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GREEK ORTHODOX  CHURCH  OF  THE     HOLY  RESURRECTION   SUNDAY,  APRIL  10,  2011  –  Vol.  35  #29   Rev.  Fr.  John  Vlahos   Office:  (516)  671-­‐‑5200  Fax:  (516)  671-­‐‑5205     web:   Epistle: Hebrews 9:11-14 p. 143

Gospel: Mark 10:32-45 p. 144

CHURCH ORDER: Nickie Demos, Anne Vandoros, Peter Koumoulis, Kathy Costas, Zefy Christopoulos, Costas Zachariadis. ALTAR SERVERS: James Denslow, Costas Fakatselis, Christopher Gabriel, Argirios Nickas, Nicholas Anderson, Alexander Cavanaugh, Nebiyou Getahun, Nicholas Tiglias, Philip Verveniotis, Christos Aniftos, Stavros Asprou, Constantine Hartofilis, Dean Mylonas, Jonathan Nikolaidis, Christopher Papantoniou, Louis Tiglias. COFFEE HOUR: Georgia Kontogiannis, Angie Sakellaridis, Sandi Seringer, Vicky Brakatselos, Alyette Schizas. TODAY WE COMMEMORATE ST. MARY OF EGYPT. WE ALSO COMMEMORATE St. Terence and his Companions beheaded at Carthage; St. Gregory V, the Holy Martyr, Patriarch of Constantinople; the Holy Father Theona, Archbishop of Thessalonica. THE SACRAMENT OF CHRISMATION will be celebrated at the Liturgy today to receive into the Orthodox Christian Church the servant of God, Cassandra White. Preceding the Communion of the Laity, Cassandra is presented at the Altar and following the Confession of Faith is anointed with the Holy Chrism. She is thus confirmed through her Chrismation, her personal participation in the Descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, and thus empowered to witness to and participate in the Orthodox faith, life, and Sacraments. WE COMMEMORATE the forty day memorial for James Gabriel, beloved husband of Nancy, brother of Betty, Marjie, and Peter, and father of Lynn and Jim Angelus, and Jim and Sally Gabriel, and grandfather of Chris, Evan, and Nicholas. THE ALTAR KANDILI AND A PROSFORON are offered by the Gabriel family in loving memory of James. WE COMMEMORATE the forty day memorial for Beulah Parashes, beloved mother of Peter and Cheryl Parashes and Peter and Kay Maris, and grandmother of Peter Jr., Kathryn, and Teddy. Eternal be her memory! THE COMMUNION WINE AND A PROSFORON are offered by the Maris and Parashes families in loving memory of Beulah.

THE COFFEE HOUR is sponsored by Kay Maris in loving memory of Beulah. WE COMMEMORATE the three month memorial for Stavroula Metaxa, beloved mother of Mary and John Nathenas. Eternal be her memory! A TRISAGION is offered by Peter and Eugene Zaphiris in loving memory of their grandfather Zesimos Kurkamelis, their mother Athena Zaphiris, and wife and sister in law Phyllis Zaphiris. Eternal be their memory! UPCOMING SERVICES AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION: Mon, April 11th Great Compline 7:00 pm Wed, April 13th Presanctified Liturgy 6:45 pm Fri, April 15th Presanctified Liturgy 10:00 am *** A GROUP OF PARISHIONERS is going to visit the sisters at All Saints Monastery in Calverton on April 14, 2011. We will be using our own transportation, car pooling as much as possible, for prayer services in the early- to mid-afternoon and a meal following the 3 p.m. service. There are opportunities to donate specific household items to the monastery. To sign up for this trip, please email Christine Zeiner at THE CHURCH   BOOKSTORE   WILL   BE   SELLING   GIFT   BASKETS   for   all  ages  -­‐‑-­‐‑  kids  and  adults  alike  -­‐‑-­‐‑  on  Sunday,  April  10th  during  coffee  hour.   All  proceeds  will  go  towards  buying  Easter  flowers  for  the  church.  Please   support  this  sale.  Perfect  Easter  gifts  for  everyone  in  the  family!    

Little Girls  needed  as  Myrophores  for  the  Epitaphio   On   Holy   Friday   Evening,   our   young   (under   12   years   old)   girls   will   be   asked   to   participate   in   the  service   as   Myrophores   (Myrrh-­‐‑bearing   women).  This  is  a  blessed  opportunity  for  our  young  ladies  to  enjoy  the   Holy  Friday  service  by  participating.  Practice  will  be  held  after  the  Holy   Unction  service  on  Holy  Wednesday  afternoon  around  5:00  p.m.  If  you   have  questions,  please  contact  Fr.  John.   BASKETBALL FOR ALL CHILDREN ages 7 -12 years of age. We Are Happy To Announce that Jim Xanthos and Frank Albers will begin intramurals at the Church beginning April 15th at 6:30 pm. If your son/daughter is interested please get in touch with Jim Xanthos or Nickie Demos.

