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Cover Letter writing Guide

What is Cover Letter? A cover letter is a letter of introduction or application attached to a document such as a resume. When a Cover letter is Needed? Cover letter is basically used by job seekers for sending a job application along with resume. Here are some use given for writing cover letter:1. Cover letter is used to provide separate record of your personal and professional information 2. It is used to market your communication and transferable skills to an employer 3. It gives chance to present yourself to the decision makers Section of Cover Letter: When you are writing a cover letter there are some section that should be included in it. The following are an important section along with information that should be included in it as follow:1. Standard Letter Address Format: Include contact information in this section 2. Salutation: Greet the person whom you are writing cover letter 3. Opening Paragraph: State the reason of writing a cover letter and from where you heard about it. 4. Second Paragraph: The main aim of writing in to this para is to tell the recruiter that how it would be beneficial for an organization by recruiting you 5. Final Paragraph: Close your cover letter by thanking the recruiter If you want to add more paragraph then you can add it.

For reference here you can view sample of cover letter:

Things You should Never Mention in a Cover letter At all cost, try to avoid writing unprofessional cover letter. Here are some points that shouldn't be included in a cover letter. 1. Don't talk about your career goal 2. Never, ever mention salary expectation 3. Don't write about why you left your previous job 4. Don't attach photo of yours 5. Don't include any false information 6. Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes while writing cover letter View cover letter examples and tips.

Conclusion: Grab the attention of an employers by writing impressive and error free cover letter by referring different samples of cover letter which will give a brief idea about it. Reference:

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Cover Letter Writing Guide  
Cover Letter Writing Guide  

Cover letter writing guide provide guidelines for writing good cover letter.