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Member Spotlight: The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

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Ray’s Corner Post: The Importance of a Business Continuity Plan

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Legislative Update: Open House/VRF Silent Auction, Governor’s Budget, General Assembly 2017

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Member Spotlight: RGB Imaging Photos From Our Events


5 Cover Story: Inventory Management Tips & Trends Loss Prevention Task Force Wrap-Up Welcome New Retail Alliance & LOVEVA Members Member Spotlight: Modern Femme Center for Retail Excellence: Certificate in Retail Operations Member Spotlight: Bubba N Franks Smokehouse BBQ Premier Members

Philip Michael Fashion for Men 6th Store Opening

MANAGING EDITOR / CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kylie Ross Sibert CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Ray Mattes, Kate Baker, Sarah McCarron, Katherine Seibt, Susan Moore




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All Retail Happy Hours are held between 6:00PM - 8:00PM at our member locations. There is no charge to attend, so come along, enjoy networking, food & beverages in an intimate, relaxed environment with your retail peers. Bring a door prize and a friend!

Retail Breakfast Clubs will continue once per quarter on the Southside on the fourth Thursday of the first month in the quarter. Unfortuately, due to a lack of attendance, the Peninsula Steering Committee has recommended to cancel the Peninsula Breakfast Club during 2017. However, based on interest, we will be more than happy to restablish the event. We are hoping to hold some smaller member events on the Peninsula throughout the year.


Each webinar will be hosted by “subject matter experts” who understand the nuances of retail. All STRIVE webinars are exclusive to members and held 12:00PM - 1:00PM on the third Wednesday of each month. Our webinars are designed for you to access wherever you can get online and call in. You can also register and receive it on demand for viewing at a later date.

If you are interested in presenting, please contact Kylie Ross Sibert at

LOSS PREVENTION TASK FORCE MEETINGS Monthly lunch meetings are held every fourth Tuesday between January and October in the Retail Alliance offices. The LPTF committee consists of members and law enforcement that come together to discuss and share information regarding retail loss prevention. All members are welcome to attend at no charge. RHH Jan


Join us on May 25th for the ultimate networking and celebratory event for retail throughout the region! This year the theme will be Royal Garden Party and will be held at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Look out for more information on Facebook and through emails as nominations will be opening in January. Speakers and topics will be emailed to members and posted on Facebook and closer to the dates. Direct any questions to Kylie Ross Sibert, Vice President, Corporate Communications Tel: (757) 455 9323 or email








MARCH 2017

APRIL 2017

17 RHH (S) @ FIT36 18 STRIVE 24 LPTF 26 RBC (S) Generational

7 RHH (S) @ Tastebuds

7 RHH (P) @ Nothing

18 RHH (S) @ Adele Diamond 19 STRIVE 25 LPTF 27 RBC (S)



Marketing (L.Germono)

Bundt Cakes

15 STRIVE 21 RHH (S) @ Pinot’s Palette 28 LPTF

MAY 2017

JUNE 2017

JULY 2017


17 STRIVE 23 LPTF 25 ROTY (S) @ Norfolk

6 RHH (P) @ Village Bicycles 20 RHH (S) @Gallery 21 21 STRIVE 25 LPTF

18 RHH (S) @Jeness Uniforms 19 STRIVE 25 LPTF 27 RBC (S)

15 RHH (S) @ Grape and




19 RHH (S) @ Double Take 20 STRIVE 26 LPTF

17 RHH (S) @ Bishopsgate

14 RHH (P) @ Countryside

Botanical Gardens

RHH = Retail Happy Hour RBC = Retail Breakfast Club STRIVE = STRIVE Webinar


18 STRIVE 24 LPTF 26 RBC (S)





Dates are accurate at time of publishing but may be subject to change. Updates and further details will be communicated through social media, direct mail and emails.

ROTY = Retailer of the Year LPTF = Loss Prevention Task Force (S) = Southside (P) = Peninsula




THE IMPORTANCE OF A BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN Living in Hampton Roads, we live through the threats of hurricanes and flooding but not often do the threats follow through. Unfortunately, during Hurricane Matthew, our business was hit by the flooding that swept through Norfolk, among other cities. Kylie Ross Sibert, editor of Retail Angles, interviewed me about these events and how we handled this crisis and kept our business running. Kylie: When did you first find out that our building was flooded?

Ray: It was Sunday morning and I’d been watching the hurricane from my house on the Bay. We’d had a bit of wind-driven rain coming into our house and Sandy (wife) and I were up and drying out towels at 6:00AM. The news was on and I noticed the camera crew were standing at the corner of Virginia Beach Blvd and Granby St. They showed a car in the middle of the intersection with water up to the roof. That’s when I knew we might have an issue, as our offices are located on that very corner. Kylie: How did you react?

