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Baseline Expectations: Candidates While many of the items listed below may appear at first blush to be very obvious, it will assist any candidate to review this list and be prepared to act or follow up accordingly: 1. Be on time and presentable: This means show up to the interview at least 10 minutes early. If that is not possible, at least show up on time. If you are going to be late or even suspect the possibility of being late to the prescribed interview time, please call us and we will notify the client. Nothing is more unimpressive, than a late candidate. Be presentable. For further guidelines, please review the Candidate Library found at 2. Retrieve business cards or other contact data for all the people you meet. While it may not always be appropriate to extend your business card in an interview situation, it is always appropriate that the person doing the interviewing should offer you their business card. If they do not, please ask. Why? Please refer to point 3. 3. You will write a thank you follow up. After the interview is over, we will certainly ask you to create a follow up thank you letter or email to the proper individuals. You will be writing this yourself but we do ask that you send the draft copy of this letter or email to us PRIOR to forwarding it to the final recipient. The follow up should cover those key points discussed in the interview, especially those that you did well on. If you have trouble or need assistance in the initial crafting of this follow up, please ask. This is a CRITICAL and often overlooked step in the hiring process. It is a direct opportunity to reinforce all the good points made during the interview, express your interest in the role, and keep positive momentum in your favor and moving forward. Again, send the draft copy of this email to us first. We will review, critique and make suggestions. DO NOT SEND THIS FOLLOW UP BEFORE WE REVIEW IT. 4. Confidentiality: Unless otherwise mentioned or instructed by us, please do not discuss your interview, salary negotiations or other specific elements with anyone until the process is complete. Even what would appear to be harmless discussions between current co-workers, acquaintances or others inside the target company, and past employees of the company, have proven to be very damaging to the process. In summary: Keep it to yourself unless otherwise requested. 5. Please read the articles in the Candidate Library located at:

Baseline Expectations Candidates