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HELLO and congrats on offi cially becoming a member of Solent Studen ts’ Union

What is a students' union? This guide is here to give you 4 all the ess cers ent ial info you need about offi al atic sabb 6 our BIGGEST FRESHERS FORTNIGHT YET !!! part time officers & bi-elections 8 student forums 10 It’s my last Freshers' For tnig ht so we’ve taken everything we had bef nus extra 11 ore and made it bigger. Over the nex t 45 freshtivities guide 12 pages you’ll U S find out all you need to kno w about frisky at the su 15 t n e id s what’s going on dur ing the e r P ort year and supp & ce ie student advi 16 how to get your AA A pas Dan Pren9d553 s. There's & volunteering, sports also a guide to our new we 18 023 8031 ekly nights @ T N E down at the SU. societies nt. e l o s kend Freshtival wee 20 We’ve also got all the info on joining chat roulette, salsa 21 clubs and societies plus the Freshers' Fair which is bigger than ever. night You can find out abo ut our radio station broadc big night out 22 ast ing right through the firs t 2 weeks on 87.7 e FM so on guid aaa 24 your way here make sure you tun e in. y part foam freshers 26 Pick up our newslet ter ava freshers rave 27 ilable at around cam pus and get yourself seen fair hers fres on our TV 28 station dur ing the move in. halls committees 29 sonar media Many crazy times lay ahead 30 for you all ove r Freshers' but remember ne su onli 31 all of that is to raise money dur ing the firs t weeks to course & faculty reps 32 invest back in to your SU for the ser vices be a champion & knight bus 33 we provide for you. We’re here throughout e guid ts even su weekly the year - in meetings repres 34 ent ing students views and rights, out in the eat. drink. shop. 36 community on projects, campaigning and offering advice birthday treat 37 and much more... union info & faqs 38 If you fancy a chat add me su floor plan 39 on twi tter or face book on the details inside tour ic livemus 40 or come and

Find us on Facebook & Twitter:

find me and the sabbs on the firs t floor of the SU by the Shop.

Get excited.

fresh magazine  Prendie - SU President


What is a Students’ Union? Firstly, congratulations for choosing Solent University! This means that you are automatically a member of the Students’ Union, a registered charity with over 17,500 members run BY students, FOR students.

But What Does This Mean? When most people think about a Students’ Union they think of a place to drink on the cheap – but this is only a small part of why we are here! Solent Students’ Union is here to support you throughout your time at University and after graduating. We offer a HUGE list of services including advice, support, representation, events, clubs and societies, work experience and CV boosting opportunities, an independent voice from the University, a place to eat/drink and shop and much, MUCH more… Solent SU is also affiliated with NUS (National Union of Students); this means that you are also represented on a national level and can benefit even more, for example with the NUS Extra discount card.

By Students, For Students The Students’ Union is run day to day by a team of student officers, who are elected into position every year and are paid to represent Solent students and ensure that


the Students’ Union is heading in the right direction. They are supported by a team of non-paid part time student officers and over 80 staff – most of who are also students! But this is only the star t of it; there are also volunteers, course/faculty reps, trustees, forums and more. The Students’ Union structure can be quite hard to understand but a full diagram can be found at w w

Charity Status The Students’ Union has recently become a registered charity. This means that all of the money we make is reinvested back into the Students’ Union to make sure that we are providing the best services, events and facilities we can. So every single pound you spend in the SU will find it’s way back to you in some way!

