our convenient sprays and roll-on scents designed for peace of mind offering your customers a made-in-the-USA product.

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Symbolic, Source Code Symbolic, Source Code

Music, Malas, Sterling Jewe Music, Malas, Sterling SilverSilver Jewelry, P

Incense, Candles, Chakras, Gemstones, Tapestries, Incense Seeour ourad ad on on p. Burners, Champa,Hem Hem• •See p.45. 45. Burners, NagNag Champa, VibesUP

Jewelry, Eco-Friendly Handmade Gifts Jewelry, Eco-Friendly Handmade

Jewelry, Vd Importers Inc. Jewelry, YogaYoga Vd Vd Importers Inc. Importers Inc. 786-703-7852 Windrose Trading/Trilo 786-703-7852 Windrose Trading/Triloka 786-703-7852 I 800-229-3731, triloka@windrosetr 800-229-3731, triloka@windr Incense, Candles, Chakras, Gemstones, Tapestries, Incense Burners, Nag Champa, HemChakras, Gemstones, Tapestries, Incense Aromatherapy Incense, Smudges, Diffu Incense, Candles,

Aromatherapy Incense, Smudges 530-677-1248 I 50 January/February 2017 | Therapy, 2017 Grounding, Energizing, Healing, Gemstones, Essential 50 Vibrational January/February | Oils, Nurturing, Holistic

40 January/February 2018 |

Vilmain 877-243-4494 I USA-Made Pewter, Charms, Tokens, Angels, Hearts, Inspirational Paperweights, Photo Stands VisionWorks 800-933-7326 I Postcards, Notecards, Bumper Stickers, Calendars, Magnets, Buttons, Books, Hundreds of Publishers VitaJuwel USA Inc. 925-291-7490 I Gemwater Bottles, Gemstone Vials, Gemwater Dispensers, Gemwater Accessories

W-Z Wei of Chocolate 602-577-2338 I Organic Chocolate, Vegan, Healthy, Fair Trade Cocoa, Cacao, Meditation, Gift Wellstone Jewelry 800-544-8773 I Metaphysical, Symbolic, Tarot, Goddess, Celtic, Angel, Petroqlyphs, Birthing, Silver Jewelry We’Moon Company 503-288-3588 I Datebooks, Calendars, Cards, Astrology Journal, Fine Art, Poetry, Spiritual Journal White Swan Distribution 800-825-8656 I Music, Malas, Sterling Silver Jewelry, Prayer Shawls, Chakra Jewelry, Yoga Windrose Trading/Triloka 800-229-3731 I Aromatherapy Incense, Smudges, Diffusers, Accessories, Oils, Jewelry, Eco-Friendly Handmade Gifts

World Buyers Buddha, Parasols, Journals, Jewelry, Lanterns, Décor, Candles, Garlands, Matchboxes, Trays

Yolanda’s Spirit Drums 575-635-0545 I Native American, Drums, Music, DVDs, Sage, Supplies, Workshops, and More

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Aromatherapy Bracelets

Compiled by Retailing Insight Team

Wear Your Favorite Aroma! Add a drop or two of your favorite Sun’s Eye Oil to these beautiful and durable aromatherapy bracelets and lockets! Gift boxed with an instruction card and three black felt pads for saturating with oil.


Aromatherapy Lockets


Zoë + Piper 480-268-9518 I Yoga, Gemstone, Chakra, Lotus, Buddha, Mala, Jewelry, Artisan, Essential Oil



Classic Lotus

The Most Beautiful Oils in the World Perfume Bottles • Accessories Spray Mists • Diffusers • Oils

Crystal Lotus



Now available at • 1-800-SunsEye

Resources | 41

Empowering Your Retail Sales Cycle By Jacki Smith

42 January/February 2018 |


f your retail sales cycle starts when you customer walks in the door, you are starting too late and missing out on a lot of sales. Back in my early days of corporate retail sales training, everything was about the moment the customer walked in the door. My manager drilled the 5 steps for the sales process into my brain. We role played, had tests, picked the subject of the day to talk about and did all manner of things to keep this process top of mind. All of this went out of my head the day I stepped away from the retail mall world and started my own wholesale business. Now that I have been back at the retail game, these same steps I was taught about so long ago are instinctively present in my best sales people. I brushed off these old processes for making sales, researched new ideas about retail selling and watched my top selling staff in action. What I learned is that these techniques are instinctual in my top sellers. What these team members have naturally is exactly what I need every member to exemplify and is some of the hardest to train. So how do I take this from an uncomfortable hard sell approach into the organic style that I see that sales naturals flow with? I took one more step up to the 10,000 foot view of the selling cycle and looked at the entire picture. When did my revenues go up, when did they go down and what was the main cause? What was I doing, what was I not doing? Most answers came down to how much traffic I had in my store. When I don’t get the feet from the street, even my best producing sales staff is ineffective. Every retail store struggles with the feet in the door challenge. It can be so unpredictable and mercurial at the best of times and when Mother Nature or social unrest rears its head like it did September of 2017, it can destroy the profit you had built all year. This challenge caused me to start thinking outside the front door, outside of the community and into the great space that is marketing. The sales cycle starts with your brand, your message and your marketing. Before you can dazzle the customer, who comes into your store, you have to get them there. You must connect with them in their world and reel them into your store with marketing. If you look at the sales cycle in the graphic below you can see the sub-processes in each step.

Resources | 43

Pre-Purchase This is where your customer realizes their need, usually based on a pain they are experiencing. They are actively looking for options and putting your advertising and social media to the test by bringing people to your store. Start this pre-purchase part of your sales cycle with your current campaigns. Your social media is ripe with information on how many views your post or ad gets. Your other media outlets have lots of information on how many readers or listeners they have. Once you have these numbers, start drilling down to how many visitors you get to your store per day and week. When you are not reaching out into the world, the inhabitants of the world don’t know where to find you. You are not trying to run a secret society here so let people know you are here and have exactly what they are looking for.

empty handed. A quick test on your in-store sales process is to compare how many sales per day you have in comparison to how much foot traffic you get. What is the average of sales to traffic you are looking for? What is the average sale you are looking for. This tells the tale of your sales staffs’ engagement with the customer. There is no industry standard that applies to all stores. If you are in a tourist area, you will get lots of foot traffic of lookey-loos who are just checking out the landscape. If you are off the beaten track, then your walk-in customers have more of a purpose coming to you. When a customer walks into your store, or clicks onto your site there is an instinctual internal process they go through. Your sales staff can tune into what stage they are in and help guide them to the product perfect for them.

Decision This is the sales process inside your store. The customer reviews the options you have for them and decides to purchase or walk out

Awareness – Your customer becomes aware of what you have in your store and start to connect it to what pain or issues is at the top of their mind as they look around.

This is where you welcome and start to engage with them. Keep “may I help you” out of your greeting. That phase is code for “I don’t want to talk to you”. Instead, start a conversation, build rapport and get them talking. Interest – Your customer starts to really look at a few things – maybe for themselves, maybe for others. This is where getting the customer talking helps you qualify their need. You listen more talk less and engage. If a customer made the effort to walk into your store, something interested them enough risk the exposure to a sales person. It may just be a whim, but those whims feed a need or pain they are wanting to resolve. Desire – Your customer wants to like what you are offering, and they may need your help in understanding the value of your products. This is where your products knowledge and expertise meets the customer’s needs and sale begins. You show options to filling their need, talking them through the resolution of the pain they are ready to resolve. No matter the outcome of the sale, you have built a relationship and hopefully trust with your customer. Action – Your customer is ready to buy and may need permission to take the final step. This is where you close the sale. You don’t have to be a used car hard close kind of sales person. Most people are more comfortable with the soft close, especially in the beginning. A soft close is when you ask your customers, “Is this what you are looking for?” or “how do you feel about this item” or ask them if they like item A or Item B better. You can start an assumptive close and tell them you will start a pile for them at the register, or you will start to ring everything up for the. Remain natural in your tone and part of the conversation you and in with the customer. Add-ons or upselling is perfect at the moment as you have help them assume that they are buying the first item.

Ringing up the sale (delivery) In your store this is the completion or closing of the sale and the final time to upsell. If you have an online store, this is how your product is delivered to the customer. This seems a like a no brainer, you ring up the sale, put it in the

44 January/February 2018 |

bag and say goodbye. Yet, this is a critical moment in your relationship with the customer, their purchase and their potential return. This is the impression that your customer leaves with. If their new purchase is treated like gold, a precious item they have carefully chose to give relief to their busy life, your customer will see it in that way too. Items thrown into a plastic bag like a box of saltine crackers will never taste like a stone ground organic artisan snack treat. The way they receive their online order needs the same attention. How do you feel about your eBay purchase when it arrives in a well-used box, crammed full of old newspapers and junk mail? You wonder if it even made it there alive. Giving your customers the feeling of opening up a present carefully chosen for them (even if it’s a present to themselves) will give them a feeling a Christmas morning joy. That impression will last and will be a buffer for any potential mistakes that an online order can incur. Internally, this is also where you get an abundance of information on what is selling, who it is selling to and customer information for future promotion. This is a critical moment of data gathering in your point of sale system. Slowing down the check-out process to painful level does not make a great sales cycle, yet you want to get information for future sales opportunities; this is a fine balance. There is no one best practice as every store is unique. This is the best time to start thinking about your demographic, why they came to you and how to get them back in.

Post Purchase This is where loyalty is built. Did your customer enjoy their purchase? Are they excited about returning? Are you following up with a newsletter or other direct contact? In a brick and mortar, the post-purchase interaction usually occurs when a customer is unhappy, but what if you could turn that around and get them before they become disgruntled? A post purchase process can turn an unhappy customer into your biggest advocate if you do it right. It costs less to get someone to return than to get them into your store the first time. This is the perfect opportunity to invite them to return.

