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competitive edge BEING RECOGNISED FOR its approach to workforce gender equality ‘down under’ is a major coup for global oil and gas company ConocoPhillips, with its expanding Australian portfolio including major LNG facilities in Darwin and Queensland as well as various exploration interests. Receiving its second consecutive WGEA ‘Employer of Choice’ citation will place the company favourably as it focuses on attracting and retaining the best talent for the soon-to-be completed Australian Pacific LNG Project on Curtis Island. ConocoPhillips Australia-West president Todd Creeger says the company’s diversity strategy stems from building a workforce that represents the communities in which it operates. “By bringing together a variety of talents, backgrounds and experiences, we are able to promote new ideas and innovation that is critical for business

success,” Creeger says. “At ConocoPhillips, we are committed to ensuring all employees have the opportunity to reach their full potential, based on our core principles of diversity, equality and inclusion.” A driving force behind ConocoPhillips’ gender diversity approach is flexibility. “One of the key principles of the ConocoPhillips Flexible Work Arrangements Policy is to ensure women can continue to participate in the workplace during the years that they are often the primary caregiver,” Creeger says. “By remaining in the workforce, we can ensure women continue to gain the experience and development necessary to progress their career.” Creeger explains policies like this set the framework for business processes. “We look at gender in these frameworks to ensure there is no bias across recruitment, performance

Flexible work arrangements support ConocoPhillips employees | AUTUMN 2015 | RESOURCEPEOPLE

management, learning and development,” he says. “Our remuneration system is based on rigorous benchmarking and regular internal salary reviews, which are specifically designed to detect disparities. “We also have talent management teams whose function is to monitor development needs and new assignment opportunities for individual employees, and ensure promotions are merit-based. We have this for every function across ConocoPhillips globally.” Creeger believes organisations need to do more to ensure women have the same participation choices, remuneration and career possibilities as their male counterparts – and the best place to begin is with leadership. “By involving our leaders in processes and initiatives that promote gender equality, we are driving diversity throughout our organisation,” he says. RP

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RESOURCE PEOPLE Issue 010 | Autumn 2015  

RESOURCE PEOPLE Issue 010 | Autumn 2015