Get Involved! There is an endless list of ways you can get involved with the SU – these range from nominating yourself in the elections, becoming a course rep, volunteering, getting involved with a club/society, applying to work at the Students’ Union or simply attending our events or using our services! Visit w w for more information on everything we offer.

who works at the students




In every pound: 45p Block Grant/ Other Funding



38p Trading 13p Fundraising Activities

4p- 13p




250 Student Volunteers 60 Student Staff 15 Permanent Staff 7 Part Time Officers 5 External Trustees 4 Sabbatical Officers

goes... In every pound:

17p 31p 18p 11p

31p Shop/Bar/Cafe 17p VAT 18p SU Operation 11p Communication


and Events

23p Back to YOUI

STUDENTS IN HALLS 208 228 240 391 422 808

twitter followers 1400 1200\ 1000 800

208 Chantry 228 Hamwic 240 Emily Davies 391 Kimber/DMA 422 Deanery 808 LFW

600 400 jul 10 sept nov jan mar may jul 11

Follow us on Twitter @SolentSU Like us on Facebook: Subscribe on YouTube: solentstudentsunion Check in on FourSquare: Solent Students' Union

nus extra savings £525 Per Year £43.75 Per Month £10.10 Per Week BUY YOURS NOW AT and save £££'s. Based on data from

fresh magazine  5

Dan Prendergast

students' union President • The spokesperson for the Students' Union. Represents students at a University, community and national level. • Oversees the Union delivery and strategic development. • Is a member of the Board of Governors.


Phone: 023 8031 9553 E-mail: Twitter: @solentpresident Facebook:

daisy edwards VP education

• Actively promotes and campaigns to address academic issues that impact on students. • Represents students at board meetings on quality and delivery of education. • Works alongside the Advice Centre to support students who face academic misconduct or disciplinary issues.

Phone: 023 8031 9553 E-mail: Twitter: @solenteducation Facebook: 6

Vice President Education

Victoria purcell VP Student engagement

• Actively offers, supports & delivers access to student development opportunities. • Represents students working closely with the University to promote student activities. • Oversees societies and student media.

Vice Presidenmet nt

Student Engage

Phone: 023 8031 9553 E-mail: Twitter: @solentengage Facebook:

Ayumi Okada VP welfare

• Actively promotes and campaigns to address health and welfare issues that impact on students. • Represents students on housing, diversity and environmental issues to community and businesses. • Works alongside the Advice Centre to support students with housing, health, safety, well-being and housing issues.

Phone: 023 8031 9553 E-mail: Twitter: @solentwelfare Facebook:

Vice Presidenret

Student Welfa

fresh magazine  7

Part Time Officers Should you need to contact these officers, please enquire in the Students' Union building robbie aftab academic affairs officer studies. • Represents students on matter s relating to academic Reps. • Works with the Education officer on overseeing Course meetings. staff / • Suppor ts students on academic appeals and student

richard ayre

accommodation & communities officer . • Works in the community on local issues with housing issues. mental environ on s • Represents the student

bi-elections for these positions to be held soon Keep an eye on for details on your chance to make a difference!

campaigns officer


• Suppor ts students to set up and run campaigns. campaign. • Works with the President to coordinate the priority


diversity officer all students have • The Diversi ty Officer is responsible for ensuring that and participation success ic academ t, suppor s, service to access equal opportunities. opportunities. • Wor k with Sabbatical Officer s on issues regarding equal t • Will work with a new team of Diversity Reps to highligh , black and issues faced by under-represented groups including women duates, portgra ethnic minority students, disabled students, LGBT students, international students and mature students.


media and communications officer

media & Comms

• Works with the Union on brand consistency. information. • Ensures that students are communicated to with any and social • Works with the Engagement officer to update the website networ king.

sports officer ly to • Meets with sports clubs and sports societies regular discuss issues. in sports and activities • Assists in the organisations and promotion of events Union, the University s' Student the s, societie and clubs the by offered and the local community. social sports activities. • Encourages students involvement in non-competitive /

sports officer

union representative portfolio, giving The Union Representative is the only Officer with an open Students' through rs membe student nting represe role diverse a remit for a Union activity

union rep fresh magazine  9

Come along to one of our

open student forums

Here at the SU we want to know what YOU think. After all we’re run FOR YOU, BY YOU. If you want to have a say in what we do and how we do it, come along to the Student Forums. In these forums you will be able to propose ideas or policies. After a policy has been proposed everyone votes on whether they like it or not, and if enough people agree with you it will pass and the Students’ Union WILL try to do it.