Ask your customers, your staff and yourself, what post sale interaction would create loyalty to your business? What would get them back in the store sooner, spending more money with you. What would happen if you tracked the numbers in your sales cycle for 3 months? How would this change your strategy in your marketing? How would this change the way you train your staff? How could this change the way you pack up a sale? Let’s look at the sales cycle numbers for my store for one month in 2017: Pre-sale marketing for a 30-day cycle Social Media posts 10,000 views Ad in local paper 20,0000 subscribers Ad in school theater program 1,000 printed Hit on info-only website 1,000 page views Total reach 32,000 Decision (foot traffic for 30 days) Weekday traffic for 4 weeks: 5 days per week x 25 visitors a day Saturday traffic for 4 weeks Sunday traffic for 4 weeks Total Customers

500 customers 200 Customers 120 Customers 820 customers 2.5% return on mrktg

Sales (Delivery) for 30 days Number of sales 700 sales 85% Close rate Average Sale $30 $21,000 *Need to reach 12 pre-sales views for every $1 sold in store Post Sale Newsletter e-blast Returns / Exchanges Online reviews

1000 2 0

Resources | 45

What does this tell you about where I need to improve? What could I do better in my pre-sale game? Is any of my post-sale going to bring in customers? Is my sales staff engaging my customers? Am I gathering enough information at the close of the sale? From this information we realized we need to spend more money in marketing to increase our foot traffic. But, here was our quandary, where do we spend that money and who do we market to? This is where the exercise in learning about our demographics came in handy. You can’t have an empowered sales cycle without knowing who you are selling to. It would be like a garden center advertising in a men’s magazine; highly ineffective. Think about your current customers, talk to your staff, talk to your customers or look through your customer base and identify the top two groups of regular buyers. You want to target the 2 customer groups that brings in the most revenue. Start answering these questions help define your demographic allowing you to target your advertising more effectively. Do this for the top two segments of your customers. • W ho is this group? What would you name them? • W hat does this group care about relative to your product/service solution? • W here does this group get information, help, or answers? • W hat is the biggest pain or issue this group faces or deals with? • W hat influences these groups decisions? • How do you want customers to feel after using your product/service?

Vernon Howard

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A way of life exists above human conflict above financial difficulties, above heartache and pain. Let this book guide you into finding that new life for yourself.

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DeVorss ▪ 800-843-5743 New Leaf ▪ 800-326-2665 New Life Foundation ▪ 800-293-3377 (Publisher) Order Today! “I’m thrilled to carry Vernon Howard books and booklets. My customers just love them.”

— S. C., California

46 January/February 2018 |

From these answers you can start to tailor what you post in social media, where you advertise, what additional products you bring into your store, even what charities you sponsor or donate to. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to think outside your front door for ways to bring more customers in. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to understand their pains and needs and be able to get them the right product at the right time. The more you know about your customers, the more revenue you will be able to bring in with your sales cycle! Benjamin Franklin said that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Define your customers, track your sales cycle and make it better with the information you have gained. It is easy to get stuck in the day to day drama of running your business. When you look up and out and work ON your business that investment pays off for much longer than just putting a bandage on the latest crisis. Jacki Smith is the co-owner of Coventry Creations ( and they are celebrating their 25th year in business. Her passion of personal empowerment and small business has been the driving force in her success and her journey of lifelong learning. Jacki is a regular contributor to Retailing Insight and loves sharing her experience, successes and cautionary tales.

Many Voices, One Journey

An entertaining, passionate, and practical guide for improving your health through plant-based nutrition.

A scientific and spiritual guide to accessing the sacred bond we share with nature wherever you call home.

From the merging of yoga and modern psychology, a powerful new discipline for healing and transformation.

HARDBACK • 280 PAGES • US $22.95 978-1-62203-861-9

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PAPERBACK • 224 PAGES • US $18.95 978-1-62203-656-1

To order these new releases: Call 888.303.9185 • Email • Contact your local sales rep SO U N D STRUE.COM TAD906



SCOTT COOPER Just as a stream seamlessly wanders through the natural world over, around, or surrounded by rocks, Rock and Water explains how our lives can flow just as smoothly. This new book from Scott Cooper taps into the power of cognitive and acceptance-based skills to help enhance our happiness in the midst of the meanderings of our everyday lives.

Rock and Water provides these concepts in a complementary form applying two simple metaphors from nature: ROCK—the strong personal platform that reasonable thinking and sensible beliefs provide, and WATER—the peaceful path we attract by letting go. 9780875168968 16.95US 220pp Paperback


DeVorss Publications 800-843-5743 • w w w . d e v o r s s . c o m

Resources | 47

2018 TRADE SHOWS Use our comprehensive list of trade shows to plan your 2018 buying trips. For a continually updated list of trade shows, visit Retailing Insight strives to assure the accuracy of show schedules listed here, however, please contact the show promoter directly to confirm dates, times, and locations prior to making travel plans.

JANUARY ► Northeast Market Center Show Dates: Jan 5-8 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Jan 28-29, Feb 25-27, Mar 5, Mar 26, Apr 2-4, Apr 23-24, May 21, Jun 11, Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► Philadelphia Gift Show Dates: Jan 5-8 Location: Oaks, PA Thousands of lines from hundreds of exhibitors, with these special product showcases: souvenir and resort, made in the USA, outdoor living, home accents, and handcrafted gifts.

► Philadelphia National Candy, Gift, and Gourmet Show Dates: Jan 6-8 Location: Oaks, PA The premier show for retailers to get a first look at breaking trends and the latest offerings in candy, chocolate, and gourmet specialties. Sponsored by the Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia. ► Buyer’s Cash & Carry Dates: Jan 8 Location: Madison, WI Features unusual gift items, handcrafted furniture, gourmet food, jewelry, and handcrafted reproductions. Next Shows Feb 5-6, Mar 14, Mar 28, Apr 22, Jun 5, and Jun 25.

48 January/February 2018 |

► Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market Dates: Jan 9-16, Location: Atlanta, GA AmericasMart Atlanta features general gift, home, rug and apparel brands worldwide. Temporary Show Jan 11-15. ► Alaska Gift Show Dates: Jan 11-13 Location: Anchorage, AK Jewelry and metalwork, clothing and apparel, ivory, antler, and bone products, books, greeting cards, prints and paintings, souvenirs, and fine art. Wholesale-only cash-and-carry event. ► Denver International Western/English Apparel and Equipment Market Dates: Jan 12-15 Location: Denver, CO

The trade show for the equestrian wholesale and retail industry, featuring over 700 exhibitors of Western and English apparel, accessories, leather goods, and equestrian-related décor and gifts. Next Show Sept 7-9. ► Halloween & Party Expo Dates: Jan 12-15 Location: New Orleans, LA The industry event for Halloween and party supplies, costumes, accessories, and décor featuring 350 domestic and international exhibitors. ► St. Louis Gift Show Dates: Jan 14-15 Location: St. Charles, MO Thousands of products from around the world, including giftware, gourmet foods, jewelry and accessories, and made-in-the-USA crafts. Next Show Aug 12-13. ► Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dates: Jan 17-23 Location: Dallas, TX More than 20,000 gift items, home accessories, textiles, furniture, holiday and seasonal items, gourmet food, stationery, toys, and jewelry & fashion accessories. ► LA Mart Winter Market Dates: Jan 18-22 Location: Los Angeles, CA Permanent showrooms featuring 7,000+ lines, national brands, and local artisans in a range of categories: gift, home/garden décor, holiday/ seasonal, fashion, toys, stationery, personal care, gourmet, tabletop, textiles, and more. Next Shows Mar 25-27, Jul 19-23, and Sept 23-25. ► American Made Show Dates: Jan 19-22 Location: Dallas, TX Jewelry, home décor, giftware, fashion, furniture, toys wall art and more. ► Columbus Marketplace Dates: Jan 19-23 Location: Dublin, OH

The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to shop, single-floor layout. Next Shows Feb 18-20, Mar 16-20, Apr 28-29, Jun 24-26, Jul 22-24, Aug 17-21, Sept 30 – Oct 2, and Nov 3-5. ► Minneapolis Mart Gift, Home & Accessory Show Dates: Jan 19-23 Location: Minnetonka, MN More than 5,000 lines of home, décor, accessories and apparel merchandise in 140 showrooms. Next Shows Mar 9-13, Apr 22-24, Jun 24-26, Aug 3-7, and Sept 30 – Oct 2. ► Seattle Gift Show Dates: Jan 20-23 Location: Seattle, WA More than 30 artisans from Seattle’s largest indie craft show. A wide range of products from general giftware, collectibles, decorative accessories, table top, home décor, souvenir and resort apparel, jewelry and more. ► NW Trend Show Dates: Jan 21-23 Location: Seattle, WA Brings the latest in fashion from women’s apparel, accessories and jewelry, to children’s, men’s shoes and gift items. Next Shows Mar 25-27, and Oct 28-30. ► Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market Dates: Jan 24-27 Location: Dallas, TX 800-325-6587 Showcases apparel and accessories ranging from classic looks to contemporary edge in the permanent showrooms and a wide range of temporary exhibitors. Next Show Jun 6-9 ► Oasis Gift Show Dates: Jan 25-27 Location: Phoenix, AZ Features 200 exhibitors of trendy merchandise, world imports, home décor, jewelry, Native American art and crafts, and western flair plus a jury-chosen Artisans’ Showcase. Hosted biannually each January and September.

► New Orleans Gift and Jewelry Show Dates: Jan 26-29 Location: New Orleans, LA Cash-and-carry and order-writing show for qualified buyers featuring fine and trendy jewelry, accessories, apparel, gourmet foods, specialty arts and crafts, gifts, and more. Next Show Aug 16-19. ► Biloxi Gift Show Dates: Jan 27-29 Location: Biloxi, MS More than 300 booths with manufactures from 22 states features a huge selection of new and trendy merchandise including holiday, home décor, tabletop, garden accessories, souvenirs, gourmet, jewelry, apparel, floral, and gift wrap. Next Show Aug 4-6. ► Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show Dates: Jan 27- Feb 10 Location: Tucson, AZ More than 400 dealers from around the world. No admission fee or registration required. Next Shows May 18-20, Aug10-12, and Sept 8-15. ► Northeast Market Center Show Dates: Jan 28-29 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Feb 25-27, Mar 5, Mar 26, Apr 2-4, Apr 23-24, May 21, Jun 11, Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► Las Vegas Winter Market Dates: Jan 28 – Feb 1 Location: Las Vegas, NV An international furnishing showcase featuring thousands of lines in furniture, bedding, lighting, flooring, accessories and gift resources, wall art, home textures, tabletop, lifestyle product and much more. Next Show Jul 29 – Aug 2.