Ray: Knowing that there was no way to get to the office, I called my brother who lives in Freemason. He waded to the office and reported that our foyer was under water. I immediately executed our Business Emergency Plan.

A note went out to all staff delaying opening on Monday until noon so the management team could assess the damage. There wasn’t much else I could do at that point until the flooding had receded on the roads and the under-passes. Kylie: What happened on Monday?

Ray: By midday on Monday, the restoration company we had on retainer, Aresco, was on site, assessing the damage. Damage was much more than originally thought. Water had seeped through the weepholes located in the brickwork, thus moisture wicked up through the insulation two feet in the walls; we had two inches of standing water which ruined the flooring and carpet, as well as most of the furniture. The biggest fear moving forward was the threat of mold and the safety of our employees. Kylie: What happened next?

Ray: We immediately ordered pods to be placed in the parking lot to store everything from the first floor while remediation took place. Aresco helped us out by contracting movers for the move.


During the remediation, two feet of sheetrock had to be cut out on external and internal walls, blowers and vacuums were installed with huge duct work running throughout the first floor. Outside, the facade was damaged below the bricks, the debris field extended at least 50 yards from the rear of the building which


included all of the landscaping timber, mulch, and other storm debris.

Kylie: Were you able to keep the business running during this time?

Ray: It’s taken two months to have everything repaired or replaced; outside façade, sheetrock, painting, flooring, etc. We had to work out a way to remain open during that time, fortunately we have great staff who rose to the challenge and did not miss a beat. We never canceled an event or missed a deadline. Although cramped, we boxed up files and moved everyone from the first floor upstairs, finding space for everyone to continue working.

Our Open House was moved back a week until all the downstair repairs were made. We made it in the nick of time with the touch up painters on-site during the morning of the Open House. I do not remember any day after the hurricane up until the Open House that we did not have workers in the building. We can give a big thanks to our Facilities Manager, Rhonda Zentkovich for keeping all the workers on task. Kylie: What were the lessons you learned from this crisis?

Ray: First, develop a “Business Continuity Plan” and keep it updated, ready for immediate implementation if needed. (We learned the importance of this through one of our Loss Prevention Task Force meetings). Second, make sure you have insurance you deem important to your location/business. It was a godsend to have retained Aresco, even though we’ve never had to use them before. They walked us through the whole process from the moment we called them and always conducted themselves professionally and timely. Third, we learned that it is great to have awesome members. A special mention to Cherry Carpets for the flooring and carpets and great customer service and to Domestic Divas for an outstanding deep cleaning job.

Fourth, make sure your files are backed up and preferably offsite or on the cloud. This gave everyone the ability to work virtually if need be.

Fifth, surround yourself with a great team who can stay focused on their jobs during challenging and sometimes uncomfortable times. If you have any specific questions regarding our experiences with business continuity, please contact me. Sincerely,

Ray Mattes President/CEO Retail Alliance

On a stunning six-acre property in Virginia Beach, you can find fifteen trails that accommodate the youngest beginner to the most experienced adult. The park opened in May 2014 by Virginia Beach school teacher Kema Geroux, her friend Wendy Tompkins, and the Connecticut-based Outdoor Venture Group.

Kema was running a school division ropes course for studients and staff when funding was cut back. She decided it was time to step out and start her own business. “Wendy and I have been friends for a long time.” Kema explains. “So it was a natural fit for us to go into business together.”

Starting a destination business in Hampton Roads has come with its challenges. The Adventure Park needs to attract a diverse demographic that includes transient military families, beach-bound tourists as well as the locals. Further, they are open all year, not just during the summer months. Therefore, they have worked diligently alongside the Aquarium, the City of Virginia Beach and other businesses.

“Collaboration has been the key to our success,” says Kema. “Building relationships in our community has meant that we have overcome the obstacles that have come our way.” Kema and Wendy have taken their approach to collaboration one step further and have been working with vendors like Sedexo caters and Wasserhund Brewing to launch corporate initiatives like “Zip and Sip” where groups can come for food, drinks and climb together.


The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium is a unique gem in our community. The amazing aerial park features climbing and ziplining like no other place in the region.

“When you have a group of people coming together to climb and socialize together there is a great sense of achievement accomplished.

Right before your eyes you see one another overcoming fears, working as a team and forming real relationships. It’s amazing!” Kema says. Venture out to The Adventure Park at Virginia Beach. It’s a great day out for families, friends and business.

