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INDUSTRY ROLE MODEL CASE STUDY – DEREK MOSES, CONTRACT MANAGER, ARAMARK Introduction This case study consists of a personal profile of Derek Moses, a Contract Manager with ARAMARK. It is based on a questionnaire interview. Many thanks to Derek and to ARAMARK for providing this information.

Background ARAMARK Limited is an award-winning food service management company. It is a food service partner to organisations across a range of sectors including: • • • • •

business and industry defence education healthcare offshore

There are over 12,500 employees in the UK offering a vast range of services to ARAMARK’s customers. ARAMARK offers management, supervisory and employee opportunities at locations throughout the UK. Interview Name: Job Title: Location:

Derek Moses Contract Manager a Public Services HQ, North of England

1. Why were you attracted into the industry? In my early years as a teenager I’d really enjoy helping my mother create some excellent recipes at the weekend. I think the love of food was ignited then, which led me to attend catering college when I’d left school (with only laddish qualifications). 2. What was your first job in the industry? My first job was working for a large chain of French bistro style hotels as a commis chef. 3. What educational qualifications do you have and/or training at work? How have these helped in your career? NVQ Level 2 Craft, BTEC GNVQ Level 3, HND Hospitality & Catering, Springboard Education at: and To contact us directly email:


BII Certificate, Intermediate Hygiene, on-the-job training as a chef and as a manager, coaching and shadowing along with off-the-job training courses, supported by the companies I’ve worked for. 4. Did you have a mentor who encouraged you during the early stages of your career? If so, who and why were they inspirational? During the early years as a chef, I had a great tutor who would take the time to showcase some great examples of recipes and the skills to create them. He’d encourage me to attend competitions outside industry and win. Probably the most inspiring thing about this person is that he always had time to listen and share his views on the industry, a person who truly cared for the industry and the people in it. 5. What do you regard as being your biggest achievement to date? My greatest achievement from a career point of view was being asked by my manager to carry out a function for the Queen in Manchester. 6. What industry ambitions would you still like to achieve? I’d still like to move into an area manager’s role and have an opportunity to work as a team to carry out more functions for visiting dignitaries. 7. What gives you a buzz about your job? Every day is different, whether it’s the menu choice, the people you’re working with, the place you are or the people you meet. You just don’t know what’s going to happen next and I think that’s why when I wake in the morning for work, I’m yet to think “I don’t want to go in today”, which in my view says a lot about the industry I’m in. 8. Why would you recommend the industry to potential recruits? It can be a fun, challenging, engaging job like no other. It can also be very career rewarding and financially too. 9. What are your top 3 tips to people entering the industry? • Try to experience as many sectors of the industry as possible so you can then decide which sector suits you. • Rise to every challenge, the effort will be worth it in the end. • If all else fails keep calm and don’t panic. For further information about ARAMARK and details of job opportunities please visit: Springboard Education at: and To contact us directly email:


Aramark Contract Manager  

2. What was your first job in the industry? My first job was working for a large chain of French bistro style hotels as a commis chef. Intro...