Resources | 49

► STYLEMAX Date: Jan 28-30 Location: Chicago, IL Women’s apparel and accessories featuring categories such as Contemporary, Bridge, Better, and Accessories. ► Toronto Gift Fair Dates: Jan 28 – Feb1 Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada With 1.3 million square feet of display space, this show is North America’s largest temporary trade gift show. Featuring 1,000 exhibitors, it is Canada’s largest one-stop buying venue. Next Show Aug 12-15. ► American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Dates: Jan 30 – Feb 4 Location: Tucson, AZ Features loose gemstones and pearls, extensive lines of finished jewelry, and equipment. ► JCK Tucson Dates: Jan 31 – Feb 3 Location: Tucson, AZ This B2B fine finished jewelry event features luxury, silver, fashion, bridal, and designer jewelry. Held during Tucson’s Jewelry Week, with more than 40 complementary events.

FEBRUARY ► Body Soul & Spirit Expo Dates: Feb 2-4 Location: Vancouver, British of Columbia, Canada Showcases products for wellness, alternative therapies, healing arts, aromatherapy, natural healing, intuitive arts, esoteric philosophy, metaphysics, and more. Next Shows Mar 23-25, and Apr 27-29. ► NY NOW Dates: Feb 3-7 Location: New York, NY Drawing 35,000 attendees from all 50 states and 80+ countries, NY NOW hosts 2,800 exhibitors showcasing the very best lines across the home, lifestyle, and gift spectrum. Next Show Aug 12-15.

► Buyer’s Cash & Carry Dates: Feb 5-6 Location: Oaks, PA Open to the trade only. Featuring unique, American-made gifts and home décor products. 250 exhibitors. Next Shows Mar 14, Mar 28, Apr 22, Jun 5, and Jun 25.

► American Craft Retailers Expo (ACRE) Dates: Feb 17-19 Location: Philadelphia, PA Hundreds of wholesale artists in juried showcases including Handmade Gifts and Accessories, Fine Crafts, Handmade Jewelry, Handmade Wearable Art, and more.

► Spring Fair Dates: Feb 4-8 Location: Birmingham, UK The U.K.’s largest retail trade event and the most comprehensive collection of gifts in Europe, with 3,000 of the finest home and gift suppliers from the U.K. and overseas.

► Toy Fair Dates: Feb 17-20 Location: New York, NY More than 1,100 international exhibitors showcasing toy and entertainment products: action figures, dolls, games and puzzles, baby and preschool toys, software, and video games.

► International Fashion Jewelry and Accessory Show (IFJAG) Dates: Feb 10-13 Location: Las Vegas, NV More than 200 lines of fashion jewelry and accessories. No cash and carry permitted. Open to wholesalers and volume buyers only. Next Show Jun 8-11. ► MAGIC Las Vegas Dates: Feb 12-14 Location: Las Vegas, NV A must-see buying destination event for fashion retailers, featuring 10 can’t-miss markets of apparel, footwear, and accessories. ► TransWorld’s Winter Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories (JF&A Show) Dates: Feb 15-18 Location: Rosemont, IL The latest in fine and fashion jewelry, giftware, beauty products, watches, handbags, and more. Professional Gem Sciences Laboratory, Ltd. Is on site to give professional appraisals. Next Shows Apr 19-22, Jul 19-22, Oct 25-28, and Nov 29 – Dec 2. ► California Marketplace Dates: Feb 23-26 Location: Los Angeles, CA Features jewelry and fashion accessories, artisan crafts, global styles, and gifts.

50 January/February 2018 |

► Louisville Gift Show Dates: Feb 18-19 Location: Shepherdsville, KY More than 100 order-writing and cash-and carry vendors in giftware, gourmet foods, clothing, jewelry, accessories, candles, and seasonal. Next Show Aug 26-27. ► Columbus Marketplace Dates: Feb 18-20 Location: Dublin, OH The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to shop, single-floor layout. Next Shows Mar 16-20, Apr 28-29, Jun 24-26, Jul 22-24, Aug 17-21, Sept 30 – Oct 2, and Nov 3-5. ► American Craft Council Wholesale Show Dates: Feb 21-22 Location: Baltimore, MD Wholesale-only, juried marketplace featuring high-quality American craft from more than 550 of the top contemporary jewelry, clothing, furniture, and home décor artists. ► American Craft Council Public Show Dates: Feb 23-25 Location: Baltimore, MD The annual juried marketplaces in Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Paul, and San Francisco feature original work by 1,500 contemporary craft artists, with wholesale-buying opportunities. Next Shows Mar 16-18, Apr 19-22, and Aug 3-5.

► Rocky Mountain Gift Show Dates: Feb 21-26 Location: Denver, CO The Rocky Mountain region’s premier wholesale buying event for gift, home, jewelry, resort and related industries. The largest showing of imprinted sportswear in the country. Next Show Aug 22-27. ► Northeast Market Center Show Dates: Feb 25-27 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Mar 5, Mar 26, Apr 2-4, Apr 23-24, May 21, Jun 11, Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► Alberta Gift Fair Dates: Feb 25-28 Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada The largest show in Western Canada features

more than 500 exhibitors in five product categories (Living, Style, Gifts etc., Gourmet Fare, and Made in Canada). Next Show Aug 26-29.

MARCH ► Mid-South Jewelry & Accessories Fair Dates: Mar 2-4 Location: Southaven, MS Cash and carry and order writing show with free admission to qualified buyers. Fine jewelry, semi-precious and precious stones, trendy jewelry, accessories, apparel, gifts, and more. Next Shows Aug 10-12, and Nov 1-4. ► Atlanta Jewelry Show Dates: Mar 3-5 Location: Atlanta, GA With more than 500 booths, this show features new and best-selling jewelry in a range of price points, including the Handcrafted Studio, which highlights one-of-a-kind artisan pieces. Next Show Aug 4-6.

► Lansing Gift Show Dates: Mar 4-6 Location: Lansing, MI A wholesale order-writing show featuring gift, souvenir, specialty food, resort, home décor, tabletop, retail point-of-sale systems, and label and packaging. ► Norton’s Apparel, Jewelry, and Gift Market Dates: Mar 4-6 Location: Gatlinburg, TN Featuring 500+ exhibitors of apparel, jewelry, candles, fragrances, gourmet food, cosmetics, stationery, gift wrap, and more. Next Shows Jun 3-5, Sept 9-11, and Nov 11-13. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Mar 5 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next


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Resources | 51

Shows Mar 26, Apr 2-4, Apr 23-24, May 21, Jun 11, Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► Natural Products Expo West Dates: Mar 8-11 Location: Anaheim, CA The leading trade show in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry. With 1,800 exhibitors showcasing natural foods, organic, health and beauty, supplements, and pet products. ► Minneapolis Mart Gift, Home & Accessory Show Dates: Mar 9-13 Location: Minnetonka, MN More than 5,000 lines of home, décor, accessories and apparel merchandise in 140 showrooms. Next Shows Apr 22-24, Jun 24-26, Aug 3-7, and Sept 30 – Oct 2. ► International Home + Housewares Show Dates: Mar 10-13 Location: Chicago, IL Housewares marketplace featuring 2,000 exhibitors from more than 100 countries. The show is conveniently organized into four “Show within a Show” expos. ► JA New York Spring Dates: Mar 11-13 Location: New York, NY More than 700 major designers and manufacturers from around the world will showcase the latest jewelry designs, with an easy-towork marketplace. Next Shows Jul 15-17, and Oct 28-30. ► ASD MARKET Week Dates: Mar 11-14 Location: Las Vegas, NV A destination wholesale buying event. With 2,800 vendors in Gift and Home, Jewelry/ Cash and Carry, Value and Variety, Fashion Accessories, Health and Beauty, and Toys and Novelties. Next Show Jul 29 – Aug 1.

► Buyer’s Cash & Carry Dates: Mar 14 Location: Springfield, OH Open to the trade only. Featuring unique, American-made gifts and home décor products. 250 exhibitors. Next Shows Mar 28, Apr 22, Jun 5, and Jun 25. ► American Craft Council Public Show Dates: Mar 16-18 Location: Atlanta, GA Featuring original work by more than 1,500 of the country’s top contemporary craft artists, with wholesale-buying opportunities at all four locations. Next Shows Apr 19-22, and Aug 3-5. ► Columbus MarketPlace Dates: Mar 16-20 Location: Dublin, OH The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to-shop, single-floor layout. Next Shows Apr 28-29, Jun 24-26, Jul 22-24, Aug 17-21, Sept 30 – Oct 2, and Nov 3-5. ► New England Made Giftware and Specialty Food Show Dates: Mar 17-19 Location: Portland, ME A juried, wholesale-buyers show featuring 250 manufacturers of unique, quality New England made products including home décor, apparel, jewelry, toys and games, candles, and more. Next Show Sept 9-10. ► Offinger’s Marketplace Dates: Mar 23-24 Location: Columbus, OH Latest products and trends in paper arts, paper crafting, scrapbooking, card making, mixed media, stamping, supplies and more. ► Body Soul & Spirit Expo Dates: Mar 23-25 Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Showcases products for wellness, alternative therapies, healing arts, aromatherapy, natural healing, intuitive arts, esoteric philosophy, metaphysics, and more. Next Show Apr 27-29.

