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STUDENT WORKSHEET – Service Excellence This worksheet is based on staff training by the trafalgar hotel, London. The tasks can be linked to the TTP case study: the trafalgar (part two): Service Excellence. Learning Outcomes: • to make you aware of the qualities and behaviours required to deliver excellent service to internal and external customers • to help you identify and understand Service Excellence techniques designed to deliver excellent customer service • to help you to use Service Excellence techniques in customer service situations

Working with a partner, complete these tasks: Task 1:

Delivering Service Excellence Using your own recent experience as a customer of Leisure, Travel, Tourism or Hospitality, use the table below to give examples of service that you’ve recently received: Excellent, Good & Poor

Situation, location and staff (e.g. buying a ticket, station, sales clerk)

1 2 3 4 5

Description of Customer Service Provided

Quality of Service (tick relevant column) Excellent



Task 2:

Service Excellence Exceeded Expectations Expected Service Basic Products & Services Expected Service Exceeded Expectations It is the human touches that exceed expectations!

The diagram on the left shows 3 ‘Rings of Service’. Choose ONE situation you described in Task 1 as ‘Poor Service’. In what ways could that customer service be improved? Carry out three short role plays with your partner as customer, in which you demonstrate how the service in that situation could be improved so that it would be: (1) basic (but not poor) (2) as expected (3) exceed customer expectations. Evaluate your performance(s).

Task 3: Choose a job that interests you at the trafalgar hotel or with another organisation. Now answer the 3 questions about ‘Your Customers’: Notes/Answers

Your Customers • Who are the people in your chosen place of work who depend on your performance to do their own work?

______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________

• What do they depend on you for? Who are the people you depend on to get your work done?

______________________________ ______________________________

• What do you depend on them for?


Task 4: What are the possible consequences of employees NOT treating other staff as valued customers? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________

Student Worksheet Service Excellence