You can check out their latest events at They hope to see you in the trees!v

801 General Booth Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia Call (757) 385-4947




RETAIL ALLIANCE HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE/VRF SILENT AUCTION Another great Open House event this year with our awesome members and other guests joining us for yummy food and beverages in our Norfolk office. Our silent auction benefiting our advocacy efforts was also a success, raising over $4,000 for the Virginia Retail Federation Political Action Committee (PAC). None of this would have happened without contributions by our members. Thanks to the following members for donating items towards the silent auction: A. Dodson’s Adele Diamond Albano Cleaners BizConnect Hampton Roads Buggy Bathe Care-A-Lot Pet Supply Center for Retail Excellence Clothes Mentor Colonial Folk Art Conte’s Bike Shop Country Flowers and Gifts Dan Ryan’s for Men David Arrington

Decorum Domestic Divas Dominion Service Compnay Escape Room Virginia Beach Farm Fresh Freda Rosso Garden Gazebo Hi-Ho Silver Hilton Downtown Richmond House of Maya Illuminate Beauty Boutique Interstate Cash Register Lacey Lee Fitness

UPDATE FROM GOVERNOR’S BUDGET PRESENTATION – DECEMBER 16, 2016 Below are the Governor’s proposals that will impact VRF members found in the Governor’s Budget Document:

Use Tax Compliance – Expect to increase revenue by $2 million by providing guidance on reporting purchases of tangible personal property online or via catalogs through enhanced instructions to tax payers, form changes, vendor guides for electronic filers, presentations to tax professionals and CPAs, and online communication. Restaurant Inspection Fee – Propose to increase the Restaurant Inspection Fee from $40 to $285.

Implement Tiered Fee Structure for Food Establishment Inspection Program – proposes to replace current $40 annual inspection fee with a three-tiered fee structure based on the establishment’s square footage; the fee structure will range from $40 to $575.


During the Governor’s remarks to the Joint Money Committees, he also mentioned two important issues to the retail industry.


MacArthur Center Mary Barnett’s Gifts Medical Aesthetics of Virginia Philip Michael Fashion for Men Pinot’s Pallette Prince Books Raymond Mattes SaladWorks Shop Talk Target Tastebuds Popcorn Taylor’s Do It Center The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

The Christmas Store The Creative Wedge The Full Cup The Home Depot The Quality Shops The Royal Chocolate Unusual Designs Virginia Peninsula Photography Way Back Yonder Antiques Willis Furniture

Accelerated Sales Tax – The Governor proposed that Virginia suspend the unwinding of AST for June 2017. Instead, he proposes that we keep the threshold at $2.5 million in June 2017 and then increase the threshold to $4 million in June of 2018. The Governor stated that this proposal will produce an additional $47.9 million in General Fund revenues.

Sales Tax Nexus – According to the Governor’s statement, the Commonwealth is missing out on $250 to $300 million a year while E-fairness legislation remains stalled in Congress. Because of this, the Governor is proposing legislation which will require out-of-state merchants that use a fulfillment center or warehouse, located within the commonwealth, to register as dealer for the collection of sales tax on their sales in Virginia.


This is a reminder that the 2017 General Assembly Session begins on January 11, 2017. This is a short session, lasting only 45 days. You will receive weekly updates, via email, that explain all the issues we will be covering on behalf of the retail industry. These emails will keep you informed as to any issues that may have an impact, positive or negative, on your business.

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WHEN SHOULD YOU REPLACE A WATER HEATER? If you occupy your home long enough, you’ll almost certainly have to replace a water heater some day. The average water heater lasts about a decade.

Usually, there will be some warning signs that you need to replace a water heater. It’s important to pay attention and act promptly if you see any of these red flags:

However, if you reside in an area with naturally hard water, or if the existing heater in your home hasn’t received proper annual maintenance including flushing sediment from the tank, the unit may fail before that time.

Are there signs of leakage around the heater? It may be something a qualified plumber can repair like a dribbling pressure relief valve. Call for service immediately. Any other signs of leakage are generally unrepairable and require installation of a new heater. Don’t ignore minor water heater leakage as it may indicate that a major tank



“8 to 8 — 7 Days A Week”





• We service all brands and models • Residential & commercial AM to • System replacements PM • Senior & military discounts $ 8 A • Maintenance plans starting at 9 — E per month SA M E G R


Second Opinions

rupture is imminent, which could cause extensive water damage.