52 January/February 2018 |

► LA Mart Spring Market Dates: Mar 25-27 Location: Los Angeles, CA Permanent showrooms featuring 7,000+ lines, national brands, and local artisans in a range of categories: gift, home/garden décor, holiday/ seasonal, fashion, toys, stationery, personal care, gourmet, tabletop, textiles, and more. Next Shows Jul 19-23, and Sept 23-25. ► NW Trend Show Dates: Mar 25-27 Location: Seattle, WA Brings the latest in fashion from women’s apparel, accessories and jewelry, to children’s, men’s shoes and gift items. Next Show Oct 28-30. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: March 26 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Apr 2-4, Apr 23-24, May 21, Jun 11, Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► GlobalShop Trade Show & Conference Dates: Mar 27-29 Location: Chicago, IL The nation’s largest trade show and conference that combines store design, visual merchandising, retail technology, and shopper marketing. ► 360o Fair Trade Conference & Expo Dates: Mar 27-29 Location: Westminster, CO Fair Trade Federation wholesalers display their latest and greatest products in a relaxed atmosphere. Held in conjunction with the annual Fair Trade Federation Conference. ► Buyer’s Cash & Carry Dates: Mar 28 Location: Madison, WI The Buyers Cash and Carry features unusual gift items, handcrafted furniture, gourmet food products, jewelry, and handcrafted reproductions, all for immediate delivery. Next Shows Apr 22, Jun 5, and Jun 25.

APRIL ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Apr 2-4 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Apr 23-24, May 21, Jun 11, Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► Colorado Mineral and Fossil Spring Show Dates: Sept 13-15 Location: Denver, CO Retail and wholesale dealers specializing in fossils, meteorites, amber, petrified wood and related items. Held in conjunction with the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. Next Show Sept 7-15.

► American Craft Council Public Show Dates: Apr 19-22 Location: Saint Paul, MN Featuring original work by more than 1,500 of the country’s top contemporary craft artists, with wholesale-buying opportunities at all four locations. Next Show Aug 3-5. ► TransWorld’s Spring Jewelry, Fashion and Accessories (JF&A Show) Dates: Apr 19-22 Location: Rosemont, IL The latest in fine and fashion jewelry, giftware, beauty products, watches, handbags, and more. Professional Gem Sciences Laboratory, Ltd. Is on site to give professional appraisals. Next Shows Jul 19-22, Oct 25-28, and Nov 29 – Dec 2. ► Petoskey Gift, Gourmet & Souvenir Show Dates: Apr 21-23 Location: Petoskey, MI

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Featuring hundreds of cash-and-carry and order-taking exhibitors in more than 25,000 square feet of exhibit space, all on one floor. Wholesale only. ► Buyer’s Cash & Carry Dates: Apr 22 Location: Marlborough, MA The Buyers Cash and Carry features unusual gift items, handcrafted furniture, gourmet food products, jewelry. Next Shows Jun 5, and Jun 25. ► Northern Michigan Gift and Souvenir Show Dates: Apr 22-24 Location: Harbor Springs, MI A wholesale trade market located at the Boynes Highland Resort. Exhibitors are gift and souvenir manufacturers, their representatives, and other independent reps.

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► Minneapolis Mart Gift, Home & Accessory Show Dates: Apr 22-24 Location: Minnetonka, MN More than 5,000 lines of home, décor, accessories and apparel merchandise in 140 showrooms. Next Shows Jun 24-26, Aug 3-7, and Sept 30 – Oct 2. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Apr 23-24 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows May 21, Jun 11, Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► Body Soul & Spirit Expo Dates: Apr 27-29 Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Showcases products for wellness, alternative therapies, healing arts, aromatherapy, natural healing, intuitive arts, esoteric philosophy, metaphysics, and more. ► Columbus Marketplace Dates: Apr 28-29 Location: Dublin, OH The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to shop, single-floor layout. Next Shows Jun 24-26, Jul 22-24, Aug 17-21, Sept 30 – Oct 2, and Nov 3-5.

MAY ► West Coast Gem and Mineral Show Dates: May 18-20 Location: Santa Ana, CA Featuring 80 retail and wholesale dealers from all over the U.S. and abroad, offering a variety of items related to earth sciences. Next Shows Aug 10-12, and Sept 8-15. ► International Jewelry and Merchandise Show Dates: May 18-21 Location: New Orleans, LA

This cash-and-carry and order-writing show features 700 booths showcasing fine jewelry, semi-precious and precious stones, trendy costume jewelry, accessories, and more. Next Show Nov 16-19. ► National Stationery Show Dates: May 20-23 Location: New York, NY The world’s most comprehensive collection of stationery and related lifestyle products. Over 800 exhibitors of greeting cards, invitations, giftwrap/ribbons, stationery, and more. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: May 21 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Jun 11, Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► Book Expo America Dates: May 30 – Jun 1 Location: New York, NY The premier North American publishing industry event featuring books in all formats, gift merchandise, and other nonbook products, technology, and services for retailers.

JUNE ► JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show Dates: Jun 1-4 Location: Las Vegas, NV Shop with ease for fine fashion and bridge jewelry at JCK. More than 100 exhibitors offering affordable collections to help customers make every day a special occasion. ► Norton’s Apparel, Jewelry, and Gift Market Dates: Jun 3-5 Location: Gatlinburg, TN Featuring 500+ exhibitors of apparel, jewelry, candles, fragrances, gourmet food, cosmetics, stationery, gift wrap, and more. Next Shows Sept 9-11, and Nov 11-13.

54 January/February 2018 |

► Buyers Cash & Carry Dates: June 5 Location: Oaks, PA The Buyers Cash and Carry features unusual gift items, handcrafted furniture, gourmet food products, jewelry, and handcrafted reproductions, all for immediate delivery. Next Show Jun 25. ►Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market Dates: Jun 6-9 Location: Dallas, TX A home to thousands of emerging and established women’s apparels, fashion accessories, and footwear product lines across dozens of categories. ► Mississippi Market Wholesale Show Dates: Jun 7-8 Location: Jackson, MS The South’s premier order-only wholesale show featuring Mississippi companies. Decorative and garden accessories, gifts, jewelry, spiritual and inspirational products, and more. ► International Fashion Jewelry and Accessory Show (IFJAG) Dates: Jun 8-11 Location: New York, NY More than 200 lines of fashion jewelry and accessories. No cash and carry permitted. Open to wholesalers and volume buyers only. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Jun 11 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Jun18, Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► World Tea Expo Dates: Jun 12-14 Location: Las Vegas, NV An annual trade event with 250 exhibitors dedicated to specialty tea.

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► International New Age Trade Show (INATS) Dates: Jun 15-17 Location: Denver, CO The only trade show of its kind in the US exclusively featuring spiritual, metaphysical, upcycled, inspiring, Fair Trade, and magical books and gifts. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Jun 18 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Jul 15-18, Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► Dallas Total Home and Gift Market Dates: Jun 20-26 Location: Dallas, TX More than 20,000 gift items, home accessories, textiles, furniture, holiday and seasonal items, gourmet food, stationery, toys, and jewelry/ fashion accessories. ► Minneapolis Mart Gift, Home & Accessory Show Dates: Jun 24-26 Location: Minnetonka, MN More than 5,000 lines of home, décor, accessories and apparel merchandise in 140 showrooms. Next Shows Aug 3-7, and Sept 30 – Oct 2.

► Columbus MarketPlace Dates: Jun 24-26 Location: Dublin, OH The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to-shop, single-floor layout. Next Shows Jul 22-24, Aug 17-21, Sept 30 – Oct 2, and Nov 3-5. ► Buyer’s Cash & Carry Dates: Jun 25 Location: Madison, WI The Buyers Cash and Carry features unusual gift items, handcrafted furniture, gourmet food products, jewelry, and handcrafted reproductions, all for immediate delivery.

JULY ► Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market Dates: Jul 10-16 Location: Atlanta, GA This major show features categories such as General Gift, Gourmet/Housewares, Gift and Resort, Living and Entertaining, Tabletop and Accessories, and Children’s. ► JA New York Summer Dates: Jul 15-17 Location: New York, NY

More than 500 major designers and manufacturers from around the world will showcase the latest jewelry designs, with an easy-towork marketplace. Next Show Oct 28-30 ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Jul 15-18 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Aug 13-14, Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► TransWorld’s Summer Jewelry, Fashion and Accessories Show (JF&A) Dates: Jul 19-22 Location: Rosemont, IL A showcase of the latest fine and fashion jewelry, giftware, beauty products, accessories, and more. An independent, on-site laboratory offers professional appraisals. Next Shows Oct 25-28, and Nov 29 – Dec 2. ► LA Mart Summer Market Dates: Jul 19-23 Location: Los Angeles, CA Permanent showrooms featuring 7,000+ lines, national brands, and local artisans in a range of categories: gift, home/garden décor, holiday/ seasonal, fashion, toys, stationery, personal care, gourmet, tabletop, textiles, and more. Next Show Sept 23-25.

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56 January/February 2018 |

► Columbus MarketPlace Dates: Jul 22-24 Location: Dublin, OH The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to-shop, single-floor layout. Next Shows Aug 17-21, Sept 30 – Oct 2, and Nov 3-5.

► East Coast Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show Dates: Aug 10-12 Location: West Springfield, MA Featuring 200 dealers from the U.S. and abroad, offering a variety of items related to earth sciences. Door prizes, guest speakers, museum quality exhibits, and a large wholesale section. Next Show Sept 8-15.

► ASD MARKET Week Dates: Jul 29 – Aug 1 Location: Las Vegas, NV A destination wholesale buying event. With 2,800 vendors in Gift and Home, Jewelry/Cash and Carry, Value and Variety, Fashion Accessories, Health and Beauty, and Toys and Novelties.

► Mid-South Jewelry & Accessories Fair Dates: Aug 10-12 Location: Southaven, MS Cash-and-carry and order-writing show with 350 booths featuring fine jewelry, semi-precious and precious stones, trendy costume jewelry, accessories, gifts, and more. Next Show Nov 1-4.

► Las Vegas Summer Market Dates: Jul 29 – Aug 2 Location: Las Vegas, NV An international furnishings showcase featuring thousands of leading manufacturers and lines in furniture, lighting, decorative accessories, gift, home textiles, tabletop, and more.

► St. Louis Gift Show Dates: Aug 12-13 Location: Saint Charles, MO More than 100 exhibitors offering thousands of products from around the world, including giftware, gourmet foods, jewelry and accessories, and made-in-the-USA crafts.

