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them out and run for their office!


healthier people. Use your voice to demand the change you want to see; don’t wait for other people do to this for you

and then lament that our fish is inedible because it is so full of mercury and plastic. If elected officials aren’t listening, VOTE

Show your kids, your parents, your house of worship and your co-workers that you’re a leader in your community and a steward of the planet when you eschew disposable plastics and you speak up at meetings about good (or bad!) environmental policies. Organize regular community cleanups that include an educational component about plastic pollution. Set up sustainable processes at home and work and school; this includes recycling, composting and reusing. Send your kids to school with a reusable water bottle filled with water from the tap instead of the 480 billion plastic beverage bottles purchased each year.

Point out at work and social meetings that there’s no need for all this disposable plastic (you don’t want to know how many environmental meetings I go to where there is plastic EVERYTHING, and I have to do some serious shaming to get a trash can turned into a recycling bin). You can show that “convenience” isn’t a good enough reason to trash our county and our planet. Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Reclaim, Rot, Renew, Rethink, Repurpose, Recycle. It really is that simple. Jennifer Cole is the Director of Clean Fairfax.

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Reston Spring 2019  

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