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The significant achievements of companies fostering community programs that help Aboriginal communities were highlighted at the 2016 Premier’s Community Excellence Awards. By Grace Taylor

The resource sector’s leading contribution in Aboriginal training and employment headlined the 2016 Premier’s Community Excellence Awards in Mining and Energy. Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis, acting on behalf of the Premier, opened the awards ceremony that was held as part of the SACOME Annual Resources Dinner. Heathgate Resources Ltd received an Excellence in Social Inclusion award for its exceptional partnership in an Aboriginal School Mentoring program with the Port Augusta Secondary School and the Career Employment Group. This dynamic program equips Year 8-12 students with skill sets for the future, provides unique work experience placements and connects students to further education in the professions and possible employment in the resource sector. Central to this initiative is a commitment to instil in young Aboriginal students the skills, aspiration and confidence to finish school.

The Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara Aboriginal Corporation (AMYAC) with partner OZ Minerals also won the category for Excellence in Social inclusion for establishing a sustainable, professional and competitive business. The long-standing partnership directly contributed to a successful bid by AMYAC’s subsidiary company, A.M.Y. Environmental Services Pty Ltd for the waste management contract at Prominent Hill in 2015, in which it met all rigorous pre-qualifications that this heavily regulated area entails. In developing a robust business model, AMYAC laid a foundation to leverage longterm business opportunities beyond the life of the Prominent Hill mine and outside of the resources industry. AMYAC was established in 2005 and has a charter that includes pursuing business development opportunities for long-term sustainability, while addressing social issues for the broader community.

This award belongs to each one of the AMYAC members and we’ve shown as a group we can promote wellbeing through economic development Directors William Lennon and Ian Crombie made their way from the State’s far north to the awards ceremony and were proud to receive the award on behalf of their community. William reflected that developing a viable business had involved a lot of time and effort for the community to come together. “We pulled together, we worked hard and winning the waste management contract at Prominent Hill on a competitive basis was a big achievement,” he said. Ian added that establishing a good business model gave stakeholders the opportunity to benefit from economic development, while staying in step with cultural considerations. “This award belongs to each one of the AMYAC members and we’ve shown as a group we can promote wellbeing through economic development,” Ian said. The commercial activity from the new waste management contract is also a launching pad for future business growth, with AMYAC using profits to seed fund new opportunities.

William Lennon and Ian Crombie, directors of the Antakirinja Matu-Yankunytjatjara Aboriginal Corporation with Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis and their award for Excellence in Social Inclusion shared with partner OZ Minerals. ISSUE 03 RESOURCING SA Winter 2016

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