AUGUST ► American Craft Council Public Show Dates: Aug 3-5 Location: San Francisco, CA This show features original work by more than 1,500 of the country’s top contemporary craft artists, with wholesale-buying opportunities at all four locations. ► Minneapolis Mart Gift, Home & Accessory Show Dates: Aug 3-7 Location: Minnetonka, MN More than 5,000 lines of home, décor, accessories and apparel merchandise in 140 showrooms. Next Show Sept 30 – Oct 2. ► Atlanta Jewelry Show Dates: Aug 4-6 Location: Atlanta, GA With more than 500 booths, this show features new and best-selling jewelry in a range of price points, including the Handcrafted Studio, which highlights one-of-a-kind artisan pieces. ► Biloxi Wholesale Gift Show Dates: Aug 4-6 Location: Biloxi, MS More than 300 booths with manufacturers from 22 states featuring new and trendy merchandise: holiday, home décor, tabletop, garden accessories, jewelry, apparel, and more.

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► Toronto Gift Fair Dates: Aug 12-15 Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada With 1.3 million square feet of display space, this show is North America’s largest temporary trade gift show. Featuring 1,000 exhibitors, it is Canada’s largest one-stop buying venue. ► NY NOW Aug 12-15 Location: New York, NY Drawing 35,000 attendees from all 50 states and 80+ countries, NY NOW hosts 2,800 exhibitors showcasing the very best lines across the home, lifestyle, and gift spectrum. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Aug 13-14 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Aug 27, Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► New Orleans Gift and Jewelry Show Dates: Aug 16-19 Location: New Orleans, LA Cash-and-carry and order-writing show with no admission fee for qualified buyers. Features fine jewelry, semi-precious and precious stones, costume jewelry, accessories, and apparel. ► Columbus MarketPlace Dates: Aug 17-21 Location: Dublin, OH The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to-shop, single-floor layout. Next Shows Sept 30 – Oct 2, and Nov 3-5. ► Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market Dates: Aug 22-25 Location: Dallas, TX A home to thousands of emerging and established women’s apparels, fashion accessories, and footwear product lines across dozens of categories.

► Rocky Mountain Gift Show Dates: Aug 22-27 Location: Denver, CO The Rocky Mountain region’s premier wholesale buying event for gift, home, jewelry, resort and related industries. The largest showing of imprinted sportswear in the country. ► Alberta Gift Fair Dates: Aug 26-29 Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada The largest show in Western Canada features more than 500 exhibitors in five product categories: Living, Style, Gifts etc., Gourmet Fare, and Made in Canada. ► Louisville Gift Show Dates: Aug 26-27 Location: Shepherdsville, KY Features more than 100 order-writing and cash-and-carry vendors in giftware, Kentucky handcrafted, jewelry, scarves, handbags, candles, seasonal merchandise, and more. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Aug 27 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Sept 16-18, Sept 24, Oct 15-16, and Nov 5.

SEPTEMBER ► Denver International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Market Dates: Sept 7-9 Location: Denver, CO The trade show for the equestrian wholesale and retail industry, featuring over 750 exhibitors of Western and English apparel, accessories, leather goods, and equestrian-related décor and gifts. ► Colorado Mineral and Fossil Fall Show Dates: Sept 7-15 Location: Denver, CO Retail and wholesale dealers specializing in

58 January/February 2018 |

fossils, meteorites, amber, petrified wood and related items. Held in conjunction with the Denver Gem and Mineral Show. ► New England Made Giftware and Specialty Food Show Dates: Sept 9-10 Location: Sturbridge, MA A juried, wholesale show featuring manufacturers of unique, quality, New England made giftware and specialty food products. ► Norton’s Apparel, Jewelry, and Gift Market Dates: Sept 9-11 Location: Gatlinburg, TN Featuring 500+ exhibitors of apparel, jewelry, candles, fragrances, gourmet food, cosmetics, stationery, gift wrap, and more. Next Show Nov 11-13. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Sept 16-18/Sept 24 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Shows Oct 15-16, and Nov 5. ► LA Mart Fall Market Dates: Sept 23-25 Location: Los Angeles, CA Permanent showrooms featuring 7,000+ lines, national brands, and local artisans in a range of categories: gift, home/garden décor, holiday/ seasonal, fashion, toys, stationery, personal care, gourmet, tabletop, textiles, and more. ► Las Vegas Souvenir and Resort Gift Show Dates: Sept 25-28 Location: Las Vegas, NV The national meeting place for the souvenir and resort gift industries featuring more than 1,100 booths and representing thousands of lines—all under one roof. ► Minneapolis Mart Seasonal Sensations Show Dates: Sept 30 – Oct 2 Location: Minnetonka, MN

The Minneapolis Mart is a wholesale permanent showroom facility, featuring over 5,000 lines of gift and accessory merchandise in 200 showrooms. ► Columbus MarketPlace Dates: Sept 30 – Oct 2 Location: Dublin, OH The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to-shop, single-floor layout. Next Show Nov 3-5.

OCTOBER ► Midwest Booksellers Association Heartland Fall Forum Dates: Oct 3-5 Location: Minneapolis, MN This members-only conference gathers booksellers, publishers, distributors, reps, vendors, authors, librarians, teachers, and other book business colleagues in the heart of the literary Midwest. ► ABC Kids Expo Dates: Oct 9-11 Location: Las Vegas, NV With nearly one million square feet of exhibit space, this wholesale show ranks 38 out of the 100 largest trade shows in North America. Free admission to qualified buyers. ► Panama City Beach Gift Show Dates: Oct 10-12 Location: Panama City Beach, FL This show caters to the Gulf Coast tourist trade with a wide range of products, including: souvenirs, beach items, resort wear, T-shirts, general giftware, logo products, fashion accessories, shell items, coastal and nautical themed products, toys and games, and more. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Oct 15-16 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. Next Show Nov 5.

► TransWorld’s Fall Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories (JF&A Show) Dates: Oct 25-28 Location: Rosemont, IL The latest in fine and fashion jewelry, giftware, beauty products, watches, handbags, and more. Professional Gem Sciences Laboratory, Ltd. Is on site to give professional appraisals. Next Show Nov 29 – Dec 2. ► Contemporary Crafts Market Dates: Oct 26-28 Location: Pasadena, CA The West Coast’s premier event for one-of-akind functional and decorative jury-selected crafts: jewelry, glassware, ceramics, handpainted textiles, mixed media, and much more. ► NW Trend Show Dates: Oct 28-30 Location: Seattle, WA Brings the latest in fashion from women’s apparel, accessories and jewelry, to children’s, men’s shoes and gift items. ► JA New York Delivery Dates: Oct 28-30 Location: New York, NY More than 700 major designers and manufacturers from around the world will showcase the latest jewelry designs, with an easy-to-work marketplace. ► Atlanta Fall Immediate Delivery Show Dates: Oct 30 – Nov 1 Location: Atlanta, GA The latest in gift, home furnishings, fashion accessories, fine jewelry, and more are not only on display-they’re ready to take back to your store. With no-minimum buying and markdowns across all categories. Cash-and-carry only.

NOVEMBER ► Mid-South Jewelry & Accessories Fair Dates: Nov 1- 4 Location: Southaven, MS Cash and carry and order writing show with free admission to qualified buyers. Fine jewelry, semi-precious and precious stones, trendy jewelry, accessories, apparel, gifts, and more.

► Columbus MarketPlace Dates: Nov 3-5 Location: Dublin, OH The newest and finest lines of gifts, home décor, accessories, stationery, and more in an easy-to-shop, single-floor layout. ► Northeast Market Center Dates: Nov 5 Location: Hudson, MA More than 1,000 gift and decorative accessory product lines, including home décor, bath and body, jewelry and accessories, and more. ► Norton’s Apparel, Jewelry, and Gift Market Dates: Nov 11-13 Location: Gatlinburg, TN Featuring 500+ exhibitors of apparel, jewelry, candles, fragrances, gourmet food, cosmetics, stationery, gift wrap, and more. ► International Jewelry & Merchandise Show Dates: Nov 16-19 Location: New Orleans, LA This cash-and-carry and order-writing show features 700 booths showcasing fine jewelry, semi-precious and precious stones, trendy costume jewelry, accessories, and more. ► TransWorld’s Holiday Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories (JF&A Show) Dates: Nov 29 – Dec 2 Location: Schaumburg, IL The latest in fine and fashion jewelry, giftware, beauty products, watches, handbags, and more. Professional Gem Sciences Laboratory, Ltd. Is on site to give professional appraisals.

DECEMBER ► Baton Rouge Jewelry & Merchandise Show Dates: Dec 7-9 Location: Baton Rouge, LA This cash-and-carry and order-writing show features 475 booths showcasing fine jewelry, semi-precious and precious stones, trendy costume jewelry, accessories, and more. Compiled by Retailing Insight Team

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Are You Open to Receive… Success? by Royce Amy Morales

There could be a battle raging in your ‘shadow side’ subconsciously getting in the way So, once again you didn’t reach your year-end sales goals. You found out the competitor shop down the street had a banner year, yet you barely survived. You felt strongly about the merchandise you ordered, displayed it with care. You spent more on advertising than ever; had a hard-working team and even provided fresh-baked cookies and hot apple cider to warmly welcome customers. Now, you’re cutting corners and cancelling first quarter orders right and left. The stress is affecting your sleep, even trickling into your dreams. You’re dragging yourself to work each day, dreading opening your doors and looking forward to drowning your sorrows at happy hour. Sucks doesn’t it? So, let’s step away from the pity party and take a good look at why. Spoiler alert: This article is not about giving sales advice or goal setting techniques. It’s going to dig deep, get into those subconscious parts that might be sabotaging you from receiving. Get that shovel ready, okay? Let’s start by telling you why I’m a reluctant expert in this topic. True confession: I failed. Yes, that’s right. Failed miserably (and honestly was pretty miserable) every single day while owning my shop. Never knew what the heck I was doing. Always felt like success was just around the corner but it never reached my end of the block. Hired retail business consultants, budget specialists and accountants. Was active in the community. Held events and offered classes. Posted on every social media platform. Prayed, affirmed, creative visualized. Worked tirelessly, sixteen-hour days, rarely had a day off. Blamed anything and everything: The economy; our location; online shopping; employees; fengshui; the planets; even my mother.

