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Paper Rolls $2.00 usd each

$1.35 usd each

Thermal Paper

Bond Paper

- 50 rolls per case = $100.13 - Includes Taxes - Free Shipping

- 50 rolls per case = $67.66 - Includes Taxes - Free Shipping

INK $10 usd each

Barcode Labels

RFID Solutions

Barcode Scanners

Fingerprint Solutions

Credit Card Terminals $299 usd

Signature Capture

Gift Cards Our MercuryGiftŽ card program delivers everything merchants need to generate new revenue, increase brand exposure, and easily manage gift card sales for one store or an entire chain. 1. Implement a Rewards Program that Customers Want. [$5 gift card with a $50 gift card purchase ] 2. Customize your gift cards to reflect the brand [Billboard in your customer’s wallet] 3. Make the cards easily accesible across all you business locations, [Gift Card Tracking and Reconciliation easily

Free 100 Gift Cards

Revenue Source. Consumers spent $88.4 billion on gift cards (TowerGroup,’09)

Gift cards aren’t just for the holidays. 68% are bought for bithday gifts. Customer Loyalty marketing

Encourage full-price shopping. 40% of shoppers purchase items at full price

Higher Sales than Paper Certificates. Sales Increase 45%

Facilitate Impulse Purchases. 70% are an impulse buy

Higher consumer spending. 46% higher than other loyalty card program companies.

Improve Cash Flow. Merchants receive payment in advance.

Keep more cash in business. Refunds, instead of cash back, ensure that customer will spend it at their business

Encourage repeat business. Remind customers to visit you.

Increase Traffic. 1 card sold means 2 customers visit the store. (Purchaser and the Receiver, who may bring a friend)

Support marketing efforts. Track customer information and identify buying habits for target marketing.

Cost effectiveness. Gift card accounting is done and tracked electronically at POS.

Keep gift cards top of mind. Eyecatching displays

Cause-based marketing. Offer gift cards for donations. Loaded with your chosen amount.

Reward Employees. Reward workers with exceptional customer service or sales

Encourage reloading. $5 extra for each $50 purchase

Keep the best customers. Reward Loyal Customers with an unexpected gift card. Will spend more.

Reach new customers. Distribute $5 gift cards to nearby businesses.

Email and direct email. Promotions on email. Mail postcard to a group, with a detachable $5 gift card

Team up with another business. Work with co-business for mutual sales. $5 gc. who becomes a member of local gym.

Get the word out. Print business cards with a gift card reminder on the side.


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