Is the heater slowing down? If it’s taking longer and longer to get a full tank of water heated to the proper temperature, hard water sediment may have solidified at the bottom of the tank and is obstructing heat from the burner. Annual maintenance by a qualified plumber can prevent sediment accumulation. However, once sediment has hardened, only replacing the unit will resolve the issue. Are water heating costs rising? If you’re spending more and more on monthly energy bills and you’ve ruled out other possible causes, your water heater may be running long cycles and wasting excessive gas or electricity. Usually this is another sign of hardened tank sediment and requires replacement. On the positive side, the new water heater will be more energy-efficient and lower monthly water heating costs.

100 OFF Water heater installation $

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call with repair FREE Service With this ad. Not to be combined with any other offer. Expires 3/31/17

tune-up & cleaning 89 Precision


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Safety & efficiency check

With this ad. Not to be combined with any other offer. Expires 3/31/17

Buddy Smith President

(757) 215-4473

We will also send our “Legislative Alerts” that request your help; either by making a phone call, sending an email, or coming to the Capitol to testify on an issue that impacts you. These Legislative Alerts are extremely important, so we ask that you act on them in a timely manner. The more individuals that contact their elected officials on certain issues, the bigger the impact we have.

We expect that many of the same issues that we have seen in years’ past will be around during the 2017 Session. These include:

• How old is it? Like all devices, water heaters have a finite expected service life. If your existing unit is over 10 years old, making the choice to install a new water heater is very likely in the foreseeable future.

For more expert advice about replacing a water heater, contact us at Russell’s Heating & Cooling. Tel: (757) 819-4770 916 Business Park Drive Chesapeake, VA 23320 Our goal is to help educate our customers in Chesapeake, Virginia and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). v

minimum wage, mandated paid sick leave, felony threshold for larceny, property rights issues, ABC issues, industry specific taxes and much more. v Please contact Kate Baker or Jodi Roth with any questions ( or




Reach out to Katherine Seibt via email or call her at (757) 965-3000 for any questions relating to training, reports, community outreach, merchandise, LOVEVA materials, etc! Happy New Year y’all! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. 2016 was a great year for us and we’re looking for 2017 to be even better.

As you may know from the last Retail Angles, we’ve grown usage by over 200 percent which is a pretty big deal! We averaged more than 500 new accounts a month and more than 100 hearts earned every day. That’s a lot of dollars staying in the local community! Our 2016 holiday co-op advertising campaign has come to another very successful end. We had over 625 :15 second commercials air this year on WTKR and WAVY during the holiday season. We received a TON of great feedback about the commercials from our businesses, other members, and consumers.

We need to thank Farm Fresh, Jamestown Feed and Seed, A. Dodson’s, TowneBank, Willis Furniture Company, Clothes Mentor (Newport News), Once Upon A Child (Newport News), MacArthur Shopping Center, The Royal Chocolate, Taylor’s Do It Center, Care-A-Lot Pet Supply, EZ Ryder Pedal Karts, and McDonald Garden Center for participating this year. Thank you for helping us spread the message of choosing local!

In 2017 we plan to focus on growing the number of businesses participating in our program, increasing the number of businesses who are averaging at least 10 transactions per month, increasing the number of app users, and increasing our social media usage. By doing these things we will hopefully help your business by strengthening the LOVEVA community and creating more opportunities for you. One way for LOVEVA to continue to grow in 2017 is through your business support. Not just you, but your employees too.



Your team needs to be trained on how the app works, how to use the QR codes, how to give rewards, and how to answer some basic questions they may receive about the app and buying local in general. Katherine is more than happy to come and train any and every one! Just reach out to Katherine; we’re here to help you. Come to us with issues, concerns, questions, or ideas. Please let Katherine know when you are having events so she can see where we can help! If you’re having an event and serving drinks in your store, she could provide some LOVEVA koozies for you. Let’s get creative! We also ask that you share our posts on social media to your consumers. Read our LOVEVA-specific emails that we’ll be sending monthly so you know what we are doing and what you can also promote to your customers for the upcoming month.

Remember, buying local supports not only your business, but local schools, charities, community and your family. v Total LOVEVA Users


Total Transactions


Participating Businesses


Total Rewards Earned


Total Rewards Redeemed 3,060 (as of 12/15/16)

Eric’s work ethic is apparent as he strives to put client needs above his own profit. This is especially clear when he receives an inquiry for wedding photography.

“A person’s wedding day is one of the most important days in their lives and if we don’t connect, their pictures are going to suffer. So I make sure that I sit down with the bride and groom before we book anything. I want to make sure that I am the right person to tell their story and if I am not, then I pass the job onto another photographer.” In a transient, military drenched community, Eric is an advocate of veterans starting their own businesses. However, he implores them to embrace new relationships and practice humility.

