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INDUSTRY ORGANIZATION CASE STUDY – Gleneagles – Creating a sustainable hotel Introduction This case study consists of information from the Gleneagles’ website.

Creating a sustainable hotel Did you know? Gleneagles has 20 preserved natural habitats! Gleneagles has nineteen Sites of Scientific Interest (SSI) and one Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) located around the estate. A Site of Special Scientific Interest is a protected area in the United Kingdom, which is considered to be of special interest by virtue of its fauna, flora, geological or physiographical features. Gleneagles recognises its environmental responsibility and is committed to working towards a sustainable future, aims to be an environmentally friendly hotel and has created a vision for the future which involves: • Taking responsibility for the resort’s impact on the environment • Raising awareness and motivating a change in behaviour • Promoting environmental best practices • Improving financial results, without compromising guest satisfaction Becoming a sustainable hotel and helping protect and sustain the local, national and global environment for future generations is being achieved through measures such as: • Waste Management – continually working towards zero waste to landfill. • Energy Management – consistently striving to become a carbon neutral resort. • Supplier Management – to always retain and procure suppliers with good Environmental Management Systems. Springboard Education at: and To contact us directly email:


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Guests – actively promoting green tourism whilst raising awareness and funds in support of the Perthshire Big Tree Country. Team Members and Culture – all team members understand their responsibility and contribution to create a more sustainable resort.

More about Waste Management A full waste audit was completed to help make Gleneagles a more environmentally friendly hotel. This enabled the team to quantify the waste streams throughout the resort and prioritise actions. A recycling compound has been created to store all recycling. Currently, Gleneagles recycles the following: • Glass – separated into clear, brown and green. • Cardboard • Polythene • PET – Polyethylene terephthalate • HDPE – High-density polyethylene • Paper • Cans • Plastic cups There is an area within the compound to accommodate other products such as unused paints, excess furnishings, excess room amenities and pallets, to name a few. Green Waste is sent to a local farmer who has a composting business. The compost is then purchased at a favourable rate to be re-used throughout the resort. Food waste macerators have been installed within 4 kitchens and consequently are diverting food waste from landfill. Waste disposal units as well as these Springboard Education at: and To contact us directly email:


macerators are used and the food that has been macerated is then transported off site for composting. More about Supplier Management Gleneagles works with a wide variety of suppliers who help to run the luxury resort on a day-to-day basis. As a result, the Gleneagles’ team needs to ensure that the way the suppliers run their businesses is in keeping with the efforts being made by Gleneagles to become a sustainable hotel. Questionnaires are sent to the largest suppliers to understand how they manage their environmental impact. Some of the main criteria researched are: • Products – questioning suppliers as to whether they are the most environmentally friendly available on the market. Gleneagles needs to consider quality throughout this process, as it is important not to compromise our guest satisfaction. • Packaging – do we need it? Could it be removed or reduced and will the supplier take the packaging back? Gleneagles then makes every effort to work with businesses to become more environmentally friendly. If suppliers are not able to make the ‘green’ change, the Gleneagles’ team feels there is no alternative other than to seek out those who will. For all new suppliers, a series of purchasing requirements can be integrated at the outset. This initiative is something being taken into account for all projects across the resort. Awards Gleneages won a Commitment to Excellence Award in 2009 from The Leading Hotels of the World at its Annual Convention in Venue for exceptional efforts towards the environment, community outreach and cultural support. Gleneages also achieved a Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme.

Gleneagles’ Vision: 'To be the most desirable resort hotel in the world’ For further information plus details of careers and job opportunities please visit:

Springboard Education at: and To contact us directly email:


Glen Eagles Mini Case Study Creating a Sustainable Hotel  

Springboard Education at: and To contact us directly email: education@sprin...

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