Did everything “right,” yet just couldn’t attain that allusive thing called Success. For. Twenty. One. Grueling. Years. They say the best advice comes from someone who’s been there, done that, so, in hindsight, I figured out a few things. First, the more I learn about life and business, the more I see that everything is a battle against our “inner negative voices” rather than external obstacles. It’s not your parents, society, the government, your age, your lack of time, your spouse, your website, where your shop is located, the economy, the weather. The list goes on. Honestly, it’s not anything “out there.” It’s so easy to blame somebody or something. It’s a default mechanism; we all do it all the time. The problem is, the moment you choose to do that, you go into “victim mode” and hand over your power. Truth is, wherever you are in life right now is because of nobody but you. Every single choice you made, consciously or subconsciously, is all due to your unrecognized, hidden dark side. Let me be clear. It’s not about needing to blame yourself, feel like a bad human, spend years in therapy sobbing guilt-ridden tears. Undoubtedly, you weren’t consciously making any of those choices. Let’s use the word responsible rather than blame so we can get past some of the remorse. Before I go further, here’s my definition of dark side: The negative thoughts that creep in whenever you’re doing something, or about to do something positive; the doubts and fears that show up right before you’re about to succeed; those false notions you believe about yourself no matter what the rest of the world thinks; the sabotaging thoughts that arrive right after you attain a goal, convincing yourself it won’t last; even the physical events or “accidents” that often occur shortly after a big shot of success. They’re all you.

60 January/February 2018 |

As soon as you dream big with your life, make plans to change things in a positive direction, those negative thoughts arrive and give you dozens of reasons why you can’t do it. “Well, you know you tried this before and it didn’t work;” or “Your Dad was in business for himself and that sure failed;” or “Don’t you know how many small shops nosedive every year? Forget about it!” Those voices can be self-deprecating, sounding a whole lot like a particular parent: “You’re way too stupid to be successful!” or “Don’t you remember how disorganized you always were? How could you possibly expect to run a shop?” or “Your sister’s the one with business sense, not you.” The problem with the dark side is that it never aligns with your choice of a possible future. It’s like choosing to binge on an entire box of cookies when you’re trying to lose ten pounds. Self-sabotage slinks in through an open door like a snake, tempting you with an apple that promises safety and security, but delivers neither. Sadly, what it does deliver is pain, loss and repeated failure because that one choice becomes an automatic choice. Then, you wake up years later, wondering why your life isn’t what you’d hoped for. You say, “Gosh, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up--owning a shop never works!” Or, more commonly, “If only it wasn’t for [insert excuse or person to blame here], it all would’ve worked out!” Next, let’s talk about deservingness, the darkest dark side culprit and also the one hardest to admit. Rule of thumb: People receive only what they believe they deserve. You read that right. When things aren’t going how you want, and you’re feeling victimized, you’re actually being imprisoned by false beliefs that say you don’t deserve. They

are literally the armed guards to receiving. Rather than admitting to those deeply held notions, you get angry, bitter and may even plan revenge, ways to show the world how wronged you were. The only way out of this cycle is to take a deep look at your “deservingness level.” How? By noticing how quickly you subconsciously sabotage whenever things start to improve. If you ever happen to step out of wherever your comfortable deservingness level is, the deservingness monster starts breathing down your neck and, wham, whatever you just accomplished goes awry. Good example: Look at statistics showing how quickly people squander windfalls such as big lottery winnings. You have met the enemy and the enemy is what you believe you (don’t) deserve. Here are four words of wisdom to get past feeling victimized: Face the deservingness monster. The truth is, your dark side is your best teacher. If you stop dodging and just sit quietly with it, it will tell you everything you need to know about yourself. It may tell you that you need to clean up your life in some way. It may trigger you to remember past times you made choices based on fear and decided you weren’t deserving. On a Higher Consciousness level, choosing to be an entrepreneur was a perfect way to catalyze self-growth. Why? It challenges you every single day to face your dark side, admit your deepest fears and grow into a better person. Now that you understand the lesson, how can you apply this to your life right now and make positive change minus self-sabotage? Repeat: The first step is to face your dark side. Be brutally honest with yourself. Go to the places in your mind that you’ve been too afraid to explore. Ask yourself if you’re truly happy with your life and who you are. What fears are running the show, really? The rawer the truth you admit, the bigger the resulting transformation. Here are some suggested questions to help you discover and embrace your dark side: Do you really care? Are you really hungry to succeed? Are you coming from knowing that trying again is not an option, that your goal means the world to you. If you aren’t convinced of this, or are lying to yourself about your motives, you might be in the wrong business. Inspiration comes through, and your customers can tell if you’re just going through the motions.

Are you coming from a sense of entitlement? The world doesn’t owe you success; customers are not obligated to purchase from you; the economy is not out to get you. During times when things look bleak, notice who or what you get angry at or instantly blame. We live in a completely friendly, supportive universe, but perhaps that support isn’t showing up how you think it should look. Have you given up? During slow periods, when you’re exhausted, or during economic downturns, you may give up mentally. The Universe always says “Yes!” so if part of you is saying “I’m done; I can’t do this anymore; I’m outa here,” the Universe says, yes and will support you in those thoughts. Are you truly serving others? When you come from compassion, genuinely wanting to do give value, inspiring others be successful, support shows up. Are you an authentic example of hope, integrity, activism? Keep in mind the unbendable law of cause and effect: Cheating others always creates a karmic retribution. Are you constantly evolving? Are you trying, giving your all, working on your shop, wanting to fulfill customers’ needs? This sends out a message that you’re growing. If you’re calling it in, stuck in the past, ordering the same merchandise over and over, customers and the universe know it. Are you loving what you do? The adage “you can’t sell what you don’t believe in” is true. Again, energetically, if you don’t feel 100% about what you are offering others, the message is loud and clear. Are you seeing the bigger picture? Being motivated by something other than yourself keeps you accountable and is another strong message to the universe. Whether it be spouse, family, society, the planet or a cause you champion, what a great example of expanded energy. Are you delivering your best? If you haven’t put in the work to create a beautiful shop, selling unique products and providing impeccable customer service, all of the above steps are meaningless. Are you being authentic? Take off your Shop Owner Mask and expose the real you to customers. Display your battle scars proudly. Cry in front of people if you need to. There’s nowhere to hide nor should you be trying to. Being real creates real connection and it’s therapeutic for you as well as customers. They come back for that.

As you ponder the above as an inner journey, here’s a list of tangible things to do starting right now: Define What You Want Spend some time by yourself and figure out what you really want with your life. Dream big and create your mental picture with as much detail as possible. Let it feel possible and real, even for a moment. Suspend Your Disbelief As soon as you start dreaming big, the negative voices probably start giving reasons why you can’t, shouldn’t, mustn’t do it. Notice those dark side messages, thank them for sharing, but don’t buy into what they tell you because they are just lies. Take Action, Big or Small As you do the above, pay attention to the resistance, the fear-based thoughts that go through your head when you’re faced with your big dreams. Don’t hide from the feedback; let it be your guide. What do you need to admit about yourself from hearing those thoughts? Sometimes just admitting fears can allow you to see how ridiculous and illogical they are. Remember: Fear=False Evidence Appearing Real. That’s all. Make a Plan Be detailed but open to shifting direction when necessary. Use tools such as vision boards to help you make it more real to your subconscious mind. Who’s Saying NO? You may hear negativity and doubts by others since it’s a standard human default answer. If it brings up feelings of defeat, realize that they are just reflecting your own “no’s”, so challenge yourself to find the way to yes. Become bigger and badder than that two letter word. Ask Yourself – Am I inventing things to do to avoid my plan? What fears, and false beliefs are getting in the way? Why do I feel undeserving of success? Who or what am I blaming? Whatever your inner procrastinator is pulling you away from, use as a compass to guide you toward seeing and admitting your dark side. You deserve to get there! Royce Amy Morales is the director of Perfect Life Awakening coaching, and the author for Know: A Spiritual Wake-up Call. Morales is the former owner of Harmony Works, a soul-nurturing shop in Redondo Beach, CA.

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fineprint SHOPPERS BEGIN THE NEW YEAR DETERMINED TO MAKE THEIR LIVES BETTER. As much of what happens in the world appears to be out of their control, more and more of them are taking up the mantra “Heal yourself. Heal the world.” Stock your shelves with books that provide them with information that will help them make real changes in their lives and watch them come back for more. Use inspirational tomes as background decoration (they’ll come back into demand in a few months).

Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love That Lasts Suzann Pileggi Pawelski, James O. Pawelski $16.00 P, ISBN 978-0-1431-059-8 TarcherPerigree,

More than twenty years ago, Martin Seligman spearheaded the launch of positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. He and his colleagues saw it as an “evidence-based vision of how to live well”. Soon there was MAPP (Master of Applied Positive Psychology) which was quickly embraced by the higher-level practitioners of the Mind/Body/Spirit movement. Now this husband-and-wife team, who both have deep ties to MAPP, has moved positive psychology into the realm of loving relationships. This book charts new territory for positive psychology as it shows couples how to create the “happy-ever-after” that all couples hope for, but few actually achieve. The reality, they point out, is that true love is always a combination of happy and unhappy. It’s the choices that you make in dealing with that that will ultimately make your relationship blissful or impossible. Drawing on the philosophy of Aristotle, these authors bring readers up-to-speed on the latest research in positive psychology, provide practice exercises throughout the book, and make an outstanding case for the premise that positive emotions aren’t just generated by good circumstances, they can also be the cause of good outcomes in our lives. Many of your customers already practice gratitude. This book gives them the empirical data behind that phenomenon. Then it shows them how to apply that data to their intimate relationships. Let them know that this book is timely, engaging, cutting edge, and practical.