“Aside from strong organizational and disciplinary skills, it’s time to forget all that you have learned. Be humble and seek education. And remember to learn from others, not compete with them. Then your business will thrive!” v Call (757) 339-0602 or visit


RGB Imaging is a locally owned business that stands out as one of the region’s premier photographers and videographers. Whether commercial or personal, defense or sports, still or motion, you want to ‘snap’ up their services!

Examples from portfolio

Founded in 2007, owner Eric Wickham is no stranger to hard word. As a military veteran, Eric is self-disciplined, loyal and fights for what he believes in. And when he transitioned out of the Armed Forces, Eric took the photography and videography skills that he had learned as a hobby and made the leap to launch his own business. “Starting your own business certainly has its challenges,” says Eric. “Your professional future is not secure so, for me, that meant I drank lots of coffee, worked extremely hard, built relationships and learned all I could from other business owners.” However, Eric testifies that there are many perks to owning your own business. “I can be flexible with family and friends and I spend my days working in a profession that I am passionate about. Not everyone can say that!”

Made up of four staff members, Eric is committed to his staff and clients alike. He works diligently to ensure transparency and to give an excellent experience to all. And clearly he’s doing something right when his client listing ranges from the Department of Defense right through to private family portraits.




Above: Happy Hour networking events at The Adventure Park and Countryside Gardens. Retail Breakfast Club with Susan Moore, Director of The Center for Retail Excellence.


Congratulations to Phil Scotti, owner of Philip Michael Fashion for Men and member of the Retail Alliance board, who celebrated the grand opening of his sixth store, in Newport News.

The official tie-cutting occurred at Jefferson Commons on November 18th with Ray Mattes, President/CEO of Retail Alliance, Newport News Mayor McKinley Price, and Mark Hikind, VP of Steven Land, one of the premier fashion brands carried exclusively by Philip Michael Fashion in Hampton Roads, on hand. To celebrate the opening, all Philip Michael locations had giveaways, discounts and special promotions on November 18th and 19th. The privately-owned men’s clothing retailer offers top brands at a fraction of department store prices.



Phil has six locations with five in Hampton Roads: Chesapeake Square Mall, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton and Newport News and one in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The new Jefferson Commons store is located at 12551 Jefferson Ave, Newport News. v


INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TIPS & TRENDS The following article was produced from a STRIVE Webinar, presented by Joanna G. Brumsey CPA from Wall, Einhorn and Chernitzer.

loss leader would be your slow moving inventory. Utilizing this inventory can create space for new items, increase loss prevention and generate traffic to high-ticket items.

To run a successful store, it’s vital that you regularly manage your inventory and with these simple keys, you can save time and money and therefore, become more productive.


No matter the inventory you carry, it’s important to evaluate the number of SKUs and the number of items that you are stocking, especially if they are similar. It can feel counterintuitive to offer your customers fewer choices, but it has been proven that by reducing the number of SKUs you purchase, you can increase revenue.

For example, a florist can recognize their success in the run up to Mother’s Day and can therefore prepare for sell-out inventory. However, in the run up to Superbowl Sunday, they will cut back on their stock as this is not a historically strong season for florists.


In the early 2000s, Iyengar and Lepper conducted a study called “When Choice is Demotivating”. They took two test groups who had to choose from either a 6-variety jam display or a 24-variety display within a grocery store. They found that 60 percent of the customers passing the 24-variety display stopped at the booth; in contrast, only 40 percent stopped at the limited variety display. However, a surprising 3 percent of those stopping at the 24-variety display subsequently purchased the jam versus 30 percent of those who stopped at the limited variety display. While utilizing a decreased inventory, you can strategically position items to push customers deeper into your store. For example, you can implement a “loss leader” scenario where an item is priced at cost or below to attract customers to the store and to specific areas in the store so that they will purchase the higher dollar items. Ideal candidates for

Another factor to consider, is the seasonality of individual items. This is more than fall, winter or spring seasons but can include back-to-school, national holidays and different sports.


In terms of purchasing your inventory, it’s essential that you understand your supplier’s business and that you source quality over price. A fundamental question to ask yourself is, “What are their business ethics?” and, “Are they adhering to the Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards?”

For example, if you sell paint and you discover that your supplier is using lead in their products, a lawsuit may ensue which will negatively impact your business and your cash flow. Therefore, you may wish to consider purchasing inventory that holds special certifications like Forest Stewardship Council or perhaps developing your business to become a “LEED certified retailer” like Starbucks in which they initiated a program that takes consumers on a visual tutorial through their store and you can see how they’ve used their recycled garbage or how they use low emission building materials.

