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Cao Lanh, Vietnam April 2011Clinic Day ReSurge International

Dr. Hien Thi Nguyen, ReSurge’s partner in Vietnam, screens patients.

Award-winning photographer Darcy Padilla captured hundreds of photos. (Her photos will be shared later.)

After the initial screening, the plastic surgeons evaluate the patients, with help from local medical staff who assist with translation.

Files and photos of each patient are made and the surgeons tentatively schedule surgeries.

Surgeons Dr. Jorge Palacios and Dr. Chris Conner examine a hand patient.

More than 100 patients were evaluated.

The final steps of clinic day include evaluations by the team pediatrician Dr. Alice Truscott and chief anesthesiologist Dr. George Gregory to determine if the patient is healthy enough for surgery.

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ReSurge Clinic Day: Cao Lanh, Vietnam  
ReSurge Clinic Day: Cao Lanh, Vietnam  

Photos from the first day at Dong Thap General Hospital. A dozen medical volunteers donated their time to help patients in Vietnam.