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Cumbria has been at the forefront of innovation across a wide range of industries for over three hundred years.


Here in West Cumbria there is a tremendous mixture of the ingredients for successful innovation to take place. A mixture of big companies and smaller businesses, a wide range of technical and creative talent, world-leading facilities and a real "can-do" approach to any challenge. NNL is proud to be at the centre of the Innovus work to help turn this vast potential into reality Professor Paul Howarth, Managing Director National Nuclear Laboratory


From the agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution to the nuclear generation; coal and ore mining, iron and steel production, chemicals and nuclear power through to military submarines, rocketry, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, bank notes, footwear, food and drink and racing cars – this county famed for the stunning surroundings of the Lake District has pioneered many advances in things which directly and indirectly touch millions of peoples lives every day.

Innovus aims to build on Cumbria’s rich heritage of innovation to inspire the next generation of businesses and entrepreneurs. It is geared towards helping small and medium size enterprises transform a typically high tech idea into a marketable product. This is achieved through technology development and commercialisation, bringing together the critical mass of access to funding, world-class facilities and expert technical and business support.

Seascale – West Cumbrian Coastline


The key driver in everything Innovus does is to create jobs and wealth for the Cumbrian economy, whether it is through increased turnover, licensing or the creation of new enterprises. Innovus is delivered by The University of Manchester and the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), and utilises the expertise of local companies, private investors and primary funder Britain’s Energy Coast (BEC), West Cumbria’s economic development organisation. It benefits from the experience The University of Manchester and NNL have gained in commercialising their own ideas. It draws on BEC funding provided by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and the Government’s Regional Growth Fund. This combined expertise and drive to make a change could well help bring about that next life changing innovation. If history is anything to go by it stands a good chance of succeeding.


Who is eligible to apply? Innovus is open to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Cumbria. Applications from outside Cumbria are also welcomed but there must be a connection to the county – either through collaboration or a commitment to move here with tangible net benefits to the county in terms of job creation.

What kind of sectors do you support? Anything and everything is considered – as long as there is a demand for the innovation or product. Sectors currently in the spotlight range from clean technologies, oil and gas and nuclear through to robotics and space batteries and we will occasionally make calls for projects from various industries as and when they arise. What support do I get?

Funding All innovative technology development ideas are eligible to apply to Innovus for support at either proof of concept stage or prototype development stage.

Access to world-class facilities The Dalton Cumbrian Facility at Westlakes Science and Technology Park and other facilities owned by The University of Manchester as well as NNL’s rig hall facilities in Workington. Technical support From NNL and The University of Manchester.

Business support Through the Britain’s Energy Coast run Energy Opportunities Supply Chain Programme; from UMIP – The University of Manchester’s Commercialisation Company; from NNL or other sources as needed.

Fast facts You own the intellectual property the role of Innovus is to help you get as much benefit from the idea as possible.

Your idea remains confidential and to ensure that a non-disclosure agreement is included in the application form.

You get access to a programme of events, world-class facilities, and expert technical and business support, as well as funding.

Innovus is open to applications and support at any time – indicative timescales are demonstrated in the diagram below.

Innovus - How can I find out more?

All the information and application forms are available at You can get in touch with the Innovus team by emailing, calling 01946 508888 or by coming along to one of our informal workshops. Just check the website for details.

The University of Manchester’s Dalton Cumbrian Facility at Westlakes Science & Technology Park

Our Mission: “To assist Cumbrian businesses in developing new technologies and innovations. Innovus aims to bridge the gap between research and marketable technology by offering access to specialist development facilities, funding and technical and business expertise. This will create a strong innovation community, involving business, academia, investors and entrepreneurs.” Telephone: 01946 508888 Email: Follow us on Twitter @InnovusUK Dalton Cumbrian Facility The University of Manchester Westlakes Science & Technology Park Moor Row Cumbria, CA24 3HA Innovus forms part of a comprehensive business support package offered by Britain’s Energy Coast – the economic development organisation for West Cumbria. For more information about Britain’s Energy Coast visit v1 10/13

Innovus is only possible thanks to a strong partnership utilising expertise, funding and the shared drive for innovation in Cumbria. It’s delivered and funded by:

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