(continued on page 12)



INVENTORY MANAGEMENT TIPS & TRENDS cont’d IMPLEMENT STRONG INTERNAL CONTROLS When your inventory arrives from the suppliers, there are some basic operating procedures that can save you time and money. Implement sound receiving protocols where one member of staff inspects inventory for damage, compares inventory to the purchase order, and ensures these protocols takes place prior to accepting delivery.

Once the inventory has been signed for, consider electronic tags on high dollar items to reduce loss. Additionally, some retails find utilizing fake cameras effective as a deterrent against theft. Also, consider implementing an incentive plan for your employee who is responsible for maintaining internal controls in addition to implementing regular audits for your inventory.


Naturally, your POS (Point of Sale) System is an effective method to track inventory. Through this you can set reorder points using historical purchase order and sales data, automatically calculate inventory turns, produce dashboard reports and flag old inventory. There are many attractive choices for the small business owner including Square, Quickbooks and Shopify.


While online shopping continues to grow, brick and mortars must keep up with their trends so not to be overtaken. While some seem negative about the future of retail, there is much that a brick and mortar can provide to a consumer that online outlets do not.

For example, you can enhance a shopper’s experience by offering a class using products that you sell, like Michael’s (with crafting) or a florist. And display predominantly items that consumers may want immediately and don’t want to wait for shipping. Put items on display for consumers to have a tactile experience with and feel the need to purchase immediately. v

About Joanna G. Brumsey, CPA | Shareholder Joanna G. Brumsey is a CPA and graduate of Wake Forest University. She is a shareholder in Wall, Einhorn and Chernitzer, P.C. in Norfolk, Virginia. She provides assurance and advisory services to companies in the manufacturing, distribution, retail and franchise industries. Joanna serves as the leader of the Accounting and Auditing department, as well as the leader of the Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution and Retail and Franchise Service Teams. Joanna also has extensive experience with budgeting and forecasting, financial modeling, litigation support services, and due diligence investigation of targets. She was recognized by Inside Business Magazine as one of the “Top 40 Under 40” individuals in Hampton Roads; she was a “Women in Business” honoree recognized by Inside Business; she was a “10 for 10” honoree by United Way of SHR, and she is a multi-year recipient of Virginia Business Magazine’s ”Super CPAs” award honoring the top CPAs in Virginia.

SHOW YOUR EXPERTISE AND INCREASE YOUR INFLUENCE WITH A STRIVE WEBINAR Are you an expert in your field? The STRIVE webinar series is intended to help our members learn new strategies and tactics to help build their business. Each webinar will be hosted by “subject matter experts” who understand the nuances of retail. If you would like to give a presentation based on your expertise (and receive a discount on your renewal fee as a thank you), please contact Kylie Ross Sibert at or call (757) 455 9323. STRIVE Lunch and Learn Retail Webinars are held the third Wednesday of each month, from 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM. You can participate from the location of your choice and there is NO charge to members.



LOSS PREVENTION TASK FORCE Our Loss Prevention Task Force has hosted some great speakers in 2016 and we look forward to continuing our monthly lunch meetings throughout 2017.

discussed at our 2016 meetings: January

Here’s a summary of the speakers and topics

Speaker: Charles Ciccotti, Director of Investigations from Coastal Virginia Investigations

Topic: Investigation – Reducing Workman’s Compensation Fraud February

Speaker: Brenda Wise, Regional Director with Citizens Against Crime Topic: Living Safely in a Dangerous World March

Speaker: Steve Cooney, Training Specialist/Sr. Security Specialist, Top Guard Inc Topic: 2016 Trends in Retail Theft April


Speaker: Jim Ridick, Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response, City of Norfolk Topic: Business Continuity Management July

Speakers: Meghan Powell, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, Norfolk and Norfolk Police Detective Bruce Pugh, Economic Crimes Unit Topic: Credit Card Fraud August

Speaker: Roger Campbell, Special Agent, FBI

Topic: Transnational organized crime and how law enforcement work with our international partners to disrupt crime organizations September

Speaker: Nathan Lang, OneSource Employment Screening Services Topic: A Roadmap to Retail Background Screening October

Speaker: Panel of area law enforcement

Topic: Crime trends in their respective cities

Speaker: Attorney Phil Hucles, Willcox & Savage

Topic: How to Legally Interrogate your Employees May

Speaker: MPO Alan McDowell Jr, James City County Police Department Topic: Active Shooter Presentation

