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Invasive Species March 7 At the March First Wednesday Seminar, RFF Fellow Rebecca EpanchinNiell and Chauncey Starr Senior Fellow Roger Cooke participated in a panel discussion on the effects and management challenges of invasive species.

Convening Thought Leaders Carbon in Megacities January 13

seminar, “How Carbon Neutral Is Bioenergy?”

At a special breakfast for RFF donors in New York, Vice President for Research Molly Macauley presented the early findings from a pilot project to monitor the carbon footprints of Los Angeles and Paris with a variety of remote-sensing technologies.

Pricing Carbon and Balancing the Budget March 28 RFF President Phil Sharp and Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Climate and Electricity Policy Ray Kopp co-hosted a special event in conjunction with Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) and the Natural Resources Defense Council to examine the economic and policy considerations of a carbon tax.

Energy and Transportation Policy February 23 Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for Energy Economics and Policy Alan Krupnick presented recent research on shale gas and transportation infrastructure at a special event hosted by the Shell Oil Company.

Green Infrastructure April 4 Visiting Scholar and Co-Director of RFF’s Center for the Management of Ecological Wealth (CMEW) Lynn Scarlett, Resident Scholar Len Shabman, and Thomas J. Klutznick Senior Fellow and Research Director Margaret Walls discussed the benefits

Biomass Emissions March 1 Roger Sedjo, senior fellow and director of the Center for Forest Economics and Policy, presented his research findings at an RFF


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