There are three different types of Forums: Free Your Union What should the SU be doing?

lunch at every forum

Your University What should the SU be trying to get the Uni to do?

The first forum will be e “Your Union” in th p bar Students’ Union to on wednesday 9th November 2-4pm

Your Community What should the SU be doing in halls and the local community? Each of these forums focus on their specific area and will meet once a term, so there are nine forums during the year - plenty of opportunity for you to get involved! So whether you’ve got loads of amazing ideas that you think your SU should be doing or just want to listen to other people’s suggestions, come along and have your say.

For more information visit 10

primary logo full clour print

single colour logo spot colour print

colour suite

EMILY REDUCED THE COST of everything for Uni, from her laptop to a new mobile, her course books, a winter coat and an alarm clock

can you afford not to? Get kitted out just like Emily‌visit to see how you can save

All details correct at time of printing: July 2011

fresh magazine  11


reshers’ Fortnight is an explosive start to potentially the best years of your life. When you arrive we plan to show you in style just how much the SU has to offer! Over the two weeks, we’ve packed in tonnes of events and activities to help you settle in to student life, meet new people and introduce you to your new surroundings. From sports, societies, student media, health and general student advice to excellent 24/7 entertainment, Solent Students’ Union aims to make your time at Uni one to remember! The fun doesn't end here, check out our website

19th - 23rd sept

daily workshops (WEEK 1)

Early Arrivers' support

uni survival 11-12 Mon - Fri

Free Tea & Coffee in the SU for students & parents. 12-3 daily.

Monday & Wednesday: Socialise and Succeed

freshtival weekend (24th & 25th)

Tuesday & Thursday: Living away from home

society social 3-4 Mon - Fri The last big festival of the year! Head down to the SU from 12 on Saturday and Sunday for a ton of DJs and live bands, as well as a BBQ and many other festival activities! Plus, prove your halls are supreme on the Saturday at:

For more info and full line-up for the weekend, head to page 20.

For the parents Free Tea & Coffee in the SU bottom bar. 12-2pm for all event listings after Freshers' Fortnight!


More info at workshops

Mon 26th Sept

MEGA MONDAYS LAUNCH From 7pm: Angels vs Devils party - Free shots for anyone in fancy dress to celebrate the launch of our weekly event!

Your su night 5-7 - Meet your SU - More info at

event tickets & aaa wristbands on sale now!

Tue 27th Sept

poker face LAUNCH From 7pm: Every Tuesday head to the SU for a night of free poker & other games!

Wed 28th Sept

wed 28th sept

BIG NIGHT OUT From 6pm: The BIGGEST night out Southampton has ever seen! 3,500 students, 15 venues, £1.50 drinks, 1 night! (pg. 22)

thurs 29th sept

thurs 29th sept

big fat quiz launch From 7pm: Head down to the SU bar to test your knowledge at our weekly quiz night while tucking in to one of our great Thursday night curry offers! Launch night only - WIN a 32-inch TV!

Fri 30th Sept

10am-3pm: Tonnes of businesses will be at this years huge Freshers’ Fair at Oceana, giving away freebies, loyalty cards, information and more. Definitely not an event to be missed if you want to find the best deals locally and nationally! (pg 28)

SPORTS & SOCIETIES 10am-3pm: Find out what sports clubs & societies are running at Solent and get help setting up new ones. Let us know what you want and we’ll set it up for you! (pg 28)

frisky: Frat party From 7pm: Frat Party! Don your cheerleader & high school jock outfits to celebrate the launch of our monthly night of DJs, live music, giveaways and £1.50 drinks! (pg. 15)

SU “Angels” are student volunteers who work with the SU over Freshers’ Fortnight. They will help you to move in, escort you on the Big Night Out and be there to answer any questions throughout the fortnight!

fresh magazine   13

weekend 2 (1st/2nd oct)

daily events (WEEK 2)

thur 6th oct

su on tour 12-2pm on Campus 5-6pm Halls

Mon 3rd oct

chat roulette Saturday 1st Oct from 6pm: Presented by Solent SU and UNIT. Chat Roulette on our big screens. Drinks deals & UNIT's resident DJ Matty Lah. Official afterparty at UNIT.

