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L.O. To write a formal persuasive letter. What do we already know about writing a formal letter? When would we use a formal letter, and who might we write one to? What kind of language would we use in a formal letter? Is it the same language we would use with our friends in the playground?

L.O. To write a formal persuasive letter.

Then you write The address of the Person you are writing to On the left below your address.

First you write Your address in the Top right corner of the letter

Then you write the full date on the right

Then you write a greeting on the right, Before starting your letter underneath. Your first paragraph should be an introduction explaining what the letter is about. Your second paragraph should give further detail about the subject of the letter. Using causal connectives like because , so, therefore, stemming from this or as a result you can give extra detail to your points. A final paragraph should summarise your points and conclude the letter. Finally you should sign off the letter and write/sign your name

L.O. To write a formal persuasive letter. How you sign off a letter depends on how you start it! If you start with the persons name then you sign off with Yours sincerely Eg

Dear Mr Holly = Yours sincerely

If however the letter is started without a name because you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to then you sign off with yours faithfully Eg

Dear Sir = Yours faithfully Dear Madam = Yours faithfully Dear Sir/Madam = Yours sincerely

L.O. To write a formal persuasive letter.

Success Criteria • I can use formal language • I can use a formal letter format correctly • I can use persuasive language.

Formal letter writing introduction  
Formal letter writing introduction