WELCOME NEW RETAIL ALLIANCE MEMBERS! Retail Alliance Members (& LOVEVA Soulmates) • Amazing Fantasy Comics, Inc • Bubba N Franks Smokehouse BBQ • Chesapeake Square • Double Take • Gallery 21 • Jessy’s • LaPromenade Distinctive Shoppes • Master Tech Auto Care • Raymond James & Associate

• • • • •

RGB Imaging Sarah Bonwell Hudgins Foundation, Inc Ski World Tidewater Keepsake Jewelers Ynot Italian

LOVEVA Sweethearts • Sales Consulting • Salon @ 31st Day Spa • Starving Artist Café



r e d r ad o t s this r fi r ion u o y ent ff o um % 10 en yo wh


We’ll even deliver and setup if you’d like. Please place your order at least 24 hours in advance. For just $15, UNO will deliver and setup your order of $100 or more.

Serving all of Hampton Roads


Contact: Jennifer Martin, Regional Sales Manager 757.561.1468, RETAIL ANGLES | QUARTER 1 2017 WWW.UNOS.COM/CATERING

In the past century, much has changed for women in America. In 1916, women couldn’t vote, were expected to stay home to raise children, and couldn’t even open their own bank accounts. But now in 2016, the landscape has changed and now women are pursuing their professional and relational dreams.

However, that is not always easy. So, cue Modern Femme - an organization committed to empowering, supporting and training women, no matter their age, class or vocation.

The business was formed by Katy Blevins and Somer Chambley, two working moms who ran their own photography businesses. Katy and Somer knew the challenges that faced women in the workplace as well as the struggle to find work/family balance. But they saw many women work in competition to one another, rather than collaboration, and they knew that dynamic needed to change for women to succeed.

events, workshops and soon our own radio show on 1110AM.” Explains Katy. “It’s vital for us that women can engage with us, learn and grow together.” Modern Femme is growing across the region by building strong relationships with women as well as with employers. “Businesses are beginning to see the value of happy and well employees. Some are adopting flexschedule, while others are giving a stronger focus on a holistic approach to health. Therefore, Modern Femme is giving employers options and providing resources for female employees.” Katy says.

As working moms, Katy and Somer are conscious to prioritize family as well as making sure there’s enough money flowing through the bank account. Despite being an organization built on relationships, it still takes money to provide resources for women. Plus, it takes much patience and dedication to put on a convention, a lot of clear communication between Katy and Somer and a solid belief that their events will be a success. v Contact Katy and Somer at Modern Femme: 2513 N. Landing Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23456 Tel: (757) 828-7410

Shortly thereafter, Modern Femme was created. They devised a “Community and Convention” model and in May 2016 they hosted their first convention that welcomed over 200 women and 20 speakers. Over the period of two days, female entrepreneurs, small business owners and a powerhouse of speakers collaborated. The event focused on relationships, worthiness, business management, social media, body image and dream-casting.

“Whether at home or at work, there are issues that affect women and we want to help them navigate these. We connect with our members through our convention as well monthly



CERTIFICATE IN RETAIL OPERATIONS The inaugural class for the Certificate in Retail Operations starts in January 2017. Some class members attended the Orientation in December, including our Retail Breakfast Club scholarship winner, Nina DeWalt. An additional orientation, called First Night, will be held on January 8, 2017.

This hybrid program (part online, part face-to-face) is ideal for aspiring retailers, existing retail business owners looking to provide training for current and future managers, or current retailers needing to update their skills. The full program is designed to be completed over nine months using a combination of distance and face-to-face learning methodologies.

It requires a face-to-face meeting on every other Monday at 7:00PM for 1.5-2 hours, depending on the topic. The online element will require 2-4 hours weekly.

The Certificate covers seven areas essential to successful retailing and culminates in the development of a workable business plan. Included in the training is the opportunity to present the business plan and get feedback from leaders in the retailing community.

Business Planning



The Seven Pillars of Retail Excellence

At the conclusion of the program participants will: • • •

Produce a comprehensive business plan that will serve as the capstone assessment for successful completion of the program. Have had opportunity to begin the establishment of a professional network for future information, support, and motivation.

Have developed a basic “toolbox” with which to face the challenges of operating a successful retail business.

The program uses the concept of the Seven Pillars of Retail Excellence (see below) as the framework for presenting the key elements of successful retail operations, with each course corresponding to one of the pillars.