fri 7th oct All day at the SU: Mega Pints just £2.99, Mega Burgers just £4.99

Tue 4th oct

skint! Launch All day at the SU: Our most popular drinks from £1.75. Every Friday (except for the last of each month)

salsa Sunday 2nd Oct from 6pm: Try your hand at Salsa Dancing in the SU bar. (pg. 21)

From 7pm: Head down to the SU bar to test your knowledge at our weekly quiz night

From 7pm: Head to the SU for a night of free poker & other games!

wed 5th oct

sat 8th Oct

big day out From 9.30am: Enjoy our city wide scavenger hunt, starting at the SU. Huge prizes to be won.

sun 9th oct

freshers ball

freshers rave Sunday 2nd Oct from 9pm: DJ Fresh, Zinc & Shy FX at OCEANA. £12 entry or free with AAA (pg. 27)

14 14

short circuit comedy From 7pm at the SU :Launch night featuring Tom Deacon.

From 9pm: The one you've been waiting for! 7 HUGE acts plus loads of extras. Held at Oceana. £15 or free with AAA. (pg. 2)

fresh magazine  15

The Students' Union offers a whole host of advice and support. These services can be found on the first floor of the SU and are available on a drop-in basis. There are 3 people working closely in Student Advice and Support. If you're having problems with your course or study, come and talk to VP Education Daisy Edwards. If you're having any problems with health, housing etc, come and talk to VP Welfare Ayumi Okada. We also have a part-time Student Advocate, Sarah Jones-Nash, who is here to help present you with possible options and solutions for a variety of issues. Throughout the year we run campaigns on issues relevant to the student lifestyle, so look out for our stands, we are planning to appear EVERYWHERE this year! 16

We work closely with the Police, Fire Service, NHS Sexual Health Team, welfare related departments of the University and various organisations in the local area to ensure that you receive the best information from the best people. p hel


I needting smokin quit

Should there be an issue that is close to your heart we will help you run the campaign and give you all the support necessary to make it a success. Doing something extra like this is a great way to boost your CV. We are available between 10-12, 2-4pm Monday to Friday, but we strongly advise you to book an appointment with us before you come in to save both our times and yours!

We are available to support you with:

Accommodation Before you sign a contract, or whatever you need support on accommodation issues, we are here to support.

health, wellbeing & safety VP Welfare organises regular informative events as you wish, as well as campaigns to make some positive change in the society, community, University and

vp education

023 8031 9553 sueducation@

student advocate

023 8031 9440 sarah. jonesnash@

daisy edwards

sarah jones nash /support

the Students’ Union. If you are passionate about raising awareness about certain welfare issue or just support her campaigns/events, let Ayumi know via suwelfare@solent. All the off icers are here to support and make action to get what students want.

personal issues Sometimes you just need to talk about what’s worrying you – if you do have a personal issue you wish to discuss please be assured of our confidentialit y in the private rooms available.

vp welfare

ayumi okada

023 8031 9553 SUwelfare@

d a har

g I’m havindgeting! u time b

fresh magazine  17

What is a society?

Current Societies

Formally an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.

• • • • • • •

In general a place to make new friends, socialize, gain experience, or even pursue a hobby.

How can I join a society? If you see a club or society you think you might like to join, then make sure you attend the Societies Fair on 29th September in the quad (next to The Dock Canteen) between 10 & 3. This is when societies offer the chance to meet members and even sign up. In the meantime, for more information, why not join the Solent Clubs & Societies group on Facebook, or visit for information on club socials.

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Labour Society Ultimate Frisbee Archery Wing Chung Kung Fu Metal and Rock (M.A.R.S) Solent PR Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Society (LGBT) Socialist Workers Student Society (SWSS) The Showreel Society Anime Society Southampton Solent Screenwriters’ Guild RAG (Raise and Give) Christian Union Norwegian Society Solent Maritime Society Solent Society of Culture and Arts (SSCA) Solent DJ Society Southampton Solent Business and Entrepreneurs Club Sonar Media (pg. 30)

Can I start a new society?

