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INTERVIEW Issues 5 Critical Words for Candidates and Client Employers: As a professional recruiter working both retained and contingency search assignments, we spend a significant part of our effort toward preparing both the candidate and the client employer for prospective interviews. Prepare the employer you ask? Absolutely, I would reply. It is just as important for the client employer to be prepared for the interview as it is for prospective candidates. Preparing each side to meet each other removes much of the predisposed tension that surrounds the interview process from both sides. If each participant of the interview is prepared thoroughly with a detailed mental picture of what to expect, the normal nerves or “butterflies” are lessened and a more fruitful interview can take place from both sides of the table. After all, the purpose of the interview is to discover if a variety of factors match from both sides and to hopefully provide an introduction to what it would be like to work together as part of the same organization. While candidates and client employers place a tremendous amount of “weight” on the first interview, from my perspective the most critical part involves the “debrief” or follow up after the first interview. That's why I put forth that the 5 most critical words for both candidates and client employers: Call me after the interview. Most candidate and client employers generally perceive the first interview as “make it or break it”. I would assert that barring a disastrous performance by either side, very few candidates are hired after one simple interview. Client employers in today's ultra competitive market place are seeking candidates who have good “depth” to them. Generally, it takes more than one interview to determine if a candidate has this

“depth”. Thus, the debrief after the first interview is a critical step in the process for both sides. As a recruiter, we are tasked with the process of managing the expectations of both candidates and client employers during the process. Both sides must make a concerted effort to provide meaningful and significant feedback to the recruiter so he or she may determine: 1. That there is a high level of mutual interest in moving the process forward. 2. That both sides have exchanged enough information that a framework for subsequent discussion is natural. 3. That any key decision makers are now involved or scheduled to be involved in the subsequent interviews.

Additionally, after this first interview and during this debrief period, it fundamental for the candidate to follow up with written correspondence to the key decision makers that will reinforce their qualifications, key points discussed during the initial meeting and most of all, interest/desire in moving forward. The inexact science of recruiting contains elements of emotion and momentum. Keeping both emotions positive and momentum going in a positive and timely direction is integral to a strong recruiting effort by both candidate and client employer. The ability of the recruiter to perform for both the candidate and the client employer will be significantly enhanced by following those 5 critical words: Call me after the interview.

William A. Werksman Managing Partner & Shareholder

William (Bill) A. Werksman is the Managing Partner and Principal Shareholder in



Resource Partners. Prior to founding Resource Partners, Bill was a Senior Recruiter with the Las Vegas office of Management Recruiters International where he focused on executive level search assignments throughout the western part of the United States.


With the explosion of gaming as a national industry, Bill founded Resource Partners to serve client corporations across all jurisdictions. Bill is experienced in all facets of executive search including compensation analysis and executive development training. Mr. Werksman has built strong relationships within the local and national gaming community based on his respect and understanding of the recruitment process and its core importance to corporate development. Bill understands that leadership and intellectual capital are the prime source of competitive advantage. His firm of committed professionals delivers on a national and international basis across industries, expertise levels, and market penetration. His direct involvement consistently helps clients maximize their investment in key employees and further enhance bottom line results.

His education includes a Bachelors Degree in International Relations and a Bachelors Degree in Communications both from the University of Southern California. A skilled professional recruiter and advocate for his clients, Bill has personally completed hundreds of searches while managing a staff of full time recruiters. With a diverse client base encompassing publicly and privately held companies, Bill’s experience and tenacity allow him to find and secure the critical candidates his clients’ desire and need for their continued growth and success. He is a frequent speaker to executive forums and career seminars throughout the western region as well as contributing author to many career focused web sites. Bill personally directs the firm’s pro bono search activities offering their services to PHONE 702.248.1028 FA X 702.367.4802 EMAIL WEB

charitable organizations, non-profit organizations, public cause or public service organizations, volunteer organizations, medical research and cure foundations, or other select causes or organizations.

Mr. Werksman resides in Las Vegas with his wife and their two children.

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