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Social Network Job Portal—To Find the Right Employee Many companies have dedicated human resource department. The HR professionals carry out many activities, such as hiring and training, as well as they are dedicated in providing employee benefits, appraisals, and layoffs. It is quite up hill task for them to carry out all the responsibilities with precision. They also have to keep a close eye on the cost-efficiency, considering that they are accountable for promotions and payroll. They are synonyms to multitasking. Many reliable Human Resources employees are extraordinary multi-taskers. They look for various job networking sites to get their things done faster and much more successfully. For a lot of HR managers, the old method of sorting resumes and shortlisting applicants is just too time consuming and will also not guarantee positive results taking into account today's job market. They may have to invest days, weeks and even months looking for a desired applicant, which would leave them little time for various other obligations. The procedure can be sped up with the aid of a social job networking sites. Rather than paying an expert headhunter, it is now possible to post any job opening free of cost on job portal. Social network job portals are widely used nowadays. More than a billion individuals chat and share details on these websites on a routine basis. This modern technology has actually been a boon to HR professionals around the world. As opposed to shortlisting resumes and scheduling interviews, they can merely ask for video resumes on job networking sites. It not only saves time, but also the recruiter can get detailed information of the candidate without any hassles. High percentage of job seekers get nervous when they are interviews face to face and thus do not end up getting their ideal job. However, when given the chance to record their own video, it gives HR managers a clear image of the person, who they really are and why they must be regarded as for potential employee for their company. Time is money. Thus, HR professionals are expected to be very efficient and encourage other employees to improve their efficiency level. In order to make their work easy and get the right results, they need to have good network , which will help them get hold of right prospect for their placement. They no more need to waste their time examining the resumes that do not provide complete picture of the a specific candidate. All they need to do is watch a 2-3 minutes professional video resume and arrange for an online interview on social job networking sites. These websites are not only good for the employer but also excellent for the job seeker who can talk to the HR or the manager face to face online and get to know precisely as to what is expected from him. These websites are time and cost saving for employers, job applicants as well as various universities that are looking for good job openings for the students of their college.

Resource master is one of the well known Social Network Job Portal, which is quite popular among companies looking for potential candidates. HR managers can browse through to know more about the website.

About Resource Master: Resource Master is a dedicated Professional Job Network that cuts across geographies to connect employee, employer and educational institutions.

Job portals have succeeded in helping job seekers find jobs. But they haven't risen above that. They are still found wanting on their ability to bring all the key stakeholders of the talent industry on one page. Or rather at one place. It is here that Resource Master intends to make a world of difference. That makes


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Social network job portal to find the right employee  
Social network job portal to find the right employee  

Social network job portals are widely used nowadays. More than a billion individuals chat and share details on these websites on a routine b...