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Youth Swimming 2 GROUP SWIM Students are encouraged to LESSON LEVEL perform the skills independently by the end of the class. DESCRIPTIONS ƒƒ Enter and exit water safely ƒƒ Jump in to chest-deep water * 'Baby and Me' and 'Toddler and Me' classes are available as four lessons or eight lessons. Customers who purchase four lessons may attend any four in the two week sessions.

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Baby and Me

Ages: 6-18 months, parental involvement Instructor helps parent and child to become comfortable in the water by emphasizing fun in the water.

Toddler and Me

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Ages: 18-36 months, parental involvement Develops swimming readiness by teaching water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and basic water safety skills.

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Pre-Schooler and Me



ƒƒ Ages: 3-5 years, parental involvement Child will learn Youth Swimming 1 skills. Perfect for a reluctant learner who has difficulty separating from a parent.

Youth Swimming 1

All skills are completed with assistance and support. ƒƒ Safely enter and exit water ƒƒ Blowing bubbles three seconds with mouth and nose submerged ƒƒ Submerging face repeatedly ƒƒ Flutter kick on front and back: two body lengths ƒƒ Float with recovery ƒƒ Front and back glides: two body lengths with recovery ƒƒ Roll from front to back and back to front ƒƒ Arm and hand treading action (in chest-deep water) ƒƒ Arms — front crawl two body lengths ƒƒ Finning and 'tickle, T, pull' arms on back two body lengths

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Submerge face/head, recover object from bottom — two times Bob five times with rhythmic bubble blowing Submerge face in water at least three seconds while blowing bubbles with nose and mouth Kick on front and back, with support (threefive body lengths) Front and back floats with head in proper position and ability to stay floating w/o support Gliding with recovery Roll from front to back and back to front without support Change direction while swimming on back and front Front crawl: threefive body lengths Swim on back, threefive body lengths Elementary backstroke arms or finning three body lengths Introduce back crawl arms, supported/ guided by instructor Treading using arm and leg actions, 15 seconds in shoulder-deep water

Youth Swimming 3

Students perform all shallow water skills independently and with confidence while being introduced to deep water skills. ƒƒ Safely enter/exit water by jumping from the side into deep water ƒƒ Bobbing while moving towards safety, in chest-deep water ƒƒ Retrieve multiple objects underwater in chest-deep water ƒƒ Introduction to underwater skills ƒƒ Push off in a streamlined position on front and back, then begin flutter kicking,


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three-five body lengths Elementary backstroke kick Breaststroke kick Rotary Breathing, 10 times Front crawl, 15 yards Elementary backstroke, 10 yards Back crawl arms, five yards

Deep Water Skills ƒƒ Bobbing, five times, at wall ƒƒ Front and back floats with recovery ƒƒ Treading water ƒƒ Sitting and kneeling dives

Youth Swimming 4

The majority of this class is conducted in deep water. Students will work on technical improvement of strokes. ƒƒ Swim underwater, threefive body lengths ƒƒ Front crawl, 25 yards (with rotary breathing) ƒƒ Front crawl, open turn ƒƒ Back crawl and elementary backstroke, 25 yards each ƒƒ Backstroke, open turn ƒƒ Breaststroke kick, 15 yards — emphasis on knee position and effective propulsion ƒƒ Breaststroke, full stroke, work up to 15 yards ƒƒ Tread water, one minute


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Dolphin kick, 15 yards (emphasis on keeping legs together) Front crawl bilateral breathing drills Sitting and kneeling dives

Youth Swimming 5

Students will increase endurance and continue to receive feedback on stroke proficiency. ƒƒ Circle swimming, surface dives, racing dives ƒƒ Open turns and flip turns ƒƒ Butterfly arms, kick, and timing — work up to 15 yards ƒƒ Front crawl, 50 yards (with bilateral breathing) ƒƒ Breaststroke, back crawl, and elementary backstroke, 50 yards each ƒƒ Standard scull, 30 seconds ƒƒ Tread water, two minutes ƒƒ Sidestroke

Adult Beginner

Students will work within their own comfort level to learn floating, locomotion and increase overall confidence in the water.





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