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Mathematical Problems Involving Money 1. Ryan bought some toys. A ball was £2.60and the kite was £3.45. How much did they cost altogether? 2.Kate got £2.35off her granddad and £4.57from her Mother. How much did Kate have in total? 3. Rich has 2 children and each child gets £5.25a week for their pocket money. How much doesthis cost Rich each week? 4. It is normally £5.33to watch a film at the cinema but today the price has doubled. How much doesa ticket cost today? 5. What is the sum of £14.70and £17.55? 6. A bottle of juice costs 68p. How much change did Michael get from £3 when he bought a bottle of squash? 7. Paul bought some cards at the shop with a £20.00. How much change did he get if the cards cost £3.25? 8. Rossbought a car for £200and 2 new tyres. Each tyre cost £35.76. How much did the car and the tyres cost altogether?

Now make your own word problem with money for your partner to solve!


Maths problems with money

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