Solent Sports Clubs!

If you don’t see the society that you would like to join, then why not start your own?

Sport Solent has over 30 different teams/ clubs and you can be a part of any of them! They accept all standards to the teams / clubs. Being a part of a team / club really enriches the university experience and you meet some great people with ell similar interests along vicky pur9c553 1 3 0 the way! 023 8

All you need to do is gather 8 signatures from other students who would like to be part of the society and fill out a new society form. Details at: 18

vp nt engageme ent@ solen

For more information please contact Below is a list of the different teams and clubs we have here: • Athletics • Badminton • Cricket • Basketball • Indoor Cricket • Football • Equestrian • Futsal • Sailing • Hockey • Boxing • Netball • Archery • Rugby • Swimming • Squash • Tri-Athlon • Tennis • Trampolining • Table Tennis • Judo • Volleyball • Kick Boxing • Snowboarding • Cheerleading • Wakeboarding • Rowing • Windsurfing • Go-Karting • Kitesurfing • Mountain Sports • Climbing • Sub Aqua • Surf • American Football

volunteering Volunteering not only looks great on your CV it gives you skills. It depends to a great degree which type of work you do, but whatever it is, it will always provide a set of core skills that will be invaluable in the future. Practically all volunteer work requires you to develop the central skills of team-working, communication and relationshipbuilding, all of which are necessities in the working world. Demonstrating that you’ve developed these skills in the volunteer sector will strongly increase your appeal to prospective employers. Volunteering through us means that you will be entered for The Solent Societies and Volunteering Awards, V-Inspired Awards, NUS Volunteering awards, and as we are a registered charity you can even register for free gig tickets for each 4 hours volunteering you do via Orange RockCorps. Volunteering could range from helping the community to events management for a charity. At Solents Students’ Union we are hear to assist and help any student led projects. So if you have an idea about a project, or you would like to get involved, or just want some more information, email Victoria Purcell, your VP Engagement officer

fresh magazine  19


fresh magazine  21


fresh magazine  23


fresh magazine  25


fresh magazine  27


Do you want to enhance your experience of living in halls and the experience of your friends? This is an exciting new project from the SU that you can be a part of! Every halls of residence will have a Hall Committee who’s role it is to represent the students in their halls and organise great social events. They will create a sense of community, and hopefully a healthy rivalry between different halls! Hall Committees will be supported by the SU in putting on events and raising students’ issues to the right people. Students on the committees will gain great communication and event management skills, and have a great time doing it! The elections for hall committees will be happening a few weeks into term, so look out for more info coming soon! Keep an eye on our website for more details.

fresh magazine  29 Sonar Media is Solent Students' Union's media brand, which is completely run by students. It consists of four different societies: Sonar Magazine, Radio Sonar, Sonar TV, and Sonar Film, each outputting a different media type. The Sonar Studios are located on the first floor of the Students' Union, and the Sonar office is located on the 2nd floor of the Students Union.


broadcasting on 87.7fm over freshers' fort is Sonar Magazine is publication that ut ugho thro s time us vario 5 at produced tion ribu cont the year. It features student aphy, including jour nalis tic writing, photogr n otio prom advice, and

Sonar Film runs Solent Universit y's very own 35mm and Digi tal (+3-D) nt's projection equipment, housed in Sole ta Cos ve abo T1 L very own cinema, in films Coffee. Showcaseing a range of 3D year the ut ugho thro

30 30

net. It Radio Sonar broadcas ts over the Inter the s allow and k wee the of days 7 runs for and uce prod to y students of Solent Universit ents stud the As s. show present their own types of the universit y vary, so do the show ic mus of e with the best of an eclectic rang s show along with various talk stat

ion, Sonar TV is an online television stat . In ects proj o vide consisting on student led view inter uced prod has TV r the past Sona , and videos, music videos, spor ts coverage much more stat