ST. CATHERINE’S PHILOPTOCHOS NEWS PALM MAKING-----FRIDAY, APRIL 15th ----Please join us for our annual Easter Palm Making, 7:00 pm in the Church Hall. Please see attached flyer. SAVE THE DATE----TSOUREKI BAKE SALE---Palm Sunday, April 17th, Church Hall ST. MICHAEL'S HOME VISIT----We are planning a visit to St. Michael's Home for the elderly in Yonkers on May 7th. If you would like to join us there will be a bus available. For reservations, please contact Maria at 516-677-9650. WE WILL BE HOLDING A TRAY THIS SUNDAY TO COLLECT DONATIONS FOR THE EASTER FLOWERS we use to decorate the Epitaphio and Church during Holy Week. BEST SUNDAY  SCHOOL  ATTENDANCE  for  the  month  of  March  goes   to  Mrs.  Alexandrou'ʹs  third  grade,  second  place  goes  to  Ms.  Vlachos'ʹ  tenth   grade   and   third   place   is   a   tie   and   goes   to   Mrs.   Hartofilis'ʹ   and   Mrs.   Bellidoro'ʹs   Nursery   and   Mrs.   Tsontakis-­‐‑Mally   and   Mrs.   Vlavianos'ʹ   first   grade.   INTER  GOYA  SCHOLARSHIP  APPLICATION  -­‐‑  Nassau  Suffolk  Inter   GOYA   and   the   Inter   GOYA   Volleyball   League   of   2011   will   award   two   scholarships  to  a  graduating  senior  girl  and  boy.  One  scholarship  will  be   awarded   to   a   GOYAN   and   one   scholarship   will   be   awarded   to   a   participating   member   of   the   Volleyball   League.   Candidates   for   the   scholarship   will   be   judged   on   a   combination   of   the   following   criteria:   active   participation   in   the   life   of   the   church,   active   participation   in   your   GOYA,   demonstrated   leadership   skills,   participated   in   extra-­‐‑curricular   activities,   and   have   strong   academic   credentials.   Applications   are   available  through  the  office.     STEWARDSHIP   –   We   hope   you   have   received   the   new   Stewardship   card   in   the   mail.   Please   prayerfully   consider   how   you   may   be   able   to   participate   in   our   many   ministries   and   also   support   the   needs   of   our   Church.   For   those   of   you   who   have   submitted   your   ministry   lists,   we   thank   you   for   your   enthusiasm   and   shall   be   contacting   you   soon   to   discuss  your  interests.  Thank  you.     THE OLYMPICS held at Suffolk Community College will take place on May 27, 28, 29. Please pick up registration forms from a GOYA or JOY advisor. In order to participate, your child must be a GOYA/JOY member since the fall.

HELP WANTED/HELP  NEEDED     DO  YOU  KNOW  ABOUT  ORTHODOXJOBS.COM?  It  is  the  source  for   Orthodox   Christians   who   are   seeking   employment   in   an   Orthodox   Christian  or  Christian  environment.  In  its  current  version,  it  is  a  posting   site   of   Job   opportunities   for   any   Archdiocese,   Metropolis,   Diocese,   Parish,   or   Organization   that   falls   under   the   jurisdiction   of   SCOBA,   the   Standing  Conference  of  Canonical  Orthodox  Bishops  in  the  Americas.  To   post   a   job   on   this   site,   simply   send   us   a   job   ad/posting   with   contact   information   and   duration   of   the   posting.   Future   releases   will   include   resources   for   employers   and   employees.   is   a   collaborative   effort   of   the   Information   Technology   Commission   of   SCOBA,   the   Department   of   Internet   Ministries,   and   the   Office   of   Vocation   and   Ministry   at   Hellenic   College.   For   questions,   email   the   webmaster.       NY   TLC   LICENSED   DRIVER   AVAILABLE   FOR   HIRE.   Available   full   or  part  time  to  help  with  general  driving  or  errands.  7  years  experience.   PARISH WISH LIST: Please consider making a donation towards all or part of an item listed below for the health and wellbeing or in memory of a family member. Your gift will continually provide our Parish the opportunity to serve in our Lord’s ministry. A Chalice, Altar Cloths, a Censer. OUR FOOD PANTRY IS NOW OPEN AND HELPING OUR COMMUNITY! THANKS TO YOU AND TO THE SUPPORT OF LONG ISLAND HARVEST, WE ARE ABLE TO OFFER SUPPORT TO ALL IN NEED! We are open each first Monday of the month, beginning at 10:00 am, and also on an as needed basis throughout the week. FOR COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL SUPPORT, IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT THE CHURCH OFFICE.

Bulletin 2011 04 10  

BASKETBALL FOR ALL CHILDREN ages 7 -12 years of age. We Are Happy To Announce that Jim Xanthos and Frank Albers will begin intramurals at th...

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