62 January/February 2018 |

New and notable books for body, mind, and spirit by Anna Jedrziewski

Unbelievable: Why Neither Ancient Creeds Nor the Reformation Can Produce a Living Faith in the 21st Century John Shelby Spong $27.99 H, ISBN 978-0-06-264129-8 HarperOne,

Eighty-seven-year-old retired Episcopal bishop Spong has never shied away from controversy. He has always stated his mind and does so again in this latest book. For quite some time, he has believed that the language of Christianity no longer communicates adequately in current times. In this compilation of twelve theses (including Stating the Problem, Atonement Theology, Ethics, Life After Death, Universalism) he helps readers move beyond the dogma of Christian teachings and takes them back to Martin Luther’s original questioning of the Church, asking them to ponder whether or not the idea of God still has meaning. A brilliant scholar, he speaks to his audience in down-to-earth language and not from a pedestal. It’s easy to understand why his previous books have been best sellers. This one will be no exception.   From Anxiety to Love:  A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace Corinne Zupko $15.95 P, ISBN 978-1-60868-505-9 New World Library,

Zupko was in college when she experienced her first panic attack. It set her on a course that led her towards healing, for herself and for others. Her journey into anxiety became her greatest teacher and she is sharing what she learned with others. Her healing journey was/is based on A Course In Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace). It was not what I was expecting but, of course, it makes perfect sense. And Zupko’s understanding and application of the Course makes perfect sense as well. Part I describes The Descent into Anxiety, facing chaos and fear during the search

for the Inner Therapist (Holy Spirit). Part II shows readers The Ascent into Peace, the climb back out of the Rabbit Hole. Part III works on Putting It All Together, armed with a set of inner tools to deal with inevitable anxiety as readers move forward through their lives. Zupko has been through it all. She admits the work requires patience but she ends the book as a true believer. “The Light in you is too bright to fail.” The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love Sonya Renee Taylor $17.95 P, ISBN 978-1-62656-976-8 Berrett-Koehler Publishers,

What spiritual teachers like Marianne Williamson refer to as natural intelligence, Taylor calls “radical self-love”. She has a way with action-packed words. When others talk about negative body image, she responds with “the body is not an apology”. And she’s written a whole book in response

to the question “How do we live our highest, most radically unapologetic lives?”. Right up front, she tells readers that this book will not fix their self-esteem issues and it won’t teach them how to have more self-confidence. Radical self-love offers “a safe harbor for self-esteem and self-confidence” but it exists as a separate entity and it’s reaching for something beyond self-esteem, self-confidence, and even self-acceptance. It is aspiring to undo the learned behavior of body shame. Humans are born with an innate, positive connection to their bodies. Society teaches us, from a very early age, to replace that with impossible expectations that create shame and discomfort with our bodies. Think for a minute about the lucrative industries that profit from that change and you will understand how powerful our connection to our bodies is. Covering topics like Body-Shame Origin Stories, Media Matters, Body Terrorism, Changing Hearts, and Unapologetic Agreements, Taylor seeks to put the history, politics, and solutions of this topic into a logical, organized, and motivating format. She postulates that if humans can relearn how to make peace with their bodies, they will remember how to make peace with each other.

An Empowering Picture Book FoR Young Girls Each day is full of opportunities to make a positive impact with ordinary actions. As our heroine in this beautifully illustrated tale connects with the earth, takes care of her body, and finds strength in kindness, she discovers her inner warrior goddess and inspires young girls everywhere to do the same. HARDCOVER • 32 PAGES • US $17.95 • ISBN: 978-1-68364-005-9


COUNTERTOP DISPLAY • Holds 5 books • ISBN: 978-1-68364-236-7

To order: Call 888.303.9185, ext. 130 • Email • Contact your local sales rep

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Anna Jedrziewski

White Spirit Animals: Prophets of Change J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus $18.00 P, ISBN 978-0-062436542 Bear & Company,

This author was six years old when she first wished for the ability to talk with animals. Back then, it was fiction, represented by the likes of Doctor Doolittle and Pippi Longstocking. Today it is known as interspecies communication and that six-year-old child is now a leading professional in the field. It is no wonder that a group of White Spirit Animals, visiting her in a waking dream, chose her to gift with the task of writing this book. All-white animals, because of their rarity, have been welcomed by many indigenous populations because they are thought to speak for their whole species and thus to have great wisdom to impart. They are considered bridges between the spiritual and physical worlds. Hieronimus has given wings to their messages as she tells their stories with insight, wisdom, and great compassion. She says that they approached her with urgency and, indeed, their messages are timely for a planet in danger of extinction. Beyond Mindfulness: The Direct Approach to Lasting Peace, Happiness, and Love Stephan Bodian $16.95 P, ISBN 978-1-62625-973-7 New Harbinger Publications,

Mindfulness took the Western world by storm and is now, basically, the standard for meditation practice and application. But as Houston Smith pointed out decades ago, the Western ego is not an easy egg to crack. Mindfulness techniques are intended to interrupt our fixation on the thoughts that get stuck in our minds and shift us out of habitual ways of experiencing our existence. They are not, however, intended to become a mechanical replacement which continues to separate us from the physical world. Mindfulness is a technique which has been proven to reduce stress and improve our inner emotional states. Westerners, however, don’t easily give up their drives for achievement and competition, and so mindfulness has, for many, become another thing on the check list rather than an inherent part of the larger process of awareness/enlightenment. Former Buddhist monk, and licensed psychotherapist, Bodian has developed a “direct approach” as a follow-up to mindfulness practice which will allow your customers to apply mindfulness skills in a protocol aimed at moving them forward in all areas of their lives. Rather than preach withdrawal from the world, he encourages engagement in day-to-day life using the tools of mindfulness for confidence and insightful participation. Just as there is more than one path to the top of the 64 January/February 2018 |

mountain, there is more than one way achieve a fulfilled life. Bodian has made a welcome contribution toward that goal. Yoga for the Creative Soul: Exploring the Five Paths of Yoga to Reclaim Your Expressive Spirit Erin Byron $17.99 P, ISBN 978-0-7387-5218-1 Llewellyn Publications,

Creativity has been one of the lost arts of modern society. As a natural outgrowth of the “hippie” Sixty’s and its fascination with Eastern spiritual philosophies, there is currently a trend toward restating it as an inherent part of the human psyche. Byron was first drawn into this movement when she discovered the power that visual expression had to surface deeply buried emotions, particularly in relation to trauma. Her studies in that field led her back to her love of movement and the body. She ended up focusing on the ability of yogic techniques to facilitate the flow of creativity. The result was Comprehensive Yoga Therapy, the subject of this book. Derived from classical yoga, it has been redesigned to be accessible to all people, regardless of their physical ability. Byron believes that as more people become reconnected to their inner creative selves, they will be more likely to spread compassion, rather than misery, around the world. Knowledgeable, realistic, and nurturing, this is a good way for your customers to start the New Year.  

QUICK GIFT PICKS FOR POST HOLIDAY SHOPPERS! Sushi Art Cookbook: The Complete Guide to Kazari Sushi Ken Kawasumi $18.95 H, ISBN 978-4-80531-437-1 Tuttle Publishing,

Thanks to globalization, sushi has become almost as American as apple pie. Lest you think that I am being culturally insensitive, let me tell you that this cookbook, authored by a very Japanese sushi artist, has a Santa Claus roll, Christmas tree rolls, Smiley Face rolls, and Guitar rolls. There are, of course, also Samauri rolls and rolls containing Kanji characters. They are all part of Kawasumi’s trademark decorative style. These examples are very intricate, but the book contains some much simpler, starter sushi as well. Everything your customers need to know is provided in well-organized form, from basic ingredients to basic tools and techniques to instructions for arranging sushi on serving platters. Great ideas for special occasions or just to impress friends!

Cultured Food in a Jar: 100+ Probiotic Recipes to Inspire and Change Your Life Donna Schwenk $19.99 P, ISBN 9781401951269 Hay House,

Probiotics has become a buzzword. Everybody talks about them, everybody says they want them, but how many of your customers really understand them. Donna Schwenk rides to the rescue with everything we need to know about these new miracle workers, starting with the fact that probiotics we make ourselves are more effective than probiotics in capsules. She then goes on to acknowledge that most of us are in constant states of flux and stress which makes anything healthy too much extra effort to sustain long term. Her solution: jars of cultured food that are transportable. Yes, some effort is involved in setting up the system, but she limits the basics to three probiotics — kefir, kombucha, and cultured vegetables. Once your customers have invested time in learning how to keep those three things in stock, the variations are limitless, and interesting. Recipes include Chocolate Breakfast Shake, Cultured Garlic Aioli Dip, Ginger Miso

Soup, Cultured Dragon Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce, Lemon Ginger Kraut, and Strawberry Kefir Cheesecake. The Queen of the Frogs Davide Cali and Marco Somà (illustrator) $16.00 H, 978-0-8028-5481-0 Eerdmans Books,

The pond was filled with frogs who lived an orderly frog-typical life, until one day an unexpected event created an atypical hierarchy among them. Cali’s tale of this disruption and the return to normalcy (with a twist at the end) is part political satire, part belly-laugh humor, and part human/ froggy interest story. Somà’s inventive illustrations match the creativity of the story with brilliant additional touches that will amuse both children and adults. This one is a keeper that will be treasured by generations of children. ANNA JEDRZIEWSKI is a new consciousness author and consultant, as well as founder and director of Spirit Connection New York, Inc.

New from Llewellyn M I N D • B OD Y • S P I R I T









1-800-THE-MOON • Publishing for the Body, Mind, Spirit Since 1901

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Reviews of great music to sell and enjoy by Bill Binkelman

Another Sunday Drive

Union – Music for Lovers

After the Rain

Damon Buxton Many Miles Music

Michael Stribling Leela Music

Neil Tatar Tatar Associates

Damon Buxton is an acoustic guitarist of uncommon grace and elegance, while still maintaining a musical style of accessibility and warmth. His latest, most personal recording, Another Sunday Drive, was inspired by his dream of acquiring the car his father’s drove when Damon was a boy. a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia convertible (then restoring it in his father’s honor). These solo acoustic guitar instrumentals are introspective, and low key, yet infused with an air of intimacy and personal reflection that makes the album a deeply satisfying listening experience. Both nylon and steel string guitars showcase Buxton’s fingerstyle playing—exquisite simplicity wedded to intricate melodies.

