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Fall into Biking BY ROBERT E. SIMON

Reston’s bike club has some 600 members who go on rides together and enjoy social occasions. Typically, they travel the roads rather than the paths, finding the paths too narrow and winding for their groups and the speeds they are accustomed to. The paths in Reston are ideal for the kind of biking I used to enjoy for a leisurely trip, taking time to soak in the scenery, the flora and fauna. Today, I walk these paths, no longer able to handle a twowheeler. I often stop to chat with one or more of the many mature adults who share my pleasure in being outdoors in beautiful surroundings. What is truly disappointing is how rarely I have encounters with the young. Where are they? At home glued to their computer or TV? What could be better for the health of these kids than to be outdoors on their bikes? The underpasses make it safe for them to travel distances. With parents accompanying them they could tie into the WO & D Trail and cover the 25 miles to Washington, D.C. or go 30 miles in the opposite direction past Leesburg to Purcelville. Or they could just stay closer to home with lakes, ball fields and tennis courts within easy reach. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT BIKING IN RESTON WO & D Trail, The Bike Lane, ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Reston Association maintains 55 miles of trails On our website, search for “Pathways” Join the Pedestrian & Bicycling Advisory Committee, search for “Committees”

Robert E. Simon Jr., founder of Reston.



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Reston Fall 2011  

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