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First Class in REO Asset Management

Resurrecting Real State, a guest in R.E.A.L. AM 560 Wind radio show with Tom Stanley last June 12, 2012, Rosario Terrancio representing Ressurecting Real State. The interview goes on to inform people that there are myths in REO that are untrue and state of the market today, the whole story that can be seen in “REO are not good purchase they are GREAT purchase� as said by Rosario Terrancio.

REO, Real Estate Owned is a group of properties possessed by a lender. They are typically a bank, government agency, or government loan insurer; this is due to the unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction.

This is an intricate prestigious industry that needs great people, not only able but efficient and matured through the years of experience because of the fact that not only big sums of money are at stakes, but because intelligence is a must in understanding its nature.

In 2007 the housing crisis started to be a headache, pushing mortgage rates to go down and home prices are also low, a crisis that produces millions of REO assets.

Today, substantial efforts are being produced and the market is gaining its prowess again. With the government extending its arms to help borrowers, as reports said that president Barrack Obama are putting new REO guidelines.

In the heap of competition, what one need is a great REO asset manager, equip with the talent in human relations, a person that can help eliminate liens and other debts, and most specially sell it. Resurrecting Real State has been in the industry for four years, a company that start from a seed of two to a tree of fifteen staff, handling over 400 properties in their inventory, going strong and developing the best aces in the field. They stand for the purpose preserving, selling and managing REO assets.

In property search or penetrating to REO foreclosures listings, listings the company has a an instant access to regional Multiple Listing Service and Public Record Searches, few of many more tool their brokers are equip with. The process from looking, to processing and closing a deal is a basic efficient trait of their agents and brokers.

Fear that they are in the wrong pace and time still lingers to people of today, but when will you consider the right time? Move.

First class in reo asset management  

REO properties are not good purchase; it is if you’re at the wrong hand. Find out who among the jungle of REO asset managers possesses the c...