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How to write a job description? Job description is a document that briefly gives an idea about job profile that includes designation, job responsibilities and duties of a job. The main purpose of job description is to identify duties of a candidate. In the process of recruitment, job description is very important as it is help in hiring a talented candidate for the organization. While writing job description recruiter should keep in mind to write essential section of job description. Following are the important section of it as follow:1. Designation Summary: Write the name of post with brief explanation 2. Job Role: Here you have to explain what are the responsibilities and duties that should be perform while working in an organization 3. Education Required: This is the most important section which includes eligibility criteria for the job 4. Required Skill: Mention all the technical skill that is used while working with this organization 5. Certification/ Work Experience: If you are looking for certified or experience candidate the mention what type of certification you are looking in candidate and how much years of experience candidate you want 6. Contact Information: Includes location of company, contact number and email id Some tips in writing job description are as follow:1. 2. 3. 4.

List out all the skills, responsibilities and duties that required for particular designation Be clear and accurate Make sentences simple as possible as and avoid the descriptive sentences. Mention correct contact information

Want more guidelines on writing exact job description? Check the following here you will find tips for writing job description along with some samples:1. Tips on writing effective job descriptions 2. Job description samples for specific job

How to write a job description?  

"How to write a job description?" Here are guideline given for writing an accurate job description along with samples.