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What Your Resume Should Look Like In 2018

Writing a resume is a way of expressing your interest in a specific job vacancy. It is your first step on the way of getting the desired job.

In your resume, you should provide info about your education, skills, and accomplishments, show what you have to offer for a company and whether you are the right person for a job.

Learning how to create an amazing resume to empress your potential employer can lead to many job interviews and in the end to getting a job you were looking for.

In this presentation, we would like to show you some of the current resume trends in 2018 to be aware of and understand how to write the best possible resume.

First of all, your resume should have a great design. But it should not be an eyesore with different colors and fonts

Design of your resume should be both eyecatching but also clean and simple. Check out some of the resume samples online to understand what a resume design for your specific industry should look like.

Here is a great resume sample collection categorized by the industry. Can be really helpful.

Stay away from classic overused fonts in your resume. Use something more interesting than typical Times New Roman but again - keep in mind that you need a clean and simple design.

Resume best font is the one that will be looking great on a PC or mobile screen and on the printed paper. After designing your resume you should test how it looks on a sheet of paper by printing it

If you really want an employer to consider you for a job position you should highlight all of your best skills and accomplishments in the best way possible in your resume.

Another great tip is to add your LinkedIn profile link next to your name and a contact info instead of a mailing address.

Your LinkedIn profile should support your resume and can make easier for an employer to connect with you, as most professionals now use LinkedIn

Another question on everyone's mind is do I need an objective on my resume?

Right now objectives are the thing of the past. It is better to use a summary statement - a paragraph after the contact info that will highlight your professional qualifications for a job. You can find more information about resume summary statements here.

What is combination resume? One of the mainstream styles of resume used today. It consists of two parts placed on the two pages. The first part if a functional format - consists of best skills and accomplishments of a person. The second part is the chronology of person's work history in reverse.

Combination resume format first shows what you have done and can do and then backs it up with your experience

Also, you can check this list of some of the best online sources to help you with your resume: - best typefaces for resumes - best free resume app - Yale resume guide - Cornell University resume samples collection (including a combination resume) - career change resume template

You can also check out this book to improve your resume writing skills

For more information on the latest resume trends please visit our website:

What Your Resume Should Look Like In 2018  
What Your Resume Should Look Like In 2018  

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