E LOVE REBECCA BLACK!!! Phew, glad we got that off our chests! But that’s not all, we love Rick Astley, Lolcats and the Star Wars kid but most importantly we love keeping in touch with YOU online! That’s why this year we are launching a BRAND NEW website and we want it to be as popular as it can be. It’ll be THE place to go for the latest news, events, special offers and information on your union – so visit us online at The Solent SU website provides information on sports and societies, advice and support, events, services, union officers, representation and much more. But it doesn’t stop there! Being such cool cats, we are also on all of your favourite sites... -----------------------------------------

@solentsu -----------------------------------------

SolentStudentsUnion ----------------------------------------or even check in on

SOLENT STUDENTS' UNION for special offers! We run regular competitions exclusively for our friends online, so for your chance to win some huge prizes join us now…

fresh magazine  31


g for a Inspired by the Olympics, Solent Students' Union are lookin

London 2012 Student Ambassador hout the SU, To initiate, develop and lead Games inspired projects throug University and community. To apply, email supresident@so

Deadline: 3rd October 2011.

n 2012 Olympic Solent Students' Union are getting involved with the Londo Officers to see and Paralympic Games! Come and meet your Sabbatical hout the UK. how you can get involved in the Games locally and throug For more information visit

fresh magazine  33

34 34

fresh magazine  35 fresh magazine  35

The Students' Union is home to two bars and a shop,offering the best prices on food, drink and supplies on campus(and town!!) The bottom bar, located on the ground floor of the SU is open from 10am every weekday serving top quality food at affordable prices, along with a huge assortment of drinks to quench your thirst. With regular offers and huge savings to be had, this is THE place to be seen, whatever time of day! The top bar, located on the 2nd floor of the SU is home to Solent’s big events including live music, comedy nights, DJs, student talent and much more. With the same great drinks offers as the bottom bar, it’s the perfect venue for partying on a budget! Plus it is FREE for students to hire so get in touch with us to book it for YOUR night! The SU shop, located on the 1st floor of the SU is the number one place to shop for snacks, course supplies, bus passes, clothing and gifts, binding and much, much more! Monthly special offers and savings make the SU shop the BEST place to save money on the things you need the most. Keep an eye out for our regular special offers and discounts...


fresh magazine  37

Bottom Bar

Located on the ground floor of the SU, the Bottom Bar aims to provide top notch food and drinks at low, low prices. With a great menu, fantastic drinks offers and a friendly atmosphere, it is the top spot to hang out in the day between lectures.

top Bar

Located on the 2nd floor, the Top Bar is Solent SU’s top spot for partying hosting various big events throughout the year and a weekly entertainment program, as well as showcasing the very best of Solent talent in our student event nights.

su shop

Located on the 1st Floor, the SU Shop is the best place on campus to get huge savings on course supplies, snacks and even dry cleaning! But we don’t stop there, we also offer annual and term bus passes, Solent gifts and clothing, mobile phone top ups, binding, cashback and more...

jobs at the su

Want to get involved with the SU? We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic students who love the SU to work and volunteer with us. Keep an eye on for opportunities.

and more...

There’s simply not enough space here to list all the services we offer! For more information on what we can do for you, visit


FAQs: How do I join the SU?

You automatically become a member once you are enrolled as a Southampton Solent University Student.

How do I get involved with the SU? Getting involved is what the SU is all about! If you want to join/start a sports club or society, volunteer or get involved in any other way contact VP Student Engagement on

How do I put on an event?

The Venue and Top Bar are free to hire for all student events and we will even help you promote your event! Contact for bookings.

What if I have a suggestion for the SU? We would love to hear it! Email us your feedback on studentsunion@solent. or pop in to see us.

I have a question not answered here... There are more FAQ’s online at or ask us in person - we’re a friendly bunch!

CONTACT US: 023 8031 9571 – SU Adminstrator 023 8031 9553 – SU Officers Email: Facebook: Twitter: Web:

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Solent Su Freshers Guide 2011  

Solent Su Freshers Guide 2011

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