Other cohorts are being formed to begin later in 2017. Follow us on Facebook or check out our website at for more information. Specific questions can be directed to Susan Moore, Director of Center for Retail Excellence at or call (757) 455-9319. v


Complete all seven pillars for $995 (+$10 application fee) and receive Certificate in Retail Operations OR pay $95 upfront and then $100 per month for nine months ($10 application fee is waived)

Certificate in Retail Operations Norfolk Winter 2017 Cohort Orientation: Classes Begin:

First Night (An introduction to the program, the facilitator, and online learning) will be held on January 8, 2017 at the Retail Alliance Office, 838 Granby Street, Norfolk, 23510, from 7:009:00PM. January 8, 2017 Online Classroom available January 8, 2017

All face-to-face meetings of the Norfolk Winter 2017 Cohort will be held at the Retail Alliance Offices, 838 Granby Street, Norfolk, 23510





ENROLLMENT APPLICATION Date:______________________________________ Referred By:______________________________

_______ Certificate in Retail Operations

_______ Individual Class_______________________________________

_______ Other__________________________________________________

Thank you for completing this application. It will assist us in understanding how the Certificate in Retail Operations can best help you to become a successful retailer. Should you have any questions or comments regarding this application, please do not hesitate to contact the Director via email at, by regular mail or by phone at (757) 455-9319. Susan R. Moore Director, the Center for Retail Excellence 838 Granby Street • Norfolk VA • 23510

CONTACT INFORMATION Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


City:____________________________________________________ State:_____________________ Zip Code:________________________


Phone:______________________________________________________ Cell:_____________________________________________________ Emergency Contact:_________________________________________________________________________________________________ Relationship:______________________________________________ Phone:__________________________________________________ TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF What is your current occupation?__________________________________________________________________________________

How long have you worked in this occupation?___________________________________________________________________

What is your highest level of education?___________________________________________________________________________

Please be aware there is no requirement that you have a high school diploma or GED to participate in our program. We simply would like to know something about the background of our participants.

© 2017 Center for Retail Excellence

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The Center for Retail Excellence does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. The Center for Retail Excellence is a division of the Retail Alliance Foundation (501c3)

Please sign and date this application and include the $10.00 application fee made out to the Center for Retail Excellence. We accept credit cards, personal checks, and money orders. Cash is not accepted! If you wish to pay online, you may do so at or pay by phone by calling Retail Alliance Accounting at (757) 455 9337.



Signature Date

For Internal Use Only Date Received:________________________________ Date Admitted:______________________________ Participant ID Number:_____________________ RA

Whether you like a sweet St. Louis BBQ or you err towards a vinegar-based North Carolinian sauce, Bubba N Franks Smokehouse is the place to go!

With two locations in Carrolton and Hampton, this is a true small business that has become the heart of their community.

The restaurant is owned and operated by Richard “Bubba” Christian and Frank Parrish. With diverse strengths, they make a synergistic team; Richard has over 25 years in the food service industry, while Frank brings his delicious personal BBQ recipes to the table.

Prior to running a business, Frank was a Christian minister. He began to sense that it was time to step down and hand over the reigns to those he had been training, but he was unsure of what direction to go in.

Frank had been making BBQ for church fundraisers for a long time and loved cooking for a crowd, but it wasn’t until Richard approached him, did he ever think he could make a living out of his BBQ. “I was so impressed that all six of my children ate Frank’s food and I knew that together we could make a restaurant dream-team!” Richard says. After the initial setup, Bubba N Franks first opened their doors in December 2008. However, like any business, they have experienced tough times. “I’m glad I didn’t realize the obstacles that we would have to overcome,” says Frank. “I think I would have held back in fear but opening this business got us out of our comfort zones and allowed us to meet some incredible people.”

Frank also feels like his background as a pastor prepared him to run a restaurant. “Our job is to take care of people. First, we take care of our staff.

Without a staff that is thriving, we are just going to create a business without heart and soul. And then we want customers to leave Bubba N Franks with full hearts and bellies. We have regulars who are going through truly tough times and it is our honor to be a friend and help them in whatever way we can.” So whether you are a BBQ connoisseur who wants to talk BBQ, a potential employee or a local who needs a friend, Bubba N Franks Smokehouse has a place for you! v

Visit Bubba N Franks: 299 Floyd Thompson Blvd Hampton, VA 23666 Tel: (757) 788-7060




838 Granby Street Norfolk, Virginia 23510 Tel: (757) 466-1600 Fax: (757) 455-9332

Our Mission To be a trusted resource for the success of local retailers. @retailalliance


Cultivating Community


Retail Angles Quarter 1, 2017  

Retail Angles Quarter 1, 2017

Retail Angles Quarter 1, 2017  

Retail Angles Quarter 1, 2017