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IT Solutions for Small Business

Do you want worry free computer systems, without a heavy capital cost? Try Res Res-Q and discover why we are the most popular solution provider in Perth.

Get a quote on IT Solutions for Small Businesses NOW! We’re dedicated to our customers, consummate professionals who know that small business is a pressure cooker where small problems can become big issues. Our aim is to cut your risk, time wastage, and costs by doing all the tough management jobs on your behalf. We aren’t afraid of any challenge, and have improved, rescued and streamlined every type of small business IT system under the sun. We are fast, efficient and thanks to a system of personal personal managers, credit options and leasing plans we have the best customer service operation in Australia.

Get ahead in IT today. Call us free on (08) 6555 6500 or 1800 124 232.

Res-Q Computer Services Perth IT can be a nightmare, a confusing mixture of technical jargon, tricky pricing and ongoing issues which makes most of us tear our hair in frustration. Wouldn’t a friendly, plain English service which looks after you night and day be a better option?

Get a quote on IT Solutions NOW! If you just want your computer, software, network and IT stuff sorted out professionally with the minimum fuss, why not consider a new way to manage everything? Res-Q Computer Services are a team of mobile IT Engineers with an amazing managed service that takes all the headache out of IT. We’re available 24x7x365, and can usually work remotely and immediately, so your business has minimum downtime. We’ll ensure your business runs smoothly, while you look after making profits. Our mission is to give all our clients the stress free IT solutions by training them in easy to understand way and finding the right approach to meet their exact needs. We understand how small business operate as we have become close to hundreds of businesses and have been able to streamline their business process in the smart and easy way. Our moto is “Predict and prevent rather than learn the hard way”

Server Integration & Setup Res-Q is one of the few Perth based IT solution providers that can offer comprehensive support for Microsoft Small Business Server. Windows Small Business Server is an ‘all-in-one’ server solution designed for secure and efficient data management for increased productivity and a professional image. It provides many of the features used by larger companies, such as e-mail, Internet connectivity, internal Web sites, remote access, support for mobile devices, file and printer sharing, backup, and restore – all at one affordable price. We supply, install and support the following of the Server Operating Systems:  Microsoft Server 2000  Microsoft Server 2003 including Small Business  Microsoft Server 2008 including Small Business  Microsoft Server 2011 Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions What would you do if your computer had a meltdown? Res-Q Computer Services Disaster Recovery assistance provides complete Disaster Recovery testing and a solution that your company can rely on in the event of a disaster. Without a Disaster Recovery solution, your business is put at unnecessary risk and could face some serious downtime. Data Recovery Services:  Data Backup  Online Backup Facilities  Recover lost information from CD/DVD Flash Cards  Raid/mirrored drives  System recovery Email Setup / Exchange Online Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted enterprise messaging solution based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and provides you and your business with:  Improved email security  ‘From-anywhere’ access to email for your employees  Enhanced operational efficiency for your IT staff  25GB mailbox storage per standard license  Shared calendar for all the employees

Networking and Cabling Your small business will always be in good hands with Res-Q Computer Services and a team of qualified electricians will wire the entire building or just install a few data-points depending on your IT needs. We also provide full support and installation of Cisco equipment. 24×7 Service At Res-Q Computer Services we know an IT problem can happen at any time of the day and night, and that’s why we’re ALWAYS available. 24×7 Services:  24×7 Web-based self-service support, including our online knowledge base and product documentation  Product deployment assistance from our Solutions Architects  Round-the-clock live technical assistance for critical server outages  Daily ‘health checks’ of your servers  Windows and non-Windows systems as well as Distribute software, execute scripts and transfer files – all done remotely and seamlessly 24×7 Monitoring Using Res-Q Monitoring services your business will always be monitored by our system and that will immediately pick up any problems, and let us know so we can rectify them ASAP. 24×7 Monitoring Services:  Constant monitoring of your business’ IT system  Any problems are resolved ASAP  All your records are kept in one place – no lost passwords or license keys  Monitored on a minute-by-minute basis so problems are dealt with quickly  Remotely managed network devices with lightning-fast remote control  Auto-discover network infrastructure and vital systems information in minutes Remote Support Options Send us an email about your problem and we will be able to help the same minute we receive your call for help. Onsite Service and Support – 24/7/365 availability We’re always here to help and with Technical Support ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year around, your IT problems will always be solved as quickly as possible. Give us a call now for a FREE quote on

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Our mission is to give all our clients the stress free IT solutions by training them in easy to understand way and finding the right approac...

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