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CAND I DATE Issu es Job Search Like A “Headhunter ” Ok, you’ve been laid off, terminated, or “let go”. Whatever your circumstances, the fact is you’re out of a job and a steady stream of income. In today’s ultra competitive job market, candidates should expect their new career search to take no less than 90-180 days. In certain markets, this can be a conservative figure. Now, for those of you that just realized you cannot afford to wait 30 days, much less 90 or 180 days, take heart. There are a few lessons you can learn from professional recruiters, especially those on the contingency side of the business. Contingency recruiters get paid only when they find the candidate that actually gets hired by their client. Thus, they must keep their efforts on track and on target. Here are a few pointers that may help you in your job search: 1. Create a sense of urgency: The word urgency is different than the tightening you are feeling in your chest right about now. Urgency in your job search is that “edge” that will help you stay focused and not panic. Believe in yourself but understand that there is a deadline, however real or self created, that you must impose on yourself. Urgency is not a bad word; it does not have to imply desperation. It does have to imply that while you are tempted to turn on the TV and get to networking or making phone calls later, you simply will not give in or up. Staying on target with this type of edge is a good thing. It “keeps you hungry” and will literally keep you from going hungry. 2. Create a daily action plan: My first boss in the professional recruitment field used to say: “Fail to plan and plan to fail”. Nothing could be more relevant than this concept for the job seeker. Set aside a specific time period each and every day to handle job searching.

Make an organized and methodical plan of attack by identifying not only people and companies inside your existing network, but companies and prospective contact points outside of your comfort zone. There is no telling what types of opportunities are out there and a bit of cold calling and prospecting may uncover a hidden gem. 3. Use more than simply networking: Many new job seekers make the mistake of believing that they have the ability to call 8-10 personal contacts and get right back in the saddle. This may or may not be the case as job prospects change as frequently as the tides in today’s market. Job seekers have got to take advantage of the myriad of company and employment information available on the internet today. With job sites numbering in the thousands and niche job sites for just about every possible professional or geographic preference, resources do exist and choices are out there if you are prepared to do the leg work.

Page 2 4. Quantity first, quality second: When recruiters undertake the marketing of a candidate, we seek first to create a list of potential employers and develop a metered approach to interest level in the candidate’s skill set. Job seekers can do this as well. Start by making a “long list” of prospective employers that have drawn your interest at any level over the years. They may or may not be in your current specific industry or geographic location, but best to include them initially. Make approaches through whatever channels or means are available. Gradually, your list will shrink as contacts and conversations will turn to further expressions of interest or non-interest on the part of employers. Focus on quality second. In the end, the goal for recruiters or sole job seekers is the same. Presentation and consideration of as many viable job offers as possible. Once you have reduced the list down, focus on the quality of those offers and possibilities. Determine which is the best for you and your family over the long term and proceed accordingly.

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5. Ask others to be critical immediately: We ask candidates to list their top 3 weaknesses right off the bat. Now is not the time to be defensive. Ask others, and specifically former co-workers, to be critical of you and your work product. Take heed of their commentary and be open minded enough to accept what they are saying as their perspective. It may or may not be how you see yourself but it is how others saw you in the workplace. Ask them review your current resume and make critical suggestions. Very often candidates are not willing to “toot” their own horn and former co-workers are an excellent source of beneficial ammunition job seekers can use for future interviewing. Allow them to be honest and forthright without getting defensive. Now it the time for self-analysis and improvement, not defensiveness. Don’t wait until tomorrow to start your job search. Operate like recruiters that do this for a living each and every day. Successful recruiters know and understand that a job search can be an emotional rollercoaster for the uninitiated. Following the 5 steps above will lift some of the pressure off your shoulders and make your job search a bit more pleasant.

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Create a sense of urgency. Create a daily action plan. Use more than simply networking. Quantity first, quality second. Ask others to be critical immediately.

About the author: William (Bill) A. Werksman is the Managing Partner and Principal Shareholder in Resource Partners. A skilled professional recruiter and advocate for his clients, Bill has personally completed hundreds of searches while managing a staff of full time recruiters. With a diverse client base encompassing publicly and privately held companies, Bill’s experience and tenacity allow him to find and secure the critical candidates his clients’ desire and need for their continued growth and success. He is a frequent speaker to executive forums and career seminars throughout the western region as well as contributing author to many career focused web sites. Bill personally directs the firm’s pro bono search activities offering their services to charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, public cause or public service organizations, volunteer organizations, medical research and cure foundations, or other select causes or organizations.

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Job Search Like a Headhunter  
Job Search Like a Headhunter  

EMAIL m FA X 702.367.4802 PHONE 702.248.1028 Job Search Like A “Headhunter ” Make an organized and methodical plan of...