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An Artists’ Journal:

The story of the Resurrected Christ Banner

On April 23, 2011 at Church of the Resurrection’s celebration of the Great Vigil of Easter, Fr. Stewart moved to the front of the stage and with his hands outstreched shouted, “Alleluia! The Lord is Risen!” “He is risen indeed!” we shouted back, and the Holy Noise erupted in bells, and drums, and more shouts of joy. And then, a banner was raised from the stage to the ceiling and we looked on the face of the Resurrected Christ. This is the story of that banner.

Oct 17, 2010 Laura’s Journal I feel like my imagination is being healed by the opportunity to work on art that has the


October 2010

potential to minister to others.

Jan January 2011

Jan 17 Email from Fr Kevin Friends: The Worship Arts team met last night and did a first brainstorming for Easter Vigil. I’d love for you to look through the notes (attached) and offer any other ideas, suggestions, corrections, questions. Excerpt of notes: Let’s create new banners scaled for Edman. Leading idea: a triptych, with the face of the Resurrected Christ in the center. Probably painted fabric, based on a classic work, such as Grunewald’s Resurrection, the Pantokrator icon, or similar Revealed part by part, in the following 3 moments: Creation (part 1 of the banner goes up) Gathering of God’s People (part 2 of the banner goes up) Easter Acclamation (part 3 of the banner, central part, goes up) Start praying for the Lord to move in his people this Holy Week. Blessings-Kevin


t. Art Jan 18 ournal ke Chris li J u o ’s y a r Lau make does not g in t in tion. a pa nsforma a r t Starting e t crea wn does o s it n o

y Januar


March 5 Laura’s journal

Faith takes practice. Said Owen Meany (book John Irving A Prayer for Owen Meany).

March 11 Email I am attaching notes from today’s meeting on the Easter Vigil Banner. I am also attaching images that we are using currently for inspiration. There are 4 things that will be created for these banners Excerpt of notes: 1. A sketch for communications 2. a design for the bulletin cover 3. The banner 4. A frontal with themes from the tree of life / the peaceable kingdom. Janice, Ray and I are all really excited about this project. In the notes is a projected schedule for when we will complete each phase of the project. Yes Trevor, you should have an image in your in box on March 16th. When do you need an image for the bulletin cover? Laura

Mar March 2011

March 16, First Email


Hello all, se first sketch, plea this is my very . is is IT do not think th and from all of you I intend to hear on this. work together d you with fear an I submit this to trembling. Janice

March 16 Laura’s journal

Janice and I started sketching out y. the banner for the easter vigil toda ! My Jesus is 21 feet tall. It’s so exciting only fear is that I want jesus to feel . absolutely resurrected and not grounded


March 26, Revised Sketc Email March 18 Email There is extreme wonderfulness in this. So many wonderful elements. Is this close to the final version?

Laura, , Here is the revised sketch “orans position”. Au revoir. Janice


Laura, Email This tree image is really growing on me--I also showed it to some other folks who find it really compelling. Trevor March 21, Email g Janice. these sketches alon Thanks for passing also glad r this project! I am I am so excited fo banner to tie together this that we are going e we’ll use let of the tree of lif nt fro r ta al e th ith w e and for all e rest of eastertid in glenbard for th n we do line communicatio of the print and on prior to holy week

March 21, Email Guys,

(see aton the tree of life Laura did a study r the print be using in part fo tached) that we’ll ink it will ional material. I th and online promot this tree of ngregation to see be neat for the co er the tree. e Vigil see Christ ov life and then at th Peace, Trevor

This is absolutely wonderful!!! Laura, what a great job. This will be great Trevor. I could not have done what Laura just did, it shows that we all need each other to serve together.

Mar March 2011


Friday, April 15 Janice’s journal

2011 Mar 30, rked on Email that i wo e g a im T of L Here is a le to me feels sta It . y a d to bbut Laura Ta ay epts :) e from R ing conc u Respons ig r t in Very more otential. it some l patLots of p s to sort of give p lar/s ira f u a c e ir id c e re v I ha ort o ly mo f a wild s what s. Possib livelines d a little more o y w ou ad I can sho l. e terns to fe e if -with-l bursting ind... m I have in ense...? al and d ic r t e m o More ge three hts, like ig e w e n ying li Also, var eights... w t differen w and tomorro s e h c t e k es me som I’ll do/so t’ll make sense :) ha maybe t Ray

ing back from Immediately after arriv ten days, I began France where I was for taking up all my painting. The banner is and satisfying. time now. It is interesting eral artists on this. I am working with sev great collaboration Surprisingly it has been nner is forty feet on the images. The ba I am working from high and 16 feet wide. t the figure laid a gridded drawing to ge ee and half feet out. Christ’s face is thr long. It is hard to high, his nose is a foot of it. My friend, get a perspective view s on top of a ladder. who took the photo, wa

Apr April 2011

Apr April 2011

Sunday, April 17, palm Sunday Janice’s journal

As you can see the process is overwhelming! We had quite a debate about the skin tones of the Christ image.