Keyboardist Michael Stribling combed his previous recordings searching for tracks which would be best suited to serve as a soundtrack for intimate, romantic moments for couples. The result is Union – Music for Lovers, a collection of eleven instrumentals which allow the listener(s) to relax in a state of bliss tinted with sensuality. Not overtly sexual or primal, the selections (which, except for one, are culled from the artist’s discography) serve as a cupid-esque musical backdrop for everything from a romantic dinner to a sensual massage to whatever comes after. Sibling’s lush keyboards and ambient textures serve as a sonic backdrop for shared intimacy.

66 January/February 2018 |

Pianist/guitarist Neil Tatar continues his composing and performing excellence on his third release, After the Rain, which sees him smooth out both the more adventurous side of his freshman release, Where Does the Time Go, as well as the overt jazziness of Learning to Fly. Working with Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton at Imaginary Road Studios, Tatar explores a softer, gentler, more introspective side of his musical persona, although there are a few moments of levity among the eleven instrumental tracks. Tatar once again impresses, and his three-disc stint is among the best runs in recent memory for this reviewer.

Filled with Light


Bernward Koch Real Music

Deuter New Earth Records I remember reviewing my first Bernward Koch album in 1997 when I was still publishing Wind and Wire. His artistry has endured all these years, retaining its warmth, romanticism, and subtle playfulness for over two decades of music. These twelve piano/ keyboard instrumentals are like a sonic tonic for the busy work life so many of us deal with on an everyday basis. While some tracks veer into a rhythmic mode, most here is low-key and ideal for quiet times. Even the occasional robust tunes, e.g. “That June Feeling,” and “Tidal Flow,” inject mild energy, merging with the more sedate soundscapes to create an ideal backdrop for relaxation.

Deuter has been releasing new age music since 1971–think about that! Let it sink in. He is not only still relevant, but still on the cutting edge of soothing, serene, soundscapes that transport his legion of fans into states of relaxation and contemplation. It is almost unimaginable how many souls he has touched with his music. Space features the icon exploring a more minimalist aspect, with sparse piano melodies anchoring an assortment of ambient excursions into blissful musical meditations. Need I say more? Truthfully, I have run out of superlatives to describe this musical genius.

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Bill Binkelman

From the Darker Seasons Jeff Pearce Jeff Pearce Music

It was high time that ambient wunderkind/guitarist Jeff Pearce released an album of autumnal/ winter-esque soundscapes, since so much of his music released since 1997 has been melancholic in nature. He has not disappointed on the spectacular From the Darker Seasons, an exploration of this superb musician’s skills in executing both guitar-oriented soundscapes as well as more amorphous ambient, atmospheric, and textural sonic explorations using his advanced studio wizardry. Pearce excels at infusing humanity into a subset of ambient music that usually lacks it. As you listen to this disc, you can visualize a winter landscape suffused with both isolation and beauty. Inner Sanctum Heartistry Self-released

Recordings simply do not get more meditative than Inner Sanctum from Heartistry, the duo of Beckie Forsyth on alchemy crystal bowls and Carolyn “Gahana” Bonnington on Native American flutes. Eight tracks unwind at an extremely unhurried pace, Bonnington’s flutes flowing serenely above the reverberations from Forsyth’s bowls, each infusing any physical environment in which the album is played (although, hopefully a relatively quiet one) with serenity, peace, and contentment. It’s a no-brainer that this is a must-have release for your massage therapist customers, especially as the CD clocks in at just under 60 minutes. One Todd Boston Gita Records

Todd Boston’s One is a testament to not just Boston’s versatility as a composer and performer, but his dedication to bringing a world-wide approach to his guitar-oriented music, evidenced by not just the discernible musical influences from other countries

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but also the presence of instruments such as the Chinese guzheng, the African djembe, and bamboo flutes. Wielding acoustic and electric guitar, as well as dobro, lap steel and more, Boston guides the listener to a multi-hued musical landscape of melody and rhythm. Most of the music is at least somewhat contemplative, but there are moments of soft playfulness present as well. Azul Johannes Linstead Earthscape Media

The back cover liner notes describe guitarist Johannes Linstead’s Azul as “a fiesta of Spanish and electric guitars…” and that is 100 percent spot on. Exploding out of the gate on the opening title track, Linstead lays down a wide assortment of licks on both acoustic and electric guitar, aided by some fantastic guest artists on all manner of percussion, keyboards, and more. Linstead also contributes on piano/keyboards, flute and vocals. Whether the rocking sensuality of “Cha Cha Chu,” the laid-back tropical spiciness of “Lazy Sunday,” or the lush romanticism of “Surrender to Me,” all the songs herein prove conclusively that Linstead is a master of styles, moods, and evocations. Emotive Steven C Self-released

Pianist Steven C (A nderson) has reached a pinnacle of both composing and performing on Emotive, a wonderful and truly beautiful album. The pianist is ably supported by a small string ensemble and an eight-person choir singing wordless vocals, but what elevates this album above many others is not just the gorgeous neo-classical/cinematic orchestral music contained within, but that it was recorded in the historic Cathedral of St Paul in St Paul, Minnesota. As a result, the acoustics achieved reach magnificent heights (an amazing engineering job, obviously), and the album sounds fantastic. Steven C’s heartfelt performance (his personal 9-foot Bösendorfer piano) aptly displays his truly special artistry. Bill Binkelman has been reviewing New Age, ambient, and world music since 1997. Email him at

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Inclusivity Opens Doors by Royce Amy Morales

Is your shop OPEN for all business or are subconscious biases slamming your door? Here’s a motto to not only hang on your wall, but to live life from: If you aren’t being inclusive, you’re not open to receive. On a subconscious and energetic level, having an attitude of exclusivity shuts your heart (and your shop’s door), ultimately preventing receiving. For decades there’s a globally-wide, ever-evolving conversation about what it means to be inclusive versus exclusive. Inclusivity shows up in political policy, becoming the guiding principles about gender, sexuality, race, religion, country of origin etc. Socially, we’ve come a long way toward at least trying to have an inclusive attitude and tolerance toward others. Businesses have worked hard to create multiplicity within their workplace. Among other things, this has brought greater customer satisfaction, an enhanced ability to reach goals and ultimately a stronger bottom line. Safe to say that anyone reading this magazine probably agrees that diversity is a good thing. We all benefit from the unique characteristics everyone brings to the table. A lofty goal we all should be committed to, both in business and in our personal lives, is building a culture of global citizens, connectedness and understanding. Inclusivity is about having a mindset that welcomes everyone; an attitude of caring about others’ well-being; loving our country yet discouraging nationalism; including others as well as finding your own niche. However, while many businesses have become better about creating diversity, many have not yet figured out how to make their work environment completely inclusive — that is, creating an atmosphere in which all people, employees as well as customers, feel valued, respected and catered to. Granted, no small shop can satisfy all demographics, nor should it try to, but does yours have an attitude of exclusivity in some way? Are you subconsciously excluding some without even knowing it? Is your nose turned up snobbishly toward certain customers, hoping they would just stop coming in? If you’re honest with yourself and answered yes to either, then you are not open to receive. We all want to belong, yet exclusivity is an innate part of human nature. Asking to embrace those out of our cultural comfort zone can be quite a challenge. At first glance, you may not think you have a judgmental bone in your body, proud at how accepting you are. But are you really? Do you include everyone in your marketing plan or just your own demographic? Do you make a concerted effort to cater to those not the “type” to actually walk into a shop like yours? How inclusive are your hiring practices? Is every walk of life presented in your merchandise? Here are five suggestions to incite awareness that will generate a more inclusive attitude in your shop and will enhance your open to receive-ness:


Notice Subtle Biases

It might be hard to admit, but we all have subconscious mindsets, stereotypes about people we label as “different” from us. It shows up in subtle forms of discrimination or higher levels of scrutiny with certain people. When someone who doesn’t fit your typical customer description comes in, you may unconsciously not give them the same attention, time or caring service. You may think they don’t notice, but energetically they feel the distancing judgments. Notice attitudes of

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superiority toward anyone and everyone, even those working for you. Remember: The truth is, we are all the same.


Be Authentic

We all wear different masks, the behavior we put on in the world, convinced it will help us feel included and accepted. Being a shop owner, you have probably perfected various “Shop Owner Acts”: The always professional, super polite, nice to everyone, never letting on how low sales numbers are, overly excited to sell things you may not even like person. However, by being an example of realness, you provide a place for others to be real as well. Without being a Debbie Downer, be open with those customers you sense it’s okay to be vulnerable with. Share your struggles being an indie shop, not to gain “sympathy purchases,” but to be authentic. Be more exposed to employees – their willingness to support just might surprise you. Think about what authenticity means to you, and the fears you have about putting away that mask.


People Gravitate Toward People Like Them

We naturally have an inclination to identify with and relate to people we feel similar to. Employers often hire and promote those who share their own attitudes, behaviors and traits. This perpetuates a similarity bias and can limit the customer base they’ll be able to sell to. Are you building relationships with those who are different from you? Are you seeking out and encouraging differences in those you hire? Celebrate uniqueness – appreciating diversity helps your business thrive.


Give Space for Open Dialogue

To reduce exclusivity, shop owners need to encourage discussion about vital issues and a democratically run working environment. Ask important questions such as “What’s it like being the only male employee?” or “What do you experience when someone who clearly can’t afford to buy something wanders around the shop?” or “How can we leverage your unique perspective and become more inclusive?” Remember: Your shop owner role is not dictator, but rather compassionate leader. The key is asking the right questions, being present and listening empathetically to the responses. Their input and personal stories are invaluable.


Take Risks

Step out of that comfortable box and do things that encourage inclusivity. Perhaps bring in merchandise you previously wouldn’t have considered. Hire someone who doesn’t fit your standard employee mold. Reach out to a different demographic. Remember: You can be distinctive but not have an attitude of exclusivity.

Have inclusivity a foundational business commitment, a collective, guiding value to cultivate in your shop and in your life. This will allow for a true sense of belonging, and ultimately will become a construct to help produce a larger, interconnected community on this beautifully diverse planet. Royce Amy Morales is the director of Perfect Life Awakening coaching. She has also published the book Know: A Spiritual Wake-up Call. Morales is the former owner of Harmony Works, a soul-nurturing shop in Redondo Beach, CA.

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