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ATTENTION: Ostermanns looking for help in the Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt! Can you help us find the various parts mentioned in the story, Dance of the Scarecrows, from which we can make seven scarecrows to welcome visitors along the driveway at our house? Here are brief descriptions from the book, and it will be much appreciated if you can help us pull together all these new works of art. THANK S!

* Mike’s: old auto parts…tall and gangly…blue eyes closely set (painted on) and a painted-on black beard, moustache and pony-tailed hair…somehow he has a bird whistle for a mouth…brake pedals for legs and feet…fan belts from which those feet dangled (legs)…the stand for this one is made of a drive shaft…a tie rod forms the shoulders, tire or tires form the body…an alternator is the face with painted features and hair…a fan for a hat (some internal, car fan, not a room fan)…rubber hoses for arms…goofy hands made of springs (car hoses and springs, of course….whatever they are) ‘an old scarecrow in the far corner of an unused horse stall. Just a wooden stand with an unstuffed, shabby old suit wired on, and a basket tacked on top for a head.” TJ drew on a new face with a piece of charcoal (later, his ‘face had the look of a wink’), set an old straw hat on top…tree branch hands later clunk together Amanda Castle’s: old pots in the corner…rope, wood scraps…big barrel chest made of an old rain barrel…Roger’s old clothes – suspenders and pants over the visible barrel, or perhaps a flannel shirt, too…painted on face Matthew’s: made of old toys and contributions from everyone else…Margaret’s picture shows a teddy bear head over a sled body, with a fireman’s hat on his head…

Judy Pringle’s: broken down instruments….story could be altered to fit….as written, the child-sized violin head and small broken harp body…beautiful Spanish eyes painted on the violin face…a black wig, embroidered peasant dress from a long ago trip to Mexico…cracked drumsticks and dented cymbals for legs and feet…arms made of an oboe and clarinet…standing in concrete in an old tire instead of ‘planted’ in the ground… Jim and Cathy Hubbards’: pile of wood scraps…pieces of old signs…advertisements might show through…an old rusty saw in the hand of ‘the hubby’…a bow in the other hand…wood block arms – later the two look as though the wind had tangled these arms together…as though they were dancing…legs and arms articulated somehow/jointed for movement…I picture Olive Oyl Samantha Mitchell’s: an old bird house with a ruffled blouse painted on – the nest-holes are its ‘buttons’ – forms her body…the triangle part becomes her face, its roof is the top of her head…the face is done with paint and birdseed…an old hat trimmed in fake fruit and feathers…old dancing shoes hung somehow under the red-checked vinyl tablecloth skirt

* And yes, please do pass the word on to others who might be game to pitch in! Thanks again, Charlotte O. 785.863.2233 or

Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt  

Please help us accumulate all the bits and pieces of seven scarecrows from the book, Dance of the Scarecrows, to line our rural driveway wit...