Saturday, April 16 Janice’s Journal From the very first day of gridding out this huge banner I have been injured. The skin on both my knees is raw. So I wear bandaids, athletic bandage wrapped over that, then rubber knee pads such as tile setters use. And I am still very sore every day! It is all for a good cause and I am enjoying the process.

Saturday, 4/16, Day Before Pa Laura’s J lm Sunday ournal Janice an d I painte d all day the ware Saturday house wh in ile worship te worship te am after am practi ced. We and danc listened sa ed to wh ng a t was being And as w e did this rehearsed . we slowly image of painted th the resurr e e cted Chris evolving w t. Our ima ith each ges layer of beginning m usic. I’m r to understa e ally n d the valu paints: und e of laye ertones, to ring nes, glaze s, highligh ts,

and shad ows. All h ave to be own right, created in just like e their ach servic had to be e of music prepared in its own were prep way. T aring the hey soil of our paint. Jus hearts to tin Long prayed to were pain night wh ting. I will ile we miss the we move chapel wh to the Alc en oa building something . There is so incredib le while othe about cre ating art r people a re worship a freshne in g. It’s brin ss to our ging painting. be contriv One that ed by hum c a n not an merit alone.


At first we had the idea that His skin would be shining white and golden, as glorious as possible. But after some applications of an ivory base color I began to think, that this would inevitably look like a caucasian Christ and I want to avoid that stereotype.

The Altar Cloth is the part I most enjoy at this time. I painted it almost at the last minute. (another long story, involving a trip to the emergency room, midpainting, with a family member, and everyone is fine now thank you). It is the Tree of Life with nine fruits of the Spirit. Gold, white, green, and red on appliqued fabric.

I went back to the study I had been doing for all the weeks of Lent of traditional Orthodox Icon painting. The skin tones of Christ and Saints are a base of an olive/ochre darkish color. On top of that usually deep reddish shadows and some warm yellow and finally descriptive white highlights added to bring out a glow. In these photos above, you can see I am laying/ scumbling in a greenish/yellow ochre color.

Holy Week Janice’s Journal

e mor t a s i hris Here tional C tor i a trad antocr P e th image. icon

Wednesday, April 20 Janice’s Journal

ril 18 Monday, Ap rnal Janice’s Jou

e ge to look lik a im r ou t n wa of We did not asian version uc a c , n a b ur b on imagery a white, su yzantine ic B e th , d n to get Christ. A at I want th e m or f ful is so power d glow. mystery an t a th of e som image, favorite icon ly te lu so b a erine’s This is my m St. Cath ro f r to ra c Panto est Christ the It is the old i. a in S t n ou M on panel. Monastery, , encaustic st ri h C of the early known icon to be from d te or p re ies and This is lifelike qualit e th d n a amazing. 6th century pression are ex e th of realism

“The only place we could use to paint in during the last week (we had to move it a couple of times) was in the warehouse storage room belonging to World Relief, an organization primarily focused on receiving and settling refugees and immigrants. ...a woman dress in long black robes with her head also covered in black approached me. She was a recent arrival and spoke no English...She walked to the center front of the canvas as it was spread out on the floor and prayed for a long time, tears streaming down her face...she grabbed me in a huge hug, kissed me many times and repeated something that sounded like gratitude. All I can think is that as an Iraqi Christian, she was honoring the image in a traditional way...I believe my work was really blessed that day.”

“The Resurrected Christ Banner,” by Laura Tabbut, Janice Wood, and Ray Wu on canvas 40 ft. tall by 18 ft. wide for the Great Vigil of Easter, April 23, 2011 at Church of the Resurrection. “An Artist’s Journal” produced by the Church of the Resurrection communications team, designed by Josh Cutherell, compiled and edited by Trevor McMaken and Meghan Robins, photos of Easter Vigil copyright Kate Miller Photography. “The Resurrected Christ Icon” photographed by Kim Johnson Photography.

An Artist's Journal: The Story of the Resurrected Christ Banner  

In the spring of 2011, a group of talented artists at Church of the Resurrection came together to create a forty foot high banner of Christ...

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